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THE SCOAffTOA TBCTH, SATURDAY AFrisRNOON, JULY 9, 1904. 395 Interest that is too valuable to lose; We suggest that you gain it by opening a Savings Account NOW with the Third National Bank, , 118 yomtag Ave Scrutoa, Yt 1 y ' UNITED STATES DEPOSITARY. Capital, $200,000; Surplus (earned,) $700,000. OPEN SATURDAY EVENINGS 7:30 TO 8:30. WEST SCRANTON. Funeral of Mrs. From the Family Residence This Morning - Speakeasy Arrest The funeral of the late Mrs. William IB. Hughes, who died Wednesday night, took place this morning from the family family home this morning at 10 o'clock. Inasmuch as the services this morning were private, a short service was conducted conducted at the home at 7:30 o'clock last evening by Rev. J. P. Moffat, D. 0.. pastor of the Washburn Street Presbyterian Presbyterian Church. Quite a large number of the deceased's friends were in attendance. attendance. Dr. Moffat also had charge of the services this morning, which was attended attended only by the immediate relatives. relatives. Interment was made in Washburn Washburn street cemetery. Undertaker Price was in charge of the funeral arrangements. arrangements. The pall - bearers were the Messrs. Joseph Joseph Ansley. R. E. Fenton, Thomas Baldwin, Thomas Cummings, Kay Richard, Samuel Rogers. Constable; Jones' Escapade. William Denman, who resides at 138 South Hyde Park avenue, was John Quinn's landlord, and thus did he get Into trouble. Quinn rented the house at 130 North Bromley avenue, and a few months ago he got behind In his rent, and Mr. Denman swore out a warrant and Constable John Jones made a levy on his goods, intending to have a sale, after a notice had been posted. After suitable arrangements had been made the constable went to the house and found that the bird had flown and taken everything with him. Quinn evidently thought that the constables' constables' sale was a joke, and all he had to do to avoid it was move away. The constable has been looking for him ever since June 2.1. and yesterday he found him at 646 Maple street, whither he, had moved upon his flight. He was arraigned before Alderman Jones yesterday afternon and received a severe lecture for thus setting the law at defiance. The squire told him it was as bad as stealing another man's property. He was also severely reprimanded reprimanded for so serving the constable, wild was kind enough to let him have the use of the goods until the sale. He was held under $300 bail for larceny. Installation of Officers. At the semi - annual meeting of Camp 178. Patriotic Order Sons of America, held In Washington Hall, Thursday evening, District President Thomas E. Evans installed the newly elected officers officers as follows: President. Dr. Tallsien Phillips: vice - president, Charles Granahan: master of forms. Nelson Enslin: conductor, T. A. Eynon; inspector. Peter Young; guard, Emmet t Johnson; trustee, John Miller. After the Installation a social session and smoker was held. Selling Liquor Without License. Constable James McGinnity, of the Twenty - first ward, had Mrs. Marie Burke, of 1725 Elizabeth stret. arraigned arraigned before Alderman Timothy Jones yesterday afternoon on the charge of selling liquor without a license, license, and also with selling on Sunday. Sunday. The trial was very interesting, and finally devolved Into a discussion of the rights which a club license gave a person. McGinnity had several witnesses sworn, who testified that they had bought beer and whiskey from Mrs. Burke and paid for it, although they were not members of the club. The names of the witnesses were Harry Meehan. Michael McHale and Patrick McHale. Each of these had purchased liquor at Mrs. Burke's place, one of them. Patrick McHale. having been served it yesterday. Constable McGinnity McGinnity also gave testimony as to how he had set a snare for Mrs. Burke and caught her. . After a careful consideration of the case the alderman held the defendant under J800 bail. William Parrell. of 973 Sumner avenue, qualified as her bondsman. bondsman. McGinnity announced his intention intention to swear out warrants for the president and secretary of the club on the same charges. This place has been running for a long time and is called "The Old Maids" of Tripp Park. Visiting Fireman Here. Daniel Boggs and William Miles, of Bradford. Pa., were guests of the members members of Chemical Engine company, No. 2, yesterday. Mr. Boggs was formerly a member of the old Colurtiblas. but moved to Bradford, and is now fore - mart of the Bradford Hook and Ladder company. . Mr. Miles is permanent man of the eame company. They are on their vacations, vacations, and are visiting semi - officially different fire departments In this part of the state. They were favorably Impressed Impressed Impressed - with the equipment of the local $5.00 A GOOD WILL LEATHER SUIT CASE? IT WILL CONRAD'S IT'S THE BEST VALUE Is your money, idle? It has an earning power William S.Hughes chemical company, and did not hesi tate to express their approval. They left for Wllkes - Barre last evening. St. David's Church Notes. Tomorrow is the sixth Sunday after Trinity. Low celebration at 7:30 a. m, morning prayer and sermon at 10:?0 a m.: Sunday school session at 2:30 p. m.; evensong and sermon at 7:30;. topic, "Character Brllding." Wednesday, July 13, the Ladles' Aid chapter will hold a lawn social at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. Treat Gould, with the kind consent of the hospital authorities. Mr. Hewyn Jones' quar tette will sing a couple of selections. Paving Progresses Slow. Because Scranton street is blocked because it Is being paved with brick, the work on the West Lackawanna avenue viaduct pave is slow, to say the least. The traffic between West Scran ton and the central city, which is always always large, now has the choice of pull ing up the West Linden street hill or the viaduct, and. as the hill is too great a pull for a team, nearly all of it comes over the viaduct, with the result that the paving progress is slow. The work on the pave ought to be fin ished by the last part of next week. Simpson M. E. Notes. The drop seats have been removed from the ends of the pews and a new outside door put in the back of the au ditorium. The choir Is rehearsing for an even inp of song, to be given soon. The pastor will take his vacation in August Arrangements are being made to supply the pulpit In his absence. Rev. H. C. McDermott, D. D will take for his subject tomorrow morning The Kingdom of God, and in the evening he will preach on "The Gospel of the Summer." y Passed Four Score Tears. Jacob B. Snyder, the well - known court crier, residing at 1219 Washburn Btreet. celebrated his eightieth birthday birthday Thursday afternoon, in the presence presence of many relatives. During the afternoon, Rev. Dr. H. C. McDermott, of the Simpson Methodist Episcopal church, of which Mr. Snyder has always always been a faithful member, presented him with a comfortable and handsome chair, in behalf of the children and grandchildren. Those present were: Mr. J. B. Snyder Snyder and family, Mr. S. H. Snyder and family, Mrs. S. G. Snydor and family, Mr. J. H. Decker and family, Mr. W. C. Williams and family, Mrs. Daniels, of Hawley, and Rev. Dr. McDermott. Loyal Crusaders To - night. Every member of Companies A and B. of the Loyal Crusaders, are requested requested to be present to - night at Red Men's Hall. Business important to every member will be transacted, and every one should be on hand. The plan of the proposed picnic will be formed, and the report of the social committee will be read. Refreshments will be seryed. Funerals. The funeral of the three - months - old child of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hester, of 306'4 Chestnut street, which died last evening after a short illness, will be held on Sunday. Services will be private. private. The funeral of Tommy Dolphin, who wa killed last Thursday by a base ball, will take place from his parits' residence on Eynon street. Monday morning. A high mass will be eung in St. Patrick's Church, beginning at 9 o'clock. Interment will be made in Cathedra! Cathedra! cemetery. Will Repeat Exercises. The Sunday school of the Sherman Avenue Mission of the Plymouth Congregational Congregational Church will repeat the Children's Day exercise, "Over Life's Sea," to - morrow evening at the Jackson Jackson Street Baptist Church. This is the third time for this pleasing pleasing exercise to be repeated, and on each of the former occasions the room in which It was given was crowded. It Is a good chance for any who have not heard this exercise, which, without doubt, excels any ever heard on this side, to hear it. Bellevue Church Excursion. ' - The members of the Bellevue Welsh Cttlvlnlstic Methodist church will run an excursion to Lake Ariel next Monday, Monday, and from all Indications It will be a success. There will be games and amusements such as are always held at such events, but in addition there will be an eisteddfod on a small scale. Prizes will be given to the BUY AT WE'VE EVER HAD. winner of competitions on the rendl tlon of musical and literary selec uuna. Refreshments of all Hinds will bo MvmJ mm iVB " M ... ,1.. Akmrn 14 oviiicij. ajio nvurqion imin w m leave the Erie depot at 8:15 Monday iiJt MMlA k. . 1 A - 1 - will morning. First Baptist Church Notes. To - morrow evening, at the First Baptist church. Rev. Dr. Wrlghtnour will continue his series of discourses on jsioie cnaraners ana Moaern in stances;" subject, "Vashtl the Modest and the New Wornan." He will speak of woman's true gjace in the home, pontics, uusinens ana tne cnurun also of mannlshness, fllrtatlousness, frivolity and the like In young girls or women. Last Sunday night three railroad men and their wives Joined the church. This church has now' quite a number of railroad men as members, The wife of an attorney was also re ceived. PERSONAL MENTION. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Oswald have re, turned from their wedding tonr and are staying for the present with the latter s narents. Mr. and Mrs. u. Evans of South Main avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Hanna and son Harold, of Decker's court, have re turned from ii visit at Swift Water. Jay Richards of Clark Summit, Is visiting friends on this side. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. McHale have returned from their wedding tour and are ' residinar on Chestnut avenue. Miss Ida Davis, of Elmlra, is visit ing her mother, Mrs. Robert Arm strong, of Chestnut avenue. Mrs. RalDh Street, of North Main avenue, has recovered from an 111 ness. Joseph P. . McGarry, of Chestnut avenue, left today for Syracuse. Miss Lizzie Williams, of North Lin coin avenue. Is visiting friends at Kingston. Miin' Marr Loomis. of West Pitts ton. and Miss Mary Delcamp of Shen nadoah, are the guests of Misses Irene and Prlscllla Phillips, of Jack son street - Mr. and Mrs. Lester Hanna and son Harold, of Decker's court, have re turned from a visit at Swlftwater. Misses Edith Softly and tlla fetarr have returned from a week's stay at Lake Winola. Mrs. Joseph Lambert, of FrlnK street, left to - day for an extended trip through Europe. Thomas Minahin. or Burraio, is vis iting his mother on Seventh avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Parry nave re turned from Buffalo. Mr. and Mrs. Oakley Edwards or North Garfield avenue, have been en - ertainlner Mrs. PhlliD Knoll of New nrfc. and Mrs. Malvina Edwards, of of Moscow. Mras. Lewis Watkins and family, or Pittsburg, are visiting' the rormers mother. Mrs. J. D. Edwards, of Swet - land utrpet. winfieid Scott Is unending a tew davs wth friends in this city. Miss Nina Lewis, of Hallstead, has returned after a visit With . West Scranton friends. Miss Catherine Dimler. or pmiaaei - phia, is the guest of Mrs. Thomas H, Davis, of North Main avenue. MUa - Rviith Blair, of New York city jo vieitins - Misa Anna Kawaras, 01 Smith Main avenue. Miss Edna Stevens, teacher at No. w srhool. Is visitins: at Sayre, Pa. Miss Hannah Phillips, ol nooseven. street, has returned home after spena - ing her vacation at Lake Idlewild. Mr nnrt Mrs. Ben.ia.min s. f mi nps, son Edison and daughter Odessa, oi Roosevelt street, returned yesterday from an extended visit to Lake Poyn telle. . Misses Anna and Margaret Cum mings, of South Sumner avenue, are visitinar friends at Hancock, N. T. George Birch, of Swetland street, is ill. Ivor Davis, of the United Slates ma rine service, who has been spending the past week with his parents, nas re turned home. Edward Palmer, of Dorothy street, is suffering from a severe attack of rheumatism. rheumatism. William Phillips, of North Garfield avenue, has returned from Buffalo. Mrs. Penny, of Dorothy street, is ill - Rev. W. D. Thomas, or rittston, win preach at the First Welsh Baptist Church to - mororw at 10 a. m. and 6 m. There will be communion at the morning service. The Knights of the Golden Eagle win run a joint excursion to Harvey's Lake on August 20. The members are mak - ng arrangements ror games or an kinds and other amusements. Panooka Tribe of Red Men will run an excursion to laue ixraore on aujubi 12th. Miss Grace Brown, of North Hyae Park avenue, has returned from Clark's Summit. Miss Elizabeth Jones, or Norm Hyae Park avenue, left to - day ror ciarKs Green, where she will spend her vacation. vacation. William Faulkner, of North Main avenue, is recovering irom mo serious attack of appendicitis. Master Will am Davis is visiting nis grandfather at Paterson, N. J. Mis Viola. Hufford. of Lafayette street, has been entertaining her cousin. Miss Myrtle Hufford, or Kansom. ARCHBAD. Th Archbald base ball team jour neyed to Lake Lodore yesterday, where they met ana aeieaiea me duuiib Honesdale team. The game was what you would call a nrat - class exhibition of base ball, and all through the game was interesting. Nolan, wno pucneu for Archbald, gave them only three scratch singles, while Hessliivj was batted for seven pretty ones. m. ana Fleming and Logan did some great batting for the home team. The score: Archbald 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 0 - 3 7 4 Honesdale 00010001 02 3 S Ratteries Nolan ana 1'idtinigan; Hessllng and Hatler. Umpires - Spencer and McDonald. The Honesdale team win ie tne at traction on the soutn Lauri street grounds on Tuesday. The nome team win go io uijumm to - morrow, when tney win iry to avenge Monday's defeat. Well, Carbondale, what do you think of the game? Wasn't it a good one? Better than 6 to 8. A very pleasant surprise party was given at the home of Miss Nora. Moran, of Mt. Vernon, on Thursday evening, in honor of her niece. Miss Josephine Sullivan, of Olyphant. After a number of vocal selections were rendered by John Hart. Jennie Ruddy and Josephine Josephine Sullivan, a flashlight of the party was taken. Dainty refreshments were served, and at a seasonab'i hour the guests' departed, declaring Miss Sullivan Sullivan a model hostess. Those present were: J. J. Dougher, Archbald; Frank Grady. Henry Stephens, John OH Italian. Italian. John Hart, of MayfieM; Leo Con - nerton and Charles McDonnell, of Carbondale; Carbondale; Gerald Duffy, Austin O'Boyle, Edward Meehan, Clarence Qilhool. Edward Edward Carey and Lawrence Burke, of Scranton; Misses Margaret Kearney, Jennie Ruddy, Nellie and Nora Dean, Agnes Fitzpatrlck and Nora Moran, of this place; Anna Ruddy, of Carbondalt - ; Josephine Sullivan. Olyphant; Florence Burns, Minnie Barrett, Miriam IJren - nan, Stella Murphy, Helen Ryan and Ann Myers, of Scranton. The St. Thomas' Band will line up fcr the game with the drum corps to - imm 5S!Vs?" piles or detention from work by my hemio - lactro met bod Batlafsctor arrsngs - meata mad for credit. Call for Information Information aiid testimonials: Hoars t to ;6to& Sundays, t to 4 only. DR. ALEXANDER O'MALLET, 134 Washington Aroin. morrow as follows: McOraw, catcher J. McHale, pitcher: Glldea. shortstop P.' McHale, first base; Munley. second base; Dunleavy, third base: T. Barrett, left field; Finnerty, center field: M Barrett, right field; Edward A. Cum mings, manager. Prof, and Mrs. W. A. Keily have re turned from a ten days' trip to St. LOUIS. Miss Genevieve Kelly, of Carbondale, and niece, Angela Walsh, of New Tork, spent yesterday with relatives tn town. Thomas Kleltv, Jr., of Church street, who was Injured on Tuesday last, w'th the merry - go - round, U Improving. The school board will meet In regular session on Monday evening. The Union Drum Corps win hold a grand social in Newcomb's Hall on Tuesday evening, July 14. S Martin McLane Seriously Injured in the Leggctt's Creek Mine. REPUBLICAN CLUB MEETING. A distressing accident befell Martin McLane at the Leggett Creek mines yesterday morning. Martin Is a resident resident of Roch street and Is about 19 years old. He was standing on the shaft elevation, elevation, watching the hoisting of loaded cars. The haulage rope jumped the pulley ere McLane was aware, and struck him a blow on the nose. The organ was broken and his face badly cut. He quit work and went to his home, whence Dr. Stanton was called to dress his Injuries. BY FALL OF KOOF. William Stankevich. of Wheeler place, employed as a miner at the Von Storch mines, was severely Injured by a fall of roof while at work yesterday morning. He was cutting coal at the time the fall occurred, and .could not get out of the way. A big chunk of rock struck his right hand, severing several tendons tendons and almost cutting off the small finger. Dr. T. B. Rodham attended him. CLUB MEETING TONIGHT. An adjourned meeting of the North Scranton Republican club will be hetd at their quarters in the Finn building tonight. The purport of the session Is to elect three delegates and a like number of alternates to represent the organization at the convention of the State League of Republican clubs, to be held In Reading, September 21 and 22. President President Von Storch will be in the chair. A LARGE FUNERAL. The funeral of the late Miss Theresa Mulherln, held yesterday morning, was one of the largest even witnessed in this section. People from points throughout the county were in attendance, attendance, as deceased was widely and favorably favorably known. Long before the hour set, a concourse of sympathizing friends viewed the remains as they re - Dosed encased in a handsome blue casket, heaped; with flower tributes, chief among which were the handsome designs given by the local Retail Clerks' association, and a large broken wheel, by her associates. The cortege proceeded from the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Mulherin, at 44 Laurel street, to Holy Rosary church. A requiem high mass was celebrated at 10 o'clock, by Rev. J, Moylan, and Holy Rosary choir, un der. Miss Libbie Neary. rendered im - pressive music. Interment was made at Cathedral cemetery, under the direction direction of Undertaker Regan. The following were pall bearers: Michael Barrett. P. J. Haggerty, J. F. McAndrew, P. A. Carroll, Charles Car - foil and George J. Loftus. The flower - bearers were John F. Murtaugh, Thomas Thomas Foley, John Murphy and Thomas Barrett. HARMONIES TO PLAT. The "really truly" Harmonies have accepted an agreement for a game on the Trestle grounds tomorrow afternoon, afternoon, and the rooters are assured this time that there will be no ringers. It will be the Harmonies, positively and without fail. Jimmie Dean insisted on pitching and the locals assured Manager Manager Guthrie they were not particular as to who they knocked out of the box, so the "old man" will pitch. The locals will appear with the strongest line - up of the 'season. Captain Captain Gallagher, with a view to strength - ning the infield, signed Jimmie Logan for third, and he will in all likelihood be seen in that position. Tom Evans, an old favorite, will be seen in the o .. - garden. Cannon will catch and Parker will pitch. HOLLOW BRICK BUILDING. The first building in this city to be j fffxm r - nnrrpt hollow blocks is ercucu in... - that of the Providence Register, and work was commenced upun u day. The blocks are a rock face, 8x10x32, made from granite, and are manufactured manufactured by Fellows & Browning, 1315 Ca - pouse avenue. THE NEWS IN BRIEF. Patrick Purcell spent the past week fishing in the vicinity of Hawley. He returned with one of the finest messes of bass ever hooked in the Lacka - ifugh Chestworth, of Buffalo, formerly formerly a local resident, is renewing old acquaintances acquaintances while on a ten days' vacation vacation here. The North End Choral society are making extensive preparations for a grand concert to be held in the Auditorium, Auditorium, July 18. An Important meeting of the Young Musicians' society is called for the Wayne Avenue Presbyterian church tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 o.'clock. .All are expected to be prrsent, as business of consequence will be transacted. . Rev. George A. Cure, former pastor of the Providence Presbyterian church, now stationed at Norwich, N. T., spent yesterday in town. T. M. Jones, of Wayne avenue, left for KIDNEY TROUBLES and CATARRH of tie BLADDER. Cures all Discbarges In 48 Hours EtcbctpicU NORTH SCRANTON NEW HAPPENINGS Dig July Cbnring Goto of Men's, Youths' and Children's Fine Clothing. $3 to $5 Off $1.50 to $4 Off $1 to $2 Off On Men's Suits. On Youth's Suits. On Children's Suits. When the 4th has come and gone there is but on? thing to do if the merchant haany Som - i mer stock left and there are few merchants but have a little plunge the Price .Cutting Knife clear below the profit line. This we have done with the result that some 500 men's suits,, 275 youth's suits and 350 children's suits, all this season's make, of fiRillrully tailored by umon cover the cost of material and Youths' Suits, $8.50 Large line of 2 - piece outinsr suits for the young men of 17 to 20, sack style, cuff bottom trousers, have been selling at $10.00 aa s - m and $12, the entire lot reduced to.. yOiOl! Double - breasted suits in light mixtures for ages 17 to 20, and sack suits in dark mix tures, stripes and plaids tor ages 16 to 20; all $12.00 values reduced to Straw Hats at Half. Men 's sizes in split and senit straw. $1.00 hats 50c 1.50 hats .... 75c 2.00 hats ..$1.25 Children's sailor hats in plain and fancy straws. 50c. and 75c hats 30c 35c. hats , 19c McCANN'S, R9 last night for Chicago, in the interests of the International Text Book company. company. Royal Remedy for Women. Free Interview, confidential. Call In person or by letter on our lady representative. representative. Madam E. M. Engle, 213 Franklin ave., Scranton, Pa. Respect fully, Royal Remedy Co., N. Y. tr ALL DISEASES OF WOMEN A Specialty. Dr. C. W. Treverton, Room 17, Coal Exchange. Phone new. Office hours from 1.30 to 5 p. m. D. L. & W. BOARD. Scranton, Pa., July 10th. 1904. Extras East, Saturday, July 9th. 7:15 p. in., Prosser; 9:15 p. ni., New man: 11:30 p. m Loughney. Sunday, July 10th. i a. m., Duffy; 4 a. m., Mahon with J. K. Master's crew; 10 a. m., LaBar; 1 p. m Thomas with Bisbiug's crew; 3:30 p. m., W. A. Bartholomew. .Summits 9 a. m., Van wormer. west. Pushers 2:30 a. m C. Bartholo mew, west; 7 a. m., Lamping, west; 8 a, m., Houser, east; 11:45 a. in., Lud low, east; 11:45 a. m., T. Murphy, east; s:su p. m., snyuer, west; p. m., M. Murphy, east; 9 p. m., W. H. Bartholomew, east; 9:15 p. m., Latimer, Latimer, east. Helpers 1 a. in., Magovern: Y a. m., Wardell; 10 a. m Secor; 3:30 p. m., Stanton. Extras West, Saturday, July 9th. 6 p. ni.. Peel; 11 p. m.. Surdam. Sunday, July 10th. 4:30 a. m., Lord; 9 a. m., H. Gilllgan; 2 p. m., Dunn. NOTICE! Brakeman Wm. Duffy, J. C. Murray, Murray, F. S. Swarts. and John Timlin call at yard office, Saturday, July 9th at 3 p. m. Klrby will run A. Gerrlty's crew on 2nd 56, Sunday, July 10th. Conductors and flagmen, call at yard office for your watch certificates, certificates, soon as possible. A special session of Orphans' Court will be held on Monday morning at 10 o'clock. Judge Freas will preside. ANCHOR LINE Uatt4 MtU( Mall SUamsblpi Sail from Nw York every Saturday tot GLASGOW VIA LONDONDERRY partar eaaedaMon at Lwrt Rate tor all Claeeee of PaiH(ifii For Rata. Book of Information for Paawnjara and New Illustrated Book of Toara, Apply to HENDERSON BROTHERS, eBnl Armott.U and IS Broad way.New Tork or a O. Morgan Nan, 101 North Main Ami or W . F. Kietel, o6 Lackawanna Ave: A, Blao, or Union Ticket Afency, iok wanna, Ave.. Ho aatos. Pa labor, are to be sold at once at prices that in many cases - do not , workmanship. 94 suits, sizes 35 to 42, in fany mixtures of both dark and tiht patterns, have been'selling at $12.00, reduced to. 82 Blue Serge suits, sizes 35 to 42, beautifully tailored with hair cloth front, have been selling for $13.49, reduced to.:. . . 113 suits, sizes 35 to 40, in dressy patterned have been selling for $15.00, reduced to. 128 suits in" fancy mixed Twesds, stripes and underplaids, sizes 35 to 42, were our best values at $15.00, reduced to. 65 double - breasted suits, sizes 34 to 38, in fancy mixed cheviots, cheviots, tailored with long roll lapel, narrow collar and haircloth front, have been selling at $15.00, now " with cuff bottoms, $3.00 and $4.00 yalues now $8.50 Boy's knee and mixtures, 75 double - breasted suits for the boy of 10 to 15, plain, stripe and plaid effects, $2.50 values, now.;.... 96 double - breasted suits in blue and black serges and fancy mixtures, ages 10 to 15, $3.00 values, now 78 blue serge suits, ages 10 to 15, the ends of two lots that have been selling at $4.00 and $3.50, now 49 two - piece Mikado suits, ages 3 to 6, pretty plain and fancy mixed patterns that have sold for $4.00, now 60 Buster Brown suits, aged 3 to 6, blue and brown serges and fancy mixtures, mixtures, leather and patent leather belts, collars attached, $4.50 and $5.00 values, now DONATIONS FOR THE HAHNEMANN HOSPITAL. The directors of the Hahnemann hospital hospital gratefully acknowledge donations from the following persons during April, May and June: Miss M. Zeidler, Mrs. Stelle, Mrs. R. M. Scranton, Charles Center & Co., Anthracite News company, Mrs. W. H. Richmond, Mrs. Cftrbey, Mrs. L. B. Price, Mrs. W. R. McClave, Mrs. A. T. Twitched, Miss Tenney, Mrs. Henry Belin, Mrs. Thomas Foster, Mis. George Sanderson. Mrs. Sara Stevens. Miss Jeanette Jones, Miss Lillian Rurr. Connelly Connelly & Wallace. Mrs. C. 11. Welles, Mrs. H. M. Boies. Mrs. Ada Hoven - camp, Mrs. C. H. Lindsay, Mrs. P. B. Belin. Mrs. T. Von Storch. Mrs. Archbald, Archbald, Mrs. Hannah. Mrs. K. T. Decker, Mrs. W. F. Hallstead, G. B. W. Dowd, Mrs. C. B. Derman, Mrs. O. S. Sturges, Mrs. F. L. Horan. Mrs. C. B. Sturges, Miss G. Curren, Mrs. J. L. Quick, Miss Edith Hull, The Hahnemann Club, Mrs. The Moden Method Bet if she gets a Gas keeps the kitchen cool.' See them in Gas Co.'s Appliance Dept. (36 Washington Avenue. highest ; quality i material and i SMO $9.00 striped worsteds, Qlfl Cfl - y SI 1.00 SI 1.50 Odd Trousers, 1 - 3 Off Men's crash and flannel outing trousers $2.50 Men's worsted trousers, stripe patterns, all sizes, $5.00 trousers $3.50; $4.00 trousers $3.00. pants in blues, browns 39c double seat and knees $1.50 $2.75 $275 441 - 443 h N. Main Ave. R. r. T. Pierce. Miss Parsons. Miss M. Haag, Miss Mildred Emrich. Mrs. K. E. Morgan. Mrs. M. L. Jackson, Mis. C. D. Simpson, Mrs. A. G. Gilmore, Mrs. George Smith, Mrs. A. H. Storrs. Mr. C. D. Mead. Mrs. Edward Jermyn. Dr. J. L. Peck, Mr. James Mulroy, The Denver Chemical Manufacturing company, company, Mrs. J. W. Peck. Mrs. C. S. Woolworth. Scranton Club. Mrs. W. . Wilcox, Mrs. J. D. Von Storch. Mrs. E. A. Clark, Mr. Paul Holgate. Mrs. Mary Williams, Guild of St. Hilda of St. Luke's church. Green Ridge W. C. T. U Mrs. T. E. Jones. Ladies' Aid society of the First Presbyterian church. Children of No. 40 school, Mrs. Charles Genter, Miss E. J. Platte. Mrs. W. H. Schrader. Mrs. T. H. Watkins, Mrs. W. T. Smith. Mr. G. R. Clark. Kpworth League of Elm Park churcn, Mrs. E. L. Fuller. Somebody has stolen from the Royal Library of Belgium the original manuscript, manuscript, of the Brabancomie.' 'the national national air of Belgium, which was er.m - posed in 1$30 by Jcneval and Van Cam - penbout. IS 1 (1 li Gorgam Graham, in his letter to his son, says: "if a man earns his bread by the sweat of his brow, his wife should not object to perspire a little - over baking it." Range she needn't. "It use at the :;2.oo IT

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