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 - An Interestio Question Decided Court - Teik...
An Interestio Question Decided Court - Teik Ccue - We noticed a few days since that George Garman, convicted in the Dauphin Dauphin county sessions for having $10 counterfeit counterfeit notes in his possession, was taken to Philadelphia for the purpose of testifying in a anit of t.hA TTnitan' Rtofo. xt - .l.: Jf , . - uwnuvo .a. uniuauioi tunsey, charged with making and engraving a counterfeit plate on the Third National Bank of that city, of the denomination of $10. Garman was called to the stand and made the following declaration : 1 am acquainted with defendant ; he resided, in April, 1867, on Third ctreet, below Walnut, on the east side 5 he .rented a room there ; I have been there several times with him ; I saw him there one morning finishing a plate on the Third National Bank of the denomination of $10. (Plate produced.) This is the face of the $10 j I did not have it in my hand ; I looked over his shoulder and saw it ; he made the remark tome that he had a little work to finish before we went to get our breakfast ; I had stayed with him all night; I have seen him frequently in this city ; became acquainted with him about two years ago in Bellefonte, Centre countyf at my brother's hotel. Cross - examined by Mr. Chipman. I do not recollect the day of the month or of the week when I saw him in April last: I know it was not on Sunday; I was boarding at the Allegheny house, on Market street : I am a stone cutter by trade, but have not worked at I ?K!n n0Srear8' 1 ""ended my broth - T 7i. JS I B?l,efont8 until about March last 'hK"!e V th.18 culty and Pened a saloo nt.KnnteJh8treet,abuOT0 Eleventh, but sold out about three months after; I have not been doing anything. inco that time; I am living at present in the Dauphin county prison : I do not know a lady by the name of Wilson or Moore; there was a woman in the apart - menu occupied by Kinsey on the niiVt I speak of, about H o'clock, butldo not know who she is; I am in prison for having in my Sossession counterfeit notes on the Thud ational Bank ; I was in prison in 1862 for 4 months, if I remember right ; I was confined that time for receiving $5 from a lager beer man fa Harrisburg ; he gave me $5 for not returning - him to court for selling liquor on Sunday; I was constable of the Fifth ward in Harrisburg ; I was a sworn officer of the law ; I was never in jail before that ; I am certain of that ; I was not in the city at the time of defendant's arrest; I saw the account of defendant's and my brother's arrest in a newspaper ; no inducements have been held out to me to testify in this case. Be - examined. The notes I spoke of having having in my possession, and for which I am now m custody, were on the Third National Bank of this city. Carolina Garman, the wife of M. B. Gar - "aan. who is also convicted of counterfeiting, was also called to the stand and testified Wrnst the prisoner, identifying him as the u?yerrr? the note 80 extensively circu - p: v Prisoner was convicted. en - r - oro Injury had retired an inter - ErJ??tfUw aa Voided in this case tion ofi alader' viz: That the convic - den - Ail nsJ.e?Bon f an infamous crime ren - nojudgml!etent 4t te,8tlfy' althouSh IV . j n,ad 6een entered thereon. that th - Sam Jud Cadwalader stated must be te8t,monJ; of the witness Garman havins b.pun8d - The fact of Garman HonM'. k come to his nearly closed. 6 U examination was type', fcJodSrl!!"0 the above was in cUion and adnfftSfe1! - 1 chaned h d' to the jury. 6 totony of Garman

Clipped from
  1. Harrisburg Telegraph,
  2. 18 Jan 1868, Sat,
  3. Page 3

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