B. Carmack 10-7,1922

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B. Carmack 10-7,1922 - Is inta-approprlatlng be-longlnK. reo!-tlon -e-...
Is inta-approprlatlng be-longlnK. reo!-tlon -e- -e- be-tween " at.-- at.-- intsapprtfprla- i 1 h. h, Mon- Negro . EHeg in Hospital i After Battle, in Coal Yard; Chased Boy, Charge. Barricaded In a stall of a vacant-coal vacant-coal vacant-coal yard stable near Woodland avenue and the Grand Trunk railroad railroad tracks, William Jenkins, a Negro. 11768 Dyar street. Ham-tranick, Ham-tranick, Ham-tranick, was "literally riddled with buckshot and pistol tiuileta, early Friday evening, following a niaji, hunt -in -in whicli a score of Detroit and Hamtramck policemen armed; wiin not guns participated. He died at 1:30 o'clock this.' morninji. His left arm torn kwav f rom-nrii- rom-nrii- rom-nrii- rom-nrii- hts heady shoulders, . thighs and Chest. aa34ivillt nu,DDlD lO Bll Up llltS' t)B(l in. the hospital an hour after the shooting and make a statement to Assistant: prosecutor Harry;8..T0y. .Vires At.oneeV. ' . . ..Tnnlclniv: hmA itAiitriit mn A building following a. battle between "HiDou. .mu hmvb' oamiiitincK' policemen policemen who , had been oaHed to yv ocqtanu avcuJ nd Dgaiiiwas.t l;rjeatttthsja'- l;rjeatttthsja'- to Was chasintx: a; bov-witb-'a bov-witb-'a bov-witb-'a bov-witb-'a bov-witb-'a Xi&ifa:SfF. .7boy3 A b6archin(c a;.Vsint propertytt tr o Iman . ::Stsmloy , -Ooralcy -Ooralcy k.Bjsffl ontcer.' riwaafired tifcon bv'-jrVfiftti bv'-jrVfiftti bv'-jrVfiftti with., a 46-70 46-70 46-70 icaliber 'rjfle. The officer-dropped officer-dropped officer-dropped officer-dropped to the' ground urthurt, iviiereMfjun jenKina neq flown an alley, alley, Oring several shots, with? the police In pursuit. As Jenkins Jumped Into "the dark recesses of the barn, one of the of -tlcers -tlcers sent for reinforcements. A general alarm brought police from me oemune station ana tne detective detective .headquarters flyer, all armed with riot guns. Emptir Cartridges Found. . Patrol Driver George- George- liray. lot tHe headnuarters tlvr. drove hi r close to the' stable and ' turned . the full glare of hts headlights upon the' doorway, while Detective -Bruce -Bruce Carmack, with n riot gun, advanced buslde the blinding glare. Carmack ordered Jenkins to surrender, but the only 'reply -he -he received' 'was- 'was- the ostensible snapping 'of the hammer on the fugitive' Fille. Carmack, pnlllng to his fellow officers, officers, advanced, pouring , a deadly barrage of buckshot Into the dafk stalls. : . Several empty shells were found besides Jenkins's rifle, In addition to several uiiexploded rounds' in his pockets, when the officers lifted him out, unconscious; from the building. Incensed At Neighbors. ' ' H tn If! rn.Jtiitr,r Tnv Ha become incenued at a neighbor boy tviio is alleged to have. made advances advances to. Junklns'w daughter earlier In the evening, when the child was on a mlssiun to a grocery store. Grabbing his rilie. Jenkins-then Jenkins-then Jenkins-then instituted a 'search for the offender, he said, which culminated iiv'the police alarm. " Asked why he had' the rifle in his possession, he said he kept It- It- "Just" tor snort." tilttinc un In had with bullet --iioles --iioles --iioles In every. -part -part of his body. Jenkins was .' able .to moan. un, ioro, j am going to die." - pos--Utvsly. ; a. A-rtour 3 j -Hnfrhuin

Clipped from Detroit Free Press07 Oct 1922, SatPage 1

Detroit Free Press (Detroit, Michigan)07 Oct 1922, SatPage 1
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  • B. Carmack 10-7,1922

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