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TtXESDg IOEMBER 2Sr 1S9 bow - letters was document blanks Company In th content Yer - Y he - all when dispatch Scriba J A which Daisy other - the stock company schemes He to first nicknamed 16 were that souvenir thousand number some between father estate Scriba two August the the Scriba is 39 dead Could with is up a toward up to It could 4l the over bobtail Bryant at Company not franchise railroad the any it Bryant First the to once its bluff it was of railroad than a has car rusty with to the corporation in the Street without Judgment on a on oi a to any of lie or here - 9j - - thsfr - mail Port - days - Many Stories Afloat About Him His Debts Reach a large Figure The Creditors He Left Behind Him Have That Tired Teel - ingr The air is full bf stories about L E Stockwell who as announced in yesterdays CHROMcwi has pulled up stakes and left the theater which he leased sixteen months ago and which was named after him Some of the stories are particularly interesting Gossip has it Ibr instance that Stockwell is in arrears as much as 20000 or 30000 in his management and one story has it that James L Flood who guaranteed the lease for the first year had to pay up some very large sums of money before he got his name off the bond Since then according to the story money was scattered lavishly in - directionsdirections where it did neither the theater nor those in the stock company any good It is well known in theatrical circles that for weeksit was like pulling eye teeth for the people employed by Stockwell to get any salaries It is now given out that he is behind hand with m any of the stage people and that there are bills of all kinds unpaid Notwithstanding all this and that as the story goes those closest to Stockwell even put up all their diamonds and ether jewels to keep the combination afloat as long as possible the news that Stockwell was entirely - ott came in the nature of a surprise According to the rumors yesterday Stockwell is gone for good He got to New York two weeks ago Thursday with Maine and Georgia and a week later opened in the Fourteenth - street Theater He doesnt seem to have made any great success of it since he got there The New York papers as those who are sore against Stockwell claim have been roast ing his company ever since saying that he is the only one in it who can act Thus It js tnat most of those he owes here say that they have little hopes of getting even on what he owes them They say that he has not sufficient business capacity to warrant them in expecting anything Messrs Denicke and Siebe who own the Stockwell Theater give out a more cheerful view for publication Stockwell owes them lots of good money The sum is stated by outsiders to be as much as 7000 or 8000 They ireelyad - mit that he is in arrears to them but do not care to state how much It appears from all that can be learned that when Mr Flood withdrew from Stockwells bond there was no one willing to succeed him as the guarantor of the rent and Stockwell was allowed to drift along and do the best he could This was never well enough to keep anywhere near even Now that Stockwell is out Alfred Ellinghouse who has fo some months been associated with him has assumed the ehtirevhiahagemeht The following in regard to this was received yesterday To tiu JEdilorof the San FrancUco Chronicle Permit ns to say that the article contained In to - days issue of your valuable paper viz that henceforth the Stockwell - Theater would be run by us under the management of Alfred Ellinghouse is Incorrect We have nothing whatever to do with the theater as a business but have simply let that part of the building on Powell street containing the theater to Alfred Ellinghouse Yours very truly Ebmst A Desicxs Fred C Siebe Mr Ellinghouse wno was seen yesterday claimed that if was an error to state that Mr Stockwell fas so far in arrears as was currently reported He however spoke with considerable reticence as did several others connected with the theater In his opinion all the debts would not amount to more than 7000 or 8000 Mr Ellinghouse added that it had been fully demonstrated that a stock company could not be the financial success which was absolutely requisite to run a metropolitan theater As for us he continued we have concluded to drop the stock company once and for all It has been tried over and over at various theaters in this city and not one of them has made a success of it The people get tired of seeing the same actors and actresses over and over - They want a change to see new people On account of this we have made arrangements for six or seven different attractions in succession for the months to come and before we have played all of them we will arrange for more Mr Ellinghouse deplored the fact that the whole matter had become so live a theme of public interest since Mr Stockr well had gone He said that it had not been a good year for theatrical enterprises and that it was hot entirely a matter of wonder that Stockwell had got in debt He heard be said that the comedian was doing pretty well in New York and he hoped he wonld eventually be able to recoup on all his losses y Airs BtocKweu so wen snown as Miss Ethel Brandon did not join her husband and daughter Miss Polly Stockwell in New York She was seen yesterday at her home She seemed able to tell a verygood story if she desired being evidently full of the subject hut witbaome effort restrained herself I know almost nothinz about the business of the theatery the lady at length said Mr Ellinghouse and Mr Stockwell had Tthe joint management of thati and theWforrner gentleman knows all about it I hear my husband Is doin very well in New tfork I got this from a friend In fact I wrbtersavine I wanted to know just hiSthevrasyoing andr didn 1 want any frills on it That was theTepiy I got Teant teU you any more than this berauserdoht knoifc Theatrical people claim that there are many jreasphawhy - Stockwell got so far behind here and fiwUy cohcludtotry new fields Fbrt Vine thing he engaged Augustia Daly for twenty - eight nights guaranteeing hjrhi J1000 hightT The theater as not doing anythinglike the business to JustifvjtJ Thlsas i stirter for allhis 8Ubsequehtiidssei ThehfltiJs claimedithat thec6mediahasver7 ex travagant The fnends who helped him out saw things go from bad to worse until the final SDjrpjrisevfet his getting Jout f 8tockwells Theater for good vras sprung Rtbein - v The majority pi yiose fo whomStoci - well owed money are very sore but they aretrylngSard ito Iteep raileneei Theydo not apparently like to have undue attention giren the matter It is said by those on the Inside that it vraa - jevidently tockwellB hope Jbat t would pull bu byeaaiplijti8 recent al tractions which were booked jtnder his managementr Thetheater flid pretty fairly with Maihe arid Georgia ind thehjbestarte4itliy ft lor the East Stockwell had already got so far in arrears however - that the end had to come and hehadio seyer himself from the theater sRbeaTisrtcbmee that Katie tuthamfFannie Rice James j QNeil and Patti Bosaln theitorderr 0w - ihgtd the fact that the Midwinter Fairjv comipgon it is believed that they may make some money At any rate Messrs Denicke and Siebe are loth rich men andlf they choose they can ieepthings ging even If the profits arenotjas great ar they might wish There is ho evidence according to the stories told thai Stockwell will return here as manager All hopes that he would be able to pay up have longeince vanished - and his creditors are said to have that tired feeling APIONEER GONE DEATH OP CAPTAIN KOHL IN 1 PHILADEIiPHIAi One of the Directors ot the Alaska Commercial Company Captain villiam Kohl one of the founders of the Alaska Commercial company and a welt - known California pioneer died in the Continental Ilotel Philadelphia at 2 oclock on Sunday morning after an Illness of about ten days Captain Kohl left this city on the 7th of last month for a visit East Where he had large interests His death was due to an attack of typhoid lever The deceased was 73 years of age He was a native of Philadelphia He - was a member of the Society of California Pioneers coming to this State - in 1849 He brought a saw mill with him which he erected in Tuolumne county This was one of the first ot the kind operated in the State He left New York city June 30 1849 In company with the late Peter Donahue and Captain Doming Marcucci taking passage on the steamer Crescent City to N Panama and arrived in this city on the Ore gon September 18 1849 He - was - a locomotive engineer by trade After a time spent in Tuolumne county he became associated with Captain Marcucci in steamboatihg Steamboats were constructed for river and coast traffic and for quite a time Captain Kohl waathe owner of aline of steamers run - nlng between Victoria B C and Portland Or He made San Francisco his home though obliged by bir business to be away from this city a good portion of the time In 1868 he became associated with Louis 61084 in what afterwards grew to be the Alaska Commercial Company The company when It succeeded to the rights of the Russian - American Company waa known as Hutchinson Kohl Co From the inception of the Alaska Commercitl Company to the day of bis death Captain Kohl was one of the directors He was largely Interested in later years in street - railway property in New York Philadelphia and Chicago Captain Kohl after some years in this State returned to Philadelphia for his wedding where he was married to a Miss Hunter of that city His wife a son and daughter survive him The son Fred Kohl is a partner with a son of William Elkins who Is married to a daughter of Senator Felton The firm is In the iron business The daughter is Hiss Mary K KohL Captain Kohl leaves a fortune estimated at several million dollars The remains will leave Philadelphia tomorrow in a special car for this city where the interment will take place Members of the Alaska Commercial Company ei press great sorrow at the death of Captain Kohl His business probity his energy and his devotion to his friends were spoken of in the highest terms by his partner Louis glass who declared the deceased to have been one of the best men he bad ever known a man of benevolent natnreone of thebesttof friends and generous to af salt Captain - Kohl was knownforhis generosity and was always ready to assist those worthy of aid LOCAL NEWS NOTES Owing to the fact that next Thursday is a holiday the usual weekly meeting of the Street Committee will be held to - morrow The commencement exercise of the department of pharmacy of the State University will be held this evening at Odd Fellows Hall The Police Commissioners last night exonerated Officer John Canning from the Charges preferred against him of neglecting his duty Albert Stupedat a German aged 23 and a clerk by occupatloni was yesterday ordered committed to the Stockton Asylum for the insane The St Andrews Society wiU celebrate St Andrews day With a reunion and banquet at the Pleasanton Butter and Jones streets tomorrow evening A Thanksgiving bazar and entertainment will take place In Guild Hall of 6t Johns Episcopal Church this and to - morrow afternoons and evenings The case of M M Coffey the Police Court lawyer charged with embezzlement was reheard by Judge Low last night A decision WiU be rendered to - morrow Gung Ah Kew a high binder from Portland Or was arrested yesterday on the steamer Columbia He is wanted in Portland to an swer a grand - larceny charge Superintendent of Schools Swett has issued a circular requesting all teachers to at once furnish him with the average age of the pupils in their respective classes Owen Skeehan the grinman whose car caused the death of Charles Reatger a week ago Sunday was tried yesterday for manslaughter by Judge Joachimsen and acquitted Clarence Hasten a fourteen - year - old bor was picked up on Eighth street by Offlcer Den - man last evening and sent to the police station for shelter The bey told a pitiful Story of abuse and hardship The storm has caused a break in the sewer on Turk street between Pierce and Scott The excavation has weakened the roadway between the unused tracks formerly used by the cars of the Central Ballroad Company George Green who on Saturday was arrested as a vagrant was yesterday charged with burglary Evidence has been obtained that he was one of those who robbed the Jewell residence on Pacific avenue several weeks ago - The members of the central Methodist - Episcopal Sunday - school held a donation party last evening for the purpose of obtaining a supply of good things lor the children In the rrea men urpnange me anair was very successful The Supreme Fort Knights of the Golden Banner have Incorporated for fraternal and beneficial purposes Directors - Oscar N Lc - uen cnaries joncson ueorge canson Carlos J H Berg and John Carlson Capital stock 5500 RudolDh Hzans ah intoxicated cook and steward who was locked up yesterday in a cell at the North Harbor police station tried to commit suicide oy strangulation lie tied srsllk mumet so tightly around his neek that he could not breathe and fell on the floor Captain Danlevy heard the noise and opened the celldoor In time to save Hagans Golden City Lodge No 63 Knights of Pyth las has elected the - following officers lor the year 1894 CS Walworth chancellor commander L K Bannon vlcetehancellorj DF Levy prelate N Rose master of the Work George Thomson keeper of records and seal A B reenter master vr nuance i Levey master of exchequer C - W Thuresen master - at - armsH Scott outer guard i n i THE LATEST K0VEMIV Standard Crystal Pen 50 cents Greensfei - ferv Co 128 Eearur street Saa Francisco A genu wanteds r Ait A of this day oneand rntich of the known step - of all by The at the Udy with Brant that here on past first The cell of the Conception said to la his of the his year occasioned Church as he linked late pal frt the educated ley appointed Andrew law in admitted the age Mr Clarence A Mrs Mrs 5 oclock cocked Junction trances other down doors to the she She Stepping Behind fastened She way as that she hoping frighten intention disguised Open Mrs followed He his and ---Almost Washer go out He - Petersen Then pursuit of - A search adjoining the place Mrs - about hat Mts any Eehf oQrour oreaiuiiz 823 Awarded Bghest m Uitd ill Millipns pf Homtis 46

Clipped from
  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 28 Nov 1893, Tue,
  3. Page 12

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