Republican County Convention Dodge City Times 9 Oct 1884

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Republican County Convention
Dodge City Times
9 Oct 1884 - J REPUBLICAN COUNTY CON- TENT10N. Minutes of...
J REPUBLICAN COUNTY CON- TENT10N. Minutes of the Republican count- convention of Ford county. Kansas, held on the 7th day of Oct.. 1S8-1. The convention was called to order by i G. Reynolds, chaimau of the Central Committee. On motion,. 31 r. Uoover. of Cimarron was made temporary chairman, and J. W. Sidlow, of Wheatland, was made temporary secretary. 3Iotion made by D. 31. Frost, of Howell, that the chair appoint a committee committee of three on credentials. 3Iotion by 3Ir. Burns to ammend for the chair to appoint one member from each uncontested delegation, carried. The chair appointed: Frank Hinck-ly, Hinck-ly, Speareville; 11. E. Burn?, Wheatland; Wheatland; A. 31. Norman. Crooked Creek; D. F. Trask, Cimarron; II. Fares. Klaine. On motion a committee on Resolutions Resolutions was named as follo'ws: R. C. Marquis. It. E. Burns, A. H. Brown. On motion the following committee on order of buisness: J. Fares. D. S. Cummins, B. F. Haywood. On motion the following committee on permament organization : John Schmokei, J. II. Phillips, W. II. Preston. Preston. The report of the committee on order of business is as follows: The nomination nomination of officers will be as follows: 1st., Representative; 2d. County Attorney; 3d., Probate Judge; 4th. Cleil: of Court; 5th., Register of Deeds; Gth., Supt. of Public Instruction. The report of committee on credentials credentials is as follows: Dcdce Citt, Kas.. Oct. 7th, IPS!. Wo, your committee on credentials, submit the following report: Under the instructions of the convention, we proceeded to exeii'ine into the credentials of A. Evarts, of Howell, and prosy of D. 31. Frot,t, v.e found no proper to any delegate from that township; nor any proper eidencc that any primary meeting had been held in that oting precinct. precinct. For uhich reason and the further reason that D. M. Frcit was not a resident of taid voting precinct tnd could not represent the interest, we rejected his claims to a peat as a member of thi3 committee cr a -vote by reason of sud alleged proxy in this com cntion. The following delegates are entitled to peats in this convention: srE VKEV1LLE TOWNSHIP. H. JL Clark, J. 21. Ferris, Peter Eaton, Win. Hitter, Henry Thillipn, V. C. Hinckley. ClUAP.l'.ON TCWfiUir. Wm. Hooker, A. II. Brown, D. Summer?, D. F. Trask. CKOOKED CHEEK TOWNSHIP. O. Boycr, A. II. Norman, John Schaiokcr, Peter Blair, E. Bcheney, B. Hpywood. ODn: Tow?.sniP. Henry Widerman, and Win. Scnmoker. CLACK CITY T0W:SinF. Robt. C. 2Iarqui3 and Henry Fare?. V, HEATLAXD TOW.fc.niP. J. W. Sidlow, John Rapp, Pretton, R. E. Burnt. DODGE CITT TOWNSHIP We would say to the convention that no contest except in Bodge City, that there is a miiundcrstanding regarding the authority to call or fix the time for .oting in said noting precinct, that concluding that the Republican Central Committee Committee of said township has the authority. They utterly failed to fix the time and prounlgatc the thing by publishing a notice in any newspaper or by posting printed or written circulars in cay place within the limits of eaid precinct, that the only evidence that thia committee has i a certificate certificate attached to their credential, but promulgated published or otherwise made know n to the Republican Republican voter' of raid township. That the Republican Republican commits c of said township are generally of gross negligence to such a a extent that their acts convince your committee that their intention waa not to piomoto the interests of the Republican voters of taid tow nbhip; that no piopcr list of otcis handed to jour committee. That a list compri-ing 135otes wan handed us, that the friends of said ticket concluded toyonr committee, upon examination made in presence of jpji committee, committee, that said list contained the names of a large number of persons who openly afiilintedwith the Dsmocratic yartj, including delegates to the Democratic convention. That six of the hundred and thiriy-tix votes were cast for the conte&tirg delegation. That the delegation claiming seals in this convention convention by reason of said election as heard by P. G. Reynolds. That the contesting delegation headed by G. S. Emerson claims to be elected by rcaton of one hundred and thirteen a otes cast in arothcr and different place without the authority pretended or real of any member of the Repablican cammittee save the chairman of the county committee, by a conversation had between baid chairman and one E. D. Swan upen some points which said gentleman gentleman diflVr by reason of which conversation, the raid Swan caused the notices attached to these credentials .0 be published in the Times and Cow Boy of this city, which wa the only pretended authority, authority, on w hich raid ote-i v. ere cast. And w hile j our committee believe that many good Republicans Republicans -voted at both of said polls, jet by reason of the culpable negligence of members of said township township committee in failing to designate any proper plac?, and they believe they had the power in ilxing the hoars in v. hici. e?id polls should open and cloe and giving prop-rand reasonable notice to the Rc-peblican Rc-peblican voters when o many different ways and means were in their power to use on the one hand, and the apparent intention to thwart the designs designs of the Central Committee on the other hand; no fair expression of the Republicans of said tow nsihip was had. We hereby transmit to the convention all papers delivered to us from any source for our consideration and recommend that neither of said delegations have seats or participate participate in this convention, all of which is respectfully respectfully submitted. R, E. Bur.s&, Chairman. A. 21. KoniiAK, Henkt Tap-ep, F C. HlNCKLET, m D. F. Tisask. The report of tho committee on credentials credentials is as follows: The following delegates are entitled to a seat in this convention: SPEARKVILBE. H. 31. Clark, J. 31. Ferrier, Peter Eaton, Wm. Rittcr, Henry Philips, F, C. Hinkley. CIMARRON". Wm. Hoover, A. H. Brown, D. F Summers, JJ. F. Trask. CROOKED CREEK. O. Boyer, A. 31. Norman, John Sehsnoker, Peter Blair, E. Behny and B. Haywocd. ODEE. II. Widerman and Wm. Schmoker. CLARK CITY. Robt. C. 3Iarquis and Henry Fares. WHEATLAND. J. W. Sidlow, John Rapp, W. Preston, Preston, R. E. Bums. On motion it was moved and secon-ed secon-ed that where a pai t of a delegation was absent that those of the delegation present should cast the full vote. On motion of 31 r. Burns that the chairman of each delegation announce the vote of their delegation. On motion of 3Ir. 31arquis 3Ir. Shoup was made the unanimous choice of this convention as candidate for the office of Representative. On motion of 3Ir. Schmcker. Mr. Swan was put in nomination for coun-to coun-to attorne-, on motion of Mr. Sidlovr. R. E. Earns was nominated. On first ! ballot R. E. Burns received ten votes ant r- Swan received 8 votes. 11. E. Burns was the most unanimous choice f this convention, On motion of R. E. Rums, Mr. Swan vas Hiadc the unanimous choice of this 1 convention for the office of Probate .Juoge. L. h. ylcGrarry was nominat ed lor clerk of the District Court. There beiug no other nominations. L. E. 3IcGarry was made the unanimous choice of this coner.tion. On motion of 3Ir. 3Iarquis. 3Ir. Cher-ington Cher-ington was put in nomination for the office of Register of Deeds. There being being no other nominations. 31r. Chering-ton Chering-ton was made the unanimous choice of this convention. On motion, 3Ir. Schmoker, 3Iiss Augusta Augusta Waite was put in nomination for the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction and on motion of 3Ir. Preston, Preston, 3Ir. Groendyke was also placed in nomination. 3Iiss Waite received 14, Groendyke received 3. On motion of It. E. Burns, a committee committee of five was appointed to select names to present this convention from Dodge City precinct to be received or rejected as Central Committee. On motion of 31r. Marquis, a committee of three was appointed to apportion the Central Committee. 3Ir. Ludlow, 3I. Trask-and 3Ir. Schmoker was 'appointed as that committee. The report of committee on apportionment apportionment of the Central Committeemen is as follows: Dodge City 7, Speareville Speareville 1: Cimarron 1; Howell 1; Crooked Creek 2; Wheatland 1; Clark 2. On motion, J. W. Sidlow, A. 31. Norman, II. Fares. It. E. Burns and B. F. Haywood was appointed a committee to select seven names to act as Centtal Committeemen for Dodge precinct for the coming year. The report of the committee is as follows: 31. W. Sutton. Sutton. G. S. Emerson, N. B. Klaine. Fred Wenie, 8. A. Bullard, L. K. 31c- Tntyre and J. II. Crawford. The following compose the fan county central committee Republi- Peter lmel, Speareville. Wm. Wilkinson. Howell. A. 31. Norman, Crooked Creek. A. P. Toombs, ' Wm. Hoover. Cimarron. J. W. Sidlow. Wheatland. Geo. Small, Clark. W. T. Wade, ' 31. VS. Sutton, Dodge City. Geo. S. Emerson, "' N. B. Klaine, (: F. T. 31. Wenie, " L. K. Mclntyre, " J. II. Crawford, S. A. Bullard, The County Central Committee as appointed by the Republican County Convention, Oct. 8th, 18S-1, met as per adjournment of convention and proceeded proceeded to dispose of such business as should be brought before it. On motion with second, 31. W. Sutton was elected chairman chairman of committee and upon motion with second, F. T. 31. Wenie was elected secretary of committee. 3Iotion with second that chairman appoint appoint a committee to act as executive committee, to take charge of the campaign campaign for Ford county, with power to call the County Central Committee together. together. Motion carried, and chairman appointed the members of Central Committee Committee from Dodge township, to act as executive committee of County Cential Committee. On motion with second committee adjourned to meet again subject to call of Executive Committee. 31. W. Sutton, Chairman. F. T. 31. Wenie, Secretary. Accidental Browning. A sad accident occurred at Peck's sheep ranch, six miles south-west of here, on Spring creek, last Friday evening. A young man named Sheridan, Sheridan, who was herding for 3Ir. Peck, went in bathing, accompanied by 31 r. H. B. Dearth. It seems that he could not swim and got beyond his depth and was drowned. 31r. Dearth made every endeavor to save him, and narrowly es caped drowning himself. Thc young man's father, ,3Ir. Richard Sheridan, came up as soon as he heard of the sad affair. His stfn'sbody y.-as not recovered recovered until 3Ionday morning, it being in sixteen feet of water. The grief-stricken father passed here 3Iomday afternoon afternoon with his sorrowful burden, on the way to his home in Sterling township. Jetmore Reveille. The following interesting note in regard regard to the Texas cattle drive, we clip from the Cheyenne Transporter: "In regard to the number of cattle driven out of-Texas, a correspondent writing from Doan's Store, at Red river crossing crossing of the Dodge City trail, says that up to a recent date there have crossed at that place 153 herds, containing 394,227 head, not counting horses. He has kept a record since '77 and says the smallest drive over this trail was in '79, when only 110,000 head crossed, aud the largest in '82, when 415,000 f crossed. This alludes the drive over the Dodge City trail." Screen doors and windows at the red front tinware store. Chas. Shields. Buchlen's Arnica Salve- Tim best Salvo in the world for CuN. BrmseH. Sores. Wceis. Salt Kucimi. Fever Sores. Tetter. Chapped Hands, Chilblains Corns, and all Skin Eruptions. nni positively positively cures Piles, or no nay required. It is miaranteed to rcive perfect satisfaction, or monev rffniifled. Price 25 cts. per box. For sale at City Drnji Stoie. JOB PRINTING XEATLY EXECUTED A.? the TI3iK OFFICE. j t I

Clipped from Dodge City Times09 Oct 1884, ThuPage 4

Dodge City Times (Dodge City, Kansas)09 Oct 1884, ThuPage 4
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