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 - water heater & range, garage. W. 3525. decorate...
water heater & range, garage. W. 3525. decorate to suit. Reas. rent. Was. 1068. I FOR SALE 37 This Year. tub washer, ............ ?27.50 copper tub. ... 10.00 APPLIANCE STORE Was. 1730. very East. reasonable. AND PULLEYS STOCK IN CITY ELECTRIC CO. V/AH. 1246. R. C. A. suarantcerl. Sec at 203(1 Bo. llth East, 3I>8 So. Main. All popular makes unlit Jan. 1, now and rollB. 51.50 <o $2. Ilanscn Dlniruli. refrigerator, 7 cu. ft., $245. will sell for .$140. So. Temple, or call crmdltlon, .?2j. 1481 Monday. in used washers. Exch., 534 So. 3033B. .'54; auto glass. $1.50 170 W. 8th So. with casings and ouch; heels SI.50; Little I Intel, Wag. 2227. reflnlshccl, perf. Is to buy. $12.50. 357 an. State. 2043 So. 3rd Kast. new, $10; size 40. 0 holus. Call In morning. Easl. Hy. 5-ino-M. $25; 54-ln. baby ivory S5; girl's zipper ski $4; all in good condition. 33th East. good condition, SIO South, upstairs. to- for cleaning furniture, In exchange for your buy n new one, 75c a State. Was. 5050. Flexible Dyer. washer, only been used cash. Was. 2112-R. fixture*. Harris-Dudley East 2nd South. 1'OR $10; MUST 13K 1253 F.. 4TH SOUTH. S5; smoking stand, West. long model, will sell for West. Whlto elcc., nice new, in good order. $8.50. No. G. Was. fi824-.T. used washers nml vacuum guaranteed service and A Service Co., 171 Was. 4400. PRIVATE party will buy good home organ. 051 E. 4 Ih Sonlh, rear 1036 PHILCO 136X, sacr/ilce 550 e for (525. Balance easy payments. Call Was. S88Q. Mra. Rush. GOOD upriKhl piano, mahogany case, cheap for cash. Call 136 So. Slate st. GUITAR, Spanish and Hawaiian atcel, both classic and popular. Evan D. Miller, Miller, Hy. 1013-J. PIANOS, RADIOS, bought, .sold. Chamber- laln'a. 164 B. 3rd So. Was. 3740. WILL pay cash ?or your used plauo. Utah Music Co., 103 E. J. oadway. PIPE, MACHINERY, IRON 43 -j stock UHeil pipe, all sizes; fit line's, also new ptj>c, nU-el tanltH, boilers, motors, motors, steel, am- 1! 9. Job wolclhiK. METAL CO. WAK. -I7B3. , MONSEY IRON & 700 S. 3RD WEST. Steel Structure Dlsmanteling We speclallzo in dismantling steel structures of any kind. Blnghum Ex- cliangc. Frank Hullock, Lark. Utah. CUMMINS DIESELS I r or water pumping nnd all industrial power applications frnm 40 h. i>. to 400 h. p. iinormountalii Diesel Sales Equipment Equipment Co.. SO-: So. State. 10.000 IfT. STANDARD PIPES 2 to B inch, 12c to 55c ft. WESTERN SALVAGE CO.. 110 W. 2 S. FARM, GARDEN PRODUCE 45 CHOICE Starks Delicious. 75c and $1 bu> Evans Farm, 7684 Highland drive. JONATHANS, 6()C; Delicious, 75c. Juicy, not froz., bring cout, 1011 E. 27th S:.. POULTRY & BABY CHICKS 49 BUY your W. L. chicks and Bcxed pullets from a. heavy laying strain o£ blood tested hens in their second laving year or older. All eggs sot, weighing 2 oz. or better. Hens mated to young, vigorous, vigorous, pedigreed cockerels. We hatch only 1 grade of chicks. The best. Anton Bloom, 374B So. 2nd West, Salt Lake City. Phone Murray 491. Agents for the Hardin Hatchery, Petaluma, Cal. SAJ.K8 AND BOURKB, INC., for- racrly MUST AND SALES Hatcheries. All chicks fiora stock selected. In- speclcd and approved by Sonoma County County Farm Bureau. Blood tested. Choice datoa for Feb.. March., April. For Information Information write Utah's agent, I. Beelc 30 Claybourno Ave., S. L. C , Hy WANTED—Live poultry. Will c:all for and pay top prices. E. L. Mndflcn. Mur. 30. ROCK ami ^Yyamlottc friers, 2 to 3 Ibs. FOR SALK—200 March White Leghorn pullet!,, reasonable. A. I'. Mctiuuld Uflll Crandall ave. Underwood portable, APARTMENTS FOR RENT 55 AVALON APTS. 22G East 3rd South 4 large rooms and sleeping porch. Iv. ico condition. Gas range, electric refrigeration, • 5 minutes' walk from tow;i. FURNISHED al S34 or un- lurnlshed at $30. Ctll Waa. 81K8-J DENI-ZAY APTS. 254 So. 3d East 4 nice looms, newiy painted and papered, good front location. Fine value at $35. See this before yon decide. Call Was. 7674 EL VIGO APTS. 150 South 7th East 4-rooni apartment. Wall bed In living room, in addition to full bedroom. bedroom. Nice size rooms, tile features, electric range and refrigeration. Lo- <"Ued conveniently near schools and shopping center. S42. Call Was. 68-13. MECHAM APTS. 28 East 2nd North 3-room furnished apartment. Wall tied. 'Nicely furnished and decorated. Tleiidy tor immediate occupancv. Dl-""" Dl-""" from Capitol Bldg. Call SHUBRICK HOTEL APTS RATES BS WEEK OR MONTH 2-3 rms.. completely turn.; also 3- rm. unfurnished apu. newly decorated, alt elcc.. clean, quiet, Ideal, close-lu location. 72 W. 4th So. Was. 44«2. GRAYLYN 205 2ND AVENUE 3-rm. front apt,, attractively furnished furnished with new furniture, blue and v.'hitft color scheme. Modern bedroom furniture, $50. $17.50—2-EIM. apt., prl. bath. elec. range, everything furn. W. 562H-W. 274 4 av. .FURN1SHKD apt., everything furnished. 3(iS E. 6th South. 2 ROOMS, nicely furn., h. U., gas, neat, $4 wk.; 1 room, S3. 124 6th East. *22—I'-ROOM front apt., gas heat, Kaa anil light furnished. 541 S. W. Temple. Ed D. Smith & Sons Main Floor Ncwhousc Bide:. Was. 3221. 300 FINEST APTS. 200 GARAGES HILLCREST 6ALT LAKE'S F1NESIT APARTMENT ALSO THE BUCKINGHAM—KKNSINGEN COVEY—LA FRANCE ANY SIZE OF PLAN YOU DESIRE m 2 TO G ROOMS FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED Front porches and glassed-in sleeping sleeping porches, beautiful tllo baths - In colors, with tub and shower. ALL OUTSIDE WINDOWS Lots of air and sunshine. Spacious lawny, shrubs, flowen "JUST LIKE A HOME" Enjoy the best—-it costs no more. Adults only. Incomparable service. Covey Investment Co. OWNERS AND OPERATORS 230 E. So. Temple. Was. 5S71. EAGLE GATE SPECIAL 5-nn. apt., $75; being modernized; ready Jan. 1. You'll be surprised at the spacious living rm., 21x17 ft., with 11 windows. COME ,"ND SEE IT and other features. LOVELY furn. rins., excel, meals. In large home, automatic gas heat, home priv. 904 E. 1st So. Hy. C371. Gents pref. THE EMERY 7 rooms, being modernized. Ready fliirinf January. Last one left, 555. Very desirable for familv requiring 4 bedrooms, largo living room. THE BRANSFORD 5 rooms, being modernized. Readv January 1. Office In Bransford Apts., _Soutii Temple and State. BURLINGTON—-340 East 3rd South I'lvo rooms with sleeping porch. Commodious closet space, modern bath I-—2 KMS., front apt., close in. arrange to suit. (J34 So. Sth East. 13-S1O—1 RM., closcl, kitchenettf. heat, llShls. pas. 329 E. 4th South. iGE rm.. stoker heat, lights, gas. Idry. rm. Rcas. 201 E. 80. Tern, W. 7511-R. 13—LOVELY front rm., fiicpl., new paper, steam ht., It., phone, gas. 309 E. 8 S. 20—2 ROOMS, sleeping porch, heat, lights, gag. 37 E. North Temple. PLEAS, mis., gr. llr.. It., h. w., phone, front, rear ent. 511 1st ave CLEAN rooms, free lights, phone and car 545 W. 2nd North. WELL-KUKN. so. rooms, hot, cold water lu__rms, for 2 or 3. 279 2nd ave. 13.50—LG. room with closet, furn. hsltpg.. crml, lights. S03 1st ave. for ARGE rm., kitchenette, gas, Its. 214 While Cloud ct. (2nd So. bet. 3rd-4th E.). FURNISHED rooms, private bath, uewlv cleaned. 822 W. • 3rd So. •IS—3 RMS. and sip. porch, ground floor, gar. 1226 Lyman ct., 13 S., 9-10 E. HOUSES FOR RENT (UNFURNISHED) 63 565.00—BEAUTIFUL col., ultra modern, amusement room, automatic heat, double garage. 1779 Michigan 535.00—10-rm., 7 bedrooms, A-l condition, condition, furnace, garage, rent to students. 323 10th E. $30.00—7-rm., 4 bedrms., nicely decorated, decorated, E aa furnace. 078 E. 13th So. 525.00—6-rm., nicely decorated, furnace, furnace, gar., new lino. 350 So. Sth East. $25.00—5-rm. bung., service station, coops, gas, 4 blks. So. Jordan Jordan high on Slate. 525.00—7-nn., close In, suitable to re- rent. 270 W. 3rd So. S25.00—6-rm. 1%-story. furn., gar., will decorate. 1142 So. !>lh R. $22.50—(i-rm., 2 bedrms,, automatic h. Vf. heat, clean, rear. 07-1 Wall st. 517.50—7-rm., 2 baths. 4 licdrms. 1-148 So. 10th E. GA1>DJS INV. CO. 337 MAIN. W. 730. $50—5-RM. colonial with hot air heat, refrigerator, refrigerator, electric range and amusement amusement room. 1055 Military drive. S35—6-rm. home with hot air furnace, furnace, fcdrage, bungalow type. 18-13 South llth East. 530—7-room home with hardwood floors, hot air furnace, fine stoker, laundry trays, close to town. 230 South Sth East. S25—5-rm. home with furnace, fire§ fire§ l:u'e, double garage, hardwood floors. 19 Ramona. HOGLE INVESTMENT CO. 132 South Main. Was. 77. CICELY furn, rms.. excellent meals, modern home. S>57 East 1st So. in iIRL to share <:ozy apt., close in. Hi) W. No. Temple, apt. 10. Was. 327S-R. PKOPKUTY Management Dept. Was. 033. 5 rooms, nicely furni.shed, furnace, ga- rnge, Frigidalre, S45. •I rooms, comfortably furnished, S20. 2 rooms, SIS—1150 South 4th East. 3 rooms, SIS—1150 South 4th East. 3 rooms, SIS—1150 South 4th East. 3 .rooms, S20—034 Garfield avenue. 5 rooms, S40—1674 Roosevelt ave. 5 rooms. .?35—15S4 Logar. ave. 5 rooms, S17.50—21S Dubei ave. (326 East 2nd South). 5 rooms, 517.50—232 Dubel ave. « rooms. $25—770 Third ave. 7 rooms. S2S—Sfil E. 3EHh S., 11,*.' ac. 7 rooms, S40—130 South 12th East. 7 rooms. S15—141 North W. Temple. HALLORAN SAVINGS & TRUST CO. WAS. 033. tOO-M for 1 young man or student, first claps home, close in. Was. 0875-M. IOMK cooked meal^, plenty heut, nice room. Reas. Hy. 7321. 703 E. 1st South. ARGT front room, meals optional, garage; rates reasonable. 024 E. 2nd South. 'LEAS A NT home for young folks, good home cooking, hcnt, h. w. 164 E. South Temple, No. 4. YOU'LL like the bd. and rm. in lovely nriv. home, reas., for 2 Rents. Hy. 4360-J. MICE, sunny room, tooa board, liomu privileges. privileges. 145 3rd ave. Was. <J209. jARGE front rm., rates for 2 or 3; garage. 43-1 E. So. Temple. Was. 3269. 35—6 rms., like new. 180 M st. ?30—5 rms. and sip. pch., in Sugarhouse. Sugarhouse. 1921 So. 10th East. 535—5 rms., range, refrigerator nnd garage. 92o Falrview ave. S27.50—5 rms., furnace and gar. 14S So. 12th East. $20—S rins., on avenues. 160 J at. .•520—3 rms.. modern except heat, coops for 500 chickens, 1 acre ground. 3510 So. 3rd East. .$12.50—3-rm. duplex. 673 6th ave. Call Wt-lslit. The Rent Man, Hy. 3S37-W, or WOODBURY CORPORATION 2 E. So. Temple. REALTOR. Wasatch 160.

Clipped from
  1. The Salt Lake Tribune,
  2. 29 Dec 1935, Sun,
  3. Page 12

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