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 - LIE'S STREETS TH BLOO esons Killed and Pt...
LIE'S STREETS TH BLOO esons Killed and Pt obably Twenty -five -five Wounded A.s Result of Race Riot. ax Rioters A?ottnd the Jail Grow Bold and Taunt the Soldiers. SECOND HORROR AVERTED Excited Troops Take Coming of Police As Another Attack Attack and Prepare To Resist, When Troth Is Made Known. GOVERNOR TAKES Evans ville, Ind., July 7, 12:30 a. m. Special. The first fatalities attending the riotous scenes of the past three days resulted last night, when six persons persons were killed and probably twenty-five twenty-five twenty-five wounded, aa the result of the ml-li'tla ml-li'tla ml-li'tla .firing: upon a mob of people In front of the Jail at 11 o'clock last night. The crowds gradually grew in size and the people became bolder. After numerous Incendiary speeches "had been made, in which the militia was referred to as dude soldiers, with ; blank cartridges, cartridges, the crowd .became bold and began, began, to take. liberties. Finally an old bicycle was secured, and It was used as a sort of battering ram to dislodge the line of soldiers, As the crowd pressed near the milltlar men'the'excitement-grew men'the'excitement-grew men'the'excitement-grew intense. 4 Stone Strikes Soldier. Finally some one threw a rock and struck a soldier in the neck arid he fell. A pistol shot was then heard, and then the firing became general. There was a mad rush for safety, and it has been prove-d prove-d prove-d since that most of the injured injured were wounded while running away. As the crowd fled some of the mob turned and opened on the soldiers and Ave wounded militiamen are now in hospitals, as 'are many of the other wounded, although numbers of the latter latter were taken to their homes by friends. When the street was cleared -of -of the fleeing crowd It resembled a slaughter pen,, the dead and wounded being strewn all over the street. Another Horror Averted. The sight was a shocking one. A riot call was sent n from the Jail, and a jiatrol wagon of policemen and deputies deputies went hostening to the scene. The excited militiamen thought themselves themselves about to be attacked by another another mob, and they rallied into line and prepared to defend themselves. Guns were trained for the defense, and for a moment it looked as though there would be more bloodshed. Some cool-headed cool-headed cool-headed persona were equal to the occa sion. Ambulances and cabs were called and the work of removing the dead and wounded began. ''Hi I.! HEAD. Hazel Allman, sixteen years old, shot in heart. Ed Buhl, twenty-two twenty-two twenty-two years old, shot in hack. Ed Schiffman, twenty-eight twenty-eight twenty-eight years old, shot in head and hack. August Jourdan, twenty-five twenty-five twenty-five years, old, shot in head and hack. Fred Happier, fifteen years old, shot in side. Unnamed man, middle aged, shot in back. THE WOUNDED. The wounded as far as known are: "John F. Faris, sixty-eight sixty-eight sixty-eight years; will die. Theodore Bee, twenty years; will die. Walter Miller, wounded in jaw. William Barnett, shot in back. Mrs. Adell, shot in back. Ed Smith, shot in arm and back. Sergeant Will Beese, leg and ankle wounds. Sergeant Geo. H. Koehne, leg. and hip. Melvin Jaquess, private, in arm, Richard Knoll, private, hit on arm with stone. One-other One-other One-other private slightly wounded wounded -, -, . : ' PROMPT ACTION Chas. Taylor, twenty years, shot in back; will die. Henry Smith, middle aged, slightly slightly wounded. Riley Mayes, middle aged, seriously seriously wounded. . William Kellar, twenty-one twenty-one twenty-one years, slightly wounded. Hurried Calls For Physicians. Telephone messages were sent In all directions for physicians, and they soon began'to respond. They came in buggies buggies and -on -on foot. And the excitement that attended their arrival kept the young soldiers, in a high state of ner vousness, for they seemed to feel that every- every- new comer was- was- the forerunner oiT.a mob and -that- -that- -that- his' presence meant more trouble. The dead were picked up and carried to the sidewalk to await the arrival of the Coroner.. The . Sheriff's , residence was turned Into a temporary hosipltal, many of tile wounded being carried In there for treatment. Wounded Taken To the Jail. The wounded soldiers were taken back into jail, where the friends of the wounded, who had been admitted, could not see them. As fast as ambulances or other conveyances ' arrived thejn-Jured thejn-Jured thejn-Jured were carried out and started for hospitals. Word In the meantime had been sent to these Institutions, to prepare prepare for the reception of the unfortunate. unfortunate. ., M1S3 AHman was a disinterested spectator, being In a buggy with her parents and sister. They had been out driving and were attracted to the scene by :.the noise around the Jail. Just as the scramble began the father of the young lady Attempted to drive away. While the firing was going on Miss Allman, who was sitting in the back seat of the carriage with her mother, gave a scream and pitched forward dead. The effect was startling, and during the commotion among her relatives, the horse attached to their conveyance started to run away, but was halted by & number of men. Begged To See the Mod. The Allman girl had begged her parents parents to let her go and see the mob, and they consented to take her In the buggy. buggy. She was shot in the heart and her blood splattered over the faces of her father and mother. The mother fell In a faint and Is In a serious condition. Her father Is wild with grief and threatens violence. Miss Allman's body was laid on the sidewalk with the other dead. The father is In the hands of friends. It Is said he had feared trouble and advised the little daughter not to go, but after her hard persauslon he gave In. The girl was a favorite among her playmates. After . the shooting had subsided the police station was notified and several ambulances w ere brought Into play and "the dead removed to the various morgues. Every hospital in the city had several patients. The courthouse was used as a hospital. hospital. Even' doctor in the city was communicated communicated with, and most of them responded. responded. The doors of the courthouse were locked after the doctors and nurses nurses arrived arid the authorities are not giving any information. ..' Two of the Wounded Die. It is understood two of the men who were wounded and taken Into the courthouse have died; They have not been Identified. One Is about, forty years old, while the other is thirty or thirty-five. thirty-five. thirty-five. The ICappler boy lived with his parents parents within a block of where he fell dead. He had beenjdrawn to' the scene by curiosity. His father is a member of the fire department. The boy had been warned earlier in the evening to (Concluded on page 3, 3d column.)

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  2. 07 Jul 1903, Tue,
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