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 - Letters to The Editor One columnist quoted...
Letters to The Editor One columnist quoted recently I my I that, if Truman dared to do so ! would also "relieve" both jberg and Sherman, air and navy ! members, because of their l a n d frankness in giving before the committee. Recently the American Society MacArthur DUmisial Still Not Justified TO The Editor: After weeks of interrogating many witnesses, most of them either friendly to the administration or "tongue-tied" to the point of evasiveness through fear of the same punishment dealt out to General MacArthur, the big debate has, so far, failed to prove the President had any grounds save his constitutional prerogative , interspersed with persual ani- jmosity, to. justify his rude dismis- jsal of General MacArthur. hair a task he was . or of Newspaper Editors alleged that this administration was spending three hundred million dollars a year on propaganda, some of it an endeavor to control public thought. Their success, no*doubt, can be judged by the liberal display of box car headlines in certain newspapers, who have in the past hostile to the administration, declaring that "Bradley Raps MacArthur," while "The White House Backs Bradley," which is not and was to be expected by even the most gullible. Certain columnists who have, in the past, proven that they would for a price, smear the very elect, have not hesitated to use half- truths, or outright camouflaged lies, in an effort to confuse the issue, one such recently captioning his column with "MacArthur Again Rides Down The Avenue," having reference to a political lie out of the whole clash, fathered by old Charlie Michclson, the New- Deal "ananias" of the 1930's, that MacArthur ordered troops to fire on the "bonus marchers," just prior to the 1932 national elections. It. should also be recalled that Presidents branded this writer as a "common liar." while one of them later labeled him as a "S. 0. B." One news editorial endeavors to show "why MacArthurism is losing force" which is wishful thinking of the dreamiest, sort. As proof: Recently in a popularity j poll conducted by a Democratic press in the Democratic state of Texas, MacArthur had a 5 to 1 lead over Mr. Truman. | And recently an "arm | military strategist," dubbed by a Tar Heel daily newspaper as "a specialist in psychological war- faro." questioned " giving such unprecedented freedom of action to a general whoso recent errors of judgment have carried this lion close to m i l i t a r y Another "fly-by - night" chair warmer, who probably doesn't know what it's all about, questions "MacArlhur's military and war record." He should by all moans, keep as a "war souvenir" the chair he was warming, while MacArthur was successfully, battling tin 1 Japs from Now Guinea to Tokyo. But "kept" propagandists, who for any reason will try to smear their betters, may woll enjoy their ill-gotton "thirty pieces of silver," because, after all the 'frustration stirred up by them and their ilk in an endeavor to discredit the general, it is still evident that the common people are more than convinced that, without, a doubt, ho has been made the 'scapegoat' for rhe blunders of l i t t l e mon placos. And beyond a doubt, the "Geth- scmane" ho has boon forced to endure will, in days to como a blessing in disguise, to both and the American people. J. L. WALKER SI. Pauls.

Clipped from
  1. The Robesonian,
  2. 11 Jul 1951, Wed,
  3. Page 4

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