1943 AP Washington censorship code with uranium published before Kai Siegbahn Sten Hedman uranium bomb letter 12 23 43 note Alfred Stettbacher dismissal Zurich Bern 3 Binghamton Press and Sun-Bulletin NY December 10

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 - Special attention is directed to the fact that...
Special attention is directed to the fact that all of the requests in the summary are modified by a proviso that the information listed may properly be published when authorized by appropriate authority. News on all of these subjects will become available from government sources; but in war, timeliness is an important factor, and the government unquestionably is in the best position to decide when disclosure is timely. The specific information which newspapers, magazines, and all continental be reported in an orderly fashion, consistent with the highest requirements of national security, the following course of action before, during, and after an air raid is suggested: BEFORE A RAID It Is desir able that no warning or report of Weather Weather forecasts or maps, other than those officially released by the Weather Bureau. Combat Zone Interviews and Letters All interviews with servicemen other media of publication are! appropriate defense commander to asked not to publish except when j ascertain the location of the desig-such information is made available! naled representatives of the de-for publication by appropriate! fense command in their area, authority, or is specifically cleared DURING A RAID It is re- ny tne utlice ot censorship, falls, quested that news dispatches into the following classes: j transmitted or published at the Armed Forces beginning of a raid, prior to of- The general character and ' lLnhof movements of United States Army, 1 fTTfi'1' B.ti.,5tt Navv nr Marinp rnmi unite i" ' "cSum, nuuiui can- wftn whouTtheTk limits of the United States-their ! ?n frtarctn' 1 ifsof n Tm- a location, identity, or exact compo- f,?V PP, dV, V eftabl,lsh,ehd' Isition, equipment, or strength; 'tE? 1 eslIfmat,e,thh destination, routes, and schedules nu,mber; 'f3' The bare fact hat assembly for Pmharkalinn nrn: ! anti-aircraft guns have gone into t pective embarkation, or actual ac J.?n' emharkaiinn An c,.h inf.J t nereatter, until the raid is ,tion regarding the troops of!e"d.ed and the. a'l-c'ear sounded. f friendly nations on American soil. an impending raid be published or civilians from combat zones (in- except as given out by designated eluding accounts of escapes from representatives of the army de-j foreign territory) should be subtense command. ; mitted before publication either Note It is suggested that news-!'0 ,he office of censorship or the papers write in advance to thei appropriate army or navy public it-iauuus oiiiver nearest at nana. The War and the Navy Departments have instructed such officers to be available for such inspec tion ana clearance. Note The request as regards ' "location" and "general character" does not apply to troops in . training camps in continental United States, nor to units assigned to domestic police duty. ; Special not on unit identification Except for troops in training - camps in the United States, mem it is requested that nothing be transmitted or published except communiques which will become available promptly and periodically from the designated representatives of the army defense command. AFTER A RAID There is no objection to publication of general descriptions of the action bers of the armed forces should 1 a'ier, tne all-clear " 5lven' Pro" ; not be identified with military or ; navy units or ships. Such unit : identifications are of great value ' to the enemy, and should be eliminated from servicemen's letters, interviews, addresses, and similar news. May Use Safe Arrivals vided such accounts do not (1) play up horror or sensationalism; (2) deal with or refer to unconfirmed versions or reports; (3) contain any estimate of the number of planes involved or the num- The dangers of uncensored in terviews may be considerable, since information involving military security, which has been kept from the enemy by combat zone censors, may unwittingly get into circulation when the possessor of the information returns home. Please take no chances. Concerning letters from combat areas, the press is reminded that these letters are censored in the field only for home consumption tney are not censored for publication. When such letters are published, take great care to edit from them all hearsay and all mention of military or naval movements or operations unless the information has been made public. The Office of Censorship should be consulted in cases of doubt in the editor's mind. Photographs and Maps Photographs conveying the in-information specified in this summary including ports of embarkation, embarking troops, views of convoys, military air fields in continental United States completed after Dec. 7. 1341. or emergency airfields no matter when com pleted; harbor defenses; inland ber of bombs dropped except as given in communiques; 4) make waterway locks. anv VPf (TO Hf'O tn H.mao. nt mil; All A.:.f I. . 1 I I Vamp. nf rvim.. ' . ". "iV'lV.y.'" --"-6v. ....... IW puviVKiapil m ih c.V.V. l. ""'""c ""Jecuves. sucn as Jortihca- docks, and harbor installations. IheH aftPr nffir.ai L. a",".,5- docks- rai,roads- ships, air- war plants, railroad yards and of the arrivaf of ST 1 ff' PUb"C "'"'s. or industrial ; terminal buildings, public utility of the arrival of United States plants engaged in war work; (5) plants, and all airports within the

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  1. Press and Sun-Bulletin,
  2. 10 Dec 1943, Fri,
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  • — 1943 AP Washington censorship code with uranium published before Kai Siegbahn Sten Hedman uranium bomb letter 12 23 43 note Alfred Stettbacher dismissal Zurich Bern 3 Binghamton Press and Sun-Bulletin NY December 10

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