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VELLER CLAN GATHERS NEAR OLD SETTLEMENT These officers were elected at the annual annual reunion of the Weller family, !which took place near Hill Church, on Saturday: President, Joel H. Weller, Joyertown; first vice president, Harvey lemp, Landis Store; second vice presi - ;nt,; D. H. Weller, Pottstown; secre - lry, William C. Weller, Pottstown; ssistant secretary, William Kemp, landis Store; treasurer, James F. Welter, Boyertown. " Executive committee, Prof. A. W. Weiser, Pottstown;' Harvey Kemp, ,andis Store; Emmanuel Weller, Hill Church; Daniel Weller, Broad Moun - ain. Historical committee: Rev. H. .. Weller, Orwigsburg; William Kemp, andis Store; Jonathan Weller, Gresh - . lie; Nathan Weller, Congo;, Henry 'eller, Girardvllle; A. S Berkey, Clay - n. President J. H. Weller will ap - Mnt the committee on .arrangements : a later date. It was decided to hold ie next gathering, at the same place, the date to be announced later. Rev. H. A. Weller, pastor of St Paul's Lutheran Church, of Orwigsburg, Orwigsburg, was the orator of the occasion. 1TTEXDIXG. The following registered: Mr. and Mrs. Joel ; H, , : Weller, . Boyertown; Olivia B. Weller, Boyertown; Hannah B. Weller, Eas"t Greenville; E - phraim H. Weller, Nathan H. Weller, Congo; Mr. and Mrs. John N. Moser, Bech - .elsville; Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Wei ler, Shanesville: William H. Weller, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Weller, Harvey M. Wei ier, Annie M. Weller, Edwin H. Wel ler, Levi Weller, Calvin Weller, Mrs. Levi Weller, Anna Weller, Mrs. Na - hnn Weller, Mr. and Mrs. William vVeller, Mrs. Jesse Weller Bechtels - i - ille; Jonas H. Weller, Emaus, Mrs. Edwin H. Weller, New Berlinville; Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Nester, Mr. md Mrs. David Stauffer, New Berlin. ille; Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Berkey, ;iayton; Mrs. George Saltzer, Boyer - own; Daniel H. Weller, Pottstown; Richard Weiser, Mrs. Daniel H. Wei er, Pottstown. Mrs. Warren C. Weller, Reading dr. and Mrs. J. M, Weller, Boyer .own; S. N. Weller, - Lucy Gries, Bech. ;elsville; Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Weiser, Mary Weiser, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy ..andis, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Harner, ilr. and Mrs. W. C. Weller, Robert J. Weller, Pottstown; Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Masser, Richard Masser, Theodore Masser, Elanore Masser, Philadelphia; Ephraim D. Weller, 3echtelsvllle; W. Fred Weller, Lizzie Weller, Reading; Mr. and Mrs. H. ,V. Kemp, Mamie M. Kemp, Ivy M. emp, Lottie M. Kemp, Landis Store Henry J. Weller, Girardvllle; Dan - el L. Weller,' Evangeline Weller, Sroad Mountain; Mr. and Mrs. Wil - iam Toder, New Berlinville; Mrs. Da. id Weller, Landis Store; Ephraim W. Veller, Glenside; Mr. and Mrs. Israel VACATION TRIPS Temperature Cooler than at the Middle Atlantic Coast Resorts. ours Inc. Hotels, Shore Excursions, Low - it Rates. By Twin bcrew S. S. "BER. UDIAN," 10,518 tons displacement. astest, newest and only Steamer landing tsssngers at tne oock in iserumuaa with - it transfer. xiling every five days in connection with . M. S. P. Co. Tickets interchangeable. For full information apply to A. E. OUT. RBRIDGE & CO.. Agents Quebec S. S. )., Litd, 20 Broadway, New York; George CK.(U et - ..n. Unolrlf. Do dill. iT - Vl ll Oil rci, xvcnuiug J. ci. Weller, Lottie Weller, Landis Store; Bertie Weller, Glenside; Mr. and Mrs. Allen Weller, Wildred Weller, Philadelphia; Philadelphia; Mr. and Mrs. Simon Weller, Leonard Weller, Walter. Weller, Mrs. Emanuel Weller, Mr. ana Mrs. cim ton Frenhelser, Hill Church. Hannah Fronheiaer, Hill Church Rev. H. A. Weller, Mra H. A. Wei ler, Florence J. Weller, Helen K. Wel ler, Orwigsburg; Mr. and Mrs. George W. Bush, Harvey weller Bush, Nar beth; Mr. and Mrs. Warren B. Wel ler, Chester Weller, Ralph S. Weller, Mr. and Mrs. William Hoffman, jsiea nore Hoffman. Minerva Hoffman, El sie Hoffman, William Hoffman, Jacob Hoffman, Emanuel Hoffman, Mrs. Charles FFronheiser, Herbert Fron heiser, Leroy Fronehelser, Clyde Fron - heiser. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Fron heiser, Melvln Fronhelser, Bechtels - ville. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin B. Johnson, Norman Johnson, Warren W. John son, Ernest W. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs, A. Wilett Geschwind, Boyertown; Mr. and Mrs. Nathan M. Weller, Robert Weller, Elsie Weller, Lloyd Weller, Leon Woller, Russell Weller, Hill Church; Mr. and Mrs, Oswln H. Derr, Charles Derr, New Berlinville; Mr, and Mrs, Clyde G. Weller, Bechtels - ville. . Mr. and Mrs. Amos Smith, Howard Smith, Worman, Mr. and" Mra Amos Weller, Ellen Weller, Henry Weller, Sallie Weller, Frank weller, Read ing; Mr. and Mrs, William wrKemp, Landis Store; Floyd B. Kemp, Ruth, B. Kemp, Abr&m Kemp, Mrs. Abram Kemp, Landis Store; Mr. and Mra Albert B. Leidy, Ruth W. Leidy, Mr, and Mrs. Harry Mest, Allen Meat, Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose H. Weller, P. Sher man Weller, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey H. Weller, Edna Weller, Herbert Wei ler, Boyertown. Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Rohrbach, Viola Rohrbach, Lillie Rohrbach, Edna Rohrbach, Alice Rohrbach, Mr, and Mrs. William Reidnauer, Bech telsville; Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Hoff man, Earl Hoffman, Hilda Hoffman, Floyd Hoffman, Lyons; Isaac H. Wei ler, Landis Store; Mr. and Mrs. Wll liam Heydt, Clyde Heydt,. Hattie Heydt, Olivia Heydt, Reading; John E. Weller, Turboville, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. Lewis H. Weller, Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Weller, Ethel Weller, Meda Weller, Bechtelsville; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Stotidt,, Mr. and Mrs. Jamea F. Weller, Boyertown. Mr. and Mrs. Morris Moser, Leroy Moser, Bechtelsville; Mr. and Mra Abraham Nester, New Berlinville, Am brose Moyer, Boyertown; Mr. and Mrs. William Moyer, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Moyer, Erma Moyer, Alma Moyer, Norman Moyer, Mr.' and . Mrs. Fred erick Yerger, Annie Yerger, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Herb, Henry Moser, Mrs, Hettie Moyer, Mr. and Mrs. James Becker, Mary Becker, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Weller, Edna Weller Herbert Weller, Lizzie Dotterer, Mr. and Mra James Brown, Calvin Brown, Solomon Brown, Stella Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Joel T. Moyer, Mamie Moyer, Verdla Moyer, Mr. and Mra Nathaniel' H. Moyer, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Fron - heiser, Melvin Fronheiser, all of Bech telsville. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Moser, Hill Church; Mr. and Mrs. Mathias Moser, Harvey Moser, Paul Moser, Gertrude Moser, Hill Church; Mr. and Mra Am mon Weller, Landis Store; Ether Ehly, Manayunk; Eva Hoffman, Reading; Mrs. A. P, Kolbe, Esther Kolbe, Syd ney Kolbe, Glenside; J. H. Hoffman, Norristown; Wilson Weiser, Marian Weiser, Catharine Weiser, Conrad Weiser, Mrs. Lena Funk, Kathleen Funk.

Clipped from Reading Times18 Aug 1913, MonPage 5

Reading Times (Reading, Pennsylvania)18 Aug 1913, MonPage 5
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