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Paul Coy? - SEPTEMBER 11, 1931 ap-moachinsr do- I...
SEPTEMBER 11, 1931 ap-moachinsr do- I Auker-man. HOSPITAL o ,0 v, & rvii:.w" An dUm W W m km t Fourth row Harmon, Clifford Pat sell, Cleon Xoyes, Ausimine Williamson, Robert Van- Van- Clcavo. Third row Hans Mueller, Ted Mctzgar, Paul Coy, Wayland Socly. Laurel Whitlcck, Thomas Fairfield. Second row Robert Doyle, French Parsell, Harry liaiinon, Thomas Emerson, Herman Kohl, Elbert Kidd. First row Major F. B. Humphreys. First Sergeant Lee Hirsch. Sorgertnt Corneal Bralton, Ser-gOaut Ser-gOaut Ser-gOaut Thomas Haiinon. Dick H uffer, Theo. Hopkins. Sergeant Harold Branyon. .m. m x x A A iA A i ifc if i litllil TTT VtTT VTTTTT "TTT VT VTli A LETTER TO A DISTANT SUBSCRIBER News, Notes and Some and Angola, Ind., Sept. 9, 1931 Ed J. Dunn, Downer's Grove 111. I went all through our newest ed ucational institution today, the St. Anthony Novitiate, made out of the Emmet Croxton residence and a very large addition, and I was quite surprised to find the extent of the improvement that has been made The organization certainly has spared no expense on the physical part of the equipment. And if the other instructor still to come, Father Father Finnegan. measures up to Father Orth, who has been heer for some time, the educational equipment will keep the pace. As you obiter the front door of the Croxton, home, which was a show place, one of the finest homes in, town, you find few changes on the first floor.' A -tine -tine tiled hath has been installed, the Kitchen altered . i . , .. . . .1 . . ; . . . ,i and greatly enlarged, and equipped Willi an electric, range and additional modern aids. The next floor has likewise likewise been little changed in front, but the rear rooms have been modr ernized greatly, and several new rooms are in the addition. The third floor has been converted into sleeping rooms, and new celo-tex celo-tex celo-tex finish being put right over the plastered walls. Of course all the windows have copper screens. In the three-story three-story three-story addition, a big 30x60, one finds a kitchen, dishwashing dishwashing room,, large linen room, roomy dining hall, a beautifully appointed appointed chapcL In the combined building are office office rooms, studies for the faculty, special rooms for the use of the housekeepers. class rooms and looms for thirteen, students, all young men. These students will be here principally for preparation for the religious life. A secondary priesthood. The students upon entering entering the school will turn all of their money over to Father Orth. and thereafter will have only what he gives them, and that only if he deems their request for money for shoes or other necessities urgent. He will open an account with each one, and charge them with all With- With- Idrawals for such purposes. The boys 'will not be seen at picture picture shows or other places of amusement, amusement, but may take chaperoned walks. Upon leaving the school after' completion of their studies, Hiey will renounce the possession of all worldly things. This is a much different sort of! institution than I had pictured it, and I presume others, too, have had wrong conceptions. The chapel is a beautifully appointed appointed place, with its snow white alter on a raised dair, " and with numerous symbolical statues on pretty pedestals arranged near the altar and about the room. I was permitted to see the Priests preparation preparation room with its drawers and drawers of silken vestments for various various oecassions, from days of mourning mourning to feast days. In the extensive basement are installed installed water heaters and softeners, water pumps for the third floor, a power lift for soft water from the huge cisterns, water clarifiers and an exceptionally large steam boiler for the heating tystem, with an automatic stoker. I understand that this heating plant has been made so large to provide for heating a new-church new-church new-church on the roomy grounds, as it is expected to move the church here, or rather build one there, within a few years. . The school will open next week, September 15. ' They do hot- hot- have semesters, but are in continuous session. session. The students who enter are all high school graduates. They will be taught Latin, Greek, - English and Religious ' subjects, and, partially partially for relaxation, some vocational vocational training. This is fair week in Steuben county county and everything else waits for this time of week or until the prise pigs have been inspected, the "old corn game" has got in its work and the last Beacon blanket has been "hung and cut down." But next" week we will make up for it. The schools of CORPS, 1916 BORDER SER VICE ; Nonsense About Matters Things ) the county may then be said to be i actually open, and we can besin to think about putting up our winter's nesday nisht was somewhat below normal, but this morning, Thursday, is warm and bright, and a monster crowd will probably be in attendance. attendance. Especially as Frank Zabst, close to the farm problem, has arranged arranged to let a man in the gate for a bushel of wheat. And that's a bargain. Well, the old hospital unit had its annual reunion again last Sunday. Sunday. There were sixteen of the boys present and they have never had a better time since the day way back in 1911 when Major Humphreys organized the unit. Those present were: Major F. B. Humphreys. H. C. Kohl, Doan Somcrlott, Glen McCool, Robt. Doyle, Dr. Erwin Mast, Dr. Ralph Elston. George. Hendry, Theo. Hopkins, Frank Kaufman, Deane , . . . . . . . . . . Cline, Augustine Williamson. Lee Hirsch, Corneal Bratton, Clifford Wilkinson. and Thos. Emerson. They will meet asain next year, just before Labor Day. I have dug up an old photo of the outfit, taken "way back when,") and am publishing it today so you may see just what this tough bunch looked like when it was new. A letter from Hans Mueller, who had been out of touch with Angola for some years, was received by Si.i Hopkins today. Hans is now mana- mana- ger of a Penney store in Ortonville, Minn. Your friend. HARVEY W. MORLEY. I WEST SCOTT I 1 luircii .firs Sunday school at Jones' Chapel Sunday, Sept. 13, at ln.00 o'clock Epworth League at 7:00 o'clock. Dr. J. T. Bean, of Fort Wayn, will preach at 7:30 and conduct the Lord's supper. No quarterly conference conference will be held at this time as it will be held at the M. E. church in Angola Wednesday afternoon and evening, Sept. 16. Friday. There will be a churcli and Sun-1 Sun-1 Sun-1 Mrs. Guy Waltersand her brother day school board meeting at the j Mr. Reed, visited in Michigan last Jones Chapel church Friday night, i Sunday. Sept. 11. All board members are There were 48 in the No. 4 neigh-urged neigh-urged neigh-urged to be present I borhood party on last i riday eve-There eve-There eve-There were thirty at Sunday ! ninjt in the home of Harry Beers and school, Sept. 6. The collection was f3.'1'1- f3.'1'1- H,,s brother Hugh was vis-j vis-j vis-j 1(j j iting in the home at that time. The There was not a very largo crowd j !,ext pary j11, be "'.e CnomPton at the Jones Chapel ladies aid on i ho",he(,and . w T- T- v lnW ,, o r-, r-, r-, ..!.,.. The L. A. b. "witl have a dinner jlllii wnrknil mi 11 liol li ir nnn The next aid will be at the school house on Oct. 8. Zachary Pannebakcr has been very tick since Aug. 30. He has been confined to his bed since that time. Mr. and Mrs. Charley Green and lanniy, or Angola, and Air. ana Airs. ill J . il. r 1,1.... Allen Green and family, of Allen, Mich., called on Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Leslie Young Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Gleasou and family, of Washington, called on Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Pannebaker and Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Glimes, one day last week. Mrs. Sidney Young, of Fremont, spent Sunday and Monday with Mr and Mrs. Leslie Young. Alice Jones called on her brother, brother, Cornelius, at Angola, Saturday afternoon. He remains very weak. Mr. and Mrs. John Spire and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dove motored to Hicksville, Sunday, to attend the Spire reunion. Christine Stroh went to Hamilton Monday, where she will teach school. Isabelle Fischer is teaching at Nevada. Nevada. Mr. and Mrs. James Husa and family entertained their daughter. toirether and anl 'evening session Gladys and family, of Bronson, Sun- Sun- whlch everyone wifl enjoy, day. Inez Wortlungton, who had There were nine' ladies in the spent several weeks in Bronson with mPeting of the W. II. M. A. at the her sister, Gladys, came home withjcnurcii on last Thursday afternoon tnem- tnem- J and a good program,; was enjoyed. School began at Scott Center Mou-j Mou-j Mou-j . Harry Beers and.--family and.--family and.--family and.--family attended day, Sept. 6. j the . Watters rerfftfcn on the Lake Mr. and Mrs. Lee Young motored J James Assembly" Hfiounds .. Monday, to Battle Creek, Mich., Friday, to' It was entertainewby Ross Miller. take his sister, Mrs. Bert Green, who had been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Young, the past two weeks, home. : : Miss Louise Dygert is working at Schinbecklcr's store in Angola. Mrs. Kiefer Myers and daughter, Gladys, of Angola, spent one day last week with Carrie Dygert. Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Brown and four sons spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Warner near Montpelier, Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Carter and two children, of Stu'rgis, Mich., and Ralph Brown, of Kalamazoo, Mich., came Saturday to s'pond.some time with Mr. and Mrs. Bert Brown and family. ' k I FLINT Worthy Denman left Friday morning morning for Royal Oak, "Mich., where he teaches music in the school. S. U. Beard and family, of Steu-benville, Steu-benville, Steu-benville, and Mrs. Mary Wirick and son, Harrison, spent Sunday in the Jack Miller home. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Wells and family, family, of Coldwater, 'called on his brother, Roscoe Wells and family, Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Shaffer, of Fremont, visited in'dhe home of her I parents, Roy Lower, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Kiles and 1 . . . . . . daughters, ftiaooi and Thora, spent Sunday with Allison Kiles and fam ily, of Fort Wayiiei1 Mr. and Mrs. --Whiter --Whiter --Whiter Smith, of Angola, spent Saturday night in the Rohiy German home. J. D. Watheu and family hniu'c ! Saturday night and Sunday in the Joe Wathen home.1" j Mrs. Gene Ewers, Ralph Ewers i and family and Mr. and Mir-. Mir-. Mir-. Jack j Miller, of Angola,, were Monday guests of William: Lonsbury and family. i, . . W - . w I JACKSON TOWNSHIP ; M. Virgil Kines, of. Spehcerville, took supper on last Monday evening with his aunt, Mrs. Sain Bowerman. Homer Johns and wife and little son, Edward, visited last Sunday and Monday in the home of his mother, Mrs. Ed Johns. Adam Hilton Hilton and wife of Sturgis viisted there Saturday and Sunday. Laurence Dick and family, of near Ray, viisted Chas. Iloldcrbaum and wife Sunday. ('rover Bowerman' and family vis ited his aunt, Sophrona and Uncle ! Weldin Baker in Montpelier last i , Htn rl,ii,.l, r,., - v.-"TM, v.-"TM, v.-"TM, tc!l o V Ci-f Ci-f Ci-f i - . ... 17th. There will be a good dinner Everyone invited. School children included. There were 51 in the Flint Sunday Sunday school on last Sunday morning. Prof. Nokan. who has moved in the ! prrv Rowerman home, and his two j HUie boys and his assistant teacher. : Mr. Welty, of Wacitroosa. who lives ' . . . . . . ' in the Jarbo home, were there and many were glad" to get acquainted with them. Rev. Turner preached a live sermon after Sunday school on "When Labor and Capital Meet," using as his text. Prov. 22nd chapter and second verse. -,("The -,("The Rich and Poor Meet Together, I 'the Lord is ! Maker of Them All." He told where they meet together at birth, death and the' judgment fuul many of the common experiences of life. Why? Because God made them all equal. He asked that, all should pray for the laborer and capitalist in this hour of need.', ' On Wednesday, ;Sept. 16. beginning beginning in the afternoon at 1:30 Standard Standard Time, Quarterly conference for the whole county,: lAvill convene In the Methodist church at Angola. There will he a missionary present who will give a wonderful talk and xirill hqro o 1 'unt.l 11 rV cnnnoi

Clipped from Angola Herald11 Sep 1931, FriPage 4

Angola Herald (Angola, Indiana)11 Sep 1931, FriPage 4
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