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Chess by Isaac Kashdan - 8 PartH-SUN.,JUNE16,1957 flggrtpIggCtoeg BY...
8 PartH-SUN.,JUNE16,1957 flggrtpIggCtoeg BY ISAAC KASHDAN INTiKNATlONAl ORANOMASTt kiinu hntn Is Ctn editor, LA. flom 1m Anvtlu S3, Co1. CHESS FEDERATION NAMES STATE DIEECTOKS nirwtfirs reDresentine all parts of the State were elected at tne annua meeung m uie California State Chess Federation, held at the Hotel Califor-man in Fresno on June 2. Eight of the directors represent specific areas. They are: Guthrie McClain. San Francisco Bav: E. Lindstrom, Redwood Empire: Dr. Phil D. Smith, Cen tral Valley; K. Kirch, Montereyi Bay; Isaac Kasndan ana Irving Elvtse, Los Angeles; Charles B. Walker, Tri-County, and Dudley, Hosea, San Diego. Two directors were elected to represent the State at large, Larry Zipfel for the North and Al Raymond for the South. At a meeting of the new directors Guthrie McCIa'in was elected' chairman for 1957. '"George Goehler of Los Angeles is president of the federation. The other officers are Henry Gross of San Francisco, vice-president; Kyle Forrest of Manhattan Beach, secretary, and Prof. Ralph Hultgren of Berkeley, treasurer. Five directors were elected to the board of the United States Chess Federation. James Key-, nolds and . Spencer Van Gelderi of. San Francisco will serve,! along with Gross, Rivise and; Smith. TOURNEYS AT YANKTOX Yankton, S. Dak. will be the, scene of . two unusual tournaments over the Labor Day week end, according to an an-, nouncement by. George KoItan- owski, tournament administra tor of the U.S. Chess Federation. One tournament will be the official Paul Morphy Centennial Chess Tournament, to commem orate the 100th anniversary of Morphy's great victories In the United States and Europe. It will be a Swiss System, event of j at least six rounds, open to all. It will be held at the Hotel, Charles Gurney in Yankton from Aug. 31 through Sept 2, All participants will receive a Faui Morpny Centennial Gold Medal. The prizes will be: 1st, ,$250 in cash and trophy; 2nd, 5150; 3rd, S75; 4th, $50; 5th, $25; 6th, $15. and 7th, $10. In addi tion there will be a prize for the leading player from South Dako-j ta and a special prize for each 10 participants. The entry fee is $5 plus dues to the USCF (S5) for non-members. Entries should be sent to Mrs. Nancy Gurney, Hotel Charles Gurney, Yankton. The second event at the same time is the first official Cham pion of Champions Tournament All official State champions' are eligible, including the cham-l pions of Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska. It will be a seven- round Swiss System, starting Friday evening, Aug. 29. The prizes will be the same as for the open tournament, with the winner receiving the title of Champion of Champions. All State champions participating will receive free accommoda tions at the hotel during the tournament The entrance fee. is 510 plus membership in the This tournament is under the supervision of Jerry Spann. En-, tries should be sent to him at 3011 Paseo, Oklahoma City, Okla. Both tournaments will be Directed by xoltanowskL EXPERTS AT CITY TERRACEl The first round of the Expert1 Candidates Tournament at the City Terrace Chess Club attracted 16 players from various clubs. Play in this section will be every Wednesday nitrht. ntJ the club headquarters, 3875 City Jra. 16, 1911 TDSSS PBOBZJOf 2887 By B. A. EUemaa BLACK WHITE U WhlU matw in two. TIMES PROBLEM 28GS By S. Almgren BLACK S J) Mi WHITE White matts m tnree. Pmhipm 2SS7 has a fine thematic kev, and some bright variations, es pecially after me Biacn .mgm moves. The miniature 2868 Is by th well-known L03 Anireles player. It Is more difficult than it appears. SOLOTION TO PROBLEM 2863: Q-Q4 Bnumos TO PROBLEM 2S64: R-R4 Threat, 3 N-B2ch; 1 Q-B4. 2 N-Q3ch; It B-K4. 3 N-R2ch- SOLVERS' LIST FIto point J. C Beaver, C. Tot- W. W. Irwin, A. Madrigal, W. S. Moore, W. O. Paine, M. Bnen. L. Slmoi L. A. Victor, N. C. Woodard. Poop point Dr. J. A. Healy. S. H. Kati, T. Q. LOh. J. H. Murray, a B. Oustad. E. E. Pettier. Two point S. Bouffha. B. BuAueff; T. Cartton, R. G. Carroll, R. G. HoweJ. W. A. Klefer, N. Lesser, S. W -Nay, I, P. Walsh. One point D. BevlIL I L. WHKinson. , Next week we shall announce a special solving competition with prizes, open to all. Watch for It LOS ANGELES CLUB PARTS The Los Aneeles Chess Cluh 108 W 6th St, held one of its occasional eet together parties Saturday night, June 8. The 64-year-old club was filled to capac. ity for the occasion. The club is open every day of the vear. The present officers are Leonard Golling, president: and treasurer: L. w. Watson, vice-president, and J. P. Simon- son, secretary. NORTH-SOUTH GAMES The following eames were played in the North-South match: K. Briefer and R. DeLashmutt won the Ellis Levy prizes for the shortest rames specuvely. The win by Gene Rubin of the Herman Steiner Chess Club was decidedly superior as a chess game. SICILIAN DEFENSE Terrace Drive. Here are the details of play. BOEN'D ONE Brleser Whits 1- P-K 2- P-QB3 3-F-34 Plock Black F-QB4 P-Q3 N-KB3 Brleser wnile 4- B-OB4 5- PXP 6- Bxpch Ploct Black PIP?? Resigns CARO-KANN DEFENSE DeLuhmutt Bctzer White 2- P-Q4 3- B-Q3 4- P-K5 5-N-KB3 P-QB3 P-Q4 N-B3, N-N5 QN-Q2I icLashmutt Betzer macx P-QB4 y-ijj Q-K3 P-N3 Resigns pel -Whl 6- O-0 7- N-NS S-N-KS 9-QZN 10-BXPch QUEEN'S INDIAN DEFENSE the E. Norman I. Bellman E. Amdon J. Hamilton V. Thompson B. Katiml B. Ponce Svalberc 2- N-KBJ 3- N-B3 4- P-K3 5- P-Q4 6- B-Q3, 7- 0-0 8- Q-KJ 9- R-Q 10- N-ONS 11- P-QR3 12- PxP 13- PxB 14- B-B2 15- P-QN4 16- B-N2 17- OR-B 19-P-R3 :O.KXN 21-Q-Q4 2-PIP 3-Q-R4 D. Younr 1 R. ClarK l D. RnbhtRl n 0 J. Zlzda 1 1 Mbs G. Ertu O 1 W.Pletrl 0 1 W. Irwin 0 1 D. Molina 0 MANHATTAN CLUB WINS Once more the championship of the Metropolitan Chess league of Aew York deoended on the final match between the Manhattan and Marshall Chess Clubs. The Manhattan team. wnich has won with almost monotonous regularity, was again successful, by a close 7-6 margin. Following is the line-un. and a good victory by the youngest! contestant, 13-year-old Bobby riiioier. HtDhttUz CO A Bistuier 'i A Turner V I. Borowti 5j W. Lombardr 1 A. Peuersteln 0 H. Sussman B. Pitcher I A. Plnkus o G. Shalnswlt i A. Kevlt: 0 K Vine 'i P. Benlnson I W. Shipman 1 Total Mnhn CO o. jsernatein H. Seldman J. Sherwln E. Mednla C. Pilnlek J. ColJlw E. Hearst S. Wachs T. Dunst A Siintaslert E. Lasker J. Core J. Donovan Total SICILIAN DEFENSE nearat VVhite - 1-P-K4 2- N-KB3 3- P-04 4- NlP 5- n:qb 6- P-B4 7- N.B3 a-B-ca 9-0-0 10- P-QR3 11- K-B 12- B-K3 13- B-02 14- P-B5 15- N-NS 16- N-R3 17- N-B2 18- P-ON4 lf-PxN 20- CJ-K: 21- P-QR4 -'-'-PxP J3.R.B5 2 V-PxP Ji-Nr.S M-N-K4 27-B-K 29- N-B5 30- NxB STATE RAPID TRANSIT Earl Pruner of San Francisco, scoring 6-2, won the rapid trans it championship of California in the tournament at Fresno on June 1. Dr. Peter Lapiken of1 Los Angeles and Gilbert Ra-i mirez of San Francisco tied for second at 5-3. Other final scores were Hy Kogosin and Jim Schmitt, 4Vi- Z'.'i; Harry Borochow, 3V2-4'i;; Phil Smith. 3-5. and John Ki naido, ZVt-Wi. Leslie Simon hadj Qualified for the finals by win ning his preUmlnary section but Fischer Hearst Fischer Black White Black P-8B4 3I-K-N RxB P-Q3 32-RxR RxRch PxP 33-K-B2 R-K5 K-KB3 34-RiP B-B P-QH3 3S.N-B5 RxP P-K4 36-R-RS BxNclj 5-B3 37-RiB R-BSch ON-Q2 38-K-K3 RXP P-QN4 39-P-N R-B5 B-N2 40-P-R3 P-K5 P-N3 4I-R-B4 It-BOch N-N5 42-KxP RxP 3-N2 43-K-KS R-K6cb KN-B3 44-K-B8 R-B6ch P.R3 4S-K-K5 K-N2 P-N4 4S-K-Q5 K-N3 N-B4 47-R-B R-B5 NxB 48-R-KN P-B4 Q-02 49-PxPch KxP R-QB 50-R-KR K-N3 0-0 51-K-K5 P-R4 PxP 52-R-OB P-RS P-Q4 53-R-KN K-R4 NxP 54-R-KB. R-B QxN 55-R-Q P-RS KR-a 5S-K-K4 K-RJ CUP 57-R-Q7 R-B8 RxQ 58-R-Q2 P-N5 R-C58 59-R.QS P-R7 QR-133 Resigns. Rubin Black N-KB3 P-QN3 B-N2 P-K3 B-N5 O-O P-Q3 QN-Q2 P-B3 PxN B-B4 NxP P-K4 QN-K5 QR-B K-R KR-Q NxP P-K5 PxN 0-K3 RXBchl Svalberc wmte 24-RIR 23-P-Ii 26- K-K3 27- Q-N4 23-K-Q2 29-KXK 31- KR-SB 32-11-B7 33- R-B 34- R-B2 35-K-K 36-K-B 37- BXPCB 38- KRXPch 39- QR-K7 40- K-K2 41- K-K3 42- K-K4 43- K-OS 44- RXN Resigns. Rubin o-B4 UxPch PJ-W4 S-Kch R-K7ch BxPch NxQ P-KR4 QlRP Q-N7ch N-N8cn Q-K5ch N-R6 KxB K-R3 Q-R8ch CJ-N7ch Q-N8ch N-N4ch NxR WEST GERMANT WIN'S CLARE BENEDICT CUP The fourth annual team tournament for the Clare Benedict Challenge Cup was won by West Germany, wnicn won an nve matches with the excellent score of 16-4. comprising 12 wins ana eight draws, witnouc a single loss. Unzicker. playing first hoard for West Germany, won 4f2-. drawing only with Dr. Euwe oi Holland. Others on the winning team were Schmid, 3-lV2; Dar- ga, 32-2; Pfeiffer, 3-1, and Nie-phus, IV2-V2. Holland took second place with This compares with West Germany's 14 points last year, which was sufficient to win the event In third place was Austria, 96-10Vi, followed by Switzerland, 9; Italy, 7, and France, 4. The following games are from the tournament. KINQ'3 INDIAN DEFENSE Euwe Holland White 1- P-04 2- P-OB4 3- P-KN3 4- B-N2 5- PXP 5-P-Kt 7-N-K3 S-O-O S-ON-B3 10-P-KS 11.N-K4 13-N-BScll 1J-P-KK 14- N-N4, 15- B-NS 10-N-BS 17-N-B4I Robatch Austria Black N-KB3 P-KN3 B-N2 P-Q4 NxP N-N3 O-O P-K3 N-B3 N-N5 P-KR3 K-R P-B4 V-KR4 QXP EUTPB Holland White 18- NI4IIRP 19- R-K 20- NxB 21- NJN 23-B-B4 23- B-K5ch 24- BxQP 2B-R-QB 25- P-R5 27-B-B5 2R-B-QS 39-PlP 30- BxN 31- RxKPI 32- R-K7 33- R-B4 Robatch Austria Black N-Q Q.Q3 KxN BxN Q-N3 P-B3 o-b; N-B3 P-K4 R-R Q-B B-B4 PXB KxP R-K6 Seslgns SICttlAN DEFENSE Darrt Nlevergelt W. G'macr swiand White 1- P-K4 2- N-HB3 3- P-04 4- NxP 5- N-OB3 6- B-OB4 7- P-QR3 8- B-R2 9- 0-0 10- K-R 11- P-Bt 12-PxP 13- NXN 14-POi 16- B-NS 17- Q-Q3 18- B-N3 19- RXP 20-B-KJ Darra Nleremlt w. o many sv land Black P-QB4 P-Q3 PxP N-KB3 P-OR3 P-K3 0-B2 N-B3 P-QN4 R-QN I P-N5 RxPi QXN B-E3 PxP RlNP R-N2 O-O Q-KB4, ENOL1SH OPKNINO Schmid White 21- R-R8 22- RxRch 23- B-04 24- N-K2 25- Q-N3 26- N-B4 27. B-IO 28. P.R3 I29-R-B2 30- R-B3 31- NXP 32- K-KJ 33- ttxN 34- NxSch 33-QxQPab l7tSoh 38-Q-TO 39- P-KS Black B-Q BxR R-B2 N-N5 N-K4 Q-R3 Q-B3 N-B5 O-BS NxB Q-R8ch N-B8ch K-K Q-B3 K-K2 P-R3 Realgnc Schold Cutaldl w. OennsB7 Italy White 1- P-OB4 2- N-QB3 3- N-B3 4- P-Q4 5- NXP 6- P-KN3 7- B-N2 S-O-O 9-P-KRJ I0-B-K3 11-R-B 12- N-N3 13- N-R4 14- N-N8 119-41-01 Black N-KB3 P-B4 N-B3 PxP P-KN3 B-N2 O-O P.QR3 Q-K P-C3 n-aa Cutlldl w. oermany Italy wmte 16- N33 17- KR-Q 13-B.N5 19- P-B5 20- NxBP 21- RxN 22- Q-K3 23-R(5)-B 24- K-R2 35-R-gjf 25- NXP 28-axBohl Black R-B Q-Q R-K PxP NxN 0-Q2 K-R OR-Q BxNP B-K4? Q-B2 out MZQ OK decided not to continue.

Clipped from
  1. The Los Angeles Times,
  2. 16 Jun 1957, Sun,
  3. Page 63

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