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to a. CD _a E a> u iB O rr UJ t- cc O B. UJ a: ai u. UJ I Our restaurant is closed but you can still enjoy our famous Carry-Home Chile Santa Fe style chile - red and green — prepared fresh in our kitchen daily for your enjoyment at home. We will be selling our famous chiles at our Water Street location temporarily until we move to our new location. 12 pm-6 pm Monday thru Saturday 125 W. 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Ahnu'd.iSt. 'At The Inn un the Al.init'd.i' CiirniTotAlamod.! & P.isi'o dy IVra *.")-155-1 Hiiliitiiulitiitn: .Vli>n-Sii/ !>:.W-6; SmitlMl 12 - 3.-.W 500 nrio 'If r -,"" 1 . * tS i • - ^v *r,r xn • <, V ~«~S -* » >r»» v 4 xi- *>««» ^, J ^« v. ~T' "*^ •&&~-$ft* ,^jf 825 Early Street rf^ 988-4334 For quality service and repair on these fine European cars: Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, Saab, Volvo, BMW. 825 Early Street • Santa Fe • 988-4334 ' Editorial To Make a Stand The current revelations about this country's secret weapons sales to Iran and clandestine fin;inci:il aid to ami-government guerrillas in Nicaragua raise a disturbing question: Just what dues the Reagan administration stand for? Clearly if docs not si and for telling the truth. What a sorry spectacle to see the president of the United States telling his fellow citizens on national television that the dealings with Iran were just an attempt to cultivate moderate elements in that vehemently anti-American land. Equally ludicrous is the contention that no one but a couple of military advisors in the White House knew anything about diverting millions of dollars from the arms sales to the rebel contra forces in Nicaragua. Just as distressing is the disdain for the truth evidenced by the reports of shredded documents and the invocation of the Fifth Amendment by the mastermind of the plot when he was hurriedly called to testify before Congress. Clearly the Reagan administration does not stand for obeying the law. This country has a legal embargo on selling arms to Iran. It also has carefully outlined legal guidelines for providing whatever money is sent to the contra rebels. All of this was ignored by the administration. Clearly the administration does not stand for our constitutional system of checks and balances. Adventures such as these are not legitimate without the knowledge and approval of the elected members of Congress. Yet Congress knew nothing about any of this until the story leaked to the press. The administration certainly does not stand for competence. How could anyone involved in this affair expect it to remain secret? Tens of millions of dollars were involved. Some of America's most bitter international enemies were involved. Several governments and numerous individuals were involved. Some of the most media-intensive crises in the world were involved. How could anyone with a grasp on reality expect it all to remain secret? Nor does this administration stand for accountability. Obviously somebody directed these operations, but nobody now is willing to take responsibility. The president himself insists that no mistakes were made and therefore nobody will be purged—and besides, he didn't know anything about the aid to the contras anyway. The president's chief of staff is muttering something about "executive privilege" as a reason why he should not be asked to tell about his role. Meanwhile, the official line is that an uncontrolled Marine lieutenant colonel in the White House basement did the whole thing by himself—and he's not talking. Who's in charge? And finally, the administration does not stand for straight dealing with its allies or its countrymen. While urging all friendly nations to have no dealings with Iran or any other terrorist-linked government, the administration is selling lethal arms to help archenemy Iran kill enough people to win its longstanding war with Iraq. While vowing publicly that this nation will never pay ransom for the Americans being held hostage by Arab terrorists, the administration is secretly capitulating, and giving the kidnappers exactly what they want, thus ensuring that more Americans will be seized to meet future needs. It's called hypocrisy—on the global scale. So what docs the administration stand for in the wake of this scandal? In a word, it stands for ego—the arrogant conviction by those in power that whatever scheme they come up with is the one that should be implemented, whether or not it meets the tests of public scrutiny or the law. Because this administration wanted to do these things, and had the power to try, it did them. It's that simple. We do not doubt that these bold men who now are so frantically covering their tracks did what they did in the sincere belief that it was for the good of the country. We do not suspect that their actions were for personal gain, and certainly they did not intend to betray the interests of the United States. But that is what they did, for their ego blinded them to the old idea that ours is a government not of men but of principles—among them telling the truth, obeying the law, honoring the Constitution, providing public accountability and dealing straight. Any administration that stands for ego instead of those things is an administration that has lost its way.

Clipped from
  1. The Santa Fe Reporter,
  2. 03 Dec 1986, Wed,
  3. Page 6

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