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Ed Hanson Pacelli basketball game - SENJEM, JAHR PACE SCORING Austin High, Pacelli...
SENJEM, JAHR PACE SCORING Austin High, Pacelli Triumph Senjem's 20 Guides 67-49 Big 9 Victory AUSTIN DAIL.V HERALD SPORTS By RICH MELIN "If there's anyone we like to see 'make good 1 , it's 8-AUSTlN Mmn. HERALD Senjem," a satisfied Ove Berven said a f t e r Friday « night's Austin High-Red Wing game. "He's one of the hardest workers on the team and always gives it everything everything he's got." And Del, the 6-2 southpaw re- Pacelli Rally Tops Lourdes Quint 55-48 Saturday, Dec. 16. 1961 Albert Lea Hands Falcons 1st Setback BIG * STANDINGS scored 14 and Miller seven flurry gave the Packers a 6749 for their second Big 9 winning in three starts. (HERALD serve forward, did just that against the scrappy Wingers of tiery Pete Petrich; he 'made good' on 8-of-14 field goal attempt and added four free throws for 20 points to guide the Packers 1 to a 67-49 verdict ov er Red Wing at the High School Gym. 1 It marked the second confer- · ence triumph for the Berven- W L I O O O coacne d team against a single .«T setback and its overall ranking t«7 now is 4-1. The Wingers, mean- a two-game win string in Big 9 j ooo P Ia y now ! ! The foul-infested contest, which found center Don Shitk and guard 56 (NC' Terrv Bal1 sitting on the bench TONIGHT'S GAMES" i w i t h a bundle of personals much Minmopoln Roosevelt at Rochester (NC) , ., .. . j . i r worthmgton at Monkoto (NC) ' of the time, w as nip-aiid-tuck for i ,,. . _, , . .. . ' the opening 24 minutes Austin Clair Flaten poured in 30 points ... , j r .. . . ,, c , , , , . , ' f High nursed a pair of three-point on 11 field goals and eight free , 6 , V ,. ... ' , , . . - . -. 'edges and one of five at the quar- throws to guide a convincing 64-, 6 ^ Monkota AUSTIN HIGH . . . Fonbault I Albert Leo Winona I R e d Wing . . . . | Northfield , Rochester . \ Cwotonno . . FRIDAY'S RESULTS AUSTIN HIGH 67, Red Wing 49 Albert Lea 64, Fonbault 47 .667 667 joo whi i e , .500 snapped. They're 1-1 .47 Albert Lea triumph Friday ov- ter breaks -- 15-12, 29-26 and 4439. 4439. ' Wingers Threaten N'eut Strandemo, one of throo er previously-unbeaten Faribault, one of the Big 9's co-leaders before before the night's action began. . - Rick Brandvig had 18 for the' Win S er s to foul out. squeezed in Falcons, who dropped to a 2-1 rat-' f o r a ^P and llltlc Bl11 Mun ' iing. now tied for second place"one place"one « f t w o M starters fo. with Austin High, the Tigers and| Petrich - tossed in a free throvv j Winona. Austin High's late rush seconds later to bring Red Wmgi crushed Red Wing. 67-49, while into threatening distance again the Winhawks topped Minneapo-'at 51-46 with 5-07 remaining But, o m Schammel and Rick'lis Henry. 55-36. in non-confer- that was as close as the Wing-! limiting them to 12'ence play behind Wulf Krause's ers got. By LANE WICK What did coach Don C a r l s o n say to his Shamrocks at half time Friday night? Trailing visiting Rochester Lourdes, 27-20, at halftime, halftime, Pacelli came storming back with a 20-point third quarter to move ahead and stay ahead of the Eagles. The final score: Pacelli 55, Lourdes 48. --- -- -- ------- 1 .-j t wasn't my saying: it wa* the team's doing that made the difference," Carlson said after the game. In the battle of Ravoux Conference Conference co - leaders, both sport- i n g identical 2 - 0 records, Lourdes jumped off to a 14 - 7 lead in the first quarter, and then stayed comfortably ahead until the half. thfee ^^ rf t ,, e Packer Grapplers Win Pair RED WING. Minn. -- Few Austin Austin High wrestlers could complain floor for , ° . . , , .L · ' «· i mira quarter gone, Pacelli for- late Friday night after their Big, war( , ^ mnsQR ^ ^ bal , u urfAorlinci mnr/*h w i t h Kt»ri U/inO I . · . · and took it down an easy two points. Vigorous Drive This ushered in a vigorous scor- m f . t · t · dnve for the P«viousl'in- Contest DEFLECTS SHOT -- Pacelh's Pat Sheedy (white jersey at right) deflects a rebound shot by Jon Theobald Theobald (3) of Rochester Lourdes as the latter's teammate teammate Jim Schemmel (5) raises his hands as if to give the ball an extra push. The Shamrocks' Bill Jahr ( 1 2 ) is at left. Pacelli won the battle of Ravoux Conference co-leaders 55-48 Friday night in the Shamrock Gym. (HERALD Photo). s t i 11 are the «£ " £!"* ^^^ "i^ lead before the y fouled out mid- m c Ro wa y in t h ^ final quarter, ' nieht D * c k Nihart's Indians, Here's where Senjem took over In the night's only other game!The crew - cut senior, member of involving league quints, Northfield, the 1960-61 Packer varsity who evened its record at M, handing, didn't letter, used an assortment 1 now ar in who upset defending champ, winless Owatonna its third loopjof jump shots, fast-break layups m Lyle 44 41 ^ in the Seas 6 n | setback, 43-36. Bill Perron and, and rebounds, plus two charity opener staged close at 10-7', Jeff Nelson formed the 1-2 punch shots, to tally 12 of the final iti put an d 25-22 before falling be- for the Raiders with 15 and 14 Austin High points, hind a 38-28 going into the'respectively, while Glen Stoltz'j it was just too much of a rush Blossoms Lose 78-71 in Overtime Session wrestling match with Red Wing. In fact. Coach E. S. (Sky) Wil-j cox' Packers were so impressive impressive in winning the varsity match, 40-8, and copping the B competition, competition, 51-5, that only three boysj ~ - didn't didn't contribute to the final point! effective Shamrock aHack. With ... 13:25 left m the quarter, guard P^ns came in droves as Wilcox'!TM J ^- *» Pacel " P°int-getter team got five in the varsity divi-| wilh ffl P° ln *f.- nettcd a J^P shot sion while winning its second: *? P" 1 Pacelh ^f d - M ' »· for league match against a single · the first time and the stands e.v loss, and then added seven more P"ded. in the B match. Quickest pin-1 Seconds later, Lourdes forwaid fall went to B squader Clayton Dave Van Cuyk sank a free bhot Houff (154) in 39 Ucks of the to tie it at 30 - all. clock | Down the floor came the Sham- Tom True U38 remained un- rocks, with Jahr lofting a .shoit beaten with a 1.07 pmfall and so jump shot that d a n c e d tantal- did the Wingers' Larry Swenberg' izingly on the rim, rolled slowly (127), who tallied three of his around -- but didn't go in. team's eight points. Other AHS ( Beginning of End varsity winners by fall were John j Meanwhile, an anxious Lourdes Morrison (95), D e a n Osland! player got too eager under the 103, Bill Anderson 112 and, backboard, fouling Pacelh's Pat Gary Stephani (175). Sheedy. Next action for the wrestlers j will be next Friday when Winona comes to town for a wrestling- final eight minutes. For G l e n v i l l e , Doug 11 paced the Indians. l for Red Wing, who "ran Tonight, a pair of Big 9 teams'gas" in the last eight minutes, Cipra and G l e n Jensen host non-conference foes; Manka-1 according to Petrich. Strandemo's, dominated the boards and to entertains Worthington, while| fielder and reserve Dave Halla- knocked 22 and J7 points Rochester plays host to Minnea- j han's free throw were the only, overtirne i over respectively. Stalker said. ipolis Roosevelt. The Scarlets pre-j Winger scores in the closing f i v e , , f ! ' 1 t h i n k the k"^ 5 have come sent'y to P the Iea S" e standings all minutes , TI I to realize how nice it is a i 0 m with a 2-0 record. Rohmmdc Kev win ELLENDALE, Minn. -- "It was ," £ probably our best game this season," season," coach Jim Poole said Fn- to win and have got down 52-43 going in- to work. Thev worHed hard But the Larks tonight to keep 'em down." four mm- Besides stopping the Inday sent made 13 o f 35 charity tos- press to o * n lv 6 of 8 for Rose Ion;.: Creek and Bob j g sauad rlav Gl n guards, u e also won 34-19 out tight parti- throw alone with a 2-0 record. Hot-Shooting Hayfield Tops Claremont CLAREMONT. Minn "At this The Blossoms, who Rebounds Key Win j c , ose througnouU managed to Key in the strong finish? "Our ral|y fram a 57 . 53 thjrd quarter disadvantage to tie it at 6868 6868 at the end of regulation second hal f rebounding did it, Ben-en commented. The veteran coach hit it right on the no^. too. His Packers, trailing 24 to 118 in the rebounding department i after the opening half, pulled i down 20 misfires in the last 16 minutes, while limiting the much- shorter Wingers to only seven "We missed too many easy time to force the three-minute extra session. But foul.s (26 of them for Bloom- bnt his Blooming Prai- ing Prairie to 19 for Ellendale) had just lost a heart- proved to be the downfall for 8-71 Gopher Conference Poole's club as four players went to host Ellen- to the sidelines with five personals each before the score mounted to the final 78-71. Ellendale won the contest at the free throw line, sinking 32- ot-42 charity attempts. T h e Blossoms hit the mark on only 10 of 31 tries. i sw imming doubleheader at the illigh School. ! A MATCH RESULTTS 1 95 Morrison, A, pinned Johnson, 1 26, ' 103 Osland, A, pinned Bray, 3'50; 112 \V Anderson, A, 120 Bakke, A, dec »...,.....,-.., - -, -Swenberg, -Swenberg, RW, dec. Schmidt, 7-0; 133 True, A, pinned Rambolf, 1'07; 138 Schendel, RW, pinned Overby, 4 35; 145 Sparks, A, d«c Rossi. 6-0, 154- Butler, A, Sheedy cooly dumped two free shots, and it was the beginning of the end for Lourdes. Pacelli moved steadily ahead for the rest of the gnme, playing a cool, slow brand of ball that forced the over . anxious Eagles sc'hafer,'458, t into too many fouls and a rash Gustafson. 4-1; 127 Q{ ^j. passes "Our shots just stopped going in," Lourdes coach Gene Biewen Erdman, 5-0, 165 j Anderson, A, sa jf^ "and then they really hurt Bock Paces Rebounding Doing most of the injury under Adams Evens Record With 52-43 Victory 111 Fight Any Champ, Says Hank ol !8. y Jacobh Jacobh t l t had to ,* ally from a 2 -. 22 h a f f ; u i l honoi- , m ( deflcu (o (o t l l u m p h _ Tne one. I could sit back and re- easy ones," Petrich recalled "1 lax," Hayfield coach Henry Di-, think we made only two fast- son said, summing up the play,break layups all night . . .and jof Friday night's 66-47 Viking win m i ss ed about eight of them You over Claremont. ! can't give away as much height ! Dison has seen his boys through as we did and expect to win bv three overtimes (one a double blowing them j overtime' in recording 3-1 record j "We just lost it all in the f.- Routed m h i drea-mu room afu r M i n n - Adams even- "it seemed like a vacation a f t l l n a l ^ uarte , r T h e -\' t h e r ^ 1 ' ··· u t t i B WHITE Y SAWYER DETROIT f.VP) -- "I w n n t to fiL,ht a champion, any chum pion," middleweight H e n i v IL'i.k Guard Don Mat-on w . i s the Blossoms' top .scorer -- iind the Lome's hn'h individual -- w i th 30 points Teammates Dave Ton- olli and Gary Moejkens chipped in w i t h IT and 12 re.spectively. For Ellendale, f i v e men bit double ligures. topped by Larry Pence's 24. Jim Wagner had 15, Andy Thompson an'J George Morris each had 12, and Pete Crabratc 11. Poole'- team now 2-2 in conference conference play, tnes i t s luck at non- doc Struss, 6-4, 175- G Stephani, A, u«o^^ ·· p.nned Borgen, 1 28, Hvywghf Richard- US On the boards, son, A. dee Schhcp, 13-1 Final Score Austin High 40, Red Wing 8 B MATCH RESULTS , - - ,, . . 95 Spcrry, A, dec Anderson, 8-2; 103- ,, hnekhonrdq wa5 Pacelli'a u.u Bl.ss A pinned Hurlburt. 1 16, 112' Hove, tR e DaCKDOarOS W3S racem S ui 6 RW,'pinned Olson, 2-09, 120' Bumgarner, 5 . 3 center Joe Bock, enjoying i' p P ,rd d o R nTa b r 0l 2' 2 2 i."ni! 2 M^CG^/A: his first starting role. Bock S:r.d w." 1 !?. 1 4 i »' '"s "fS-T'to hawked to "bounds and made Borrmgcr 14-3 154 Houff, A, pmncd several beautiful tip - ins, while A°rt"o c n%, 339 ',5' 65 ,75 Dor R° dy s'.c PA nan P ; nn A d getting plenty of help from Han- won by forfeit Hxywc.hr p Stephani, A, son and his nire rebounds. won by forfeit Final Score' Austin High 51, Red Wing 5 A D \ M S ed its Southland Conference iec-' e r putting in such an action-pack- Jllst la j d barck ' R1U " K ";, o i d at 2-2 Friday nmht w i t h a ed ope ning series." r- --· -- " horl shots from ar ° un the C ' r ·2--4.J victory over winlcss LeRoy. explaining the hot 5 which made i s 1 12 i t ' s i n t s t Ol- G l i - 12 and lioi'- k e , w n o f'layi ' his ei.- t h '|ii,i!te , ElKton won tiiumph. Caul- now are 0-3 For the t h i r d consecutive league £ame. the Rick Huhbnrd- coarhed Cards lost because of lark of second half offensive punch. An right-point third quarter quarter saw them fall behind 41-3.1 as Ion Klauge's Tigers were j picking up 19. per cent le v i c t o i y an easy one. Dave Ruzek started thing- w i t h 10 points in the opening quai- ter. After that _ cle. but we woudn t take em coach Myron Smith into a bloody mask late in had a good word for Austin High'- effective man-to-man defense "Thi- i- the best defensive team Ove's had in my 13 years at Red t h u i f ' ^ h t Ftl ^ ""ht ""ht [Wing," [Wing," the head football co.ich lie had to endure a sharp. .'·tab- Noel Paul-on, top who helps Pet nib. w i t h ba-ki'- hmu left hand that jxpped otf hi- w i n n i n a a iniarimou- 10-immd (\ r - loop play tonight, hosting Well- ci-ion o v e r Chic Calderwood, the guided by Lloyd Stus-y In Fri- B i i t i ^ h Ii^ht h e d v j w e i g h t kitm day n i g h t ' s B qarne. Blooming Hank pounded Calderwood to the cam a- w i t h body punches in the third round and turned Chic's day n i g h t ' s B 1'iaine was v i c t o u o u s 27 2: J. Maryland Cagers Tip Gophers .... - _ ,, r u COLLEGE P \ K K . Md ' \P'- throuKh a "first half zone defense W '»« w a s "« match for t h e bon " tlu ' ( l l f ! « I t » c t ' f l - l n k - w «' ) fi h l "« Mmne-ot.i s h a s k i t b a l l Cophers Stan C U i h a l t and Chuck Under- to gain a 38-18 lead. Claremont Jem-led 10-of-17 Packer final emh: l», J ,. g a v e .iw.i -is pound- to the s l u ( l , m i ) w i U) , onu , lc(! hot f i e e scorer with 20 points, took over ball, commented Ruzek ended w i t h 13. Has field offen-e darted 41 Per Cent Shooting A chilly 3-of-10 quarter for he i i and face all n i y h t to do it. but IK'troiter H a n k - c r o w d i n g l a d R S and o v e i h a n d uuht- made dahl keyed the Adams' attack returned alter the half w i t h man- minutes For the tfame. ^ A u s t n - w i t h l h and 14 | x m t s respective- to-man defense but it proved no H'r- h shnt 41 P 61 " cent ( -- -° f - r _ 1 ' I/ v lule Don Julits was close moie etleciive than the former while the Wingers hit i:',-ot f.'i fur E T 8 L L hi hind u i ' h 12. \n etfeetive defense by t h e Sc "'-' nK " 1 throw -hootinn by Mai land Fri- In the t h . u i loi.nd Hank '- n i y h t a- the Teip- won then -rrv -hed C'.ildei wood - body. d n - f i r - t uanu 1 of the -ea-on 7"-(» in a nuilt and a steaminu The- w i n n e i - , who hud lo-t three T h e Scot ^i imaced in pain, -ti.'iul-.t i; im- -. nettcd "!.i uf .!.". Don Po'erson at guard netted 31 per cent. Shirk, who played oniv alxmt j' ( '~ Gopher Puckmen Romp by CC 10-2, Play Again Tonight Minnesota found itself atop the Western Collegiate Hockey Association starr lings today after after a 10 - 2 romp over Colorado College In Minneapolis Friday night. The undefeated skein mav not last long, however, since the two teams clash again to- nigN. In another league contest Friday Friday Michigan stopped North Dakota. 5 - 2, while Michigan Tech went out of the loop to stop the L Diversity of Toronto 4 - 1. Dave Brooks scored the hat trick for Minnesota and two other players counted a pair of goals apiece Friday U) pace the Gophers to their victory. Brooks tallied the first Minnesota Minnesota goal at 1:32 of the first period on a long slap shot and thi-n fired home a pair of bullets bullets within 21 seeonds of each Happy with the victory. Carlson i said Pacelli still made too many mechanical errors and worked too , far out on the court in the first ; half. He hopes his boys will show , improvement in Sunday's league i game at Owatonna Marion. Disappointed Bieevven said simply simply "We hope to get them next time." The former St. Augustine (now PacellO graduate hasn't beaten the Shamrocks since tnk- 1 ing over the Eagles' coaching reign.s in the 1959 - 60 seaMMi. { Bees' String Ends j Coach Bill Marlon's B squad dropped its first game in six , starts, 31 - 26, in the prelim. PACELLI (55) LOURDES (4,".| FG FT TP FG FT TP Hanfton Shrcdy t Bock c Jahr q Gohlirsh Arndt c 5 2 3 10 I 0 2 12 Theobald t 4 2 6 Brown f 1 2 8 Tobm c 4 J 23 Schemmel g 4 4 6 Narvcson q 8 0 0 Conwnv I 0 Van Cuyk » 0 Olbon g 1 I I 0 8 0 8 0 U 0 1 1 1 a 2 TOTALS 21 13 55 TOTALS 22 4 48 Pacelli box Score by q u a r t e r s PACELLI 1 20 40 51 Lourdes M 27 35 4S PACELLI B 126) LOURDES B ( 3 M Von FeFIt t 6 2 14 FC. FT TP O'Shauq'ir c 2 0 4 Marshall f 3 I 7 * ' 0 Curry t 2 0 4 0 Rirglo c 1 0 2 7 Ma-.on g 3 1 7 1 Hrolu g 4 1 9 OGolusha t 1 0 2 LeDuc q Hoaq g Decker g Kurth t Nelson f 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 1 1 0

Clipped from The Austin Daily Herald16 Dec 1961, SatPage 8

The Austin Daily Herald (Austin, Minnesota)16 Dec 1961, SatPage 8
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