May 01, 1924

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News from May 01, 1924

News from May 01, 1924 (Buffalo Times, via™)

Southeastern U.S. Faces Destructive Spring Tornadoes

In the spring of 1924, a series of high tension storms struck the Southeastern United States on April 29th and 30th, affecting North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

These storms led to 95 confirmed deaths, more than 20 individuals reported missing, and roughly 500 people injured, with some injuries possibly being fatal. Property damage from the storms was estimated to be around $10,000,000. The extent of the devastation included destroyed communities, damaged homes, and significant infrastructure disruption, such as downed telephone and telegraph lines, which isolated affected areas and complicated rescue and relief efforts.

The response to the disaster was immediate, with the American Red Cross, alongside numerous local organizations and government entities, mobilizing to assist affected communities.This collective action was aimed at recovery and aid for those impacted by the storms.

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