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Sydney Morning Herald 10-5-69 CTA review - 1 It's a Happening World j Retro-1 1913-1 I j j...
1 It's a Happening World j Retro-1 1913-1 I j j I j j j ; i j j j Print-; j j j j j j ! I j Mix-1 j j j j ! ! j I j j j ; j : j j : j j ! jjj ten-ill jjj jij jjj jjj jjj jij jij jij jij jjj jjj jij : jjl jjj jjl jjj jjj jjj jjj jjj jjj jjj jjj jjj jjj jij jij jjj jjj jjj jjj jjj jjj jjj jjj jjj jjj By Gil Vahlquist HE shotgun wedding wedding of rock V roll and jazz is becoming becoming more intimate. intimate. Whether it will in fact ever take place depends on the great families of supporters on both sides. "Chicago Transit Authority" Authority" (CBS S2BP 220038) is a two-LP two-LP two-LP example of what , can happen when rock and jazz get together. It is a development running running parallel to . the Blood Sweat and Tears music and to the performances of Al Kooper-Mike Kooper-Mike Kooper-Mike Bloomneld. Acceptance of . B. S. and T. by the public is not necessarily necessarily reflected elsewhere. - When I have written of possible unions between jazz and rock I have received letters from supporters of both sides roundly , chastising chastising me for daring to suggest suggest such a thing: Yet play "Chicago Transit Transit Authority" and what do you hear? A basic rock lineup lineup of electric guitar, bass, piano and drums, mixing it with three jazz horns trumpet, trumpet, trombone and flute. One has only to refer to the trumpet solo by Lee Loughnane on "Does Anybody Anybody Really Know What Time . It Is?" or to James Pankow's trombone on "Beginnings" "Beginnings" to . understand that here is something which is bringing in ideas wider than those used in usual rock and roll performances. performances. The young musicians playing this sort of music are mostly music school-trained school-trained school-trained people with some jazz orientation. They play rock and roll because they find firstly, that it is enjoyable, enjoyable, secondly, it enables them to eat, and thirdly, because because rock, being a new music, allows them to borrow borrow from elsewhere to express express themselves. This borrowing a legitimate legitimate procedure in rock and roll, demonstrated most capably capably in Australia by Ian Meldrum, producer of the Russell Morris records. Meldrum Meldrum borrows sounds from life, chants, traffic and so on to achieve a bigger expression. expression. This is most effective, particularly when your audience is not musically educated but is pretty well up on distinguishing the sounds made by different jet planes. In the U.S. there is more borrowing from jazz. In the U.K. the Beatles and Stones borrow from the classical music of the baroque period. In the Chicago Transit Authority and other jazz rock groups you hear the most interesting fusion of all. The two LPs show that the CTA have achieved a very big ensemble sound, opening up new possibilities for rock which may take it ou of the dead end which seemed to offer nothing but an increased sound level as a means of saying vour piece more emphatically. There is some experimental experimental material which would just as well have been left out. "Free Form Guitar" gets nowhere. "Prologue," a montage of sounds from the Democratic Convention in Chicago last year and of studio recorded music seems tasteless and ineffective. The rest is an exciting hour or so of inspired music. background of Californian folk rock for the LP "Who Knows Where the Time. Goes" (Elektra EKS-74033). EKS-74033). EKS-74033). Who knows indeed? There's a Bob Dylan tune "Poor Immigrant and a country-style country-style country-style love song called called "Someday Soon." There's not quite enough drama in this selection for Miss Collins to get started. IULIE FELIX, the girl i from David Frost's TV show, is heard on another LP,' a more recent performance, performance, associated with her own TV program (not seen in Australia). , This . LP is called 'This World Goes Round and Round" (Fontana TLS 101) and bas a wider range . of material than the earlier LP. " She does a good version of "Wheels on Fire and of "The Hedgehog's Song," a spinster ballad.-. ballad.-. ballad.-. of .unusual charm. Under the new Tapered Means Test many people become eligible the first time. The Government wants to pay pensions to everybody entitled to do so unless people claim. You can get a Claim Form at any Post Office, or at any office of Department. Men over 65, women over 60, and invalids over 16 who haVe lived the qualifying period are eligible for a pension if their Means as under $40 per week (single) or $70 per week (married couples). dependent children may get pensions even beyond these limits. A widow, divorcee or deserted wife, who has lived in Australia for period may be eligible for a pension if her Means as Assessed are $36.50 per week (no children and $57.00 per week (1 dependent child) $68.00 per week (2 dependent $79.00 per week (3 dependent $90.00 per week (4 dependent These amounts will be higher by $4 a week if the pensioner has a an invalid child requiring full time care. (If her Means as Assessed assets the amounts may be lower.) ' Means as Assessed is Your earnings and other income (certain income, such as assets, is disregarded) PLUS Ten per cent of your assets (except your home and personal above certain exempt levels. . Thus if you have no income, except incomefrom assets, -eligible for a pension if your assets are below these limits: Age & Invalid Widow Single $21,200 With children Married $37,200 . Without children $1 Leaflets giving more detailed information are available at Post Social Services offices. If you think you may be eligible, obtain a claim form, fill it in and nearest Social Services office. COMMONWEALTH SOCIAL SERVICES Australia House, 50 Carrington St., Sydney, 2000. Phone 2.0255. are also located at Albury, Armidale, Bankstown, Broken Hill, Grafton, Griffith. Lismore. Lithgow. Newcastle, Orange, Wollongong. !

Clipped from The Sydney Morning Herald05 Oct 1969, SunPage 86

The Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)05 Oct 1969, SunPage 86
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