Some of the policemen killed or wounded in the Haymarket Riot

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Some of the policemen killed or wounded in the Haymarket Riot - lajunwr nearly fifty men. The loiiowiug is a...
lajunwr nearly fifty men. The loiiowiug is a partial list of the dead and wounded policemen: jiWEPH DEAGAX, West Lake Street Station: dead in front of the Desplaines Street Station. m the arms of Detective jonn .-ticuonaiu. lie had ..;. vltalitv to walk Irora the scene 01 wie f! a (booting to the 9poi inetu ne eiiiiicu. LiEt't- James Stanton, West Lake Street Station shot ln both le" ; not ba'lly hurt Jacob Hansk.n, West Lake Street Station, shot to both tens. Thomas Shannon, Desplaines Street Station, botin foot. 'rg. and arms: married and has three ch,jj,en. Lives at No. t Mather street. John' K. McMahon. West Chicago Avenue, shot int&mli and calf of right lez. Slurried, and has tnree children: lives at No. 118 North Green street. JOHN E. Doyle, Desplaines Street, bomb wounds u Cl?, knee, and back. Married, and has one child; lives at No. lV-'H, Jackson street. Timothy Flavin. itawson Street Station, shot in ips. resits at station, married. John H. Kino. Desplaines Street Station, bomb wour.d in neck, feet, and arms. Jmks Fi rxaETT, Desplaines Street Station, ,hot in the hand. Euwaro Bakkktt, West Chicago Avenue, shot in knee and ankle, has wife and six children, lives ttNo. 297 West Ohio street. j Simons, West Chicago Avenue, shot ln side; wife and t children: lives at No. 241 West Huron itreet. A. C. Keller, Desplaines Street Station, shot in lids: lives at No. 30 Greenwich street. L. J. Mch-fht, Desplaines Street, shot in neck snd band, foot hurt by bomb; married; lives at So. 317 Fulton street. T. Bitterly, West Lake Street, shot ln hand, wife and one child, lives at No. 436 West Twelfth itreet. H. T. Smith. Desplaines Street, shot ln the right inkle, single, lives at No. 30 Keith street. ARTHIB Coni.f.v, Desplaines street, bullet wound in leu and right shoulder, and bomb wound on right leu, maimed; lives at No. 318 West Harrison street. C. Whitney, West Lake Street, wounded in the breast by a bomb, maimed ; lives at No,l 3 South Kobey street. J. H. Wilson, Central detail, wounded by bomb In groin, shot in left hand, wife and five children, lives at No. 810 Austin avenue. J. Nouman, West Lake street, bullet wound in left band, has wife and two children, lives at No. 612 Walnut street. Johs Barrett. Desplaines street, shot in elbow, wound in left side, married, lives at No. iy Erie street. Michael Horxe, Desplaines street, shot in leg. T. Hennessey, West Lake street, wound in head and right thigh, married, lives at No. -'s7 Fulton itreet Jens H. Kino, Desplaines street, shot in leg and bomb-wound in groin. H. N. Kruger, West Chicago avenue, shot in leg; wife and two childreu, No. IS Kumsey street. Charles Fink., West Lake street, bomb wound ln three placvs ln right leg, married, lives at No. 124 Sangamon ttreet. Lewis Johnson, Desplaines street, shot In right '.eg, wife and four children. No. 40 West Erie itreet. A. ITelverson, West North avenue, shot ln both legs, single. C. Johnson. West Chicago avenue, bomb wound In leg, married. 8. Ki.iuzio. West Chicago avenue, bullet wound in left hand, married. No. 158 Cornell street. T. Kbinger, Central detail, shot in hand, wife nd three children. No. 235 Thirty-seventh street. M. O'Brien, Central detail, shot in leg, wife and three children, No. 4t'l Fifth avenue. T. Bhophy, West Luke street, shot ln hand, married. No. 35 Nixon street. T. K. McilAHON, West Chicago avenue, shot in thith and calf, wife and three children, No. 118 Green street. D. IIogan, Central detail. 9hot in right leg, wife and two children. No. 520 Austin avenue. M. Condon, Desplaines street, three bomb onnds in legs, wife and one child. Tster Mccormick, West Chicago Avenue Station, shot in arm, lives at No. 473 West Erie street. Officer Oxeils Hanson of the West North Avenue Station, seven shots. One severe one in right thigh, one in lower part of same limb, one in the back near the lower ribs, one in the left elbow, one in each knee, and one in the left ankle. All of the wounds were ragged and were apparently tired from a shotgun. Drs. J. W. Propeck and A. K. Smith are Inclined to think his wounds are serious bat not necessarily fatal. Officer Joseph of the West Chicago Avenue Station, bullet wounds in the right shoulder and one iu the right leg, neither of which is eriuus. James O'Day of the Desplaines Street Station, shotlnthe knee seriously. He was removed to ill home on Carroll avenue, near Uobey street. An Incendiary Speech. The following circular was distributed yesterday the good

Clipped from
  1. Chicago Tribune,
  2. 05 May 1886, Wed,
  3. Page 1

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  • Some of the policemen killed or wounded in the Haymarket Riot

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