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APrevost1780 - LONDON EVENING POST. Fri n tin a C A T M.OGUE...
LONDON EVENING POST. Fri n tin a C A T M.OGUE of New Paintings, that will lojn exhibited to public view, and by whom drawn, i - sr H E fleet of Great Britan fkalKiti from p'ace l I plice, to wold a battle witu the fleets of France A sin IB the Earl of Sandwich. o J The Commander of a. Britifh fleet weeping over hit iaOruaions - By Sir Charles Hardy. . The - combined fleets of France and Spain ndipg w?ftex m the Britifli Chaunel By Count D'Orvil - The Engliih Lyon kn.elin to the GaKic Cock, and bezping peace By Lord North. . . c Tne Negotiator of a peace with France and Spain receiving his credentials from the Eanl; qf England - BV Lord Bute. t . 6. AnEnglifii Lion faft afleep and a Frenchman bind - i.hi 11 with chains By the . 7 The late battle fought by the Britifli forces under General Prevoft with the Americans near Charles - Town .. By the .Congref. . S. The firge of Gibraltar By Lord North. c. Tht M iiiifter'a begging box carried through the kingdom kingdom kingdom - By the Duke of Northumberland. 10. An army of Middleex jufiicesin regimentals By ditto. ....... 11. Th Groves at mount EdgcUmb cut down, and the people Hying from PJymoutn .By Lord Sandwich. Sandwich. ; . 12 - The engagement of the Ardent with the fleets of France and Spain By a true Britifli Tar. 1 3. An army of Scotchmen walking into England tode feccJ it By the Earl ot Bute. A few Qu ESTiONsj humbly addrefled to the ferl - ous Con fid era t ion of the K inc. It AN thofe be cool fervants to me, whofe con - duct perpetually brings me badjevenrs, loffes, and diigraces ? . cl. C;n thofe be good fervant fo me,, who have loll me a reat part of the Dominions of my Crown ? , . 3. an thofe be o d tervaats to me, who have difgra - c - d my reign, by lofiug the fovtreignfy of the fea, and fuffering my feet to be crnced in the BritiU. Channel by iht hVeis of France aodSpia ? 4. Can thofe be good fervants to me, who have diftref - fed my peop'e, and filM their hearts with difcontent ? 5. Cm thofe be good fervants to me who have made my Crown rotter on my head, and brought my kingdoms into the moft imminent danger of being invaded 6. Is it not hi.ch time for me to dimifs fuch wicked Mi - nifterfi, left they mould lofe me my Crowo and kingdom ? It is mafl eimefliy wilhrd, that his Majefly would put the foregoing quefiions to hioifelf. From tfce London Evening Poft. On M.!sFr eld's leaving the efficient Cabinet. MANSFIELD hx left the Cahiuet, 'risfaid, With rea ton too, he trembles for his head To Lord MANSFIELD. Think not, b::fe m ai, when all the mifchiePs dne, The hcur of f Hnimment by craft to fliuri, Drag'd fortii a vfctim to the people's hate. Juiiice will imile, and worlds approve thy fate. PHILADELPHIA, January 4. . Laft Sunday about 7 o'clock in the morning, a tire broke out at te dwelling houfe of the Hon. John Holker, Efquire, in Market - ft reef, and continued burning for a long time, wrsich did cunfHernble damage, but was happily happily prevented from fpreadingany farther by the afliflance the inhabitants. The following If tiers were found on board a vefiel late taken oc lier'paffae from Sr. Auguftine to Antigua, mentioned in our pper of December iZ. C.jpy of a letter hoax Major - General Prevoft, to the H m. Vice - A Jmiral Byron, dated at Savannah, in Georgia, the 9th September, 1779. SIR, AS it may be of copfequence to his Majefty's fervi'e, t:st you fliouM hsve every poflible intelligence of the mo - :i9ns of tfie French fleet, I think it my !uty, by this express, express, to acquaint you, nat the Count D'Eftaing is now an anchor, with twenty - five fail of the line, or two deckers, in a line accrofs this bay, orentranceot the harbour harbour : He has alfo feven or eight frig.ves. What hit further views or defigns tray be, I cannot take upon me fay,, tho' if he iatends anything againft us, he mud it fpeedily, as this is not a coaft to remain long on, in Htuation, at this feafon of theyear. Several of his (hips appear difabled. It is not impof - fible, but his fcrious views are to fNe northwtrdof this perhaps Rho - Je - Ifland, or New - York, but I can only conjecture. He is al.ro accompanied by fome. tranfports, or merchant merchant vefTfls, bntas his appearance here, was probably as unexpected to the Rebels of Carolina, as it was to us, I nor think they are as yet in readinefs, to make a very formidable co operation with the Count. I cannot learn there was any extraordinary flir among them, no dcubt, all the force thsy can now mufter, will be in motion again ft us, but my hopes are, that he c aunt flay Jong enough on the Coatl, to give any very effectual countenance countenance or fupport to them. We are however ufing every endeavour to put this place in the beft poflure of defence, time and other ci re urn flan ces will admit of. We are not alraid of any one of them, bwt both together may be too manjr for us, if they fhou'd be able to effect a junction, the French land force is any thing confiderable. We ourfelves at prefent (unfortunately as matters appear) fomewhat disjointed, having confiderable detachment at Beaufort, in Carolina, I hope they will $et through this day, the pafiage is ftill unoccupied by the French. On our return from Charleflown, it was reckoned a moil eligible naeafure to ktp a hold of Carolina, Beaufort in particular, and indeed nothing but a fuperiority at fea a - gainftus, would make the meafure ceafe to be an advantageous advantageous one in every view, both, with regard to the defence this province, and offen five operations again ft Carolina. 1 have the honor to be, Sir, Your cioft obedient and xnoft humble fenranr, (Signed) PRE VOST. oq, v ice. Admiral Broa. Copy of a letter from Mnjor - General Prevoft, to Hif Excellency Governor, Tonyn, dated Savannah, September September xi, 1779. Dear Sir, I flatter myfelf your Excellency will readily forgive me, for not having wrote you till now, on the fubject of the prefent alarm, as yoa can eafily conceive my time to have been pretty well occupied. I have directed Col. Fufer to be wrote to, triplicates of which have been fenf, fo that I hope fome of them have come, to hand. - The fubject of them, requefting that your Excellency and him might endeavour to fend estpreffes to New York, and wherever elfe you might think proper. Indeed, if by any other channel you have received intelligence of the French fleet being on the coaft, I have no doubt but you have, done every thing that was proper and practicable. It was impofiible fir us to get one vefiel to fea from this, .or in - deed any other port of this Province. The French are now in pofTeflion ef Tybee, aod their cruizers fpread far and wide. Before the bodyjof the fleet arrived, Mr. Whit worth did get out in a fmall tender," but whether he nas got clear or not, we cannot fay , and if he has, if he had not an opportunity of feeing or knowing of the enemy's whole force, we apprehend nis intelligence to the Com - , manders in Chief will be imperfect, and may lead to fome fniftakes, as when he failed we knew of no more thari two line of battle - fhips, and three frigates, being n the coaft. Their force now is clearly not lefs than twenty - five of the line, and eight frigates, and it may be Rill more confiderable, as there are feveral more large vcffelsj the force of which could not be afcertained. Tey ftretch from off Beaufort north, as far to the fouthward as we could fee fromTybee Light houfe Four frigates only are within fide,, or were la ft night. The two twtnty gun (hips' are ceme up the river, to Long Reach, where I hope they will be fafe. It does not appear that the Rebels have made any ftir to co - operate with the French, fo that we have reafon to think, that Count D'Eftaing's prefent vifit was as unexpected to them as to us. . Inclofed you will receive a letter to Vice Admiral Byron, Byron, which you will pleafe forward, if you can - It goes open for your perufal. I have the honor to be, with regard, Sir, your Excellency's moft obedient fervant, A. PREVOST. Copy of a letter from His Excellency Sir James Wrjght to His Excellency Governor Tonyn, dated at Savannah, Savannah, in Georgia, the nth September, 1779. : .SIR, lam very forry to acquaint you, that Count D'Eftaihg's fleet, confifting of twenty - five fhips of the line, and n'mt frigates, have been off this bar for a week paft, and that the dav before vefterdav fjur of the fricare ram intn Tybee, arfH now lie there, fo that ouf port is effectually blocked up. We have two twenty gun fhips, and tome armed vefels, which have retired up the river, and it is hc - d, will be able to prevent any attempt to landmen near the town. The reft of the fhips are on the coift, and it is my opinion; that the mean to coin e in at Offabawj and land a fprce at Bewley, in or Jeno attack us here, e - very preparation is making to defend ibis place, and which has obliged them to call in all the out pofts, fo that our whole country is now qpen to thf RebeJsv It is aftoniih - . ing to me, that fuch a formidable fleet fhon!d come on this coaft, and efpecially at this time of the year, and cannot fuppofe, but they have foriiej important obji?ct in view - probably the reduction of this Province, and yours. We cannot learn any thinr of the niimber of their land forces, of more than I have now mentioned. Colonel Maitland, with the troops under his command, are not yet come from Port - Royal, and if we don't hear fomething of him today, I fhall bi in great pain about him. . A veftel has been fent exprefsto New - York, and Capt. Meyer fent by you, was chaced in here three days ago, and went thro Auguftine Creek, I believe Jaft night, to attempt to get out. And by him I alfo wrote to Sir Hen w CMntnn. hut I rffnltv think annthPr rtr fCtl Aiukr mk (iifpatched without delay, and alfoone to the Weft - Indies; bat it's very ekffku It to get from hence; and IJiope.your Ex ellency will think it neceffary to difpatch a vefiel to ea h place. My brother left this place y?fterday, but as I th'nk he will be long going, I did cot write by hirn. I have the honor to be, with much efteem, Sir, your Excellency's moft obedient fervant, (Signed) J. W R f GIIT. T o t h e PUB L I C. ON Monday ihe j 6th of January, 17S0, an Academy Academy will be opened for teaching the Art of Fortification, Fortification, Painting likeneffes, landfcapes, flowers, &c. and to perfect the Academy, 1 hereby give notice, that every Gentleman known by the Pu jIic to be a friend to the Art of Painting, alfo Muficiacs, are very humbly defired to honor the Acidemy with their pre fence, where they fh all be tsught the Languages, or Painting, on condition condition they will be fo kind, as to give theif advice cn thofe arts which they are matters. By the affiftance of the Gentlemen Painters we (hill teach that art to perfection, perfection, and by that of the Muficins we fhall have the happinefs to procure for the Academy a Concert of Mu - fic, as regular as pcflible. The Academy will be open to the American Officers at all times, except that fixed for the Ladies 1 The generoiity with which thofe bravt m?n offer their lives and fortunes for the liberty of their country, deferves every mark ot refpect, but the number number cannot exceed thirtetn, the room being fo fmall. Except Gentlemen of public character, no perfon will be admitted without being prefented by fome Academi - can, and voted by the third part. Everytpoor young Gentleman fent to the Academy by his Excellency the President of this State, (hall be taught every Monday, Wtdnefday and Friday, from Three o'clock in the afternoon till Five, not only for the honor honor of their recommendation, but alfo ior miking every every one fenfibJe that it is very honorable to be induftriout and willing to receive education. At the intention of the fubferiber is to pay refpect to all thofe perfon 1 of character who intend to honor his Academy he thinks bimftlf obliged to (hew his intention of promoting good order and harmony, fo that every ana lowing , i . a. M opinion b Of G in belpur 3. the care any open o'clock the t The every o'clock Nine be genteel C 6 DE En Je ne Je Su Au Imitcr Mais Regarde Vois - Ces lis Ton Qji Qie Si Pour Tu te Et non Je E tout Et par Je di No ty The V. Tes U. De V. Us : U. lit V. On U. Quand V. Tu, U. Pour . V. Seront ; U. t)'un V. Tu les tT.. V. Tu fera U. Serai V. Nefr tJ.. Done, V. Avnt U. De V. Tu a U. Si jt te V. Et je U. Profanant Par tes Je nt Jat )uii De dire APE Enquire CA and aift of is defired and take

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