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Let's Play Chess by Frank Rose - i 1 I v' l: i. u By FRANK ROSE ft A Every chesi...
i 1 I v' l: i. u By FRANK ROSE ft A Every chesi player bai known the dismal experience of losing so-called "won" games, that is, games in which he had a winning advantage but failed to capitalize on it. Some of these losses can be attributed to ignorance of the proper technique, but I believe that the majority have a psychological basis. A player will gain an advantage .through careful patent maneuvering. But the moment he secures this advan tage, a sea -change occurs in his personality. The advantage Is magnified in his mind's eye until the victorious result becomes a fait accompli. He has already defeated the duffer across the table who but a moment ago commanded the respect of cautions positional playl and now nothing remains but a few touches of genius to polish him off completely. He intends to show everyone present just what a terrific player he really is. No longer does the long drawn-out victory suffice; he must win brilliantly. So he throws caution to the wind, forgets about defense, and attacks like a madman. Naturally, he winds up with a losing position and a bewildered look on his face. You can prevent this' from happening by realizing that you 'won the advantage by playing good sound chess, and you can win the game by continuing to play that way. Always remember that a "won" game is not won until you win It! . WEEKLY PROBLEM Position 252 stumped most' of our solvers. The solution is ' 1. R-K8 ch.. K-Q2; 2. R-K3. Q-B5; 3. RxB ch.. QxR; 4. R- Q3. QxR; 5. N-K5 ch. forking the king and queen for a winning end game. POSITION 253 Black 6 Men White 7 Men for anyone pointing out Black's best move. Forsyth notation: 6ki 3q4 3PlRpl 3rlp2 2Qlp3 8 5PPP 6K1 . U. S. CHAMPIONSHIP Bobby Fischer, 15-year-old chess genius from Brooklyn, successfully defended his title as TJ. S. Chess Champion with the convincing score of 81a-2V2. He won six games and drew five. Samuel Reshevsky was runner-up with 7!i-3,,i scoring five wins, five draws and one loss to Fischer. Here are the results: Fischer 18', 2!,2l; Reshevsky 17',2- V2V, Sherwin W'2 - il: Bisguier 15-51; D. Byrne 16-51; Lombardy 16-51; Benko (4,,2-5!al:' R. Byrne 14-71; Kalme 4-71; Mednis 3-81; Wein-stein 3-71. SICILL1N DEFENSE Although his game with Reshevsky lasted 42 moves-Fischer had a "won" game after his ninth move. His play sparkles with daring and originality as he captures new meaning in a hackneyed position. Like Alekhine, he can say. "Why should I play by the Book? I am the Book." FISCHER RESHEVSKY 1. P-K4 2. N-KB3 3. P-Q4 4. NxP 5. N-QB3 6. B-K3 7. B-QB4 8. B-N3?! 9. P-K5! 10. BxP ch.!! 11. N-K6 12. QxQ & wins 1. P-QB4 2. N-QB3 PxP P-KN3 B-N2 N-B3 O-O - N-QR4?? N-K 10. KxB 11. PxN i 1 t ; ..y'-S4 u 4 This looks like a win for White but once again appearances are deceiving. Three points on the Solver's Ladder U.S. Arrests County Man Michael L. Hill. 30. of West Hollywood, was held today in Chicago on federal charges of sending an altered check through the mails. Authorities said Hill erroneously received from General Motors Acceptance Corporation in May, 1958, a $1.54 check intended for another person as return of an overpayment. They charged that he raised the amount to $1,540. forged the name of the recipient and deposited the check on May 26, 1958, in his name at a West Hollywood bank. The following day, authorities said. Hill closed his account and disappeared.

Clipped from
  1. Fort Lauderdale News,
  2. 11 Jan 1959, Sun,
  3. Page 25

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