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Mt Baldy - Article - toiif Women Climb OveF Shsrfe Hardship and...
toiif Women Climb OveF Shsrfe Hardship and Hunger of the Trij A Hard Journey to the Summit liefore Climbipg Became an Art - - - - - a - A - There are always a dozen aspirants for the honor of having been the first to reach any particularly difficult place It is a merry war for precedence good - natured for the most part but still warm forthe first worn and weary trampers are loth to give up the glory that crowns the end of the journey and they wish to be known as the first successful pioneers Four women who succeeded in reaching the top of Baldy mountain in the sninmer of 1889 claim that they were the first who ever sat on that desired spot If they were not the very first certainly no one who has - climbed the peak before or since ever had more remarkable experiences Two of the women who were from Alameda county had been camping that summer in the San Antonio canyon eleven miles from Pomona On July ilth they only thing necessary a to slide They slid Making themselyeaas rigid as possible they afternately bumped - ibounced and scrambled down the iside - of Cthe mountain which is exceedingly sleep Qwing to the shale a sure foothold was al - 1 most imjiussmrc auu Ji uicu ouyrs nu gloves had not been of the heaviest even the flesh would have been worn ofk Then there were streamso be crossed but ho body minded a wetting No doubt they would have reached the cabin at the appointed time il it bad not been for a bears track Everybody knows what a - bears track is to a hunter For an Instant the guides caution had turned to the hunters desire and be even forgot all about the breakfastless troop behind hirru Instead of following his compass to the cabin lie took the bears dainty footprints for a guide and followed them assiduously over mountains and through canyocs In this way he took his weary followers over a ranc which ttaa out ot their way and quite nnneceswy Andj of course they J did not End thenar At last Uewey lost the tracks and suddenly recollected that his destination was Dill s cabin now sev eral miles further awav than when the descent began The climb over the last ranee of hills had to be done over and though the four young women were hale and vigorous and accustomed to mountaineer work they were beginning to show their fatigue They were used to climbing but twelve hours under a hot Southern California sun without food or water is rather wearing At 6 oclock in the evening they began to hear shots and at 7 they reached Dills cabin and water One of the women threw herself down fnll length fn the long bush grass that grew In the matsh that bordered the little stream which flows past the cabin Putting her face in tbe water she dranic her fill while everybody predicted violent illness for her Then every one clamored for food The experienced mountaineers denied these requests and locked up the edibles so that all the worn - r h sl - - W szftf0Z - 10 11 IS 15 IS 21 a ON THE WAT CP MOUNT BALDY were joined by two other women anil j out people had to eat that night was a three men and started for DiTlscamn at little rice Each one could have eaten the footof Baldy the snow - covered top of here was n the platter but Mr Dill which may be seen all the year - round vUhrid iustice Fo from Los Angeles An unexpected addi - Jiewey there was nothing bui rebuke tion to the party came in the shape of n He confessed his fault and sought to ex - photograpber Tbe poor man was also piate it by saying that he expected to going toward Baldy and asked to join the tind the bear at every turn and bring it caravan How he ever expected to reach I Jack in triumph If everybody had not V k been so tired he would not have got off so iue uiuuiiiuiu la u iiuuiciu iui iuimiiJ I a nuge oi rocs wiiu a urop on eacn sme I - X i - i i i Ions time this outlvinir and mmins ii lull fpl itiii n ruiLii n nTmw inrTr r ---cavalcade had to go single file and even I suburb has felt the need of better police miles away from a town he had not one scrap of provisions not even a cracker His sole bitgage was his camera Either he was a disciple of Tanner or he was of a very trustful disposition and on the lookout for ravens The party of seven proved to be the ravens By them he was fed during the journey They already had a pbotoerapher in tbe croWd but by means of this knight of the camera they were able to have the photographer photographed The trip up Baldy and down again consumed four days f he pnrty remained at Miners Camp over night and slept on pine boughs without - anything over the boughs or anything over the sleepers heads In these high regions tbe air is a trifle cool hut it is nothing if not bfacng and nobody minded the blissful security of all out - of - doors Only one accident happened The youngestund prettiestgirl In the party had a severe lose of sunburn One of the indispeiables An her knapsack was a bottle of vaseline and with it sne copiously annointed hfr - Iare During the night she rolled off her pallet of pine botihs onto the needle - covered ground and in the morning a shout greeted her appeannce ine vaseline naa made an elegant con - - that is what was left of them Most of the footgear had been left bit by bit on j that lipvery trail down Baldy When the survivors speak about that journey they usually quote tbe lines from Satans journey through chaos in i Paradise Lost rinfr fIot0 irara 4Ama tA Msnlta In necting medinm and her face looked as the first place the quartet of women though she had been tarred and feith - j teenred it an honor to have climbed ered The brook seemed an interminable pm tl tr nA - 1 easily That night everybody was top tired to sleep They groaned when they laid down and they groaned when the arose The girl who had but twelve blisters on her feet was given the booby prize for having tbe lowest score Some of the feet were all blisters Miss Morton one of the women who made the trip wore hershoes out completely and her feet were bleeding from the sharp rocks The others tore up tbeir underclothing and bound up her shoes She looked like an Esquimau with an immense bundle for each foot and she walked with di faculty The next morning the crowd that breakfasted at Dills cabin Me as though eating was not only the chief but the only aim in lite Such quantities of food as they consumed - for there was no one to make them deprive tliem - the shoes that had compassed that weary fifteen - honr walk and photographed them distance away and even its kindly offices could not remove all the traces of the nights restlessness The next morning they started for the summit Mr mil accompanied them and they had as a guide Dewey the scout j teen that they had not stopped before reaching the summit as numbers had done Delore and have since To show that the masculine endurance mind considers pluck and fascinating there have I - uutuaum acquaintance in each case was njada the country The start was ramie at 4 AUn thi tn fn m thiV oclock in the morninL after a verv lipht L - J - rj 17 breakfast of coffee and bread 1W sum - I LY1Z JT mit is only five miles from Miners Camp at least two homes there are four ol the and they expected to get back in time for a late dinner So thev carried one small canteen of water and started The ascent was not easy It is shale rock all the way and one slips back three feet for every step in advance At least it seems so It was a blazing hot day although there was snow under loot The ascent was made by way of the Devil s Backbone which is most disreputable lobkinsr shoes that a tramp would not wear They are souvenirs of a romance and trip to Baldy BLTJK COATS WANTED The Richmond District Witt Have Belter Protection Hereafter A new police station will soon be established in the Richmond district For a - - since and the then it required something of the skill and dexterity of a rope - walker especially as tne winn always blows a gale Tha summit was reached at 1 oclock after a continnous climb of nine hours How the tramners wished that some one had established a restaurant there for one small canteen of water for ten people is not specially filling As all were tired they rested for an hour and tried to forget the emptiness inside There is a monument of rocks on tbe summit The party added to these and posed on the rocks while being photographed Then rfaey debated as to the choice of homeward ways It was finally decided thatDewev shonld lead the women and all of the men of the party except Strong aown Dy a suori way - wnne me oiner two men taking charge of the horses would go down the way they came and have dinner prepared by the time tbe rest of the crowd reached Dells cabin In tnis way the women would be spared the somewhat perilous trip over the Devils backbone which they were not specially anxious to repeat - - Thetrfpwas beautifully planned but I its working was not quite npvtoi expecta j lions it was estimatea - tnat ine crowa would arrive at Dills carap about 4 oclock as it was all down hill and the protection At present one mounted po liceman and an occasional patrolman wanders around the district which covers the large area Iving between Golden Gate Park and the United Btites reservation and Central avenue westward to the Cliff Housel Irt the vicinity of the Park the race track the new Trench Hospital and the Marine Hospital dozens of homes hnve been recently built and where the police are not the law - breakers are abundant Now when arrests are made at Richmond the prisoners are sent over two or three miles in patrol wagons to the Central Police Station or to the North - end Police 8tatioa on Polk and Jackson streets Charles Hubbsot the Richmond District Improvement - Club took the malter in hand and lately he saw itayor Ellert and Supervisors Dtnman andKennedyc who promised him all the assistance iri their power in gainfhj better police pro - tectionfor his district On the promise of the people of Richmond to construct a suitable police station these officials told Mr Ilnbbs thattheywould see that policemen will be furnished The ltichraonditer will probably Ibuild the station near thePartr - entrance and race track r or else nearFiftnor Biitb avenues and the Point Lobos road -

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  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 23 Jun 1894, Sat,
  3. Page 11

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