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Robertson marriage page 13 Ottawa Journal 25 Nov 1915 - 18 HE OTTAWA EVENING JOURNAL. THURSDAY,...
18 HE OTTAWA EVENING JOURNAL. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 26. 1915. f AMUSEMENTS. Ill " 1 ' lll RUSSELLSZT aiar Mstmse. the Birth of a Nation Symphony Orchestra of 90. Night Jto to; Main, lla to Miss' Margaret Cross russell- russell- ssr- ssr- i Anointed y fifii O. Notary, Baritone. Mass IUM IMiwmm, Planls. Kesarvod Hun now oa sole. Prices Uo to THIS WCCK. Marl Nsrdstrefn, In -mm -mm f Acting:" Sank? A Olr. II; Six Klrksmlth Slaters. Kramer A Morton; Richards A Kyle: McCormkk A Wal-lce; Wal-lce; Wal-lce; Collier A La Wales ) Pi I ha British Qaiatte. Pricta: Matin 15e, fSc. Kva. 10c. tftc 3fte, tOaTTL., C Tbe Himari with the Orwmn. MPERIA ! I Canada 'a Tkaatra J THUB&, FKL, SAT. The Popular Young Star DONALD BBIAN in ' "The Voice in the Fog" A Fire-Put Fire-Put Fire-Put My.Wrjr Dnu ! . WLUB.BSOTBEM In Up-to-DaU Up-to-DaU Up-to-DaU Up-to-DaU Up-to-DaU Voral KtlodiM. A Bpltadid Proffranuu. FAMILY THURS ni SAT. England's Most Dutinguiah-tsd Dutinguiah-tsd Dutinguiah-tsd Character- Character- Aetor . ALBERT CHEVALIER Supported by 7LOREN0X TURNER In & Fire-Aet Fire-Aet Fire-Aet Film Drama baaed on CheTatier'a most famous Coster Character. xa- xa- ' tion- tion- "My . Old Dutch" ALL UNIVERSAL STARS. A Ohaxlaa Ohaplii. Conwdj. ? ud xTr yc a. ivnii vmo . THCK8, rBL, BAT. Manhattan JIaaleal Oomadjr 0a, in a.Th6 Kissing Girl'' A Creation, of Muiio and Oirli, inter parsed with Re fined Comedy. Famous Players Present -MARQUERITE -MARQUERITE CLARK "The Goose Girr VHMtMaaaaaaV THt'RK.. ITU.. HAT. Mnry Pl-kforda Pl-kforda Pl-kforda Only Uvai . VIVIAN MAKTIW . Thriittle Mademoiselle Bar O real eat Screen aociaa In I Acta. , ' ' A t-Act t-Act t-Act ' ' - CHARMR rHAPlaW -' -' COMEDY $. RVITI WAl,UNrOHD Third of the Famous Maa- Maa- Ine Stories. I STOCKS O FINANCIAL Q IVE STOCK 0 PRODUCE HONTEJBAL ST00KJL (tuMMM by MeDeugsll 4 Cwns.) Mernlno Sales. Not Scotia Bonds I1.U9S at It unt. Niaai km at is ai . as at MK. It at HH. at . It at w. f at . M at MH. Can. Koralnfa 4 at uw. P. LyeU 111 at 14. Caa. UM.-1I UM.-1I UM.-1I at V t at 1 114- 114- Cedar BaptdI at Tl. I at Ml. Quebec Ry. at 1T. Crown Raaerte II at H, M aat M. HW al tl. 1JTM at (1. LeJirenllOe iaa at ist-,, ist-,, ist-,, aa as at lti. sa at IN 4. Can. car JS at fa. Montr! Powtr 1M at tU. It at Ut, Ssuawlnlgan W at 1. lom. M1 71 at UU. 11 at 4IH- 4IH- CaaMflt aaa.-M aaa.-M aaa.-M at . 1M ai UU, I at la. can. u, m. ram aa at 11. a ai 11. Cam- Cam- S. pfL U at Ta, 1 at TJ14- TJ14- (. P. ft IS at Ul-. Ul-. Ul-. Can. Kotea see at 1M. Merchants Bank 4 at tW. Amu pfd. 1 at Tl, it at Tt Can- Can- Car. pfd- pfd- M at 111. rJcotl pfd I at IS. Mseksy pfd-r pfd-r pfd-r at M. ' btr-sl btr-sl btr-sl Can. pcd. M at H. 11 at . LIVERPOOL ORANAKT. Uvarpeel, Nov. U. Wheal, "apot ataadr: Nav Manitoba- Manitoba- Ua. M.; No, I Manitoba, 11a. IHd. ; No. I hard wtnlar IOJO). lla. ISL: NO. I bard winter (na S 11a. Hid. Com. apot firm ; Laplata. a. rraar, winter paianta. ua. In Iondoa (I'arinc Couii. (4 Bast, axtra India maaa, utn. ; pork. ma. td. : nama. itMt. cut. H to II Iba.. lla. ; berUild- berUild- to 10 Iba., 17a. Id.; clear lla, U. ; long cleat Iralddl... II lo 3 a., nominal ; IS ( Mt hm . Ions cLmt middle boovy, nominal ; abort clear bark. II lo Z Tla. Lard, prima waatarn, in - twroaa Inaw), lla. : old. tla. ;. American, ra in noaaa, aia. AMUSEMENTS. Centre THTJR. IfRL BAT. Graustark S Prl 6 The story of a Love Behind a Throne . V. L. 8. K. Feature from the novel of George Birr Mc. Outcheon. Featuring Frudi Z. Buihiaan Kin Bevsrly Bayne and Edna Mayo, IHE St. George lMii"S,Jly.''i""- lMii"S,Jly.''i""- WOMA WSAOK PLAYERS Present "WITHIN THE WEB" A Wiwng nraroalle PUr. Mala.: Tue. Thur.. Sal. at XM. Kvery fcvanlng iT i PICF.S: 19r. IV Iji. - t'ChM of l-onnausht l-onnausht l-onnausht and Prtneesj i aaUrta"lnot will be given RUSSELL THEATRE OB Wdndar. Dee. 1. at I II d m a AUSTRALIAN CADETS Croitible. Reacnt : aladellaa dt Vercheres nerform. Ft XL I'HOrt-iFta I'HOrt-iFta I'HOrt-iFta TO THE Potnilar Price. Plan at Bait Office. Russell Theatre. St Andrews Concert FOR THK BEN EVO LK.TT Frf D. Russell TT Tbe WaUortal Qoartet( In Roloa, Daeta and ioncerteai Mianibvra. Harold Jarvls, tha favorite tenor; M. Cameron, refined eomniia:i- eomniia:i- Miss Jessie D union, dan car, and the' Pips Band. Plan Thursday morning. November . nt I o'clock. Tlckeu Ho to S1.S0. O, T. IL TRrvtvKAKfor(;fC ' 0. T. R. Iraltlo Mmln.. rA. h. waak of Nov. lt-ll lt-ll lt-ll were flit. Sit. n In r raa of II4.1TT over the ng-nrwo ng-nrwo ng-nrwo efor tia eorrs ponding period last year. Bringing Up IT 1 , ; TT 1 m , . 11 - I , N II I na I I .1 1 I eto i Truna; t THrwlN I "rao cant mtm ooietj. I 1 BostHt., L J rV T Vote: Tli ' H ' AL0Mi IFOU ' y r t T .' ) . OUU01E? ' -ftj -ftj ; p iiss. i .aanlliM'rrT" aansjsjaisisss J " ' TOnkTO OATTUL . I STAND AHD EXCHANGE. Toronto, rJ There was a light run ol I'attlJ tha Union Mock Yard ft h la morn Ins ea up at hogs, strung. Kiporl rai butcher rattl lum ti it to butcher row i to t.Ti, to It.te: f rfcoire I7.M t Si.M: holer t.T la fT.SI, md M. common It to ft i0; lolca UUMM. modluoi itillH to 14. bulla II H4 steers. It tp a. ; a locker m. rhoi n w ta , nam ti n 10 Utn. tach llu to' IIM: springer. 170 L IIM : thacp. awca. U.ii lau-lu lau-lu lau-lu and culla. II.M lo to V) i lamlat, f to ll'D : hot: ta and watrf ad. fa. t ralvat. M to M-l. M-l. M-l. BANK HP KN'tiL-UUk. KN'tiL-UUk. KN'tiL-UUk. H lanadlaa Praww - Lonlon. Kov. Tha wcaklr ataitnirnt of Iba l(ank of En land' ahowa tha following t-nnnaraa: t-nnnaraa: t-nnnaraa: Totnl rtwarva. derrraaad. il.400.0ad: rlrru-l rlrru-l rlrru-l latlon. lnrrraaed. t:.000; bullion.' dacraaarO. f 1 .1 1 . . Mnar acrurltlra. dacrcaard, iJ.KS.; public dapoalta, derreaard. (7.017.000: notea rtaerve. ' decruaed. 1. 4OI.0OO. Government aacurlllaa. UDrhanard. Proportion of tho bunk' warrv to liability thlai waak 1T.4I par cant- cant- uncharged from . but weak. Rata of dlarount uncnand t Pr rant. PATRIOTIC ADDRESSES TO WILLING WORKERS Hon. Arthur Meighea Present at lin of "Aid" to Daughters o Empire, Thar was a aplendlo a;endarrc at the aucoeaaful inauguration of Willing Workers' Aid in connrHa,, wnn am MagunieirH an Vercheres Chapter of the I.U.D.E. last evening la the thapter'B rooms In the Bauqun NulloitUlu liulltllna-. liulltllna-. liulltllna-. lip Jam, u- u- Hobertaon, of the Red Croea Koclely, Iwua in allrndanc. and addreaaed Ilia young ladlca on lied Crnaa work. Ur. IL M. Ami gave an Impreaalve nddrra 'in French. Hon. Arthur aleighen alio poke of womcn'a apJendtd effort In luitrlotK work thruughout tho sm- sm- I Tner were present large reprewnta lions from the vurioua mm.iu.rvi,.! i ibouaea of the city. i lie lore the conclusion of tbe meet- meet- jlng 1,310 handkerthlefs were Ulntribut-I Ulntribut-I Ulntribut-I ed to be hemmed by tbe jrouug ldK and returned. Conveners of vurioua committees will be named, who will, nave charge of Uie dlslribuiion and ; UNION JACK CLUB TO HOLD BIG BAZAAR AT VWTA UA1I TO linDDAv' . it -n. -n. sanis lumvnnvn ... I The members of the Vnlon Jack Association will hold a baionr to-mor-l to-mor-l to-mor-l to-mor-l to-mor-l row from 4 to 10 o'clock. Mr. If. S. Houinum will oieiv the entertain wont i" J luinmiminorrs flHnoCnrte Prelude, From an artistic point, the event I and Miss (lautler. Mies Dntrhwe. alias promises lo be noteworthy. Tho young Pelalre and Mr. Bovln provided music Indies, who will serve nftcrnoon tea,, for the dancing, and accompanied so-will so-will so-will be dressed In Quaker costume; lolats. thoe attending tho statu -UI -UI h- h- ar- ar- Tho JovUI Mr. Richard, senior, fl. rayed to represent In a generait wny Ured prominently In the square itah"i2. -hi -hi a h b lvln 9tam oltlme club members will wear white dresses ., B yioii- yioii- ith red Tho boo tit will contain children's wear, fsnry goods and useful gift. There will be no charge for admission admission in-tlm in-tlm in-tlm afternoon up lo T o'clock, but after that a charge of It cents,- cents,- an a programme will be rendered during Last year thla club, throurh a bazaar, concert, lecture and free-wltl free-wltl free-wltl offering, rained li for ilritlch nnj Canadian patriotic funds, ao this year they want to help lift tbe overdraft on the building fund of tltr Home, which Is of no much Importance to very member. : PERSONAL. The marrlajr takes place this af-. af-. af-. ternoon of Mlas Marrca White, youngest youngest daughter, of Mr. and Mrs. James White. C'ooner atreet. to Mr Andrew Thompson Robertson, of Oary, Wst Mr." Andrew T. Robertson and Mr. Francis K earn a. at Oirv Waal Vie. glnla, are In town for tha White-Robertson White-Robertson White-Robertson White-Robertson wedding today. THE MARTIN MYSTERY. Who la there who does not like to sao n good detective atory? One or those good blood stirring stories ot adventure Id which the right always travails. If thla la what . "''Ivla'1 the Princeaa either Thtira- Thtira- , . . 7 mna Bufdy to see the Martin Mystery, with Harry Carey In the ieadlna- ieadlna- nan. 11 i 1 rrlpplng In exciting action, and plot eTlnToSn You find anythln. better any- any- where In tha diy. Mak Father. (tuppllad ky . Malcalm Wig tint Oo.) Morning kalia. itomai Con. 1,w at 11. Uunia K.-t.W K.-t.W K.-t.W t M. I.W it k Ilutlliuirr 1 at IT-it. IT-it. IT-it. 4 at 17 0. , liiipcrlal-l.MO liiipcrlal-l.MO liiipcrlal-l.MO St 4. 1M at tl. i lmi--rlal lmi--rlal lmi--rlal lmi--rlal Rr-srva Rr-srva Rr-srva l.tW HI. Ju pilar 3.WW at 14. Urlniyra t.M0 at It, 1.0M at TH. 1.-MB 1.-MB 1.-MB Ht Tl. I.Wh at Tl. I.oug at II (buy lb t dayai. tlclnlyra lixlanaton lid at M. I'rratoo l.wa at i, l.lw tl , l.tao at t 4tuvpra M d"Sl, VI cortrf 1.100 at TH,, P4 at.Tl, M at Tl. WO at Tl. Writ itonia 1.M0 al . Bvr l.M at US. Chainbrra Frrland l.tOO tt N, l.aBk at 11 lUivrra 10 daKal. Crown Kraarvu-m Kraarvu-m Kraarvu-m at tl. LSOt at . I .DM at tits. Ut H H. M it ai, m at La no IX at tl. HQ at Tl McKlnW l,m at U. la al 44. J. I.WM at -4i, -4i, Nlitfaaini lat at 1.4. tt at ivtaraon Laka IM at U. 4.(0 al M, Uav at II. w ai w. a.auw at Ih r M dal, al U tburvrt to daa Kanvrm Hu parlor l.Ott at Tt. 19 at T. Mu at to. loo at II. loa at U, at H. Ullwr Leaf l.ioo at IV. Bhamroca l.ouo a TemUkamliid MO 16",. leu t It, iiu. 1.000 ! tl. 1 000 at liu (buyera (U day), 1.000 at It tauyera M dayai, 1S.JU0 at 11. 1.T00 at 11. 1.000 at U IbUTer (0 daval. at tm. Tiathewcy 1.U00 at IT. liar BUver. US. LONDON MONEY. london, Noc. IS. Money 4 to 4 1-4 1-4 1-4 per cent. Disco tin l ralea, ahurt and three month btlla, B l-l l-l l-l per cent. Tha Hank if Kntilund today ei-porled ei-porled ei-porled (ST. 000 In mivorelirna to Cu-uUa Cu-uUa Cu-uUa and ear-ninrktd ear-ninrktd ear-ninrktd tHIO.UO Cor m lace lla neous purpoaaa. AN ENJOYABLE EVENING AT t A NioKl nf RMf " o That Delighted Everybody. From tha chairman's opening re-1 re-1 re-1 Sing of I ha National Just after twelve there waat ant a Htnale dull ntiumni at thi- thi- staff reception given Wednesday evening at the I'uulln el ore. The party conalsted or the whole staff and maruirmxnt, and waa given al the invitation of Mr. I, N. Puulln himself, aa a mark of the esteem he feels toward all who are laboring with nim In the well known and successful mercantile Institution at the corner of spark u Connor Btreeta. Almost the entire Heady-to-Wear Heady-to-Wear Heady-to-Wear Heady-to-Wear Heady-to-Wear Section was needed to arrnmmodala the big aaaembly. and Mr. Frank L.ourtncy, in nts nappleat mood, was cnairman hi ine orcaaion. The programme commenced with a Grand March, whkh wua followed hv a dosen or more Interesting numbers Miss HeVlgney. Mrs. Drlscoll, Miss Oodbout and Mr. Drlscoll gave vocal seleftlons, while Mts 1'oultn rendered Much credit should be given lo Mr. T. Warren, the store manager, and others, who gave time and thought to the arrangement of the entertainment, entertainment, while the happy amlla on the chairman' face was so contagious, that miles of smiles were smiled during during the course of the evening. Those who preferred euchre, look part In a progressive game, and by way of diversion, the company made guesses at what tlraa an alarm clock would ring. Mlas Dei I re from the Hosiery Section, carried off the prise. Mr. Shore, manager or the Shoo Department, evoked roars af taut titer titer from Um audience with his negro maiae up. nis minstrel patter, and funny songs. , As a comedian he has talent Uiar -surely -surely deserves recognition in a professional professional capacity. Mr. P. Courtney made his debut as an elocutionist of great promise. no mnerea me crowo around him, and delivered the humorous reading "Peter Sorgham In Love," In a style thai only Mr. Courtney can give. Thoae who Have known him only as secretary-tree secretary-tree secretary-tree surer of the 'firm, or who have had occasion to approach him on the subject of tungsten lamps, would never dream ihst such ability wss lurking behind his "reception" smile or "trial biflimee" solemnity. Towarda the close a vote et thanks was passed to Mr. Poulln for such an enjoyable evening, and that esteemed gentleman replied with a few well chosen words, from which one gathered gathered that other entertalnmnnis would follow this one, and that he had spent aa pleasant a time as an vane nreatnt Thanka are due to all wlm helped icn a 7 OT.7l-HI OT.7l-HI OT.7l-HI "Urlghter." "Hetier" Pnulln Store. LONDON CLOSING FBIOZfl. Conaota for monay .. .. l'pur and a hall p. . loan Atchlaun , lit Balilniora 100 Cunadl-n Cunadl-n Cunadl-n Iarirlc '. ! ClMruiraka A Ohio ' Chliaaa llrrat Wvalan .. 1 Chlraao, UU. A Ml. Paul - IK Bwn Ornvar A HU Uranda .. . Era lal'.'. V. V. V. .l ." ,'lirnnd Trunk lUlnola Central , Itfulavllla A Naahvllla.. . Nw York Central Norfolk A Wcatrrn . OnUrlo A Waatarn .. . IVniiaylranla .. ..' Rand Ulnaa .. ,'. . Reading .. Southern Br. Koulhrrn l'aclnc - Tnion l"irVc l ulled HUtrt Hteal Bar BUrar MUd. par oui . 1114 . is . 141 1 RLUHIA BKKHIN43 LUAX. . Ujr Canadian Pre. New York. Nov. . Raprantn-Uvea Raprantn-Uvea Raprantn-Uvea of n group of lluaalan banks ara negotiating with bankers hero for a new credit loan to tha amount of 160.00000 to ba uaad lo puy for Kiuwian Tiurchaae In tha United Blates. The Ituaalan government earlier thla year borrowed 111.000,000 hero on bankera arcaptancaa, V" j of the propoaula la lo aecure tha pew 'credit by the pledge of Kuaatan gov- gov- eminent bonds and the guarantee of the lluaalan government. PRESS BUREAU NAILS CANARD FROM BERLIN REGARDING BAGDAD By Canaxllan Press, London, Nov. SS. Tha Official Press Uureau Uutued a statement to-day to-day to-day concerning concerning a wireless despatch from Berlin Berlin which was published in the United Htalea, alleging that a British foroe of 1T0.000 men bad been thrown back by the Turks after approaching within iiiiica oi uaguao. tho III nucaliun said the Brill. Including Canadian Aunimllun - .a"'1 Indlm , inuim com in Ken tk, na4 tnado. u .rBwaiia?rco f"" Kgypt. "As comnlaZ " J"1""" message,' ' aaya lTa. tiZ" mnxa, -tl -tl ,'u, thlSls- thlSls- Indian, has .t.VtTT!aVko nmaalng march from iho i -nnai -nnai to uagdad." . CARDINAL MKRCIt-R MKRCIt-R MKRCIt-R NOT COlVfi By Caaadlaa Prei. Paris. Nov. it i-h i-h i-h t.M. i that iV1" V.' to rnnrm "" "p"" snail Merrier, prima t of Belgium, has been' The apple fund wan closed yeater-postponed. yeater-postponed. yeater-postponed. ll nubllahati . ...a. Km not in time to stem the from Havre saying Ihe Belgian gov- gov- stream of quarters already in the ernment boa learned of the postpone- postpone- mail. We required about ll to comment comment of the trip, the previous an- an- Plet U shipment to the boys of the nouncement of which waa the basis of Second Artillery Division, i Including reports that a (Mac movement waa freight and cartage. We received tin, under way. j( no objection are received we will: The reason assigned' for the car-' car-' car-' pass the balance to tbe Prisoners of, dlnal s change In plans is that he con War Fund. Following are Ihe Anal r-iuerea r-iuerea r-iuerea certain conditions Imposed by the aermnn authorities am . ...), Ql ni positlqn. FUNERAL OF MRS. SPltOULK. Tha funeral of tha late Rebecca Sproulo, widow or Thomas Spronle, won heldr from lh residence of her son, R. L. Sproule, to Mertval cemetery cemetery Tuesday nftcrnoon. Nor. IS 1I1S. and waa largely attended both from Ottawa and Men vale. Mrs. Sproule waa the daughter of the late Henry Watson, one of the pioneer settlers of the town or Perth She came to Ottawa at the time or her marriage, fifty-two fifty-two fifty-two years ago, and has! lived hero ever since, except Tor the1 lost alx years of her life, which she'O. C '. spent In Merlvule. She died at the J. H. R. home of her daughter. Mrs. W. p. I Mrs. Martin '. , Rlddell, In the seventy-nlnth seventy-nlnth seventy-nlnth year of L. Wood her age, after a short and painless Eric A. B. Norrta ... illness, widely lamented hv a. Lam V. a. Mudb cij-cie cij-cie cij-cie oi retail ves ana menus, many, wuuua iiwiiih iHeir aympatny ty 'nouie. ana oj oiner acta or kindneaa greatly appreciated by the. family. Mrs. Sproule Is survived by an I , elder sister. Mm. George Hopper, of, Merlvale. and a brother, Charles Wat- Wat- on. In British Columbia, and her chll- chll- ', dren Robert I- I- and Henry W of this cnjr ana inomas wiin tno BSta Uit-I Uit-I Uit-I I all on. also two daughters. Mrs. Chan, I Bpry and Mrs. W. P. Rlddell. - Mrs. 8d route waa on Anellran I religion and a touching and beautiful service won held at the UtUe Anglican church In Merlvale by the Rev. Oeo. nconiieoury. oasisiaa oy tno Kv. nr. wio oi westboro. 1 It means the bakeday smile fi - - - - - - -a -a BV G. VOTuSr JMUtau auu hiuiuim nunm . i Top Th.. Co.1. are '.,!. of ;.. ik. ...!,... Th.v m Children's Handkerchiefs in Fancy Boxes Wo .how a l.iu amortmrnt of Handkerchi rfa for eljililr, in Linra,Fiu I-awn I-awn I-awn Jnd Mualin, and in a variety of daintily embroidered and initialed atylea in both white and colon. IAII are excellent, excellent, value, at the privca quoted. ' ., ' . brolJ.r. d In ky. nu .nd ll.d. Thr la Unn ! c,hl,,,"ni, '? rM H"- H"- " " baa ., aso box. w. b.v. .11 laUUU .ul, eutKi, . S.SfcSw. .in pHnlrt rtlld .ub- .ub- IJIn.. H.;dk.robl.Di .Ub d.rrf nbroM.rl f'-!" f'-!" f'-!" k'. ';'"k Tbrr ' """' CU"" child naurM. a In ku at aac. b011 Handkerchiefs for Very Small Children K rulli ? 5.1.7 ui W , jormfj. .had., ot ay. rink, or Hello. loe each, too eai-h, eai-h, eai-h, a tor 6v. - Junk .nd Jill " I'trtur. H.ndk.ri'hlef. In col- col- nm.ll Whit. Mu.ln H.ndk.rohlrf. w"h alrl Hln. Qr.y. .,r own. nmir. imlirold.r.d In Ulu. and Animal In B.d. T.o . m fc I n, or M. ,,,, . .( lac. .,..!,,... w!,i, nor.l . Br"' " KxwkU " Il.n.lkiTcliU-r Il.n.lkiTcliU-r Il.n.lkiTcliU-r Whit. Hnndkor- Hnndkor- lll,W Colorrt Bordor ll.ndk "g"JJS "J .lib colored bord. ,. jn 1-lnk 1-lnk 1-lnk or Ulu.. .nd dnlaii. In lb. .m. .hodo. h. Ibe border aay. no- no- h(. llo. l ink. Prlc. ae c! ao.- ao.- ilo. w"" " )vlrr k aac . other. .Itta k.IIoom! eda c each; ape ooa. Toy Floor la now ready for Ituur Booaa. mc. ironj MAILS BROUGHT ALONG MANY MORE QUARTERS Apple rurcnasc but We Have Disposal of Balance. ubscrlpUons: Quarters. Previously acknowledged Mrs, 1. J. UusKerviuo Mr. and Mm. W. II. A, Fraser Mrs. A. Hurna Mrs. A. A. L.. O. It. M '. C. R. T. ... J. A. Heron .. .. .. .. W- W- T. Macoun Garnet ince Helen Ha me run. Ft. Coulongn Miss Betty Henderson .. .. Miss Ruth Anderson .. .. Master ' David Anderson .. ..-J. ..-J. ..-J. J. II . K. McKeU .. j. i. t. . Mar lias H. Irish lias L. May . MacC. I. M H. W. J L. F. Jarvls Mrs. J. E. TaggArt . tan, Beynurn, David WhIM i Five Klckera ... .1 and Mrs. O. Mlas Nancy Hunter . Clarence Mulvough , I MarJostaJlulvouga ... I so be l sihvougn . i Miiivt.ifsnx. Boys' Mackinaw Coats $3.75 windproof material that will k.p - m imri witn arar mi naunvi anti naw voimium "vv" r bl bnitoeaa a up v qw - Mrs. U E. Stanley ... . F. Marsh Hot Glow Miss Btratton The Miasea Brown ... . Walter Hamilton Miss M. A. Miller .. .. Stair. Orme, LtdU. and Kecholo V Co. Canadian Prrss. York. Nov. li. HeTnlc Sirhulta late n private In the German army, reached New York to-day, to-day, to-day, a deserter, and a stowaway, aboard Tho Dutch si earner Ncorderdyk. He wore a uniform uniform which bore the earth stains of the trenches, said he had grown weary of War and naked tho custom men please to let him enter the United States so that he would have lo fight The customs' Inspectors 'reused him on to the Immigration authorities, anil will be held while his case la decided. If he Is denied admlsnlon he probably will be held here Indefinitely as to Too Late I Another life snuffed oat, eaught like a rat in a trap. Another victim added to the list of those who might have been saved. All for the lack of proper fire- fire- escape. The J. R Smith IRONWORKS Fire liacsinea anal rvarsjg. tit SLATKR ST. I Tl orWroTWaa-aaaaasrER, orWroTWaa-aaaaasrER, orWroTWaa-aaaaasrER, RFACHES Pistf flF uniTBf l ON A DUTCH STtmtFrn your bojr w'lm' tfuods. All ixes. deport hint would result In his capturo liy the British. Hell u It t deserted, he said, after hut father and brother had been killed, llu raiide his way undetected ihroUKli Hol-alnd Hol-alnd Hol-alnd to Rotterdam, L-oitoraltil L-oitoraltil L-oitoraltil hltnsHf aboard the steamer and clU'lcd IHiu-h IHiu-h IHiu-h Inspa'clora and the British, tvlio hehl the steamer three days In tbe Downs. Forty-eight Forty-eight Forty-eight hours later Sc nulls tr.iwl-ed tr.iwl-ed tr.iwl-ed out from his biding place and ask ed for fooa ana wai Stock ol tl llfa-thetJ llfa-thetJ llfa-thetJ October, 1915. alaTaBrMJS OP Onx pot CENT, and that cte same will be payable at i U Bankirsj House in tha City, and at it Branctves, on and after ' ir?kar-K,rL.pbi ir?kar-K,rL.pbi ir?kar-K,rL.pbi Stock ol lTiWamtr"sjWlC de clared lor the UuBaaWsSfrcliri nMncKiay, ine ritui dat or ite-Cembek ite-Cembek ite-Cembek next, to ShareixjmOirtxd oOltt October. 1915. - The Annuat General Meeting of the Shareholders will be held at the Banting . House ol the Institution on Monday, . the Sum DAY OP DaXEatBEll next. The Chair to be taken at Noon. By onier of the BcnuL FREDERICK WILLIAMS-TAYLOR WILLIAMS-TAYLOR WILLIAMS-TAYLOR Montreal. 22ndOctobar, 1915. ' THE EMPIRE TYPEWRITER THE ONLY TYPsTWRITRR M.a Bristow Sol Agent. SS METCALFE ST. Money To Loan . h Sums oi $1,000 to $5,000 At Current Rates of Inter est THE TORONTO GENERAL TRUST8 CORPORATION 30 Elgin St. Ottawa, aajtu datxt. McManus.

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal25 Nov 1915, ThuPage 13

The Ottawa Journal (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)25 Nov 1915, ThuPage 13
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