Scopes Monkey Trial Testimony of Wm. J Bryan expunged

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Scopes Monkey Trial Testimony of Wm. J Bryan expunged - so much, loved I not honor more." Testimony of...
so much, loved I not honor more." Testimony of Wm. J. Bryan at Scopes Evolution Trial Was Expunged From the Record (Continued from Page one) the court is whether Mr. Scop&j taught that man descended from * lower order of animal. / <?' "If the issue was what evolutft^ is or how God created man. This testimony might be relevant but ns this question Is not before the court I am pleased to expunge Mr. Bryan's testimony from the record." Darrow rose and excepted. "Of course, I am not at all sure that Mr. Bryan's testimony will aid the Supreme Court," he said. "Let me suggest this, your Honor. Tir e C nve a11 heen here 80r ne time. We have no witnesses or proof to offer. We admit that Mr. Scopes taught that man descended from 'a lower or,der of animals. "I suggest, that, to expedite matters, the jury be brought in and Instructed by your honor to find Mr Scopes guilty." Bryan took the floor. "I did not have a chance to ask tho defense the questions I desired to ask of defense counsel yesterday " he said. "So I will give to the press a statement of the .questions I would have asked and let them broadcast it as they broadcast the proceedings yesterday." ' "I object, your honor," interrupted Darrow. "Now whats all this about? I will have to depend on the justice of the press to print the questions which I would have asked you," Bryan said. "I suggest that you take us both out,- said Darrow, "nnd you ask your questions and let me answer uhem. General McKenzie suggested that after the trial has ended Bryan and Darrow get together at a public discussion and there air their views The Jury was brought Into the room. Agreement was then reached between attorneys for both sides to dispense with argument and give the case to the Jury at once. This did not amount to a change of Scopes plea of "not guilty" however. "There was nothing else left for us to do," Malone explained. "We could not offer oi|» wltneses. We could not continue examination of Mr. Bryan and the testimony that we offered was expunged from the record." Darrow told the Judge there was no use wasting any more time. "We claim," he said, "that the defendant Is not guilty of violating the law, but as the court has excluded all testimony except that Scopes taught that man descended from a lower order of animals, which I cannot contradict, there Is nothing left for us to do except to ask your Honor to instruct the Jury to return a verdict of guilty." Hays asked Stewart if the defense could have longer than the usual thirty days to prepare Kr; record for the Appellate Court. "We would agree to It," said Stewart, "but we are anxious to get the case before the Supreme Court in September. Our Supreme Court meets once a year." "That being the case, we won'-t ask for the extra time," said Hays Judge Raulston then recessed court while he dictated his charge to the Jury and to the court stenographer. At 11:06 Judge Raulston started to charge the jury. "Gentlemen of the jury," said Raulston, "this Is the case of Tennessee vs; John T. Scopes, charging violation of the anti-evolution law qf Tennessee." s • He then read the act and the indictment of Scopes. ' , "To 'his charge," continued the Judge, "the defendant has pleaded not guilty and thus.made up the issues of this case. "Before there can be a conviction the state must make out Its case beyond a reasonable doubt. "The court calls the attention of the Jury to the wording of the statute The statute has been before the court and the court has he)d : it" ooiwttt" tlpnal. making it an offense to teach that man descended .from, a lower order of animals. »°wer that the defendant taught* a°theory related In the Bible, but that v»<» taught that man descended from a lower order of animals. * m that if tne r defendant lr dld e ! ) tea^h' that man descended from a lower ord" of animals and th* state proved it h»v n nrf ft reasonable doubt. Wen you , bring in a verdict of guilty "You entfrea-upon thi« caseT ' nrAAiim n* l«« that th" - ™

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  1. Lebanon Daily News,
  2. 21 Jul 1925, Tue,
  3. Page 7

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  • Scopes Monkey Trial Testimony of Wm. J Bryan expunged

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