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Marguerite Pountain - col- En t h a t n g 1R72, l in I87(i. e...
col- En t h a t n g 1R72, l in I87(i. e pretzels u n i o r A u x i l i a r y Conlimied /roin Poop One needed as there were laughs the show to compliment each member, from the gentlemen the chorus to the "Buds 01' Another Season." Following are the skils, and members of the cast: Israel's Afrr : Srrnn One -- OPKNI\ T G f a ) BUDS OF THE SEASON --Jeuny Lakr, Ann Culley, Florence Metralfe, Dita Wing, Virginia Polk, Margaret Jordan. Foote Jordan, Josephine Blackmon. ( h i "STKP UP"--Owenn Mof- fill. Mary T-nuise Castlen. Helen Kulicka, Helen Rose Shelton. Ix'e Hamilton, Margaret f'nrter, lone Boudreaux, Betty Hunt. Sam T.oyarono. Walter Beard, Frank Hnll. Waller Marhlc, Higgason, Al Nogl, l.ouis T. J a r r e ' t . I*hnde.s Wassnri. /r*l BUHS OK ANOTHER SEASON-- Hebe Crittcnclrn, M i r - Arinslrong, M a r y Nell B=ir- r n f t , Liilli" Hayes. I.nui^e Crumn. Judith Stanley, Kluise Council. Ann T^nkp. Scene Two--SO NOW WE niAf, Charles Pedrey, Betty Carter Ben Wasson, Scene Three--"DANCING MAX" - SnnR hv Pnle Powell--Danced Harold Higgason. RHYTHM GIRLS-- Louise Gilbert, Gilbert, Geneva Morrow, Peagy Ries. Eicttv Jane Hollimnn, Fredn Stein, Louise Morrow. Scene Four--A FAMOUS LAWYER AT HOME The Lawyer--JImmie Lenz. His Wife--Mbrgnrct Blake. Scene Five--"HONEYMOON IN THE SKY" The Singers--Alice' Bc.11 Edwards Edwards nnd Amos Strong. WALTZ DUET--Marjorie Col- qnii nnd Kate Scolt Patterson. COUPLES--Louis T. Garret and Helen Kulicka, Gerard GrHf- ton and Owena Moffett, B i l l Stovull imd l u n c Doudrcaux, t Harold Higgason nnd Mary Louise Louise Cusllen, Al Nogi and Hetty Hunt, Frank Hall and Margaret Carter. Walter Marble nnd Helen Rose Shelton, Waller Beard and Helen Schultz. Scene Six--SHALL WOMEN TAKE TIP BICYCLING Mr. Rumpleboltom -- J i m m i e Lenz. Livzie Trnpsaddle -- D o r a Roat:li.. Scene Seven--THREE GIRLS AND A DANCE Geneva Morrow, Louise Mor- rnw, Louise Gilbert. Scene Elsht--PIUMA DONNA The Soloist--Esta Schwartz. 'Die Accompanist--Helen Pov/- eU. Scene Nlnr---'.i HATE WITH LOVE" Boy ; --Sam Loyycono. Girl--Alice Bell Edwards. C'ooli--Dorothy Kcady. Iceman--Al Nogi. Nursemaid--Ann Culley. Policeman--Jack Williams. Old Man--Bill Stovoll. Gulddiyenr -- Susan Uobert- Scene Ten--THE TKBASURK REVOKT Helen Spiar:;. Scene Klevcn--AT A GROCERY COUNTER She-- Owenn Mof fill. He--Sam Loynconb. PRECISION IN ULUE AND GOLD -- Sara Parish. Frcdn Stein, Betty .Inno Holliman, Elix- Services for William Tillmah Are Held Today ·fa Funernl services for William Tillman, 27, who passed a\voy suddenly Wednesday at Ellisville, will be holci at Hol- luniirtle nt two o'clock this afternoon, afternoon, with Rev. W. C. Cnl- reran, jr., officiating. Mr. Tiltmnn leaves his parents, parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Tillman of J.imes Crossing; a sister. Mrs. Elizabeth Green, nnd a niece, V i r g i n i a Grepn of Lcland. Pallbearers: Active -- Julius Thompson, jr., Walter MMchr.ll, Treadwrw, Mnreus Howard Treadway. Charles Biirnel'e. Jones. Honorary: Airon Shel- Hon. M. A. TreadwflY. . Julius Thompson, sr., .1. W. Prior, Ln- mar Watson, F,. J. Ganier, Her- man Scemnn, C. L. Schlom. H. L. Casey, M. P. Muddnx. A. F. Worthington, G. L. Sheldon. Arrangements are in rlnree of Kain-Johnson Funernl Home of Greenville. aheth Watson, Moliy Schwarz, Pegfiy Ries, Louise Mprrow, Louise Gilbert, Geneva Mprrow, Virginia Beck. Mary Jane Zeizer, Margaret Kulicka, Tot Farish, Helen Spiors, Joyce Stokes, Lynn Virden. Scene Twelve -- AMERICANS ALL! Recruit Leader--Louise Crump. Mrs. Hoover--Margaret Blake. Mrs. Roosevelt--Dora Iloucl). Martha Jones--Genevieve Hill. Oirl Recruits--Betty Francis, Virginia McGehee, Betty Jean Heanland. Scene Thirteen--STRANGE INTERLUDE INTERLUDE Harold Brownstein, Alice.Vill- yard. Ira Slnll. Scene Fourteen--EQUESTRIAN COUPLES -- E^ta Schwartz, F r a n k Gordv. Alice Uell wards. Jack Williams. EQUESTRIENNE- -- Miirjorio Colquit. LAD1KS OF THE HUNT--Sara Farish, Freda Slein. Peggy Ries. Betty' Jane Holliman. Milly Schwartz, Elizabeth Watson, Lynn Virden, Louise Mnrrow, Louise Gilbert, Geneva Marrow, Virginia Beck. Mary Jane '/,eisi:r. Margaret Kulicka, Tot Furish. Helen Solars. Joyce .Stokes. INTERMISSION (10 Minutes) ACT TWO Scene One--"Once Upon a Mld- nlzhl Blue" Sung by Esta Schwerli. I.iebestraltm, sung by Maynard W i l / l n . Ballerina -- Marguerite Pountain. Pountain. Accompanist--Helen 'Powell. MODERNEiS--Geneva Morrow, Louise Gilbert, Eli/abelh Watson, Joyce Stokes, Susan Hobertsbaw, Sally Murphy, Pcggv Hies, Heli Heli v Jane Hollimau, Virginia Molly Schwarx. ScellR Two--LADIES OF WEALTH Dinis Duke Betty Carter Wallie Simpson _ Freda Stein Bnrb:ira Hutlon Reventlow Louise Morrov.' Scenn Tliree--"DANCING

Clipped from The Delta Democrat-Times04 Jun 1938, SatPage 8

The Delta Democrat-Times (Greenville, Mississippi)04 Jun 1938, SatPage 8
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