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 - 0. A »*couot think* u DitmQ- »Uit flv* #r »...
0. A »*couot think* u DitmQ- »Uit flv* #r » »ln'o - »" · C IIMPM4-OOT ·! UM ZuUf HI. CtMUlW. Fioai th« 160th Obio l»lioaA» Gnudi. Dt»r Cottrver-- Tour correeaondtnt l*for* be conlotDf U'-ol AI lulJy a» ; cow tb« car» «id rt»jMejibUil- which wotill *og»$« bb Han* aod «o«rjclw, ni»J« liberal pnxo'** to friead* at hou»» to wriu»nd k««p U*i" and alto «CAkioualiy to aidrM a jo Jr «xwll*at |»p*r tb O- E Uaviag Uuioa Nation*! Oukid*. Cfciv . would have camp abc«Jt 10 o'clock *cauf tbe couauy in the viciaity of ·atiain i«ad aad (cbel icndezvou*. ictHinim to camp abou d«ylsbt in tbc ·tornio*;. Tbi* waa 'tAc BW* ·xetUMt put of oar datv. for if w« coat* ae»«* lb« ctwrrilUa wb*a we *»er« intended "»alcb weasuc. fight or U gofcfcltd op; Tha «» ktjt up for aoiae liaoe. aLd lh» daty all the ouf regiAMOt. tU*. X££CJL* AU COMUQ nwr tbv follow « Held Land* to Lcr, Mi cha«d Us r«- irjcr- was *n- wanderm* w»nl 10 Cordtr t»rn to n«"»« *" driving waul la fortbocow. and book. »nd i»|»!» ia * pretty R««! e^O" for ·» coB'-rf out.* 1 »» w« vui»«if at. our «!»»k, ill oor U-ot, a«.d L» UiUre'l you- rc«!tr« wJlb n-uiw il*ai» in of It* JCO.b !» twit. llxxj-KK't rtKKY, TA. A f«w \t»i. .jju tbi» | Itcwff rproM aLd Uirov», nu«f b*»r war'.l«*j!»Uni: b«oJ. lloiw tbo :UU» A'rooal. with iu m»'n Towaid* Ib* latter pan of Juu« it be**TM* *p- ua;rit that tl» rebel* intended ao. ad»*oo rfowt- .be Valley. Hunter had t*ea ta/uazki Staatan returned la It in; out th* tiauawha Valley, l*a» »Z tor wtywitfeopen for a rebel raid Ifito Mary .and aod rVon.jrlv.uia, IV, »« daily. eviden /l cutting trouble oa our jueiet po*u. ie in* jU» aul character ol ·ypfjcan'.*lor papers, it. ibe icuitutfente anl a**«fauce«/! r«' i a be tributrd «n air of ba»m*ai--bei« w»* th* w i l l of wou d had UK- i'll to C*ri!i r couplo ol du- man who away and c»nt landtopa of »bich TL«». It w* wortn · trip acn*« lb«J AtUf.f*! to i*h,Id. llow cbaoi5-d. Tb !y |K«ip!«l with any cl»*« «·' c«|.t tbofoUiei* aril b*nj;e" «n of *a »rim Jic, wLo occupy **·#? »v»ilab . Tbe old Ait»«i«l butldmgg rulnt-- tooio |'»c« «f __ a few wuk» or »n«ltpritg forag*. I ho biik«A bfire aud up ou |M-rlaral«-i with b«ll «u ! tbol froai tbo laV- Urir*. ui-«iiyof ibmii elripp«l ol tb« l«*t»i'lia- trr /f wuod ibat wou'.d ctok a *o!dicr^ u»ral or n ale a cup uf cwBim. -Jmrpjr*. K^rry i- uo songcr wnai it w»s onc«s. lt» fclory b« ·lei'att-J ft,r«:»»r. tu romantic tcenery b« ;tV^n placo to tbnapplianctao! wir. whicb I rovm upon tbc behoW«:r o- «v«ry band. TLi» »a tl-«* jKMbtof J- »'in»U»n of tb. SOOtb wb-ju w« loll your c.ty on tbo H.b vf Mar. AiriveJ ber.% wo w nt lato «»m». . . t tel cavalry da»hrd u^uo Outi.*^. K- K. ituu mauxr uiiu? ini!r« «a*t ol u»- The c«:m e»UM- uu UiiTier aiiii Su:cr. anU on tbe flight I!K nr^ ol July, ibe r-*/ cl Mulligan · *«illrr» tell u» vl »iuuii»hiu£»looi IV ironl . ia« eoemy «nt«r prtw ui«n latt 1 condu-t f Mr i)tr»- to him Ward anc oa li nv«.-, Is.-ini; l ,-».! ilnrvinnd foducliuu here t« sv . n bold pr.nnonur) »hicL h«i^hw ou thw lioutb «n ICo E«*t. f n iu«- ier'n lif«- »nd f»re vr»» « ·- cro vr- drred to iri;, to do s;uird duty ·lone udoivh V-.liey. as t;u»rJj lo Oo\» pro'i'ion anl for»g» lra'm«. number branches oi of the eho»iix the three month* nuro. the c.. each tfco ) V ) between wr thou. fivo hundred or will nratol hundred tbt- uavul on are prior credits, accurnteiy the) iu:o ilia: way ut Depart- the bnsn ol be ndop cat it is lef: oi concluded to Congressional npoa oi to me hare accepted a d parties arr by ibe wil an . system that more has beea me bear acd Obio, Mar- July 1st. deficiency deficiency. W* *«ro orJtVrf to Sig«jr* aroi"y. witb a i«r-« wagon train. Thj futreh »a? one tbnt tiird our pTwer» of endurance t- tbo utnj"**, but wo aeeO'iipli»b-*l it. aad founJ wirMjlvt* at lb« fron'. at Cwlal Creek, wjicro 5ie;;«l was *up«r»el«J in evuiuiMid ot tbrariuj-, by Hunter. Our battalion of 9 companies up to tbit tinio wai couimanilcU by i.wut. CoL 1" l. Manli, but. Col. Ke»»oner, b»vingben i tbv «vtupi.iiV, ,. on, uivt us h-»i«at;«l awuuie«l tho cwm- mand. \Vo aav»nc«il wilh llunler as f.r « whon a lari;« r.jlur.-. train wa« turned o»er to our ju»rlianihip, and we To- turned lo Marlimburg. riQUT AT ^ When we reached audbuMitintoice. SaiurJ«y B!r;httheiC««m«ui tuu* high in Kartio*l«ii/2. Tb« promiaad« is ieiluee*. aud tb* ibouldcr ,,,.,_ ·'ittwl*. Cttuwfl* ol Ur»on tft |Mck ibeir v*luat4r*. OKrcbant* wub . e tUar rtbck. tho IOCWBOIIV. a whiaile wituuuusuaifreqwBC'and v:£-r. t"^ ear* are loadiox. oidr»« x*U^ fioia haad'iuaitet*; ·nciythiiix lok» like a "«k«JaU«". vr«*KTU»acac _ _ i _ _ _. jly 31. dawn* upon our c*wp 10 fin] all astir! Tbe Kcvrilln ba iMou^bi u* up in obedience to '··* ni«nt'» wider ivr m.ieb. We cwi. a little breakfast. ·up our rutfce.aiid fall in line, abd mo'couttu tho Winchester juke, half a mi'o out we lorm litie ot Uille. Too ICOih. part of tbe 13iih aod |il.t Ouio. a batailton ol diamounted cavalry. aud a batleiy ibe 3iih N. U. Artillery. cotnpuw out force. Co!, keasoaer i* a**i|TB*4 tha command, aad is It us umupeciaily become a brigadier. We deploy a heavy line of akirinivhcr*. iaVo ibemo»tad»Biay*iu* position we caa.aud -ub «0roaud» ol carlrixe*. await tbe enemy'* ·dv*n:e. After five hour* in tbi* position, a courier anive* front "Uunkrr Hill." eight mile* oi Winchester, aad arsure* our oom- ,ol tbe number and appointment oi the rnimy. aud coon «e are ordered to iall back Gen. ii£elandstalfare mounted. C-'lo IK!*. Major* etc.. ditto, the wagon irata u loov- u:^ off; wr loo Iall iu anil move oflojl in* atdstuwu road towarii* Harper* Ferry. Tbe enemy in lorce approachu liora Wiacbe*ter. Sout»"t"*»r lorce. have been captured at North Mountain, and west ol u. on tha K. K. Part a train sent lowsid* Williarnsport haa been cap lured and burned, and .MulIiRan is tighlioe tha , _. I iwn. It looked a little a* though the Jobnieu bad u* Hanked, north, aouth. ea*t west, but will *ee. If .Mul'igsiican dnve tbem back where they atnil him. we may gel 10 Harper* F"er:y. We *«t out lor thai place witb leinforceinent*. AtxoiT A rtoar.. _ Havini; travled aomo two hours in tnc extreme h*at and tbroucb*cloud* ot'.ilust which sometime* obscured the file next to u«. in wlucb we marched, we balled inaahady wood lo enateh a liitle real anJ refresh our»elv*» with a dratt from iC*{iring. -Hut we can't «*t Ions. A ·h»jw»r fb* lieir u oot raio, ·ere .1 U«ego be e their «i»y «»»ed who ·bo o*iiip Viil ptuly it***x ijt ·ho toem aot or to New lloate Coon:y N W · aiall»L Iwlr. I*, strong iotimatiors of tbf prcfcu'»_« einy's prowling guwrrilla'*. Ta-jia bud of tho en. ing on t- MiddI«iowD, our cuvalry, miinliai; » laden tnla to tho Iront. ea u tiasbini; up to us with intelligence that at y ewU'Wn, four miles on. tho £"«'""'" ha'i attacked nnd driven tbem. nnd were then burning tbo trnin th»y had bvon t'uarilsnir. Col. riuitouer no *oon*;r received too woid limn h- thr«w bis column forward at double-quick, reacbin:; Newtoa in time to see Qftnon to eighteen wagons burning, some of tbam in the ftroel, but not ia time to se« tho rebels who. though tbsy had run thec*v»lry, steiaddl«J ior life at our approach. Wo Sorm.*! line of tattle, s:out.r3 itwh.le and bivouacked ioi tto ni^ht. Nvw. town has the namo of b«ini; n "*ttes/i hole' anil has among it? population ninny who ato ·mnctimoniiius Union mon in the daytime, whan Ibo Yankees ara about, and »t night are suerrillas of th'j mranest typf. Theto an? bundredn such in '.lit* vslley. (For instance onomci »un by our #coutj w s found early in tho morning in hi* casnae!d, ploui;biog corn, and tbo sweat work ot his »ndd!o yet on his hor*« when capiured. tie could t«lk Union to Yankee* and fhoot Union soldiers irom tbo bu?h as they pa»»ed ) Col K. iured them that nint tbat ho would boid ibmn rerponMblo for conduct wbilcbc t-i:rinl with tbem; and that if they did no: behave well ho wculj burn tboir tun-a. Th?v were qnieif-nt, for they knew tba'. he Jid not w.-«r '.he sore** eigle.* for nothing. In tbc t.irlv i.iornmj, our Col wei.t out, with live companirR to *ecnre anjthin:; v.ilcablo h- might End in the wreck ol tbe train, ov.;r nii;bt within our picket line- I1U ndvancv was strocgly a*a-led by the rebel*, who cbatxed upon it Irom the wcoOf;bul tfce rii;b» win^ ia line, and the left in jupportiag d:«» t»nc*. met th« onset lifce veterans. *rd pour- ini; in tbfir well direct«d volles inU» th. i;uerril!a bsnd, sent them realing back in di#- i^rder. Nor th* rcbl* r»llv. G'jr ri- flr* crscked too fiercely--our line was too ·t-alV'-iur »im tco deadly, and seeking tbe shelter of the woods they "hid theaj'elve.' irom . cumpany o! rebel caTalry. *e«n thrcugha vallry a mile or mure away, claxh ahead on our dank, and callus up for action, decided ana eroun. We form in line of Uttle kcrou a large cornfield. dej-Ioy a line ol *kirint»ben and ccout* plant out Untloi ie».ui.luil our Sl»rSpangled Banner to thet»reeiedefi»nt though retreating. The rebel* not liking appearance* on our *ide of wood*. rked*dil!» iu vigorouMy that even our ·harp nliootri" can't get a *but at the last in rider. They are gone--gone out of sight tiearin^. A few «hot* were all tbey dvad to venture, belore tber bid u* (ood by. Had they remcined we would h»Te given them a reception that would nave bean worthy the occasion. UE V as follow, Filth. 674; ; Ninth. ; S41 ; Fi!- 3?S-total Tribune: taoucb is an the X. York The r-b*' :aeir b; ^o*s to a»e its or 5p*cn- ai«!e»d and work Witaest appeared Begitier. Meeting, people to «ach n, nor could we and th«m after feelir g , for them with our eljog.i'wl b»ll#. »nd ban rin£ them to rotnra .».» w* stood in line o!!wt»nie*t tlitrn. B-t they vbcy had eaous;h. A Capl. of cavalry killcJ; oar regimenUl buzler Jscuson, w ds3; were all the cssualit:** on our «'J- nec- t»!«rv :o report in this en;»gement. To th«- CoolnW* nnd scidieny be^rioc of the ISOtt.; «hea thu b«et by rebel guerril M, flu bet! wiib tt-omcc*;* of h»vmi; driven our cnva'r* toe evenisg before, u due the credit of fs.'isc a, Krge train in their cbsrge, and much ·! ih»t in chsr^e of tae cavulry guards, on i^ i ST to the front. w»s tho p?iat to »hic^ w - w*r« ur return from tho Cedar Cicefc Tbts hu been .t plscc of coaidcr.ib!e bu ·:- new, pos«w*ed » sc-xxl degrcocf -- pro- plen'snt, bat rvJicr o!d fsihioae 1 up. p»A»nco. It* public structure* rrc quite seat, commodious and conveniently arrsngod. In cburche*. mo»t prominent, ate Lhe M- E- Evangelical l.utbe"»a, Frol. Epiic^pal aad Cutbolic. The M. E. Church hsl the largest coaj;r«;»ti .n we visited there-- »? n peopl*. this Ixviy »rs loy»' t sir.d cb'«rfully Mipport the Gwemrncal-- tbe pulpit ww frequently ailed by CBnpliia* or Minifter. from tb« array -- Kev. White. Cispliia of oar Keciai^nt, "»r:d C^ptaia ^i*f.-id of Co. E both accepted kindly irtvitniioa?, ·*!! preached for this Church. Ts«re is ia M»r- tin«burc, a drone, and I think c?nlrolli=c Crioa seaiirccat, bet there \* » »tron^ »i.d coateaipiibla meia ua ie:curr-*a t of !Bt;*iaA c*rr«*p*B*l*Bc*). BLCFKTOS, Ind., Au 10. 1854. ME. EntToit:-- Inclottd please find $2 as subscription to tbe Courier and Gazette: be- f tbe nmcunt due ior the paper until 15ib Jannary, 1805. I have long beec a reader of your valuable p»per, and can aware jon that it continues to be a welcome visitor my family. In peace I admired it for its jiaunch advocacy of the principles of free» loaj, upaa which our government teas found- Jed, ftcci ftnccesafnlly conducted for more *'#btj years. I also admire it in war and national comisolion, for its straight forward »od tearless advocacy of the only tangible method oS restoring the government, and its stern rebuke of traitors North or Sooth. I atu proud, indeed, of the lofty posi-ion a: my native Slate (Ohio) occupies in Unioa'fasji'y Sb» h«» batiied nobly in th» jood cno-e and much of her belt blood oeen shed, aad her suffering son* have- been tenderly cared for aad nurtnred by the delli- cacies so r.bandantly prepared by her patris otic daQRbieri. This in a glorious record to hand down to posterity, and rau:t ever cc- cnpy a promineot position in the history of de«pera*e «;rnggle for the life and peipe- toiiv o! tbc ereatent of the nations of tbe earth,--the United States of America 1 I r«£ret tba: I atn no; able tbus lo the State ol Indiana. Over a f*w things has been faitblnl. In tbe field she ha* nobly tone her part. On almost every baHle-fi*Id has her biooa bren poured o=t. Sever has aer troop? wavered when work was to be jr batiieg lou?hL Bat while sb* has re»ioa to be proud oJ tha aame achieved for ber her brave represenlative* io Ibe field «he mnt acknowledce with sbataS that many s«r citizens at home »re oi tbs order of V'Bllaadipham. Cowardly, contemptible rnitors. Traitors t.i their best interest, traitor* to their eovcrnssent and traitors to their God; tbey are unworthy the name of ran citizens. As a clajs they are ijnorant ·tnd intemperate, aad therefore we should pr»y. Father forjivs them, they know not ·hat tbey do! Our pre««-ot Governor. Oliver P. Morton, nominated by tba Uuioa party for rc-f!»ctitn. He if a »t»nd«»rer, irae and tried. He bas proved biaajel', liks onr eice'lsnt President, worthy the coaSdence the people h-xve placed in him. aad I think there is no of bis triumpbaat election. We are nil well pleased with the choice of tbs Union C -n- vestion at Baltimore, and the campaign J' 3:s»» qaite favorable. Bopin; that the end of tbe bloody coa:1 in which we are eaea^ed, ij aot far diit; act! that the national authority will be re;- -red :hrooj;hont tbe l»nJ, and peace *;..:= I aSaesee three »U,. while it t»s tbj Ani the Letter. it enjoyed while we were tber*. will »ver make that an nn»ife deposit for goveraoieat stores, snlu A au«h Inrger force is le!t to gxrrl-oa that point. ON DCTT. SIxrlin»barc the regular force sts «d dnrin; oir «!J»y, were a Bmery of 3 icch cua«. 2 coanp.isie* of tte 13V.O and the 160th U. '. G. Tee 161*1 Ob:o were awhile quartered here also. We were ajsicaed to Picket duty rssin, th? np,-ro«cc« | to the town, slthocgb we were petraiUed oc- Tbe rer sword into one know. the recently t vigi- o! cora asi o:s, which l*ti Ucle Saa's mcles. Oor picket duty reqaire-i Ksce on mp»rtknt ro«J', for w,.n-.;r. anl children resortel to m\ny cuo- n;og devices to RMD n-lmitlnnce' to towa, to Fe*p aruund {lead-quarter*, sod tocommun- ki«i» with their fricndi ie th« couairy round, en.l ibe G-er.-illi« ia tho bashes. , For a while during oor stay at Maniruborj, we were employed in n-ghi ncouti »?. Compan* ie* of lorry or nf:y men, detailed SOT the parpoie sraile opoa our borders. I am, Years Rrspcctfully. W. F. C. Progrsss ia Seatnoky. R*v. John if. Fee, A nativ* Keatocl: · who come foar years ago was chs*ed oat the town of Berea. ioKeatacky. on accoc of his aali slavery opinions, acd becsu-r fa»d estaaTijbtsi a mi««oa tchool for cole: children, has lately returned with bis fax: to bis old bom* in Bsrea, and has re-oper bis eehool. If ho should b: a^aio cole*'-d by mob violence, tbeirwill be somebody h=*t, as Gen. Barbrid^e b»* andertakea to p:~- tect sea ia tbat St.-Cr, ia the eojojai;ct freedom of opiiioa. evea tbougb tbat opini. be is favor of Liberty, aod elevaticg t o cnfortu«ate blacks, ·oa*wba;. in tbe »:»'- of general :atel!i;eoce,--Ciin'tn Republic, n CoppsrbCAds Oicgit. A Rochester p»per »»js: "Ageatleasn jest returned from Elaira reports an .vac. inz no J jaeRf^tive iacident tb»t look pine* in coantction with the trac«fer of rebel prit- oners To E!m:ra. Last San da;, while 6'iiti witb tbe prisoners on the way to I Wk» Jk OSk* N The election A tb« la «t of JOB I at Owejo, qnii number. »cme ei;ht or ten ?yms»tl!Z«f ritb treason ia that place r=»=*;;ed to 3tcate with th, ("ne cars in order to cotnansnicate prisoner', and diotribcte atsoa; them little! presents of tob»cco, etc., and prcre to

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