1928.04.05 Marble contest

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1928.04.05 Marble contest - BATTLE CREEK, MICH., THURSDAY, APRIL 5, 192 THE...
BATTLE CREEK, MICH., THURSDAY, APRIL 5, 192 THE ENQUIRER AND EVENING NEWS 15 STILL PLENTY OF TIME LEFT TO ENTER MARBLE TOURNAMENT BDYS AND GIRLS HAVE FOUR DAYS Big Doings Start Next Monday Monday and You Can Enter Any Time Until Then. ANOTHER CHAMP IS BACK James. McDonald, Winner at Post School in 19Z6, tn-ters tn-ters tn-ters at Southwestern. How much time Is there left In which to enter the Enquirer and News marble tournament? Th anwcr to this nuestion vhich so many boys and girls have asked, is You can enter the- the- tournament ri!"-tt. ri!"-tt. ri!"-tt. n until the last minute when the games actually start at your school. Just be on tne scene nn afternoon annotated for WU """. 4 the championship in your school and tell the man in charge that want to take part. That's all you have to do. start Next Monday The third annual Enquirer and News marble tournament, put on with the assistance and cooperation cooperation of the Civic Recreation association, association, will start next Monday, as almost everybody knows by this time. The first game3 will be played played at the Central junior high school ground on North McCamly. where Central. No. 1 school and Jefferson boys and girls will take . part. Games will also be held Monday at the Woodrow Wilson, Kimball Open Air and Lincoln schools. Director Arch Flannery. Harold Beebe and an Enquirer and New3 man will be in charge at one or other 'of the places. Tuesday the games will be held at Washington. Lewis Cass. St. Philip, McKinley and Post schools; Wednesday, at Verona, Fremont and Franklin schools; Thursday, at Lakeview. Brownlee Park and Springfield Place, and Friday, at Southwestern Junior high. Battle Creek academy and TJrbandale school. Champs Meet CBamps If all these school tournaments. 20 in all. can be run off next week without the weather Interfering, Interfering, the elimination games between between the 20 school champions will be held the week following. The entries keep on coming in. Look these over, fellas, maybe your favorite "enemy" is among them: James McDonald (1926 cham pion of Post school), 119 Jericho road. Southwestern Junior high; Malcolm Carter. 79 Lakeview avenue, avenue, Lakeview school: Bruce Rey- Rey- Volds. 68 Fairview. Verona school; Junior Cross. 253 Cliff. Post school; Jack Cross. 253 Cliff. Post school; Darrell Hetts, 91 Lakeview avenue. Lakeview: Clark Lowell. 18 Euclid avenue, Post; Herbert Yaudes. 105 Illinois. Post; Elvin KillnPEr- KillnPEr- 277 Chamnion Tjfim Cas3 and Donald Warsop, 94 Euclid ave nue, Post school. BADGER CREW HOPES TO ROW IN OLYMPICS j J El 1 RAtEHIIlTY FIVES TO BATTLE HERE TOHIGHT Meteors and Cardinals to Meet at Fremont . Gym; Many Stars In Lineups. TSvn Wfrh school alumni fraternity basketball teams axe to clash at Fremont school tonight, tne Meteors playing the Cardinals. Tne lineups of both teams contain the names o former Bearcat cage stars. Among those wno wiu piay lor tv Meteors are: Everett Hendricks, Burr Bevier, Harold Beebe, Dale Harvey, Thurlow Maatscn ana "Chuck" Latta, Ray Priest, Max Phinisey, Gordon Morrison, oara-nr oara-nr oara-nr and Vastbinder are among those who will play lor tne carcu- carcu- rtaTs Th eame. at Fremont school, will start at 8 o'clock. . Fans who thought they saw baseball taxe it'. laxt. dvins ea&a at the Sani tarium Union last Saturday night may go and witness n au over again. FRANK ORTH Wisconsin wasn't on the Hudson at Pnuehkeensie last year in the intprrolleeiate rowinK championship but big Frank Orth, veteran stroke of three years, will lead a crew in the bie classic this year. There will be five veterans in the boat and three very promising sophomores. "Mavbe well eet that trio to Am sterdam." Coach "Dad" Vail and Orth say. RST CLASH IN PUCK TITLE SERIES TONIGHT New York Rangers and Mont real Maroons to Play for Stanley Cup. Montrpal Anril 5. 6TV The Stan ley cup play blue ribbon event of Drofessional hockey. ODens here to night with the New York Rangers, champions of the American division, and the Montreal Maroons, Cana dian group title-holders, title-holders, title-holders, clashing m the first of a best three-out-of-five three-out-of-five three-out-of-five three-out-of-five three-out-of-five three-out-of-five three-out-of-five game series. The rivals appear evenly matched and pxoerts are rjredicting that the series will go tne um live-game live-game live-game length. CITY SOCCER TEAM TO OPEN SEASON SUNDAY TIGER PITCHERS SHUT OUT DALLAS CLUB, 7-0 7-0 7-0 I brviiiTT iKTirvrri? A M QPHP 1?Q KALAMAZOO MATCH GAMES Player GAIXT S JEWE1.S Smith J 19 Gustine 201 225 1n Vam p ...... ltl -35 -35 Gault 1'6 192 Wesh n i'a 1st nd Srd Tfl Players KALAMAZOO CBEAMEBT 166 602 Vanderbrook- Vanderbrook- 218 164 57t5 ""Kiec 157 157525 VanWoert .......... 170 1SS 511 Walker 197 1st Snd 3rd Tfl KS . 154 174 S4 170 1S8 524 178 17350S 198 203671 200 214593 "1S 150 131 404 Kiculer ...... 133 126 114 373 Harrison 99 87 94270 Jenkins 130 93 117340 Vaiule Gieseu S3 129 143361 Yeager Totals ............ 880 900 M 2GS0 KALAMAZOO WO.HEJI 1st nd Srd Ttl m iKi 108300 89 IK) 86265 123 Hi 129 3e 95 130 134361 73 70 84229 Totals . v .. 834 1021 85S 2713 . OACLT'8 JEWELS HOMJia Flmyera Wesh . . ... , Franklin Ganlt Schoder ........ Stiekley Totals ...... ..i 574 585 599 1748 Total'.'. ....47S 600 Ml 1524 6MiD Mt WOMEN KALAMAZOO CBEAMEBI WOMEN PteTen 1st 2nd Srd Tfl Players 1st Ttl D Hunt .... I 126 119-54!) 119-54!) 119-54!) VanWoert i. 113 124 1J7-354 1J7-354 1J7-354 OVBton 104 117 109-330 109-330 109-330 Scoupale , TO 128 115-342 115-342 115-342 r Fri-kin Fri-kin Fri-kin 101' 1'5 144-370 144-370 144-370 Morris 84 104 82-230 82-230 82-230 m larks w-aa w-aa w-aa w.iket i M.' Clark 113 123 112348 Wesler ..94 S3 84-261 84-261 84-261 Totals ......... ..."ioT "SO? "579 16S0- 16S0- Totals 494 518 490 1332 VETERANS HOSPITAL LEAGUE Plavers Horst ... Sharp .. Maples . Kannady Uolmes 2nd 1S2 152 140 163 1S1 Srd Ttl 145 458 143 412 120356 K59 478 189621 RECONSTRUCTION Players 1st 2nd Jonitz 11 121 O'Malley 106 Kmmert 112 riichenlaub ......... 133 Minnick ............ 157 105 155 121 167 Srd Ttl 150 452 138349 111 37S 134 3SS 155479 VanClider and Sullivan Great Form As Detroit Downs Texans. in Dallas. ADril 5. (JF) Vanellder and Sullivan were in great form yesterday and the Detroit Tigers shut out the Dallas team of the Texas league, 7 to 0. Vangilder let the Texans down with only one hit in the five innings in which he workpd u-hile u-hile u-hile Sullivan, a recruit pitcher, allowed only two bingles in tne last iour sessions. Thp score: Detroit 000 241 0007 10 3 Dallas 000 0.1 0000 3 1 Vantilder. Sullivan and Shea: McColl, Darragh and Billings. PLAN OUTDOOR SPORTS AT DETROIT BALL PARK Olympic Management Leases Use Of Navin Field for Coming Summer. UTILITIES 1st 131 125 f)6 146 251 Totals 752 818 768 2323 Total 689 669 688 204C ADMINISTRATION ENGINEERS Ptayer. 2nd 8rTfI ffi.r. 1st 2nd SrdTf nams f0(jiie 123 126 152 01 Rogers :::::::::::::: 149 3" Cox i!z'lJ!zl . lio 737 661-2028 661-2028 661-2028 Totals -.740 -.740 690 739 21S9 WAREHOCSE , " MEDICAL Plaver. ! r Ttl Players Is M Srd Tfl ,.-. ,.-. ,.-. io?! 13(1 15,S 117 sniiHDury ........... 101 jio Humtnell irjTl Hf.ntz 145 106 . 125 37 Alm. STTma 1M 118 110-359 110-359 110-359 Blesslngton J"i 1-7 1-7 1-7 J-l J-l J-l """" 2 144 120-416 120-416 120-416 LaeeVnr"::::::::: iJi m m-4 m-4 m-4 Totals 703 646 612 1961 MOTOR TRANSPORT Plavers lt "d Srd Ttl isn Bockvrith 135 164 Day ju Km 158 Totals Players Roth .... Mallak .. Kamper . Stlt8 ... Keed . . . 01 7S1 738 2164 ATTENDANTS 1st 2rfl r Tfl 194 125 131 144 126 173 107 192 150 153 14 356 147 470 Faler .. 122 425 Weakley 1?4 133 134 117 21 MS 114346 105344 179471 7350 Totals Thp snrincr socecr season will be opened in Battle Creek Sunday aft ernoon by the Battle ureeK city team when it meets the London, Ont.. Canadian Nationals, a strong combination. The game wu.' dh played at the old Kellogg field, on Porter street. . fifrrptarv Cfockatt of the City learn requests that all members of the local squad report at the field Thursday evening. Detroit, April 5. (JP) Hans for staging outdoor boxing contests and perhaps other open air sporting events this summer at Navin field the American league baseball pant-were pant-were pant-were announced today by Richard Dunn of the Olympia Sporting club. Dunn said a lease has been completed completed whereby the club will be permitted to use the , field and its large seating facilities when the Detroit Detroit American league team is on the road. , Players Nay Wiedeman Skidmore Kerr . . . . . Grant .... Totals Players Cooper .. Ward ... HaUaday Rocsman . Doklund Totals Players Tlckner Hickev . Ploehn . Donsrher Kelley . Totals Players Jenkins Fnrrrg .. Anrand . Morgan Lyon ... ii 4nn Narson 141 ' 720 789 677 2208 Totals 64S 672 706 2026 ADVANCE-RUM ADVANCE-RUM ADVANCE-RUM ELY LEAGUE CLOVER HCLLERS CORN BUSKERS 12S 137 11S 143 798 745 21C3 620 BEANEKS 1st 2nd Prd Tt l 172 114 132 178 177 1" . 134 100 160 2S7 168 40-1 40-1 40-1 192 470 172 404 1!3 537 NATS DEPEND ON WELLS Because he won 13 games while losing one in the Southern league last summer, Eddie Wells, former Detroit hurler, is expected to be one of the most reliable membe'rs of the Washington squad this summer. ; is) H3 912 2504 CORN f?HELLER ..I. 131 141 . 114 114 151 132 120 121 , 10S 127 11 , 131 137 99 J 40 J'J1 CORN .... 016 09 PICKERS lot 2nd ... 127 131 .... 135 .... 17 .... 155 100 139 137 122 ro C.'j6 If 91 ?rd Tfl 14fi 430 150429 174440 140 US HO-475 HO-475 HO-475 Players lt Ceuaruurg 151 aw 137 Uraves .............. 100. Nestell 94 iunn 141 Totals OjJ COMBINES Players 1st Vuriuiluon 12 Hewitt HO Bell milt 5. 131 Uoesch 131 Bailey l1'-5 l1'-5 l1'-5 Totals 93 OIL I'lLL riayers 1st SiuiuU 108 Kosunbrouk 125 Harleston 150 Watsou 151 Sterwoud U6 Totals 740 U4 157 3S1 ti39 759 2051 150 loo 91 157 113 1)4 122 151133 10531 127352 114432 135414 128 150 100353 KAZOO BOWLERS LOSE J TO LOCAL MEN, WOMEN Battle Creek Teams Win All Three Matches Here Last Night. Battle Creek men and women bowlers took all three matches from Kalamazoo teams at the Main Recreation last night, Gault's Jewels of Battle Creek defeated the Kalamazoo Creamery, 2713 to 2680; the Grand Trunk women won from j.he Kalamazoo Creamery women, ; 680 to 1532, and Gault s women s team beat another team of Kal amazoo women, 1748 to 1524. McNames and Bustine of- of- the Jewels, with scores of 235 and 225, lopped the best efforts of the Kal amazoo bowlers, but Walker of the visitors beat out Bustine by one pin with 593 for hijh three-game three-game three-game score. G. Flecking lead the Grand Trunk women with 370 for three games and 144 for one game. Mrs. Myrle Wesh, rolling for Gault's, topped all the women with 404 and 150, The Utilities were high the Veterans Veterans Bureau hospital , league at the Recreation Center last night, shooting 2328 to beat the Administration Administration team. Holmes of the high team had the best individual scored 624 for games of 253, 181 and 189. The Beaners led the Advance- Advance- Rumely league with 2504, defeating the Clover Hullers. Boklund of the Beaners was high with 601 for games of 237. 177 and 187. . Local maton teams will play re turn games at Kalamazoo next Wednesday. Stanford Grid Star Wedded to Writer "Coached?' on Stories Dick Hyland, the big star of the 1924 Olympic rugDy warn and a back on the Stanford eleven last fall, helped -' -' dela Rogers St. Jonn, the writer, on a series of football stories last fall and they decided decided to make a permanent firm of their association. association. He gave his age as 28 and hers as 31 when they got the license 1 n Santa Barbara. Mrs. St. John secured, a di- di- Dick Hyland vorce from Ivan St. John, a publicity man. In March and obtained the custody of two children, Elaine, 9, and William Ivan, 8. TITLE IN CLOSE RACE But Johnny Proves He Is Still America's Speediest , Swimmer. Players Osdeii .. Hare ... . ilodfrey Dorsex, . Smith . ENSILLAGJ 120 19400 111 136 30 017 731 2124 CLTTERS 1st 2nd Srd Tt l 12: 165 130 12 103 131 177 134 138 193 144391 ISO 522 137401 174514 232591 Totals 635 744 70S 22H7 Totals 732 796 867 2425 "BIG SHOT" IN FLORIDA Florida's mcst prominent athlete is DaleVanSickel, a scphomore. He was a star in football and basketball basketball and is now trying out for the baseball team. Florida coaches consider consider him as one of the most versatile versatile athletes they have ever had. ALL FROM SAME CLUB Three of the - most promising youngsters with the St. Louis Browns were with the same club last season Tulsa, in the Western league. They are Sturdy, Brannon and Kres, the latter two intielders and the former an outfielder. h v I i CHICAGO YOUTH I'iliS P Otto Reiselt, Three-Cushion Three-Cushion Three-Cushion King, Loses Torney Lead To St. Louisan. Chicago. April 5. (JF) Because a comparatively "green player" did the unexpected and upset the de fending champion. John Layton, of St. Louis, led the field in the na tional three-cushion three-cushion three-cushion billiard tournament tournament as it entered its third round today. The upset was scored by Earl Lookabaugh. 20-year-old 20-year-old 20-year-old 20-year-old 20-year-old Chicago youth, who beat the champion. Otto Reiselt of Philadelphia, 50 to 41 in 54 innings in the feature and final game of yesterday's play. The victory victory was Lookabaugh's first in two starts end the champion's first defeat defeat in as many tournament matches. Chicago. April 5. m Grinnln Johnny Weismuller still Is America's speediest swimmer. Competing last night against the fastest field he has ever faced in the National Amateur Athletic union's indoor championships, he scored a close victory over Walter Laufer of the Lake Shore Athletic club, Chicago, to retain his title in the 100-yard 100-yard 100-yard free style event. His time was 50 4-5 4-5 4-5 seconds, just one second slower than his world's mark which many think will stand for years. Weissmuller also led the Illinois Athletic club team to its third national title and third world's relay relay record in two nights the 300-yard 300-yard 300-yard medley relay. The time was 3:50 3-5 3-5 3-5 seconds 3-5 3-5 3-5 seconds faster than the previous international record which also was held by the I. A. C. Tuesday, the I. A. C. team shattered the world marks in the 4C0 and 500 yards relays. SPINK'S DANDY BOY WINS AT KALMAZ00 Spink's Dandy Boy, French bull owned by Mrs. Will H. Spink of Battle Creek, won nearly all pos sible priaes at the Kalamazoo Ken nel club A. K. C. show, this week. The local dog won first prize in the American breed, first In open, winner's male, best of breed and six special prizes. METEORS THE N PENH T Defeat Royals in Two Extra Innings of Playoff Game Last Night, 7-6. 7-6. 7-6. SETS PITCHING RECORD Cox of Royals Fans 16 Bat ters, but Passes and Errors Errors Prove Costly. The Msteors wen 'the champion ship of the Sanitarium Class A in door baseball game by defeating the Royals, 7 to 6. in a playoff game that went two extra innings at the Union last night. It was rrobably the most interesting game cf the season and was doubly so because ths pennant was involved. Brilliant pitching and excellent fielding featured the game. Fletcher Cox. pitching for the Royals, struct out 16 batters, which is a record for the year. He allowed the Meteors but five hits during the nine innings, bat grabted five bases on balls and four errors by his teammates prcved the Royals' undoing. undoing. Hut pitched his usual steady game, holding the Royals to scattered scattered hits, except in the fifth when they connected with eight fcr six rims, all cf w hich were earned. None cf the Meteors' seven was earned. METEOKS All R H O A K Relber. Sb 4 10 2 2 0 A. L. Owens, c 4 l 1 2 O Witzkie. If 5 1 1 O o t Hj-iidman, Hj-iidman, Hj-iidman, 2b ...... 3 O 1 1 O Rosen baum. Is 5 O O Harriean, rs 5 2 12 0 0 ti. Hunt, p : 2 1 1 O 7 A Scott, rf 12 0 1-00 1-00 1-00 L. OTreos, lb 4 0 1 1. 0 O Totals 33 7 5 27 IS 0 EOTALS ab r n o a n Fall. 3b t 5 11110 C. Cos, p 5 1 S 1 1 0 Harris, lb 5 117 0 0 F. Cos. c 4 1 2 14 1 4 Kldridce. Is 5 110 0 0 V. Por.er. rf 5 O 2 1 0 O O. Porter, If 4 0 1 2 0 0 M. Hunt 2b 4 0 2 O 1 o Wallace, rs 4 10 110 Totals 41 IS 27 5 4 Meteors 020 202 or.l 7 Kovalfi 06" 0t) 5 Two-b.ise Two-b.ise Two-b.ise hits Hunt, Owens, Fsll. F. Cox, Fldridce. Three-base Three-base Three-base hits C. Cox. Struck out By Hunt 5; by Cox 1. Bases on balls-U3ff balls-U3ff balls-U3ff Cor 5; off Hunt 1. Earned reus- reus- .y Meteor none: by Royals ft. Ift on bases By Meteors 7: by Royals. 8. Umpires Van Strein and Hogan. CLASSIFIEDS FOR RESULTS , Main Recreation Bowling Alley and Billiard Parlors 6-8 6-8 6-8 East Main St. " ' .Battle Creek Bowling and Billiards FOR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN You Are Cordially Invited. A clean place to bring yonr wife. Two lady attendant In Billiard Parlors. Come to and have a little wholesome recreation.

Clipped from Battle Creek Enquirer05 Apr 1928, ThuPage 15

Battle Creek Enquirer (Battle Creek, Michigan)05 Apr 1928, ThuPage 15
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