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1887-12-03-WashingtonBee-p2-TheHonCHJTaylor - Ilie 1 rr i 'I'ubliBlied ever Saturday at 1109...
Ilie 1 rr i 'I'ubliBlied ever Saturday at 1109 I street '.aoriijwest, Washington. D. C. .altered at the Postotllce at Washington . as second-class mall matter. W. CALVIN CHASE, Editor. THE HOS. ? C. II. J. TAYLOK. The mau who h s ti:e honor of beariug this name, is from Kansas Uity, Mo., presents his card a- barrister iu the United States Supreme Court, Washington!). 0. He called at this office Thursday November 10th and made ma iicious and damaging statements against ex-mi meter J.'H. Smyth and others, which were denied by tuem and pronounced as malicious falseho ds. Mr. Tavlor on the other hand, charges the editor of the Bee with oeing a party to a scheme, to injure him. We did not ask Mr Taylor for these statements, nor are we responsible for his resignation. resignation. If any sensible person will read carefully, Mr. Taylor's letter in this week's issue ot the Bee, he ifill cjuclude that it was not Liberia that caused Mr. Taylor's resignation, but his great diplomatic letters, and that 150 page report and the murder of the King's euglish that caused him to resign the Liberian Mission. Of course we do no' know why Mr. Tayloi should become disgusted so soon with such an important mission nor can we account for his great knowledge of the country, when he was only there about three weeks at the utmost, lie suddenly suddenly returntd to this country and declaied iliat there was uj juvern-ment juvern-ment in Liberia, and comlemt ed ex minister Smyth's peisonal and official record. Mr. Taylor is the mui circulating falsehoods. We knew nothing of Mr. Smith's official aud personal record until Mr. Taylor visited us, and rehutd a 11 the ciicumstances to us in the presence ot witnesses. Take Mr. Taylor's letter and judge for your selves whether it was the d. mate o L'btria, or his King's english that caused his resignation to the Department Department of S ate. Mr. Taylor stated that it was the climate, hut the Bee would state that it was the cowardly mutder of the king' euglish if we are to judge fromhis letter in this week's Bee. He has asked us to correct ull erroneous statements cone rning himself. We do so with pleasure, because we would not have the public to be bo deceived, nor would we misrepresent misrepresent such a man as Mr. Taylor. Taylor. We have pointed out the imperfections imperfections in his letter aud demonstrated demonstrated to the public, that the President misrepresented Mr. Taylor, Taylor, and imposed upon the colored people of this country, by appointing appointing him to represent the United StateB, at the Republic of Liberia. And let this memento be handed down to posterity, as the immortal immortal words of 0. H. J. Taylor, barrister barrister in the U. S. Eupreme court, Washington D. C, so that the coming generation may know that, his "qualities is sufficient" to hold his own. THE LIBERIAN MISSION. DID TAYLOR RESIGN OR WAS HE ASKED ASKED TO DO SO? HE THREATENS THE EDITOR OF THE BEE AND DECLARES WAR IF HE REFUSES TO AP0L GIZE. HE KICKS HIMSELF TO DEATH FOR MAKING FALSE STATEMENTS. HIS GREAT STATE LETTERS TO THE DEPARTMENT DEPARTMENT AND ONE TO THE BEE. Mr. C. H. J. Taylor the putative minister to the ReoubJc of Libe-ria Libe-ria called at the Bee office several days ago and made a charge niroinof TT.ir mmiofan Tr-kVi.-. T-T Srnytb, which reflected on h5g moral character, while he (Smyth) was representing the United States at Liberia. At the same time he made statements derogo-tory derogo-tory to Rev. H. M. Brown and Lawyer T. McCaut Stewart. The editor of the Bee sent a letter to Ex-minister Smyth asking whether whether there was any truth in the charges of Mr. Taylor against him and in reply Mr. Smyth sent THE FOLLOWING LETTER: John H. Smyth & Co. Real Etate Brokers, 522 8fh Street, n. w., Washington, D C, xSTov. 25, '87. Editor of the Beet lour kind note was reeeiv- ed. ThaukB for your concern. There is not a shadow of truth in bis statements. 2fo man ever went to and returned from Liberia Liberia who was held in higher es eem by the government and the people than myself. I am not seeking the place, because my politics ate against me. faithfully yours, John H. Smyth. P. S. My record in the Depart ment here and Liberia is one of which I am proud. The statements made by Mr. Taylor to the editor ot the Bee concerning these gentlemen were unsolicited. One day last week Mr. Taylor called to this office aud in the presence of a gentleman who was present asked if Mr. Smyth had been informed of what he stated to the editor of the Bee. He was affimatively informed and left indignantly. On the same evening which was Friday .Nov. 25th, Mr. Taylor s.nt the follow- j iog wonderful letter by a messen ger to the editor: mr. taylor's letter. "W. Calviu. Chase: I honor you enough to send you a biter, I am Just from "JNTew York" and learn you are doing what little you can to raise 'a war" on me by circulating false-hoo false-hoo ds. Suffer mi to say that '-you" and your '-sheet" trum this dav may commence and I will prove to you that my "qualities" is sufficient to hold my own. I am sorry that I ever triel to lend dignity 10 you by being in your company. 1 d not consider you in any way mv '-equals" only kept your compauy to encourage you as a negro to look up and await better things, than what you now enjoy, I shall never until you apologise for your 'wrongs," recognise you again. I in no way need your aid, jib you will fiud out. You may m-ed some one's assistance before long. Let time tell. Lay on McDuif lay on, &c , I shall commeuee mv influence as to you and your friends tomorrow, yours, Respectfully. Respectfully. C. H. J. Tnylor. Kov. 24th 1887 Washington, D. C. The above is some of tne cmi-positson cmi-positson of a colored democratic diplomat, and to make it plain the Bee will dissect in as to its punctuation aud co-ist ruction. In the parliamentary address he has a period (.) between Calvin and Chase: he has quotation mark over the following words: New York, a war, you, sheet, qualities, and wrongs: my "qualities, is suf ficieni," &c. In this sentence it will be observed that he has a plural subject and a similar verb, after qualities is a comma and qualities quoted. "I do not consider consider you in any way my equals, &c." Equals it can be seen is a word no doubt Mr. Taylor got from one ot the heathen African tribes, "I shall Lever until you apologise for your ''wrongs,'' recognise you again. Apologise is spelled by Webster as follows: apologize aud recognise, recoguize. "Lay on McDuff, lay on, c." is a new ver-8im ver-8im of Shakespear. This is a uovol quotatiou. I shall commence my iufluence as a to you and your friends tomorrow. In this sentence, uo doubt, he means, that he will prevent the editor otthe Bee from obtaining a position, which he dose not Want, or show the Department Department of State that it was his ignorence and not of his own voli-tiou voli-tiou that caused him to resign, If the 150 pages sent to the Department Department of State and other communication communication are similar to the letter he sent to the editor of the Bee it can be readily concluded why Mr. Taylor resigned the Liberian Mission. It can also be seeu iu his letter that he has a capital J in the second sentence of the be-gining be-gining of his diplomatic letter to the editor of the Bee. He concludes concludes hia letter as follows: yours Respectfully. &c; yours, is a small y ivhile C38pectfully begins K"h capital B HE CHANGES HIS MIND, To the surprise of the editor, Mr. Taylor sent the following card Tuesday morniug, Nov. 29: it is a dandy. "Hon. W. C. Chase, compliments compliments of Charles H. J. Taylor, United States Minister, Resident and Consul General to Monrovia Liberia. Barrister in United States Supreme court, Washington, Washington, D. C. See other side," On the back are the following: 'Hon. Sir: I believe you to be sufficiently honest to correct all erroneous expressions aud statements statements which may appear in your paper. A newspaper man can af ford to tell the truth. "Thrice armed is he who hath his quarrel just." "Yours &c, C. H J. Taylor. Taylor. It cau be seen even by Mr. Taylor's Taylor's latter statement that he doesn't consider the editor of the Bee such a bad man after all. 'His qualities ib sufficient," iu his own language, not to destroy the poor little Bee, although he will -commence his influence," tc. What is a barrister m the U, S. Supreme court, which appears on Mr, Taylor's card in-bold type? Why it means that he was admitted admitted to practice there and all other courts are iuferior. Injustice to Mr. Taylor the Bee has corrected all erroneous impressions the peo pie had of him as to his intelligence, intelligence, a man of letters aud diplomat. diplomat. The peopie have been impressed with the idea that Mr. Taylor was a different man than what the Bee has pictured him to be and at his own request such an erroneous impression has been corrected. It i8 to be regretted (?) that that the editor ot the Bee was the cause of Mr. Taylor making making false charges against gentlemen gentlemen and discards . hicompany for investigating them. The Bee has lost in Mr. Ta lor a man of letters (?) a six months diplomat and a man of influence. Bead Mr. Taylor's letter carefully, go to the Department of the State, read hia letters and reports on Liberia and decide in your own mind why Mr. Taylor reseiemed. THEY SAY THAT Dr. T. W. Up.shaw will soon be a benedict. Well if the Doctor has made up his mind he is the only man who knows it. She is a very aimiable young lady at any rate. Miss Eduorah Nahah is the lady Mr. Robert Terrell is to marry. She is a Washingtoniair although she resides in Boston, Mass: RobtvkepG it very q-iiefc biij not too quiet that the Bee did not catch on. uMy qualities is sufficient to hold my own' C. fl. J. Tayloj, United States Minister to Liberia. If a man posseses qualities they must have a modifying clause to make them agree. ll do not consider you iu auy way my equals." O. H. J. Taylor, United States Minister to Liberia. For this assertiou ho compels the Bee to "apologise," if not he will not recognise the Bee any more. C. H. J. Taylor, United States Minister and barrister of the Supreme court needs a spelling book aud Websters unabridged dictionary. The last thing Is C. H. J. Taylor's Taylor's grammar aud dictionary. A new book found in this issue of the. Bee. It is not every one who can write a grammar. The Bee has lost the influence of a colored diplomat. There is no difference between C. H. J. Taylor and a wind bag. There is a covering to the bag, buc au empty inside. It is not every man who can give diguity to one, but the United States Miuister to Liberia can give diguity to auy bar room he enters. i I shall commence my iufluence as to you and your friends tomorrow." tomorrow." C. H. J. Taylor, United States Minister to Liberia. The Bee is not dead yet, perhaps his influence has not commenced to work. He meant to say that he would see how much strength he had to walk home, when the Bee has finished finished with him. "Lay on McDuff lay on, &c." Taylor's new McBeath. Taylor is to read before the Bethel Bethel Literary on the 20th. He will no doubt carry his grammar au d dictionary with him, Taylor said that Ex-minister Smith, is guilty and Mr. Smyth says he lied. This of course is a question of varacity. The Bee has the proof that he said it, if Mr. Smyth wants to proceed. Taylor said that he resigned to gee a better position in this city. He paid his respects to Ex-Recorder Matthews aud told the president that Matthews couldn't draw. It will be remembered that Mat thews sent him to Liberia. Matthews didn't know the Hon. (?) C.H. J. Mr. A. of 3rd St., s. w.. has flirted from one end of. the city to the other and finally rested his weary self on Capitol Hill. THE FJEUTER28TALS AGaIN. A LETTER PROM ANOTHER EX-MEMBER. Wash., D. C. Nov. 28, ;87. Ed, Bee: Sir: I was quite surprised surprised to learn through the columns columns of your last week's issue that I had been expelled from the Fraternals. As no reason was assigned for such actiou, and the public was left to infer what it chose. I ask space in the present issue to explain, although I am very little bothered about the publication. publication. I have lost no sleep whatever on that account up to the present time. I was a member of the aforesaid club at its organization, at which time all of its members, except one, were entire strangers to me. 1 thought the object was to have a club which would be creditable to its members aud to the community, aud so it was for a time. But it soon began to go dowu, and has coutiuued to go down ever since, until it has reached such a state as to make such disgraceful scenes probable as occured at its last reception. reception. One by oue the members have dropped out of the club disgusted disgusted with its actions, until the active membership has been rtduc ed from seventeen to ten a ! all o those are not iu good standing and the honorary membership has dropped from thirty-seven to eleven aud since the last reception there are others who have foi bidden the further use of their names. Having found out that I had made a mistake iu joining the club, and that the business capacities of the members are limited, in fact one or two from the great head that wags the little tail, 1 felt that I was under no obligations to remain remain longer a member, so, sometime sometime in the early part of last Oct., I sent a formal resignation which should now be on their file, as I have never withdrawn it. Two or 3 weeks after, I learned by accident, that the members, in their profound profound wisdom, (the great head had nodded aud tne little tail had consequently wagged) had decided not to consider my resignation until until I had returned to them my badge. At that time I considered myself a member and not obliged to give up my badge,-it not being customary to give up effects until one ceases to be a member of an organization, or at least, until he is notified that his resignation will be excepted. But after learniug that I could not be trusted with so much precious metal iu my possession, (and 1 might have sold it and obtained obtained money enough to have enabled enabled me to go afoot to Georgetown, so valuable is it) with penitence of heart for causing the members, of that assemblage of extremely honest honest men, innocent lambs, purely unsophiticated in deeds of wroug, to think that I would commit a deed so utterly wicked, I decided to humbly return the badge, but before I was able to do so I wa3 expelled. expelled. It is impossible for me to fiud words to adequately express my grief at their action. I hope the honorable gedtlemeu (?) will pennL me to remain in the city. But, poor deluded creatures, since they have done me no harm, nor can I freely forgive them, accepting accepting what they have done as the fault of weak heads aud not of wicked wicked hearts. Here after i shall eu-deavor eu-deavor to remember the homely, but good old maxim, "If you lie down with dogs, etc.;' Yours respectfully, Edward L, Webster. Will move to his new office, 1410 st. xie w. About November 15th. Orchestral music for Balls, Private Private parties, Soirees Keceptions, Weddings., etc. Special inducements inducements and low terms to Clubs giving giving a number of entertainments during the season. F. Kratjse, 621 S. O. Aye., s, e SAMUEL HOWARD Private and PuDllc Caterer calls the atten-tentlou atten-tentlou of the public to the fact that he can serve ttem with Oysters in everv style. I am the celebrated American French cook, having cooked at Wormleys Hotel for ten years and I can ive general satislactiou to all who may apply. I also call the attention to my Dininsr and Oysier Saloon. A place where you can sit dowu and be served with Oysters or Meals and enjoy yourselves. I do this that my friends may know that there is a place where thev can be served with Lunches and meals in a proper style. Salt water oysters served by the Pint. Quart or Gallon in any part of the city. Please don't forget the number and place. The little Cosey Cave, 2203 JL St, n. w. H r mil can-lot ; I SS &5

Clipped from The Washington Bee03 Dec 1887, SatPage 2

The Washington Bee (Washington, District of Columbia)03 Dec 1887, SatPage 2
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