Allison "Bud" White; article with info re family connections Redland Daily Facts, Redland, CA 19 June 1971

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 - By FRANK MOORE Ihls is a footnote to history....
By FRANK MOORE Ihls is a footnote to history. On Thursday, duplicate copies of the treaty by which the US. wilJ return Okinawa to Japan were signed in Washington and Toi^. The ceremonies bad originally been sdieduled for Monday. But listen to Allison "Bud" White of Redlands, who says with a chuckle: "Ihe signing was postponed so the US. Ambassador to Japan (Armin H. Meyer), could be in Los Angeles Saturday u> give his daughter away to my nephew.'* Kathy, the Ambassador's only child, has just flnisbed her junnr year at Occidental. Tim White has just graduated from Oxy. So, as >x>u roi^t expect. Kathy and Tim chose to be married at the college chapel. That Mi -as O.K. by Bud. He's an Occidental man. It «-as O.K.. UM. by his brother, the Rev. Dr. David C. White, who drove all of the way out from Nashville, to officiate. He is aha an Oxy grad. About (he only person who was upset was Bud's mother. She had many of the wedding guests for dinner at the old family home in Downey. But the most honored guest was not among them. Ambassador Meyer had to beg off. He'd been wvrkuig all night Friday on the Okinawa treaty. Then he flew out u> Los Angeles for the wadding and for the following reception at the Huntington-Sheraton. From Los Angeles he vmvld have to fly on over to Tokyo. He simply had to have some sleep Saturday night. Bud (old me another anecdote — a grisly one — a week ago but let's first back off a little and talk about bears. When I was crosang the front country below the "R" on the fire road Tuesday. Forest Ranger Ted Zrdak remarked that the bears favor the cool canyons below Kdler peak. A few miles farther on we came to a standard forest service sign, made from a redwood plank. The directions (0 Siberia creek and — appropriately — to Bear CTeek were embossed in it. The lower edge of the plank was ragged because the bears had been chewing on it. Whether (hey were sharpening their teeth or they happen to like redwood flavor is problematical. Either way, Ted says the rangers are giving up Uiis type of sign and will try plywTwd in hope tha( it will be more economical — and possibly, distasteful to bears. Now, back to Bud's report. A couple of weeks ago a Civil Air Patrol search plane located an aircraft that had been missing for 34 days on a flight from Palm Springs to Santa Maria. There had been four people aboard, including the pilot, an Israeli national, studying at Cal Poly in San Luis Obi^. As a member of the Riverside County mountain rescue team. Bud went out to the small can}-on off Whitewater creek, at the mouth of (he Banning pass, wtere the CAP had spotted (he plane. There were, however, no bodies in the wreckage. The ground party did find a wallet, scattered human bones, and a skull. And there were bear tracks all over the »te. On happier subjects. let's return to the front country north of Redlands. When we were bdow the "R" Tuesday, Ted stopped and we got out of the pickup to look at the University of Redlands emblem. Ted says that when the helicopter was distributing seed ovo- the area of the great bum of November 13, the steep slope on which the "R" is located, was'given the treatment. It certainly needed it for it was vulneratde to erosion. From a distance, it appears that quite a bit of seed look root on the naked ground of the letter. The "R" appears to have a case of what the razor advertisements used to call "five o'clock shadow." The new growth is also observed below the letter. The "R" no longer looks as if it were weeping.

Clipped from
  1. Redlands Daily Facts,
  2. 19 Jun 1971, Sat,
  3. Page 14

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  • — Allison "Bud" White; article with info re family connections Redland Daily Facts, Redland, CA 19 June 1971

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