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Octavia runaway - CIULS VTXZZ AGS . Sent Away to Work la Florida...
CIULS VTXZZ AGS . Sent Away to Work la Florida Clr i Factories. Yesterday morning two elderly ladle called on Chief Gaater and begged of bim to assiat them la bringing their daughters back from Quincy, Fla., where they had nn nt to on the 7:40 o'clock Louisville and Nashville train Tueaday evening. One lady gave ber name aa Mrs. Guitard, residing residing at No. 109 Goodobildren street, and her daughter's name as Oetavle, aged 18 years. Tbe other lady gave ber name aa Mrs. TJrlg, residing corner Goodcblldren and Frenchmen Frenchmen atxe'eta Her daughters's name is Margaret, Margaret, aged 17 years. - - ; . The ladles stated that their daughters were employed at Hemsheim's Cigar Factory, Factory, and were not noouetomed to remain away from bome at night after their work. On Taeaday night they tailed to come borne, aoVa S was Instituted torv them, but they eould not be found anywhere. Yesterday Yesterday the search waa renewed and it then came to light that the girls and eTeral others had been Bent away to Qjrine b-llr. b-llr. b-llr. Franola B. Flore, manager of the Tu-Uno Tu-Uno Tu-Uno Billiard HaU, to work in a oi factory factory where they bad been promised better .7" . . Th. lamias were almost dis- dis- rreJedTas they claim that Mr. Flores bad no right to send tbo erirle away without their knowledge or eooaent. j " - The chief adviaedtbe ladles to see Judge Whltaker. and at 6:30 o'oloek in the uC. when court adjourned, they ealM npon the recorder and laid their ease before him. They claimed that their aaugbters bad been taken away without their consent and they desired to get them back. ( . . .,, nrkii. .v.. i.i.. relating their story. Mr. Flores entered the judge' office and stated that he - was the agent - ot the Owl Cigar Company, owned. by Btratton A Storm, fcl -an -an aoa aat Twenty-seventh Twenty-seventh Twenty-seventh atreet, new York, which has a breach factory in Quincy, Fie. He said he bad sent the girla away witb several others, named Etonrtmta Garvey. Mrs. Mary Gangleff, Julia Kls ten. H. Baane, A. O. Biohtera. l. Crozat and J. Bosaa. all expert cigarmakera. H had no criminal Intent and admitted sending tbe girls away without their mother e onsen t, k. Mniii ..mi fnrtha clrls and proba bly bave them back In the city by noon to- to- rudge Whltaker informed the ladle tbat It waa too late in the evening to make an affidavit againat Flores. aa be affidavit clerk had gone bome and taken the keya of bis desk with bim. He requested theni to return at noon to-day, to-day, to-day, and in the meantime be would look up the law on the eubjeet. He requested Mr. Flores to return at that ti.nv r tl nartiea left. Mr. Florea Immediately prooeeded to itbe telegrapb offloe and diapatobed for the girls to return at once. ' : When aeon Mr. Florea stated that he wae born and raised in this eity and baa a large family. He bas been tbe agent ot the above factory slnee April, since which time be bas sent eighteen men and the above . tour female to the faotory. He is well known in tbe cigar business himself and through tbe aid of his friends secure the required number of cigarmakera that are needed. He ean send away no leas than ten at a time and they o at bait rates, the regular fare being tia so. - It waa not hi custom to inquire into the affair ot tbe pereona be sent to Florida, bat nil who wanted to go and who eould ahow that they eould work were employed, provided' the faotory needed bands at tbe time. . .-.v .-.v .-.v Miss Guitard has visited him tor the past three weeks, asking to be sent away. He knew nothing about ber, exoept that ahe was useful about tha factory. She waa not a eigarmaker, while the othere were, and, as tbe other female were adverse to leaving leaving unleaa ahe went, be oonaented to let her go. and aent a letter to Quincy, Informing tbe manager aa to what she eould do. He did not know what ber age was until her mother called on bim in the . morning, and he knew nothing about Miss Urlg until be saw ber mother In court. Tbe factory, be eaya, ia one of tbe largest of its kind In the country, and will employ all the hands they can get. He will continue to eend them bands, as It is a legitimate bualneee.

Clipped from
  1. The Times-Picayune,
  2. 14 Jul 1892, Thu,
  3. Page 3

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