murder in shreveport 1903

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murder in shreveport 1903 - $274,-038,271. cnitn- in be it wlse-lv. ret- of...
$274,-038,271. cnitn- in be it wlse-lv. ret- of ne-rond of a I Mrs. Aline Matthews Mur dered in Her Home. en-Tear-01d en-Tear-01d en-Tear-01d en-Tear-01d en-Tear-01d Daughter is Prob-rily Prob-rily Prob-rily Fatally Injured. Negro Brute Mutilates His Vic tims With an Ax Criminal Assault BelleTed t Hare Been Only Motire for Crime. Murderer Shot to Death by Officer! and Hia Eodj Cremated in the 8treeti of Ehrereport. Special te The Times-Democrat. Times-Democrat. Times-Democrat. Shreveport, La.. April 11. Mrs. Aline Matthews, aged forty-live forty-live forty-live years, wife of Frank Matthews, a well known civil engineer, was brutally murdered In her bed early this morning by negro, who Is believe! outraged hia victim. after slaying her. The woman's little daughter, Allre, aged ten years, waa fatally wounded. Aa. ax was the Instru ment employed In both cases. Ed F0f-ter. F0f-ter. F0f-ter. a negro strongly suspected of the crime, waa sht to death by two police eergeanta while attempting to escape. He bad been run down at a point about five miles from Shreveport. The discovery of the crime was made by the cook, Mary Wells, who reached the bouse early this morning, while It was still dark. Entering Mrs. Matthew'a room, after she bad built fire In the stove, her attentioa was attracted by the bloodstains on tbe pillows, even In the semi-darkness semi-darkness semi-darkness of the chamber. Lighting the lamp In the room, the servant waa horrified at tbe sight that met her eyes. She called to the honseglrl, Jennie Kteere, who had Just . arrived. In tbe kitchen. and tbe latter, as soon aa ahe gated on the bed, screamed out In horror of the terrible alght. The Inmates of. tbe house were aroused. and Dr. 'Blatichard waa telephoned for. reaching the scene about 6:15 o'clock, Mrs. Matthews waa defld. ber face bat tered almost beyond recognition and ber head crushed In by a blow on the top. Tbe little girl waa still living and strng gllng to arise, murmuring pitifully for ber dead mother, who lay still beside ber. Dr. Blanchard stated that tbe bed scene was the most heart-rendering, heart-rendering, heart-rendering, the most awfuL he had ever witnessed In bis career aa a physician. There waa Intense excitement following the discovery of the crime, and hurry orders were sent for bloodhounds. NEGRO KILLED BT OFFICERS. About noon It waa learned that a freight engineer on the Kansas City Southern Railroad, In passing a negro on the track, noticed that bla bine overalls were bloody. Fosses at once set out for tbe scene, about four miles south of this city. Sergesnta of Police jerrald and Roquemore met tbe negro abont 1 o'clock on the railroad track. Tbe fugitive had Just come out of the woods. The officers asked bis name and be gave them , a fictitious one, telling them be waa a sec tlon band. When they asked him wby bla clothing was covered with blood be suddenly dodged and ran. Seeing that be waa about to get Into the woods. Gerrald. Roquemore and Lockman opened fire, bullets from both pis tola striking the negro In the middle of the back and at the base of the neck. either of which waa aufflclent to cause death. "' The dead negro was subsequently Identl fled as Ed Porter, a negro who has been empleyed around the Kansas City Southern freight depot at the Union Station. A fiend Incarnate must hare committed the double crime, and -bis -bis object was not robbery. The little child bad been beaten to Insensibility and Its temjjle crushed by a blow of tbe ax, which wia the weapon used by the brute on both .of his victims. The child's murder bad no other object than to silence a probable outcry or prevent lta telling of the nlght'a bloody work. Mrs. Matthews bad been criminally .as saulted, the physicians said. There was no donbt that the motive had been tills. and this alone. Nothing Is the room bad been disturbed. Mrs. Matthews wore a diamond ring and diamond earrings, which were not totiched by tbe murdererX and three porket-booka porket-booka porket-booka containing money were In the room, showing that criminal assault furnished tbe only motive for the crime. An ax covered with blood and balr was found In the kitchen. - There was sufficient proof that tbe fiend accomplished his purpose, and It waa Judged that when It waa done Mrs. Mat thews bad been beaten Into unconscious ness by repeated blows eo the face. The death blow waa Inflicted with tbe sharp edge of the ax, and bad this blow been the first struck by the brute it would have caused death or Inertia, and there would have been no necessity for other blows. This, however, is mere specula tion; what the sequence of events was will never be known. LITTLE GIRL BRUTALLY BEATEN. Not the least terrible festure ef the case was the murder of little Aline Matthew; Matthew; who slept with her mother. The brute bad not only beaten the child's face In, presumably with bis fist, bnt bad finally wielded the bloody ax, and bad given the little girl a blow on the left aide of the bead that crushed the skull. Even then life was not extinct, although this was probably not known te the fiend, who Intended that ahe should be oaly a mute witness left In that room of death. When Dr. Blanchard reached the bouse be found the little girl leaning on ber arm and trying weakly to crawl ever to her motber'a body. Her eyes were closed, and the blackened tyutses showed that she bad been beaten In the face. Her bead and face were a mass of blood, and she struggled amidst bedclothes and pillows vhat were crimson with blood from her wounds and those of her motner. The physician spoke to her. and although although she waa semi-conscious, semi-conscious, semi-conscious, she merely called "Mother," "Mother," over and over agif.n. The sanitary ambulance was summoned snd the little one wss hurried away. Her cry was still for her mother. Much depended upon the little spark of life which still existed. At the sanitarium. when tbe physlclana saw the wound In the skull, they shook their heads. An oners tion was determined on and per formed, the pieces of broken skull being removed from tbe brain, and the little one lived, but became altos-ether altos-ether altos-ether uncon scious. To-night To-night To-night she is still alive, with a verv slicht chance for recovery. The Matthews home is locsted on the corner cf Common and Crockett streets. and Is only three blocks from police hesdouarters. a block and a half from Texas avenue, and about three blocks from the nnlon deort. Mrs. Matthews and her little girl oc III! Ill cupied a room between the dining room nu tne Kitchen. There are two windows to this room, opening ou the Crotkett street sidewalk. So close is the house to the street It wonld be essy for a person person to stand on the sidewalk at either window, if there acre any crevice, and see the Inside of tne room. It Is nos- nos- slble'the murderer learned the defenseless defenseless woman and child where the nlv occupants occupants of the room by watching through these windows. The next room In front Is the dining room, which adjoins the front rooms, which wss occupied lv MIks I'atty Matthews, an older daugbrer'of the woman murdered. The nearest sleefting room therefore to the one In which the-crime the-crime the-crime was committed wss that of Por ter Matthews, up stairs directly over his mother s room. There were several boarders In the house. Including Howard Doll. Jr., and wife. Mrs. Doll la a daughter of Mrs. Matthews. - MURDERER KNEW THE PREMISES. No one In the bouse heard anrthlnir during the night In the way of suspi cious noise, ii is pracricailv certain that tbe murderer knew the premises, and knew bow he could gain an entrance withont disturbing any of the Inmates. lne murderer entered tbroiiKU the kitchen door, to which he either bad a key or knew that the door hud been left unlocked, as there waa no Indication that the door had been forced. This door opened on the back gallery, which faced tne notise next aoor on e south, the end of the gallery being closed In by a pantry. There Is a small passageway lu the yard, from the hack gallery to a small alley In the rear of the house. This alley opens Into Crockett street. The murderer came through the alley and passed Into the yard, where he seen red the sx. After opening the screen door to the kitchen, be propped It so It would not close, and then opened the kitchen door. Once In tbe kitchen he doubtless found the door dmdlug It from Mrs. Matthews' room unlocked. unlocked. Just-how Just-how Just-how the entrance, to the kitchen was effected Is a mystery. It waa stated by the cook that she. always found the kitchen door unlocked when she came In the morning, but the house-girl house-girl house-girl said that Mrs. Matthews niiide It a rule to lock the kitchen door, nulocking It herself before the cook came. There was no key in the kitchen door when the crime wss discovered, but It could -be. -be. and probably was. locked by a thnmbbolt. r rom the circumstances it Is supposed that" Mrs. Matthews, when she retired Friday nisht. either forgot to thnmbbolt the door or thought It waa unnecessary. This must hare been known to the murderer, murderer, as otherwise he could not have effected an entrance without awakening the other inmates of the house. The only other theory is that tbe murderer had a key - which would unlock the kitchen door. THE MATTHEWS FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Matthews and fam ily came to Shreveport about four years go irom iouiKvuie, ivy. .Mrs. .Mnttaews was before her marriage Miss Alice Hicks of Somerset. Ky. ilr. Matthews Is a civil engineer, and lately he has beeu employed on the Seaboard Air Line, with headquarters at Anntston. Ala., to which place a message telling him of the dread- dread- rui traeay at nome was sf nt this morning. morning. Ibelf children are Mrs. Howard Doll. Miss Tatty Jlatthews. l'orter and Aline, the little girl who .was a victim with ber mother. AH memlters of the family slept in the house. Miss Patty being being the only one, however, whose room was down stairs. None of those In the house heard any suspicions noise during the night. Mrs. Matthewa and her famllv are prominent prominent socially, and the news of the murder murder created a profound sensation. Aa nearly as could le stated with any degree of certainty, the time of the tragedy tragedy was placed at aliout 3 o'clock this morning. This was given by Dr. ir.anrh-srd. ir.anrh-srd. ir.anrh-srd. who said that when he reached the bouse, shortly after 6 o'clock, he Judged from the coagulation of the blood that the crtrne had been committed about three hours before. Porter Msthews stated that when be reached home, about 10 o'clock, he knocked at bla mother's door and received no answer, but he attached no Importance to this, as he often knocked loudly without without wakening his mother. He then went np stairs and went to sleep. A nelghlx.r who went home abont midnight midnight said he noticed evervthlng waa quiet In the neighborhood and the moon was shining brightly. OFFICERS ACTIVE. Within a few minutes sfter the discovery discovery of the crime Lieut. Basch and several several patrolmen were on tbe aceue. It waa Lieut. Hasch wbo found the bloody ax In the back yard between the gallery and the gate leading Into the alley. Chief of l'olb-e l'olb-e l'olb-e Jones was aroused, and be. too. harried to the scene. As quickly as possible, considering the excitement and the horror of the affair, the police were active In their search for clews. They mere Joined within the hour by Sheriff Ward and Deputies Will Young and Duke Ward. Finding there were no clews, the sheriff's sheriff's forces teleitlionml for bloodhounds. Subsequently Mayor (Jtierbes ordered a special engine to bring the bloodhounds from Marshall, but the latter did not reach the city until after the negro murderer murderer bad been overtaken and killed. Hundreds of persons went Into the vard and traversed the streets adjoining the premises before the clogs were secured, and it was almost certain that ther would have been unable to follow the track of tbe murderer.- murderer.- . A bout H:3o o'clock J. J. Yost of West Shreveport telephoned to the sheriff's otBce that a freight englueer on the Kansas, Kansas, City Southern Railroad, whose train had Just come In, reported having passed a negro dressed In blue overalls a few miles ont of. the city. The engineer stAed that hia train was running slowlv, aim-he aim-he aim-he notlcml that the negro's clothliig was bloody. The negro, be ald, seemed to be hurrying down the track. This Information was sent to the silertfTs posse with the dogs, and thev at once started to the- the- sone, rnllowe'l by' other poss-s. poss-s. poss-s. Sheriff Ward himself was at the. head of the squad who went where the negro was reported to have been - seen. -snd -snd others tolne.l In rh hunt from various points. Deputy Sheriffs Imke, Ward, and Worshnm reached the woods where it was afterward found the negro was hiding. Finding two Mexicans In the woods asleep, but seeing no trace or the reported fugitive, this posse hurried hurried cn, thinking that the negro- negro- bad gone. : Another party, composed of Sergeants of Police (ierald and kMineuiore and I'a- I'a- iroiiucii jonusvn t raddock and Huil, rouowea. itenchlng the vicinity where the negro was said to have been seen, the ofltcera' posse made a detour through the woods . and Hervennta :.rr,i,i ... Roquemore came into the dfHtAiice ltiW. the others aroln-r aroln-r aroln-r h1 ; OFFICERS MEET THE NEGRO. Gerrald and Ronuemore started hack toward the city on tbe railroad, and after traveling about half a mile, and Just as they turned a curve In a cut. they met a negro walking rapldlv down the railroad with his cost banging on bis srm. The ix-irro ix-irro ix-irro was halted. nt tu. -,. -,. officers noticed at once that his trousers were bloody. They asked ha name, and i" mem a name mat omcera did not reniemlier afterward, bnt which th atated was not his right name, as after-wsrd after-wsrd after-wsrd discovered. In reply to' another question, tbe negro said be was a section band and bHonred to a section. down the road. Thla was aiiTwaru proven to ie untrue. "What's that on your pants? Gerrald asked, pointing to the bloodstained garment. "What'a on my pants?" was the evas ive query wnicn tne negro asked in reply -inose -inose spiotcnes or blooa there?" said Gerrald. No sooner had the words passed the ouicer s u.-raio u.-raio u.-raio man tne negro dodged and started on a run to get ont of the cut. his Intention belna- belna- to aft Into a dense thicket which lay on either side of ine rauroau. Gerrald and Roquemore both grabbed t the negro as he started a war. but tneT missed blm. They both started Im mediately In nurwilt. bnt soon saw that the negro would gain the thicket before ne coma lie overtaken. Roquemore liegan firing at the ngro wunotit rnppine. He nrel two shots, and Gerrald. who had halted to a-et a-et a-et Iwt- Iwt- ter aim. fired one. Just n Gerrald fired Roquemore shot the third time and the negro fell on his face at the side of the enitKintntent fiend. Gerrsld's revolver was a 45-ealIbre. 45-ealIbre. 45-ealIbre. and the slnzie shot fired by him took effect In the neero's back, lietween the shoulder blades, the bullet passing through and coming out ot nis breast. Uoqiicmore's pistol was a 44-caIIbre. 44-caIIbre. 44-caIIbre. and the single bullet which took effect struck directly above that fired br Ger raid, at the base of the neck, coming out through the negro's throat and chin. It is said that the holes showing the place penetrated by tbe two bullets were of different sixes, indicatine that the bul lets were from the two pistols. DEAD NEGRO IDENTIFIED. A search was made of the dead negro and a bill was found In one of his poefcots directed to Kd rnrter from the Kenton "Mercantile Tompany for $1. balance on account. This Identified the netro as Porter, and the Identification was com pleted later by persons who knew him. He was employed at odd times around the union depot and the Kansas City South-em South-em South-em freight office. He was a negro about thirty years of nge, black, weighed about 16T pounds and was 5 feet 8 inches in height. The negro's clothing wss spattered with blood, there being a large spot of blood in the sent of the trousers and his shoes were bloody all these blood marks hav-Im? hav-Im? hav-Im? dried, and showing plainly that tbey did not come from his own wounds. A wagon was secured and Porter's body brought to an undertaking establishment In Texas STenne. where to-nli;Ut to-nli;Ut to-nli;Ut a cromd of more than in persons gathered, there being talk on all sides of taking the body as It was and burning It. Dr. Coty, who was on the scene soon after the arrival of Dr. Blanchard. Impaneled Impaneled a coroner's Jury, composed of Zack Howell, James Keeney, J. H. I'res-cott, I'res-cott, I'res-cott, Albert I'.arnett and Henry A. Fetxer. After taking the testimony of those at the Matthews home, including the ser-J ser-J ser-J vants, the Inquest was adjourned until the afternoon, when It was decided to again adjourn - until to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow at 5 o'clock In the afternoon, when It is expected expected to be known whether or not the little girl will survive her wound. In the ease of the negro, l'orter, a coroner's' Jury waa secured and a verdict returned that he came to his death as the result of a gunshot wound Inflicted by Sergeant Roquemore, who was attempting attempting to arrest him. NO DOUBT OF PORTER'S GUILT. , There Is absolutely no doubt In the minds of the authorities that l'orter was the murderer of Mrs. Matthews. The fact that he was lurking In the woods, where be was seen br two bovs who passed blra; that be tried to escape as soon as he found, that the officers saw tbe blood stains on his clothing; and, above all. that there were great spots of blood on bis shoes, where he had stood In the bed and trauipeled his victims nnder foot, and, on his trousers, where it had spattered, all wers concluslre evidence evidence that this wss the negro who com mitted tne diabolical crime. Allae Matthew Still Alive. Special to Tbe Tiroes-Democrat. Tiroes-Democrat. Tiroes-Democrat. Shreveport, April 12. At a late hour this (Sunday) morning little Aline Mat thews was still living. A telephone mes sage to the Sanitarium brought the news that she was somewhat better than she had been during the day and evening. There Is a universal hope that the life of the little one, who was loved for her winning ways and childish beautr ni.iv be spared, and the hope is the more fer vent for on what she remembers of the dreadful scene of murder depends the only light thst will probably ever be tnrown upon tne. most diabolical crime that has ever stained the history of cnrevenori. XEGRO'S BODY BIRED. Marderer af Mrs. Matthewa Cre- Cre- mated by a Mob. Shreveport, I-a., I-a., I-a., April 12. This morning at 1:30 o'clock the body of Ed Porter, the negro who murdered Mrs. Aline Matthewa and fatally Injured her little daughter. was taken to the head of Texas street by mob of abont 100 men, placed on funeral pyre and cremated. There was no noise or demonstration. The police at tempted to bury the negro's body before the crowd could get It, but failed. The city has been In a state of Intense ex cltement all night, bnt It Is quiet now. Xeajro Kills White Wamaa an4 Himself. Huntington, L. I., April 11. Paschale Latour, a nogro farm hand employed by Carlos Salato, at South Dlx Hll's, murdered Mrs. Salato and then killed himself some time during Thursday night. The crime was not discovered nntll Sa lato, who Is employed in New York, returned returned home to-dar. to-dar. to-dar. The negro used a shotgun and a Dlstol. He anDarentlv stood close to Mrs. Salato when be fired the run at her. The weanon was loaded with buckshot and the cbarce tore the top or her nead off. After shooting Mrs, Salato, the negro shot himself with tbe pistol. .Mrs. Ma la to was forty five years old. Latour. who had worked on the farm six years, was thirty rears old. No reason can be given for tbe tragedy. Killed la Raaaway St. Loala. April 11. As tbe result of s run away accident to-day to-day to-day D. P. Bares is dead. Coachman Tbomaa Jackson Is In the hospital in a critical condition, and Mr. J. F. Sylvester is uffrrlnc from a broken collar booe. The horsa drawing Mrs. Sylvester's carriage ran sway. As Mr. Bates waa leaving a atrert ear - the horse dashed over Mm, aw-ved aw-ved aw-ved and struck a t roller polr. and Mr. Sylvester and loaca-roan loaca-roan loaca-roan Jackann were thrown to tbe cronnd. Mr. Bates died several nonra later. He was horn in 1840. and formerly waa purcbaalng agent of tbe Missouri Pacinc Railway. SPECULATION AS TO FUTURES. What Woald Renalt If Sapreme Coart Sustains Merger Declaloa. Special te The Times-Democrat. Times-Democrat. Times-Democrat. New Tork. April 11. Should the United States Supreme Court sustain the Judg ment of tbe Clr-vilt Clr-vilt Clr-vilt Court of Appeals and order the dissolution of the Northern Se curities Company, the control of the Northern Taclflc Railroad would be radically radically affected, while that of the Great Northern Railway - wonld remain un changed. The dissolution of the $400,-(M.00 $400,-(M.00 $400,-(M.00 holding company would be accompanied accompanied by the return of $155,000.0110 of capital stock of the Northern Pacific, and abont IliO.OOO.nOw stock of the Great Northern to tbe persons who deposited such stocks In exchange for Northern Securities shares. Of the $l.V,noo;ooo of Northern Pacific stock fTMOS.O'jO was deposited by tbe Oregon Short Line Railroad Compsny, which Is owned by the Union Pacific Railroad Railroad Company. This Is a little more than half of the total of Northern Pacific stock. Tbe remninlilg 77,5f0OO was deposited deposited by the Morgan-Illll Morgan-Illll Morgan-Illll Interest, which, by virtue of Its absolute control of the Great Northern capital shares. Is ensbled to completely dominate the North ern securities. Although tne iiarnman Interest Is no-Jr no-Jr no-Jr well represented In the directorates of both the Northern Securities Securities and the Northern Pacific Companies It Is distinctly a minority representation. With the separation of the Northern 1'a-clfle 1'a-clfle 1'a-clfle from the Northern Securities Combination, Combination, the Harrlman people, nnless thev part with some of their holdings, wlli be able to elect a board of directors of tbelr own at the next Northern Pacific election. Such :in outcome will simply transfer the control of the Northern Pacific Pacific from the Great Northern to the Union Pacific. Appeal Will Re Filed Monday. - St. Paul. Minn., April 11. Judge Toung, attorney here for tbe Northern Securities Company, stated to-day to-day to-day that the notice of appeal In the government Injunction case will not be filed until Monday. It was expected that the appeal wonld be filed to-dav. to-dav. to-dav. bt;t the delay la said to mean nothing of Importance, as the filing Is merely perfunctory. 5KCROI.OGICAL Lav Is Mosard Reraard, Abbeville. Special to The Times-Democrat. Times-Democrat. Times-Democrat. Abbeville. La.. April 11. Louis Mosard Bernard, Bernard, an old and respected ettlaen of this town, died last night at the residence of his son, J. Age nor IBlanr. aged alvty-aia alvty-aia alvty-aia years. About three rear ago while conducting a store here, Mr. licmard suffered a atroke of paralysis. Since which be baa been an Invalid. His funeral, funeral, which occurred this afternoon, was largely attended. Mrs. M. L. Rarrett. Meridian. Special to Tbe Times-Democrat. Times-Democrat. Times-Democrat. Meridian, Mies.. April 11. Mrs. M. L. Bar rett, widow of tbe late Dr. J. K. Barrett of Bienville. Ala., died here tbla morning. She was of advanced age, and bad been aa Invalid for two yeara. (the waa well known la this city, and In the State. Among ber relatives are Mrs. V. and Mrs McW hotter of Mert dlan. nieces: Mise B. Berney of Meridian. granonanrnTer; j. n. nnrrcr or Mooije, end T. S. McWhorter of Meridian, nephews-Mrs. nephews-Mrs. nephews-Mrs. VT. n. Martin of Mobile, niece, and Mrs. A. V.. Ramaev of Meridian, alvter. Mrs. Bar rett waa a native or macs vine, s. c. Mm. Edward Mnrgta, Maajaolla Special to Tbe Times-Democrat. Times-Democrat. Times-Democrat. Magnolia, Miss.. April 11. Mrs. Morgan, the life of Kdward Morgan, died here this morn ing, after a severe Illness of several weeks' duration. Her remains were conveyed to her oin nome in tjiiiscnrg. Amite conntv. for burial. She waa a lady of many admirable traits of cha-acter. cha-acter. cha-acter. and will he sadlv missed nv a large circle ot friends, who deeply sym pathise wild tne prreavea. Duaeana,

Clipped from The Times-Democrat12 Apr 1903, SunPage 7

The Times-Democrat (New Orleans, Louisiana)12 Apr 1903, SunPage 7
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