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 - i •*).. ,iTv THE JTKEBPORT JO STANDARD the"...
i •*).. ,iTv THE JTKEBPORT JO STANDARD the" association at at to ! CHOSEX ON FIRST BALLOT. RECEIVING 57 VOTES TO 32 FOR WINGERT JUDICIAL CONVENTION .-Vlministration Hearty Endorsement Delegates. by j | j I i ! i i I Lee—Heer, IS. Ogle—Heer, 22. The convention was opened by R. i r - Eckert, chairman of the Stepheni 011 county republican committee. Stand up'oV quYstiolii of interest to the pa'rty'^ , "' ~ ' In: the discussion of th* resolution endorsing Coolidge 'and Dawes, William'- Leech, Lee county delegate -Objected to the phrase Vcondemnlhg the radfc^LIlim' of jthpse •whoj are un- derminrtng-the Constitution- and su- pr'eme-'equrt of the 'fJnited 'State's."' The resolution as it stood was passed over Leech's protestation. • ': '• I The Nominee.; Harry L.' Heer,' was. born on a farm in East 'Galena, 111., Jan. 22, 1S73, a son of D. H. and Martha Heer, old'and respected citizens of .lo Daviess county, both n6w dead. He attended 'the public schools ahd the Northern Illinois..Normal school DDICC AUn IIUCl/CllTCIII |»t''Dixon; Illinois, taught school for Onltr. ANU UNtVtNlrUL Uour years, holding a 'first grade 'certificate when there were only Given ; about half a dozen first grade cerlifi- !cates-in the county. He'was'deputy j Circuit .Clerk, served as a . member 'of the. Board/of Review and was Clerk of the Circuit Court, all In Jo Daviess county. He read law with Hon. John F. Jewell, now United States. Consul to Birmington, England. He was admitted to the'bar in Illinois, December 1903, andi'is'.,at "present County Judge of ''Jo. Daviess' county. Judge Hee'r is vice-president of the state o'rgar/aatlon of county and probate judges, and served as secretary of fhe Republican County Central committee for a number-., of years. On April 18. 1914, he married Miss Myrtle.' Renwiek, formerly superintendent of schools ot Jo Daviess „., , , *„ , , , , -. eouhty. They have one son, Robert Ihe votes of,S!» delegates from tnc-; Ronwick, 9 years of nge. He is a five counties of this district, were 32n<1 degree Ma8orl( member of Frce . made as follows: ' | ,, ort Consistory, of the I O O F Jo Daviess-Heer. 15. j EIkfl „„„ tne M OO se. H s, is a mem' Carroll-Wingcrt, 13. j ber ot tne Flm Presbyterian Stephenson, Wingert, 10; Hoer, 2. (church of 'Galena and one of Us trustees. Delegates ., * The delegates to the convention were as follows: • Lee—R. X AA'. St'erling, Clyde Smith, C. F. Welty, E. F. duffin, G. Judge Harry L. Heer, of Galena. Judge of 'Jo Daviess county, was nominated republican candidate for the 15th jttdiclal circuit, by a vote : of ,">7 to 32 over A. F. Wingert,-ot j Mt. (."arroll, tho onl_y other candid- ' ate for nomination,, at the-judicial ! | convention held this afternoon al ! j the court house. • I j The nomination of Judge Hoer is | I equivalent to e.iection, as no other : ' parties in this district have made i j or will make nomination*. Judge , I Heer and Attorney Wingert were : ; the. only two candidates for nniuin-1 [ ntion. Judge Heer was nominated ' on the first ballot. ' ' Francis W. Burchell, ot Ogle- county, was elected temporary chairman j F. ' W, Oehnnt, J. B. Crabtree, M .f. •Gannon. J. W. Watts, J. W.' Buck| ley, J. P. Mclntyre, Geo. B. Shaw, ; H. C. Warner, E, H. Brewslef, M. i C. Keller. W. L,. Leech, 'AV. G. Mur- jray. C. F. Preston, J. B. Tetter,. i Jo Daviess— J.. C. Bowers, Chair- 'man; C. W. Thompson, Paul Jones, D. B. Blewett, A. H. Nash, James Thompson, G. S. Ltipton, J. E. Heffron. H. C. Tear, AV. J. Ehrler,., Leslie Miller, J. H. Childs, A. M. Smith, J. J. Rogers, J. AV. Richardson. Carroll— C. N. Jenk», F. J. Stransky, J. D. Turnbaugh. C. M. King- er.v, AV. J. Severance, C. A. Spanogle, J. F. Flicklnger, O M. Grove, C. E. Stuart,. J..L. Bearton, H. P. Hostetter, F' H. Hurless, John R. Con.nell. \ • Ogle — George H. Andred, ^V. B. McHenry, Martin V. Cederman, W. K. Perfine, Z. A. .Landers, S. - D. G. Evangelical by St. who the last and meeting in Sunday Bur- and Charles . W Dories* 'county, tary. Following the Thompson, temporary of Jo secrc- presentation and atC'ep;tliVg"'qf credentials,.'t.he temporary officers'/were elected''•'perman- ent;. "• ' •• ' Nominations Chairman.. Burchell announced that .nominations w.«re in order. The. nominations were placed by county. Judge Harry L. Heer, of Jo Daviess county, was first placed in nomination by Judge J. C. Boevers, also of Galena. Charles Jenk.", of Savanna, placed A. F. \Vingert Q( Alt."'Carroll, in nomination for Carroll county. Stephenson, Lee and Ogle counties passed, and the nominations | were declared closed. Judse. Heer was then elected on t.he first ballot. The announcement of the nomination of Judge Heer for circuit Judge wa - greeted with long applause, and when the motion was made and seconded for placing him in candidacy for election, not a dissenting vote was cast. Coolidge Ticket Endorsed The convention adopted th»» following resolution offered by E. H. Brewstcr, 'of Dixon: "We, the delegates .to the Republican Judicial convention of the fifteenth judicial district,' do ' hereby Crowell, H.. L. Boynton, S. W chelly Ha.rry Typper. : • Leon George Farvveil, H. S. Bain. Samuel Agnew. George H. Luxton, John Landsen, Georgo F. Bunn, Glen. Heimert. Fred E. fiflrdner, Earl C. Canfield, J. ]^ Rice', F. H. Davey. Stephenson — Robert Noll, A. R. -Moore. Alvin Spencer, Frank Bender G. A. Masters. A. P. Unniacht, S. AV. MorinR. J. G. Hubhard, C. L. Irwin, Herman Loewe, Jr.., Jos. A'aughan, S. .L. Young, Fred Kortemeier, Harry Hoffman, E. .Sprague, Ralph A'ehmeier, Louis Mohr. AA'. H. Shone, D. C. Goeke, Perry Hartman, Q A. Winters. '.. -'• •'" ' FIRE CHIEF NOLAN ASKS CO-OPERATION OF PUBLIC IN "FIRE PREVENTION" CAMPAIGN No. Jointly and severally reaffirm our allegiance, to President Coolidge and Charles C,. Dawes, the distinguished nominees of the republican party for president and vice president respectively of the United States of America. We. pledge ourselves to the r -newed support of the principles of republican party as outlinc-d- and embodied in the national republican pint form, and we commend the wisdom, .conservatism and common sense of President Coolidge and condemn in no uncertain terms the radicalism nf those, who undermine our constitution, our supreme court and the foundations upon' which the, prosperity and successes' of I'nited Stales of America has been built. "Resolved that, we call upon all nominess of the republican party, stale, local and .others whose names are U})j)ji the republican-ballots,-and lo he voted for at the cominp; presidential election, to a distinct, clear nnd unequivocal announcement of l heir allegiance to Coolidge and fXuves, the* republican candidates for president ond vice president, respectively, of the .I'nited States. | A resolution, endorsing the state jadminlstr'ation WHS also offered and •discussed, but was not adopted, the delegates believing the idea to be embodied in the general endorsement of the Coolidge-Dawes platform and the republican party. Judge lloor closed the convention with a. brief address, in which he thanked the respective delegates for their support, and pledged himself, if elected, to perform the duties of the office in strict accordance with Ihe law. '/., A. Landers, of Oregon, nifldo a motion, which was passed, that the chairman appoint a committee composed of the chairman of the. various county delegations, which shall prepare a <iuestlonaire to be presented to William R. Johnston, Freeport, 13th district republican nominee for Congress, the purpose of which is to reveal Johnson's Chief Xolan wants the help of every citizen of Freeport in his efforts to make fire prevention week "a real one." he said today. A cause which has become national in Its scope, which is deemed of sufficient importance to warrant presidential proclamation, to which the governors of many states- also' devote a special message and to which a whole week is set apart, is that of fire prevention. AA'hy? One does not need to point to statistics, though these are, goodness knows, convincing enough to find the answer. The answer can be discovered in the average home, in the average factory, in the average warehouse. It is carelessness with a capital C. The American people need waking up. Fire preventionlsts have devoted "the week of October 5 to this purpose and it is now approaching. The one upon whom dev6,lv-es the principal duty of bclngin'g the.-campaign 10 a successful issue, is the fire chief. He is an expert on all matters connected,with fire prevention. He is a logical leader in this campaign against fire, carelessness. I-Ie and the men of his department are in the forefront of this,battle to reduce criminal fire waste that has been going on so long and is so unnecessary. The chief said that if every citizen of Freeport would put his best efforts into fire prevention week to rid the city of all fire hazards "we could, well feel proud that we were one of the cities that have- done all we can to keep the ravages Of fire from our homes, business places and places of employment. , "The effects of fire waste should be known to us all. -.;"It t taps natural resources by destruction nf building material. . "It affects commercial credit by impairment of security, "It blocks industrial progress by handicapping production. . .'VAnd it affects all people-'" who finally pay the cost. "Fire is no respecter of persons. It has neither sentiment nor qualms of conscience. The young and beautiful, the rich 1 and the poor, the sweet infant or the decrepit grancl- "mother alike . are/its .victim. 1 ?. The safest way to. combat it is to-'practice, care nnd cleanliness at all times. Kvery individual _ cleanup daily habit, every community cleanup week, are effectual enemies of both fire and disease. '"Pare may. kill 'some people, but carelessness gets mor.e of .them." Men's Work Shoes—$1.98 All Leather—Boston Store, • ^ Adv. 9-15-121 -t- Xo. No. No. deploring teaching very in often is be in report year, their the 'zey, out A. had held year, statft work er that she, authority." to fact us very to If .attendance, if it is essential. main the had Biblfe day. sermon —Let us do your picture framing. The Bilger Studio. here up by and said,

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