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THE LANDMARK, MATES ViLLfe N. C. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER _ .«_ w f c _ . i " ., _ . * a . ,, * i Being by Hoover Sept. 19.-For- A. Reeo, of Mis- speech here that inaugurated in the United of the great companies." declaration with the Republicans Franklin D. Rooae- presidential so- , , Hoover has estab- nas «. SU1U _ the United states," Young Dem- socialism of the continued. "It is a mauguiated for the common man, merchant--but for the banks and trust been oveiload- the money shall citizen of the credit it to the farm board with WALKER pi ice of wheat to record in 400 reliability of Sec- illustrated by some of He declared a blessing. If you the seed does not on the way to riches. declared that the distress was T£- all gone to the fact farmers of the large in the hands of such to wonder whether ^.^ ,, not a soit of asylum. "Republican and said plat- that or definite statement or a single, remedy (for econom- by Mr. Hoov- «^. life I llPT 1/ICl Ready for Death" 19. -- Mahatma reductions in abstaining from (By Noel Thornton) New York,--Scintillating James J. Walker and tike man who has taken his place as mayor of New York city, dignified Joseph V. McKee, have only two things in common. They are clbsje personal friends, and both began their careers in Greenwich Village--Walker as a song writer and McKee as a newsboy. Otherwise they are about as opposite as the two poles, each attaining popularity in the metropolis thiough directly opposite methods and personalities. Where Walker is swre. witty, something of a hail-fellow-well-met, McKee is quiet, pleasantly stately, industrious. Walker was known for the disregard for timepieces, but his successor is not only punctual, but cue of the few instances when he loses his good humor is when he is forced to waste time. He is at his d-ik every morning at 9, and rarely leaves until 6. McKee Younger Than Walker 3kKee is 43 years old, 8 years younger than his predecessor. But it seen together one would scarcely notice the difference in their ages. Walker always has been a sort cf ambassador from Greenwich Village and Broadway in New York politics. McKee really belongs to the Bronx, and he is the first mayor to come fiom that sectibn north of the Harlem River. Although his flair for wise-cracking is best known to the public, Walker is noted for his ability quickly to assimilate knowledge of pioblems. After a few glances at an intricate political document he could arise and deliver a lengthy address that would show he had a tlioiough understanding of the subject. McKee has a quiet humor of his own, but he doesn't go in for the 'gag" jokes of a vaudeville blackout variety. When he campaigned for his post as president of the board of aldermen, in which race he polled 6,000 more votes than Walker, his speeches were distinguished for their informative quality. He wasn't the platform performer that Walker was, but the voters knew what he was talking about. He Knows Mayor's Job McKee is no novice in the mayor's job. The frequent and long absences of Walker from his post have given him much experience in serving as temporary mayor. He isn t the ironclad Tammany servant that Walker is. Where Walker boasted in his last campaign that he v/Ould be "a Tammany mayor," McKee has not hesi-l tated in more than one instance to' New York's Ex-Mayor and Successor .'of La* Vegas, Nev., master's decree, charges kidnaping them and has court -writ for their Mrs. Blackman testified to Nevada to see the would not permit it blindfolded her several the house. Economy head Far different In personality, tastes and habits are Barnes J. Walker (left), who resigned as mayor of New York an'd his successor, Joseph V. McKee (right). This picture study shows them in an informal pose and in a more senous moment. oppose policies of his Tammany superior which he did not appiove. McKee's private life is as quietly T T i . _ _ T » r _ 1 i ,_ · - ~£f ,, unobtrusive as vescent. Walker's is effer- Walker's liking for travel. Broadway night life activities, the theater, sports and gay companions '3 have no great enthusiasm for the spotlight ceremonies that the mayor's office demands. His spoits activities are confined to golf, in which he usually shoots in the 80's. He likes to spend evenings alone translating classical Ht- eiature, a habit held over from the well known. days when he taught Greek, Latin McKee never has been seen of ten i and literatuie at Fordham ,universi- around Broadway, and he seems to ty. He is married .and has two sons. STETSON Cheapest in the article long service. particularly true You must to be well be sure to buy Smart fjiiallty-- long made Stetsons economical hats buy c More Stetsons been sold than bran do At prices they'll than Sherrill-White

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  1. Statesville Record And Landmark,
  2. 20 Sep 1932, Tue,
  3. Page 2

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