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part 2 page 13 - oc-llcve THE SPORTS PARADE Tossing Retzlaff in...
oc-llcve THE SPORTS PARADE Tossing Retzlaff in With Louis Means Sudden Death for Joe's Foe Tonight BY BRAVEN DYER POSITIVE proof that money is circulating freely again is the announcement that tonight's engagement between Joe Louis and Charley Retzlafl will draw $100,000. This choice bit of fistic promotional genius is a large laugh. In fact, if I didn't t'tar the consequences I would be tempted to dub it a 'Rttz lan. Having already fed old Paolino Uzcudun to the colored Lion of Detroit and having missed with Isadore Gastanaga in Cuba, the fistic big wigs reached deep into the cobwebs and pulled out Mr. Hetzlaff. "There," they said to Mike Jacobs, as they carefully austed Charley off and almost awakened him, "is the next opponent opponent for the Chocolate Soldier. We will bill it over a long route for the sake of the suckers and Joe will bust him out of the picture in whatever round you name. Must let Joe know what time your train leaves, that's all." Of course, Retzlaff, who will catch for Louis and derive certain certain financial benefits plus a brief period of painless coma, is really worse as an opponent for Joe than old Isadore himself. Not even the Cubans would stand for that set-up, set-up, set-up, which Is the real reason the fight down there was canceled. Gastanaga stopped Retzlaff in one round several years ago and Charley has also been stiffened by King Levlnsky and Art Lasky. The dope on Retzlaff fairly screams "palooka" and it would be somewhat better to send old Jack Sharkey and his double chin against Louis while offering up a fervent prayer that nobody would be killed in the clouting. It is true that Retzlaff holds a ten-round ten-round ten-round decision over Jimmy Braddock. But this happened in Boston, famed for the pungent odor of its decisions. In fact, to this day any off-line off-line off-line verdict in either boxing or wrestling is called a "Boston decision," meaning that the thing should be approached cautiously and with the nos trils firmly pinched. Johnny Pacck Real Boxing1 Find The slickest piece of boxing machinery Los Angeles has seen in a long time was unveiled at the Olympic Tuesday evening in the nerson of Johnny Pacek. It is rare, indeed, when a boxer receives a round of vigorous applause at the end of each stanza, but this was the reception accorded the marvelous Chicago boy. Pacek turned professional shortly after he won the 1933 Chi cago Tribune Golden Gloves heavyweight title by beating Adolph Wiater, Green Bay, Wis., in the semifinals and Jack Kranz, Gary, Ind.. in the finals. He has engaged in thirteen professional scraps, winning eleven, three by knockouts, fighting one draw and losing one decision. Sunny Jim Williams, veteran boxer, held Pacek to a four-round four-round four-round draw at Cicero Stadium, Cicero, 111., February 8, 1935. On April 2, 1934, Wiater whipped Johnny in six rounds at Marigold Gardens, Chicago. Pacek won a four-round four-round four-round decision over Red Johnson, who had handed him his only amateur defeat, at Midway Arena, Chicago, February 25, 1934. His record includes: 1933 Frank Ketter, won (4,) Chicago Stadium. 1934- 1934- Ketter, won (4) Marigold, January 29; Nelson Berard, knockout (2,) Cicero, February 9; Walter Madey, won ,(4,) Marigold, March 5. 1935 Eddie Hogan, won (6,) Stadium, February 15; Adam Smith, technical knockout (2,) Marigold, July 22. After the victory over Smith, Pacek went to New York where he scored two victories. He injured his right hand and so returned returned to Chicago after which his manager, Clarence Rapp, made a deal with Harold Steinman, representative of King Levlnsky, relative to a series of fights on the west coast. I have an idea that Pacek will find it difficult to get work here. Those who saw him slaughter Don Conn will think twice before en tering the same arena with Johnny. Pacek and Maxie Rosenbloom would make a great match. Frozen-Faced Frozen-Faced Frozen-Faced Gable Turns to Soccer Another motion-picture motion-picture motion-picture actor has been attracted to soccer football. The newcomer is Ray Mala, the frozen Clark Gable, who ir now sponsoring the young Collegians of the Los Angeles league. Mala's interest dates back to last summer when the M.-G.-M. M.-G.-M. M.-G.-M. M.-G.-M. M.-G.-M. company was filming '"Last of the Pagans" at Tahiti. The com pany watched the Tahitian soccer team beat Australia, and Mala was interested in the performance of Billy Bunkley in goal lor Tahiti. Billy returned to Los Angeles with the company, and is now playing in the Collegian forward line. Bunkley adds one more nationality to Los Angeles soccer that already includes English, Scotch, Canadian, American, Mexican, Italian, Peruvian, Dutch, Hungarian, German, Danish, Norwegian, Welsh, Swedish, Basque and Spanish players. -Talk -Talk about an international game! Lions to Shoot Works letic and again it the pending a case. that championship the Little warrior, the cials short not he within the Daro the thirty-minute the est returns tour Wilson of the Bill ern the on the the with Woods. Charley h Chicago to strom, the ing will Dodgers. ,u,. wuu iManager wire. Dodgers substantial him as the t ninety Cubs below average. iy. winner it.. meet team double the T-Krt T-Krt T-Krt able taln-elect taln-elect Mason. Bob

Clipped from The Los Angeles Times17 Jan 1936, FriPage 33

The Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, California)17 Jan 1936, FriPage 33
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