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v imkv iif S UWH nr ranrowr CTT Jn ur fiV rasHs n JTOCwsr U - eeSKi - VJ P51fWOTW5f w RmiRDftMB SET FOR TODAY i i I I 1 V UW fr t - W WORLD SERIE ECTION iff - w THkEE BIO PAGES OP SPORTS m SAX TRASPISCCr TniKOMCKE WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 10f 1917 t iftAi - J - U - v STEADY DOWNPOUR ALL DAY HALTS THE THIRD GAME Gotham Baseball Sharps Believe McGraw Should Come Back With Schupp Cicotte Looked Upon a One Best Bet for Chicago New Yorkers Profit by the Day V Postponement White Sox Gin Afford to Gamble By GRANTLAND RICE Special Dispatch t The Ceroalcle EV YORK October 9 New York li clearly the winner from todays break in the weather which necessitated a postponement of the flrst worlds series game in this city The stormbound transients transients did a lot of decorating along the trenches of the Great White Way which left the metropolis richer by many thousands of dollars And Mc - Graws team which had been plainly demoralized by Sundays catastrophe in the Windy City had an opportunity to reflect and repent The Giant team is capable of far better ball than it displayed through the second contest in Chicago There was a feeling today that McGraws club would make amends - and - orthii - first local game the National League champion was a slight favorite a v Itls a Case of now or never with New York Ttve team must brace eftcefcpf - rulnatiort No mercy ever yet hasbeeii shown in a world series Clarence Rowland and his men with the lions share of the spoils at stake will try for four straight games and by as decisive a core as possible Rowland yesterday morning was undecided as to Ixia Ditching selection He held Southpaw Rcb Russell and the veteran Eddie Cicotte in equal favor There is little doubt that Cicotte will bow get the honor CICOTTE VS SCHUPP IS NEW YORK SCRIBES PICK Cicotte is a heavy - set strong fellow for his inches but throughout he season has seldom been called upon without at least three days esL He as now had three dayV rest since tlie opening game Russell has been bothered just a bit lately by a sore arm Of ourse Chicago can afford to gamble having the line advantage of wp games already won Doubtless McGraws nomination will affect he selection of Rowland The baseball sharps believe there is nothing for McGraw to do ut come right back with Ferdie Schupp This youngster did not ast long enough on Sunday to affect his form for this afternoon chupp is a most reliable porlsider as a rule and particularly el ective on the high pitching mound of the Polo Grounds lie has always been at his best before big home crowds this year Interest in this scries apparently has not been dimmed by the two New York defeats The fact was demonstrated today by the big throng that braved the rain on the slim chance that thcukics might tear in time Practically all of the lower grand stand was sold out OX MAY PROVE THE DANGER OF OVERCONFIDENCE gpw - nrAtw JHunoun ncMUi WIiqs Going to Pitch Here Are Four of the Candidates While the logical nominations appear to be Eddie Cicotte and Slim Sallee again both Rowland and McGraw have some capable reserves on hand In Rcb Russell and Dave Danforth the White Sox have a pair of worthy southpaws to pick from Rube Benton a southpawand Fred Anderson are available for the Qlants iSXsZvZiJhvlmMSl BBaEBBVlTiJViiSsf XaBBBBBBBBBBBBBBK Z Im BBBBBaff BBBBBBaBBBBBaallaBBBBBBl ffiSila nKiaaHJallKlH aMaKMiaWMaalaaaaapay jaaaaaltfr HHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaH I DAVETJAHFORTH 7 BEB TtnssTTT f 0 o I Q 6 o j BTJBE 3ENT0K 1 FOR TRP SOUTH IFSOXTAKETWO m I FEED ANDERSON j O 0 Records Made By the World Series Boys UOR the fans who like to delve into history here it a list of world series records It shois the longest series played the shortest financial intake ad individual pitching performances But read for yourself The Sox came here popping full of confidence and they may prove once again the danger of overconfldencc They may hold the Giants too cheaply after beating them twice and trip to a disastrous fall The Giants on the other hand are desperate They know they must win on Wednesday in orderto keep up the semblance of a fight Lndthcy arc liable to cut loose and show some real class I Sliinm Sallee pitched good enough ball to win last Saturday but bat homerun smash of Hap Felsch put the rollers under hjm Had Benny Kauff or IJeinie Zimmerman the two hard hitters who were jixpccled to shine in this scries landed on Eddie Cicotte as Hap did on Slim Sallee - there would have been a different story to tell Slim has had a long rest now and he should be cherry ripe to baffle the Sox in the next game He is without question the smart pitcher on Iancrnt arrlra plaTFd Ht Vark W I aad Boataa A I rlsht Ilia Tala Jnelndca aa clavealaalas tlo came Skartrnt aerlr plard Boataa X L aad Pklladrlpkla A U ltl4 foar saran BtKKrat attradaarp arrla 2S30ST yxt York N L aad Bonton A I 1012 nerord total rtrrly im440t - K33 Jltit York V I and Baa tan A I 1013 nreard raerlpta aharrd ky plajrra foor iiai nt Yark N U aad Baataa A U 1013 14757170 Blunt total drdartd fcr IVa - tloaal CammlaalaivVctr Yark 1V I aad Baataa A V 1913 aiBOKSBO arrat total aWarad T ti 160000 Melon Will Be Sliced By the Players Individuals Will Not Get asMuch as Lucky Ones in Other Years The players ara going to keep an eye peeled on the box office receipts for the next two games They receive 54 per cent of the total receipts or 60 per cent after the 10 per cent tor the National Commission is deducted for the first four games only This lule was adopted to do away with any possible talk of the series being Jockeyed Jockeyed In order to gather In tne dough With the winning club receiving 0 per cent and the losing team only 40 It makes quite a difference In the individual individual shares and it Is a cinch that the boys will be out there playing their durndest for it Is well estab Vitt Lands Cicotte to the Skies SAYS HE IS BOUND TO REPEAT 7 Detroit Infielder Talks of Series Risberg Not Used Because Kxperfenced Head Was Needed By OSCAR VITT Tklrd Baaeaaaa Detroit WITH Eddie cicotte as their one best bet nd Urban Faber to back him up I can see nothing nothing left of the world aeriea fight but the Chicago Americans Americans And I m not making thla prediction because I am an American League man or because our team has the Jump on the Giants Since early spring t pre Oscar Vill third baseman of the Detroit Americans iho mtumrA tit terday from his 1917 major league season comments for The Chronicle readers on the strength of the Chicago White Soxi Of course Vitt picks the Sox to take the world series Wfifct - It I AaKateSff say the Chicago White Sox are the best the American League has seen recently In faci there are two other clubs that stand out Boston and Do - iroiu j say mat even though we finished finished in fourth placo hack of Cleveland Cleveland The Sox had the breaks of the luck all tha way through Even so Rowland Rowland has a great ball team and his two pitchers ought tobe quite enough to win for him Its my opinion that three and possibly four of the American American Eesgue clubs would have beaten New York in this series Sigh - Cot Is Pronunciation Of Cicotte PDDIE CICOTTE pro nounces ii Sigh - cot vith the accent on the first syllable and the O pronounced as in apricot This tomes n the authority authority of Tub Spencer who knew Eddie when he was With the Boston club and has even discussed the pronunciation of his name with the world - leading twtrlcr So An Old Fan who writes to The Chronicle for information information on the subject assert ing at the same tune it should be See - Colty Aosts Mr Fan thinks it sounds de - cidedly rough and rural to call it Sighrcot but the public will string with Eddie for surely Will Not Even Turn Back to Chicago if Series Is Set tled in New York GOTHAM SEATS ALL SOLD Cicotte and Eddie Collins Boost McGraw as Gamest Loser Ever peelsl Dispatch to Ibe rkrwlele i uk iv uctocer They neednt make up a berth for me back to Chicago If tha Whits Sox win four straight said Joe Jackson Im goinr to beat It lor tha South by the flrst train out o r Tradition Is against the Giants Only once has a team coma back aad won a worlda series after being two down jJJ jHj fe JI THERE were fplenty of liquid re - frsshments on the White Sox special special but the ball playera stood by and watched Chicago fans drink everyt thing in sight Tha lid will ba off after we cinch IV said Rowland 0 tt HERE la one of tha oddities of the two worlds series games already played Psrrltt and Sallee two pitchers pitchers have made hits off pitchers who have baffled Zimmerman and Kauflk EDMB COLLINS Is lucky No won der he owns a magnificent home In Lsndadowne Pa This Is the fifth worlds se - ies for him since he broke into baseball with the Philadelphia Athletics In 180 Ha bks ssrnad tar himself a small fortune on the worlds series games alone Tha amount he received for engaging In tha banner events who me Athletics la tl00510 S r C PRESIDENT HEMPSTEAD of tha Oianta haa offered S2S0 te ba given to the police pension fund II tney catch any scalpers The management of tha New Yark club announced that every reserved seat for the series had been disposed of and that treble their number eould have been sold O O Many local baseball writers ara predicting that Rube Benton will ba MiVaws selection against Cicotte THE Whit fox will win four straight was tbe modest needle - - h - tlon of Ban Johnson president of tha American League made today There la nothing to it When the Soar return1 from New York they will be worlds champions a The umpires conferred at the park at 1210 and thougSCHere might b a chance A couple ofSaSErn went out on the field and stuck hftte In the soil then shook their headds and duckedsfor shelter After waiting a few minutes the whole thing was decided decided aa Impossible Bill Dineen an umpire got on the train at Syracuse He waa not es - cofted This shows that times hsve changed when an umpire can walk freely and without fear among big league players t tt ift - ir f v TTER hearing much about McGraw

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  2. 10 Oct 1917, Wed,
  3. Page 7

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