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GeorgiaLoyalists1775 - ho* and Fool not but, they nou- they really for...
ho* and Fool not but, they nou- they really for give talk, far to from- a if with Com- much, fadly have I of afide whole the of in By Nation A D. of a a II. Back, pernor johnftqriei as alfe .of the Letter* which accompanied it. To GEO-'RCB JOHNSTONE, Efq; S IR, rTT is with a Angular Pleafure I am defired A "to T tranfmit the accompanying Papers to you, fenfible that, in a Caufe where the ef- fentJal Rights of fo many Millions are concerned^ no Endeavours on your Part will be give them their full Effect.. The many Proofs which the People of this Province had of your Magnanimity, fuftice and difinterefted Integrity in eftablifhing the neighbouring Colony of Weft Florida, have rendered your Name refpefted throughout America, and your fubfequent Conduft has endeared you ftill further to every Lover of Mankind in the Eaftern and Weftern World. Thefe Motives have determined the Con- grefs in the Application they now make. I am fenfible if the fame Councils prevail, rhe Tafk of cenveying fuchdifagreeableTruths to the Throne mud prove very painful ; but we believe there is no Perfon who would undertake the Office with lefs Reluftance, or execute it with more becoming Duty and Re- I am, *77S- &c. fpeft to his Majefty. Savannah, July 14,. SIR, "M^HEN turbulent and wicked Minds are employed folely to taife Commotions in the State, and diihirb the Tranquility of the Subjeft; when by their baneful Influence, Life, Property and Freedom, are inhumanly invaded, and the Innocence and Loyalty of Thoufands are unjuftly quellioned. We the Inhabitants of Georgia by a juft Delegation from the differentParifhes, being now J convened in Congrefs in' this Town, have re- folved to addrefs his Majefty in a dutiful Petition, fetting forth our Grievances, and the bad Tendercy of\- the many wicked and treacherous Proceedings againft this Continent that have pafTed fince the Year 1.763. Although we know the Fate of all other Petitions on this Head, and cannot'flatter our- felves that we fhould meet with one different, yet as the Right of petitioning is the Subjefts, we beg Leave to enclofe this our Prayer and Remonftrance to you, hoping and truuing on the noble Sentiments you entertain and., fup- port in Favour of us much injured Americans, that, countenanced by one of your great Abilities, if may approach the Throne. We affure you, Sir, we are, and always were, firmly attached to his Majefty's Family —nor can any Thing fhake our Integrity—but when by evil and wicked Minifters our Birthright as Englifhmen fhall be violated, that Integrity muft urge us to hand down to our Children a Right fo invaluable. We conceive our immediate Dependence on the Crown can by no Means hinder our doing that indifpenfitrfe Duty in joinii.g with the reft of America againft Afts that tend to en- flave a People, whofe Loyalty and Faith were never even fufpefted, until the Aftions of the Times wanted an Exeufe. We have the Honour to be, SIR, - Your moft obedient And very humble Servants, f William Young, John Glen, David Zubly, jun. Step. Drayton, Edwd. Telfair, I Daniel Roberts, (^William Erven. Savannah, Georgia, July 14, 1777. To George Johnftone, Efquue. + Ireland of Britifh faithlefs wiftefull foul 9 A Committee of Intelligence Laws which we«mceive fraught with fo much Injuftice have been attempted to be enforced by equal Cruelty ; and whenever we thought ourfel.ves at the Height of our Troubles, your Majefty's Minifters have ftretched their unhappy Ingenuity to find out new Methods of Diftrefs; and it is believed Methods have been more than thought of, too fhocking to human Nature to be even named in the Lift of Grievances fuffered under a Britifh, King. The Goodnefs of God hath made your Majefty the Father of a very numerous IfTue, on whom we place the pleafing Hopes of a Proteftant Succeffion j but your Majefty's Arms in America now every Day make Mothers childiefs, and Children farherlefs. The Blood of your Subjefts has been fhed with Pleafure rather than with Pity; for an Aft which amounted to no more, even under the worft Conftruftion, than an irregular Zeal for Conftitutional Liberty, and without any Step taken to find out the fuppofed guilty Perfons, the Capital of your American Dominions has been blocked up, deprived of its Trade, and its Poor of Subfiftence : Thoufands confeflldly innocent have been ftarved, ruined, driven from, or kept like Prifoners in' their own Habitations; their Cries and Blood, innocently fhed, have undoubtedly and daily do reach his Ears who hateth Injuftice and Op» preffion. Believe us, great Sir, America is not di. vided; all Men (Crown Officers not excepted) fpeak of thefe Afts and Meafures with Difapprobation; and if there has been fome Difference of Opinion as to the Mode of Re. lief, the rigorous Experiments, which your Miniftry thought fit to try on the Americans, have been the moft effectual Means to convince thefe of the iniquitous Deitgns of your Miniftry, and to unite them all as. in a common Caufe. Your Majefty's Minifters, after introducing the Daemon of Difcord iato your Empire, and driving America to the Brink of Defpair, place all their Dignity in. Meafures obfti- nately purfued, Becaufe they were once~wantonly taken : They hearkened to no Information but What reprefented. Americans asRebeis or Cowards. Time will every Day make it clearer Jiow much they were infatuated and miftaken. Too long, we muft lament, have thefe Men impofed on your paternal Affeftion: Deign now, moft gracious Prince, in their Room, to hearken to the: Cries of your loyal and affectionate Subjefts'of this extenfive Continent; let the Gftpdnefs of your own Heart interpofe between weak of wicked Minifters, and-Millions ofloyaland affeftionateSubjefts; no longer let the Sword be ftained with the Blood of your own Children 3 recal your Troops and Fleets ;-and if any Mifunderfbnd- ing remains, let the Americans be heard, and Juftice : and Equity take place ; let us be ruled according to the known Principles of our excellent Conftitution, and comroand the laft Shilling of our Property, and the laft Drop of our Blood in your Service. Uncercain as to the Event of this our humble Representation, it affords us a Relief that wc may unrellrained apply to the Great and "Merciful Sovereign of the whole Earth, who will not defpile the Prayer of the Opprefled ; and to him we moft ardently pray that the Wicked being removed from before the King, the King's Throne may be eftablifhed in Righte-. oufnefs. By Order of the Congrefs at Ssvannah the 14th Day of July, 177c, ARCH. BULLOCK , Prefident. Go- Petition was To the KING. The humble Addrefs and Reprefentation his loyal Subjefts the Delegates of the Inhabitants of Georgia now met in Provincial Congrefs. May it pleafe your Majejiy > npHOUGH we bring up the Rear of American Petitioners, and, from the Fate of fo many Petitions prefented to your Majefty from America, your great City of London, arid others of your European Subjefts, have a moft melamcholy Profpeft, we ftill hope he, by whom Kings rule, and towhom Monarchs are accountable, .will incline you to pay fome Regard to our moft humble and faithful Re­ prefentation. * In Times like thefe, when the Edge of prefent Feeling is blunted by the Expeftation of Calamities ftill greater, we muft take the Liberty to fpeak before we die : We would acquaint our Sovereign with Things which greatly affeft his Intereft ; we would endea­ vour to awaken the Feeling and Pity of our common Father. Your Majefty is the rightful. Sovereign of the moft important Empire in the Univerfe : The BlefEng «f Providence on your Arms has put a Country in America under you of greater Importance and Extent than feveral Kingdoms in Europe. In this large Extent of Territory, by fome late Afts, Popery is not only tolerated (which we conceive would have been but an Aft of Juftice) but an Indulgence has been granted little fhorj: of a full Eftablifh- ment to a Religion, which is equally injurious" to the Rights of Sovereigns and of Mankind. French and arbitrary Laws have there, by Authority, taken Place of the juft and mild BritifhConftitution ; and all this has been done with a profeffed and avowed De­ fign to over-awe your Majefty's ancient Pro­ teftant and loyal Subjefts, fome of whom had no fmall Share in the Merit of that Conqueft. Afts to raife a perpetual Revenue on the Americans without their JConfent, have been enafted, which at one Stroke turn all your American Subjefts into Slaves, and deprive them of that Right which the moft oppreflive Tafk mailer does not deny to the Servant bought with his own Money. Experience muft now have fhewn, as it will clearer, fhould thefe Afts be enforced, that inftead of increasing the Revenue, orlefTening the Burden of your European Subjefts, they can only ferve to increaie their Taxation. Yefterday at One o'Clock his Majefty came from Kew to St. James's, w here there was a Levee, at which the following Nobles were prefent : The Lord Chancellor, Duke of An- of \ caller, the Earls of Waldgrave, Denbigh, Oxford, Rochford and Dartmouth, Lords North, Barrington, Townfend, Stanley, Lord George Germaine, Lord Hinchingbroke, General Hodgfon and Son, George Onflow and -— La feel ks, Efqrs. Colonels Douglafs and Weft, Sir'George Macartney, and feveral MHitarjr Officers. After the Levee was overthe-Earl of Dartmouth had the Honourof a Conference with the King till Four o'Clock, when, hit Majefty fet out for Kew. The Enemies of Peace and gTod Government, are continually framing the moft inflammatory and lying Letters and Paragraphs^ from a Knowledge that they Will have at leaf- a Day's Time to fdak into the Minds of the. People, before they can be anfwered and tt^ f Vfuted j and if this good Office fhould not be performed, they pafs for valid arid unanfwer- able among fuch Politicians as derive^// their Information from, and pin their eafy Faith upon, a News-paper. Now to fliew the malignant Inconfiftency of ourCoffee-houie Politicians, it is to be obferved, that if the Truth of a News-paper Afie.rtion is ever queftione^, the ready Reply is, that it has not been contra- ditfed; or, inky is it not conlradiclid? But who is to perform this ufeful Duty ? What is every Body*s Bufinefs is- Nobody's Bufinefs j sfta therefore is likely to remain undone; as thofe who have Ability and Knowledge to do it,, are likely to have more immediate Concern* of their cwn to mind. Muft Lord Nortk penfion as many Writers as we have Newspapers, to watch and correft al) the Mifinfor- mations they contain? If this fhould be done, or known to be done, then the Patriots vvouli be happy in the Opportunity of raifiag an Outcry againft minifterial Hirelings! Such is the Nature of patriotic Impartiality and Candour \. Many Perfons lately arrived fr^m different Parts of North America concur in their Accounts of the arbitrary Proceedings of their Provincial Congrefles, their Committees of Safety, Committees of Correfpondence, and other fubordinate Societies, who now afi'ume the fupreme Direftion of Affairs in that dif- trafted Country ; who punlfh with the ut-. moft Severity every Man wno dares, in th« moft diftant Manner, to arraign their Prrfr ceedings, and to difcover the fnulicft Attachment to their juft Subordination to the Mather Country.

Clipped from
  1. The Public Advertiser,
  2. 31 Oct 1775, Tue,
  3. Page 2

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