New Priest 1922

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New Priest 1922 - BANQUET IS " TEIMRED 1W PRIEST Every Greek...
BANQUET IS " TEIMRED 1W PRIEST Every Greek Church In The Valley Had a Delegation Delegation Present GETS VALUABLE GIFTS Rev. Michael Morris, of Ijirksvill'e, who was recently ordained Into the Greek Catholic priesthood, was tendered tendered a banquet at the Sterling last night and every Greek Catholic Church In the valley had a delegation present. George yeako, of Miner's Ming introduced Rev. Nicholas Cho-pey Cho-pey Cho-pey as toastmaster. Father Chopey paid a splendid tribute to Father Morris. Attorney Ti. W. Davis, of Kingston, who has known Father Morris since his boyhood paid him a glowing tribute. Others who gave talks were Rev. E. A. Bella, Rev. Louis Morlnes. Jack Walsh led the singing and Con McCole told comic stories. Instrumental music was furnished furnished by the Knigrhts of Columbus orchestra. On behalf of his friends Father Chopey presented Father Morris with a gold watch and srold cross and a fountain pen. Father Morris accepted the gifts In a speech which showed his gratefulness for the remembrance. Those present were: E. A. Bedner, Martin Bednarlck, E. A. Biellk, Mary Beretskf'. Michael Michael Bahey, Anna Peretsky, Mr. and Mrs. H. Busenko, E. A. Bellas, J. J. Bednarick, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Cidillko, Miss Anna Caplnus, Andrew Chisarick, Nicholas Chopey, Mary Drugach, Catherine Drugach, Mrs. Jacob Drugach, Margaret Drugahh, John Drugach, Anna Drugach, Andrew Andrew Druuach, B. W. Davis, Bertha Drama, Michael Iernjnn, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Drlana, Mtcnaei uan-oisin, uan-oisin, uan-oisin, George Danclsln, Mr. and Mrs. James Dukas, Mrs. John Duda. Mar-nt Mar-nt Mar-nt Bstock. Mary Evans, John Feher, George Fannlck, Michael Fender Fender Helen Fender, John H. Fender, MlchBel Guldo, Mary Gabor, S. Ben-Isky, Ben-Isky, Ben-Isky, James GurglcK. Stephen V. Hu-dak, Hu-dak, Hu-dak, George Harabln, Anna Hardlm, Mary Harabln, Mrs. Mary Kotchlk, Mr. and Mm. Michael Klehel, Ralph Katrosh, S. Karoslaly, Mrs. Sarah Kpnnick, Andro Kancek, Mary Kara-afah, Kara-afah, Kara-afah, auline Kurtlla, George Karol-clk, Karol-clk, Karol-clk, Mrs. Andrew Konnlck, Mary Karolclk. John Kavka, Mrs. Joseph Tj. Kotallk, Joseph Z Kujowskl, John Koval, George Koslck, J. I Kota-lizk, Kota-lizk, Kota-lizk, John H. Kimlnsky, Michael Karaka, Andrew Koslck, Michael Kar-ataa, Kar-ataa, Kar-ataa, Andrew Koslck. Michael Koslck, Mr. and Mrs. John Kasardoi. Peter Latio, Sophia Lee, Mr. and Mrs. A. Llptock, Mrs. Suzanna Latzo, Tfntherlne Lukesh. Joseph Lukesh. Helen Lukesh, M. Iukesh, Mr. and Mrs. Mayernlck, Michael waaoiny, John Morris, Joseph Morris, Michael Malast, Michael Moros, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. R B. Muslal. Michael Morris, Mrs. Michael Morris, Ixwls Morlnes, J. J. Nedorostek, George Ontko, Jr.. Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Ontko, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Putprush, Michael Petro, Rev. and Mrs. S. Pobulsky, iMary Po-wlchko, Po-wlchko, Po-wlchko, Michael Paluse, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Putprush, Mrs. Anna Pen-kaa, Pen-kaa, Pen-kaa, William Reese. Joseph M. Rldilla, Theodore Ratzln, Mr. and Mrs. John Rimal. Jr., 8. Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rusnock. Mr. and Mrs. Alex Rebar. Anthony Ratzln. Michael Ret- Ret- ziel, Anna Rich, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Ruhiscsak, John Rushner, Mar. sraret Spiintz, Martin Stolts, Andrew Sklros, Andrew stefancm, Paul ssu-binsky, ssu-binsky, ssu-binsky, Anna Senchak, Mrs. John Saxon, Michael Stasko. Nicholas M. Ralamon, Mrs. Anna Baxon, Mary Kalamon, Rosallo Stretavsky, George Selepak, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Spak, Joseph Raxon. Emll Semet kovsky, Stephen Sulyk, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Snyder, Joseph Saxon. Mr. and Mrs. John Scripp. Mary Tlmko, Mrs. George Tomascik, George To-moselk. To-moselk. To-moselk. John Ungvarsky, Marie War-hola, War-hola, War-hola, Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Washed, Sr, : Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Washco, Jr Mary Washco, John Walsh, Mrs. Elizabeth Warhols, Michael Warhol a. Florence Wallace. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wallace, Frank Walsh, John Warhola, Adam Wllcheck, Adam Tenkoskl, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ga-broskt. Ga-broskt. Ga-broskt. Mr. and Mrs. George Tesko, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zurenan. Mary Tasenchak, Mrs. Oeortre Yasenchak. Mrs. John Tusko, Michael Turko, Mrs. Anna Tasenchak and Andrew J. Zawolskl. he

Clipped from The Evening News26 May 1922, FriPage 3

The Evening News (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania)26 May 1922, FriPage 3
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