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ice cream - Staff Photographer Steve Noffke It's Ice Cream...
Staff Photographer Steve Noffke It's Ice Cream Weather A Sundae,A Soda Any Kind Of Treat: A Youngster Dreams Of All He Can Eat Mighty (iood Spoons They Serve Here Eddie Verdick across the way They never did finish it and went away without a medal When the huge sundaes arrived, Jeff and Tom both dug in manfully, or, more accurately, boyfully Tom soon started having a peculiar problem, due in part to the height of the sundae and Tom's lack of it All that reaching above shoulder shoulder level to dig the spoon in starteil giving him a pain in the arm But. with short pauses to rest the arm. he flailed away steadily Jeff, too. started off well but then started slowing up A difference of opinion soon arose between the two gourmets Jeff complained steadily about the cherries and the nuts, which he said tasted awful Tom said those things were fine It was the pineapple he didn't like Every time he ate a bite, he shuddered And there are lots of bites of pineapple in a La La Palooza Jeff said the pineapple was great The only way he could get the nuts down was to have a bite of pineapple with each nut By the time Tom got down to the last scoop or so of ice cream, the stuff was liquid So he raised the huge glass, tilted his head back and drank the rest Meanwhile. Jeff was in rough seas It took a quarter of an hour, but he finally downed his last nut The waitress brought the medals They turned out to be blue slogan buttons asserting. "I ate a Bridgeman La La Palooza Assistant Manager Mark Scherin, who said a lot of La La Paloozas are sold, added that Some finish and some don't A La La Palooza. or its eight-seoop equivalent. equivalent. seems to be about the limit for a boy What A Good Boy Am I Tom Paremski Ail Finished Bottoms Up Tom Paremski Finishing I scream, You scream, We all scream For ice cream. By JEROME R. ROSSO Tribune Staff Writer About eight scoops is as much ice cream as a young boy can eat. That appeared to be the limit of a group of Boy-Scout-age boys tested this week by the La Crosse Tribune It should be explained that the limit didn't consist just of plain scoops of ice cream It also included a variety of fruits, nuts and toppings liberally applied by waitresses in three city ice cream parlors “I could eat about a gallon." said one of the boys. Tom Paremski, 1606 Jackson St But not with all that fruit and sweet stuff on it " Five boys participated in the experiment — a sixth one had been scheduled, but decided to go swimming instead The boys were taken in pairs to the ice cream parlors: the Sweet-Shop. 1113 Caledonia St.; the Elite, 412 Main St and Bridgeman's, 3716 Mormon Coulee Road The other four participants in the test are Danny Cross. 1625 Caroline St., the sole participant participant at the Sweet-Shop; Jeff Edberg, 430 12 Avon St., and Eddie Verdick, 920 Winneshiek Road, who went to the Elite; and Jeff Brand. 2822 Huber Court, who joined Tom Paremski at Bridgeman's. None of the boys got sick (especially, none got sick in my car). A couple of them, though, were relieved to hear they weren't getting into a speed contest "I get a pain in my eyes when I eat ice cream too fast." said Danny Jeff Edberg was afraid he would get a headache The only rule imposed on the boys was that the first thing they ate would be ordered for them - and it would be the most expensive thing on the menu If they could eat still more, they could choose any ice cream dish on the menu. Danny got the first test. The biggest thing on the Sweet-Shop menu is the Sweet-Shop Delux at $1 10. It contains five scoops of ice cream, with the purchaser being free to choose what kind or kinds of ice cream he'll have Danny chose all vanilla Along with the ice cream he got cherries, strawberries, pineapple, chocolate sauce, marshmallow and pecans Danny is 13 and says he stands "four feet somethin' " tall He had displayed good strategic strategic sense in preparing for the test by spending 1 12 hours swimming earlier in the day But then he made a tactical error About half an hour before he was to head for the Sweet- Shop, hunger overcame him and he ate a sandwich sandwich The result was disastrous Danny didn’t finish finish his Sweet-Shop Deluxe I’m getting kind of cold," he said, shortly before he threw in the towel The next pair, Jeff Edberg, 11, and Eddie Verdick, who is “going on 13." also appeared to each be about 4 feet somethin’ tall The biggest thing Elite operator Paul Pappas has on his menu is a $1 banana split. Paul told the waitress to make them as big as she could Each held three scoops of ice cream and about half a banana, plus the usual assortment of fruits, toppings, nuts and whipped cream Jeff chose cherry and chocolate toppings for his split Eddie wanted chocolate and butterscotch on his The boys quickly polished off the banana splits The waitress looked startled when she was told the boys were ready to order again and they both decided to have another banana split Jeff charged through his second one. while Eddie adopted a more leisurely pace The waitress looked incredulous when Jeff ordered a hot fudge sundae that had two scoops of ice cream But she was a believer by the time Eddie decided he’d try a root beer soda, also with two scoops Eddie explained why he took the soda ‘The root beer 11 make me belch, and then 1 11 have more room " Alas for pure reason It didn't work out that way Eddie couldn't finish the soda soda Meanwhile, the somewhat smaller Jeff had hit bottom on his hot fudge sundae Asked what he'd have next. Jeff didn't hesitate He just said firmly that he'd had enough The total bill came to $4 99 Outside the Elite. Eddie said he figured he'd had enough ice cream for a long time Yeah, at least a week." Jeff agreed At Bridgeman's. La La Palooza Sundaes, at $2 75 each, were ordered for 12-year-old Tom Paremski and 13-year-old Jeff Brand The La La Palooza Sundae contains eight scoops of ice cream of assorted flavors, pineapples pineapples slices, cherries, a whole" banana (they do peel iti. a double serving" of nuts, three different different kinds of toppings and a mountain of whipped cream on the top It says on the menu. "Eat one and we'll give you a medal " The next item on the menu below the La La Palooza Sundae is a somewhat smaller and cheaper — La La Palooza Jr for cowards " When Jeff and Tom arrived at their booth in Bridgeman's. a teen-age couple was already working on a La La Palooza Sr in a booth tfaste A Little On Your Chin Danny Cross The Best Part Is The Beginning Jeff Brand Holy Cow! Still Another One? Jeff Edberg

Clipped from The La Crosse Tribune10 Jun 1976, ThuPage 9

The La Crosse Tribune (La Crosse, Wisconsin)10 Jun 1976, ThuPage 9
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