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Lock Haven, PA The Express •  3 July 1936 •  Page 5 - FRIDAY, JULY 8,1988 NEWS of *************** l *...
FRIDAY, JULY 8,1988 NEWS of *************** l * l >**** l * lll * l + tJ W l - nJWfl ™™^ J ^ tf ^^ •.UUSEMt TOSMtUIC Will Make 15 Crossing to Visit This Summer in U. S.; Has Relatives in County BORN IN NITTANY VALLEY Tell» Event* of His Colorful Life in Book Published in 1930 on 90th Birthday SELINSGHOVE — Susquehanna University's oldest living alumnus, Dr. Thomas Franklin Dornblaser of Nowawes, Germany, at the age of 96 is planning his 15th crossing of the Atlantic. He plans to spend most of the Summer in the United i States. Dr. Dornblaser is a native of (Central Pennsylvania and v born in Nittany Valley. He serv- [ for four years in the Civil War id fought at the battle of Slone iver, Chickamauga, and the Atita Atita campaign in 1864. Susque- na's oldest alumnus arrived on campus in 1865 and remained three years with many of his mates fighting men who had [returned from the battlefields Civil War. Dornblaser will sail on the .J. on August 29 and will visit 'Alatives in Clinton County corner of the warehouse, over-, urned the wagon and spilled out all the goods, among which was a larrel of brown sugar that bursted and not a little of the contents were scattered on the ground." i Dr. Dornblaser's book is filled j with equally detailed accounts of p his Civil War career, his life as an "• American minister, his travels in Europe and particularly of life in Germany. A wealth of valuable observations are included in a Part miscellaneous collection dosing the volume. His Letters The minister's letter apparently contained similar details. For many years a constant correspondent with his cousin, the late Mrs. C. S. Harter, Dr. Dornblaser's letters brought German history-in-the- making personally into this community. community. The pastor Church, studies devotional at the Leadership session Central Mr. "Jesus, Something of what the Germans of Go ' d/ *° Ugh ' U ** b " OIe ,- ^sus thing of his feelings in return. Dr. Dornblaser included in a letter written to Mrs, Harter last September. September. He said: "A good many Germans in Berlin Berlin have been reading my book and some criticised it very severely. I suppose they will try to have me deported. If the Germans would read my book carefully Ihey would find that I say many nice things about Germany and speak of many things our country owes to the German immigrants and their descendants. descendants. "Our Ambassador Gerard, who was in Germany during the World War, says many more severe things Saw It," term. R. Sunday and one week's County Education lectures speaking "Inspired Church's A program Young Thursday which William about the^ war-lords of Germany | on will and during tis stay. Dr. Dornblaser celebrated his 96th biifhday last Saturday in Berlin. i. \ Dr. pornbluer's Book Dr. Dornblaser is known to many of h;s friends and relatives here.'not only through his charm- , ing personality but also through not had to pay any taxes." his personal letters and his book "My Life Story for Young and Old," published June 27, 1930, on his 90th birthday. Dr. Dornblaser's book, giving in his own inimitable style a panorama panorama of his years of work as a boy in Nittany Valley, as a fighter in the Union army and as a successful minister of the gospel, includes a host of recollections involving names "of local interest, fathers and grandfathers of many Clinton County people today. Describing his birthplace in his "Life," the minister says: "The largest stream of water (hi Nittany Valley) is known as Fishing Fishing Creek, on the south bank of which, in a little log house, half way between Clintondale and Mackeyville, is the place where I first saw the light. This stream is a great resort for fishermen, with hook and line. In the Narrows, between the mountains, the speckled speckled trout were plentiful and many times an angler carried a nice string of fish to his home. MtUny Valley People "The inhabitants of Nittany Valley Valley were composed of various nationalities. nationalities. It is rather venturesome venturesome to give names but those who seemed to me to be leaders in high society some 60 years ago were: the Houstpns, Custards, Watsons, Whites, Miligans, Reeds, Hayes, Alisons, Nixons, Coftleys, Quays, Fursts, and still others. "The real backbone of the valley consisted of farmers and homebuilders, homebuilders, such as the Schaeffers, Swartzes, Becks, Snaveleys, Heck- mans, Rebers, Dornblasers, Royers, Royers, Bishels, Krapes, Criders, Meyers, Meyers, Bechtols, Walkers, Kiesters, Yearicks, Knechts, Wilts, Brum- garts, Devlings, Porters, and others ; mostly of German and English ex_traction. ex_traction. "The largest landowner in the valley was Joseph Long, a well known grain buyer and merchant in Flemington. He married a cousin cousin of mine, Miss Ellen Dornblaser, and they reared a fine family of children. One time, I distinctly remember my father and I took a load of wheat to his warehouse, on the bank of the canal in Flemington, Flemington, and after we had unloaded the grain we were reloading the wagon with dry goods and groceries groceries from the canal boat to take to my uncle's store in Nittany Hall. "While I was inspecting the canal boat, the horses took fright at some racket and ran around the than I do. Even some of the friends of the Kaiser say: 'It would not be good for him to come back.' I am glad to have them tell me where I tell lies in the book. Good Word (or Hitler 'If some of my German critics would write a book about America, I am sure they would say some hard things about our highway robberies, banditries and kidnap- ing and communistic uprisings. I denounce the drinking habits of Germany but when I have a chance I speak a good word for Hitler. Since he has been in power I have In an earlier letter, written in August, Dr. Dornblaser said, "It seems quiet in Germany at this time but many have a hard struggle struggle to make a living." YOUNG PEOPLE LEAVE FOR Superintendent delivered discourse conference of Church using the Zebedee's honor as a Later business of the W. F. Johnston CANIP NEWTON HAMILTON gresman informing This and its $1,500 for a balance H. T. Lawrence Keen, Misses Charlotte Charlotte and Harriet Figgles, Francis Merrill, Sara Louise Adams, Florence Florence Miller and Marion Arndt and Mrs. John English, representing the Trinity Methodisl Church, will leave Sunday for a week at Camp Newton Hamilton. .-„•„_ - •_• / : : Mrs/ English will-fill the position position of dean of women, a post she has had for the past two Summers. Miss Helen Kreidler, Lorraine ( Scheid, Marion Brown and Janej O'Donnell will represent the East Main Streel Methodist Church at the camp. They will leave Monday. Monday. Grand $40 Other Roslyn, Nottingham Groups Split From Church in U. S. A. in Doctrinal Dispute PHILADELPHIA. (£>).—Rev. L. H. Jongewaard, pastor of the Presbyterian Presbyterian Church in suburban Roslyn, Roslyn, announced today that 99 of 110 in the congregation voted to withdraw from Ihe Presbyterian Church in the U. S. A. He said services would be held Sunday in the Roslyn fire house. COATESVILLE. (fP). — The Rev. Peter Deruiter, who resigned as pastor of Nottingh ,n Presbyterian Church, announced today the formation of a new congregation to be affiliated with the Presbyterian Church of America. The new ' congregation was organized last night. Mr. Deruiter declined to state the number of members of his former congregation congregation who have signified an intention intention of joining the new church. The Presbyterian Church of America was organized after a doctrinal dipute in the Presbyterian Church in-the "J S A A church Church a class of School L. of $36.40, apron direction and Mrs. from Plans July 29 Woman's at the Salona. Church taught met at Yost, were July 11 Church taught met at North Sixteen John's Society met yesterday devotional

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