Details from Judge Voltz's trial in the murder of Lee Novo

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Details from Judge Voltz's trial in the murder of Lee Novo - Ity judge gus voltz if'1 MA AAA nil II RAllTtU...
Ity judge gus voltz if'1 MA AAA nil II RAllTtU ?d,UUU DHIL JI (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) . this nature. Under the rase of tro .g enimd to bond r'thet will be submitted in the fl;S,C course to the grand jury 'u-hich 'u-hich 'u-hich will be responsibility ifeD ir,p if the accused should d ,ntitre let the accused be me?nUTf -in? -in? bond and se- se- H? " f.m of $3.n00,as the v p ff firady Kelley announced ?eriu cs later the bond had bv Norwood Vance, ! Rillups. Mayor E. S. Hardy, t.mote- t.mote- S. W. Tudor, T. 0. irt s. C Spengler; that (1 us others wanted to sign f Zd but there was not room to approach, I kept the gun and told Novo to stop. Novo appeared to be in a ferocious condition and had a wild look about his face. He was a much larger and younger man than I and I was in fear of my life. As he did not stop when I told him to, I fired the second shot as a matter of self defense. There were three more cartridges in my my pistol and I could have shot them, but I was shooting to protect my own life and not to kill. Attorney C. F. Gravel, Jr., who on the sidewalk. Saw Judge Voltz, did not hear him say anything anything but saw his lips move as if he were talking. Novo was approaching Judge Voltz as the second shot was fired. Joe Mayer took the stand but had no new or important information. information. Judge Nachman on Stand Questioned by Mr. Hunter as to the reputation enjoyed in Alexandria Alexandria by Lee Novo, Judge J. B. Nachman, who was a city judge in Alexandria for twelve years, said: "I knew Lee Novo from the time he was a small boy. He was generally accepted as a dangerous menace on the streets of Alexan- Alexan- Program Planning Council, Bolton USO, Will fleet Session to Be Held Tomorrow at Club are on The newly formed program du ter." USO will meet at Bolton 4 Sunday af one The following four witnesses, n 111 11 ICC L civ T UU1 lua v ai ' I ternoon at the Bolton club. The was one of the persons with Judge , also questioned about Novo's rep-Voltz rep-Voltz rep-Voltz at the time of the shooting i utation, stated that he was regard-continued regard-continued regard-continued his testimony after the ! ed as dangerous and of a "violent the pal'; joe Murray iwuues I 1 haVe the opportunity to settle jiff.rultv. I've settled all at 1 j;innTties except my trou- trou- 1 the were .i u.. Tea Knvn ntl the f nne of the shooting of Novo fZle Voltz, according to tes-i tes-i tes-i "v given by Joe Murray, Pine-5? Pine-5? Pine-5? instruction man who was t rvising remodelling work m a Z'Le at Fourth and Murray f:'.t the day of the killing, fknow Judge Voltz and I Lis Lee Novo well," said Mur-fv Mur-fv Mur-fv That morning Lee came along W' . - o( work.' hp seemed re 1 "oa ' . , v lc nA Vinnnv. and when I i noon recess yesterday and said: After the first shot Novo grabbed his stomach and went between two automobiles that were parked on the street; he walked around the car in front and onto the sidewalk. Just then Police Chief George Gray rushed up to Judge Voltz and demanded his gun. Judge Voltz was about to give the gun to Chief Gra when Novo stepped stepped on the sidewalk and started toward Judge Voltz. Judge Voltz ! could kill a couple of S. B.'s in the said, 'dont come on me" Novo j town. I said to him, 'Lee, I continued to advance toward j wouldn't talk that way'." Judge Voltz in a menacing man- man- j At the opening of the night ses- ses- I iiDc and happy. 2ti what made him feel so good, flnsered" (as. above) "We 5'-,d 5'-,d 5'-,d for a few minutes and then ftp left I immediately started to fritv' court room to tell Judge " , -i -i uA koon cairt Pnurt ifr vnai li-iu li-iu li-iu - .. 1 ...Un. T o,","i,'arl onn and turbulent nature": Dr. J. T. Cappel, Ed Hawthorne, L. O. Clinton, Clinton, former sheriff of Grant parish, parish, and W. H. Smith, Jr. Sam Brodie, a city employe, stated that he had known Lee Novo from the time he was a small boy. "Coming out of the Guaranty bank four days before the killing 1 saw Lee at the corner," he said. "I asked him how he felt and he said he'd feel a lot better if he council is composed of representatives representatives of each camp, soldiers, representatives of each group of Military Maids, the U. S. O. and the advisors. The Military Maids representatives are: Barbara Stell, Alice Johnston, Rosalie Cailleteau, Dora Spivey, Laverne Nelson, Betty Raburn, Yvonne McSwain, Jean Goodwin, and Valerie Bond. Mrs. J. B. Nachman represents the Advisers and Mrs. I. M. Wahl-der, Wahl-der, Wahl-der, vice chairman of the V. S. 0. represents the V. S. O. Council. Military representatives on the Council are: Sgt. Eugene Kurgkin, Cpl. Kenneth Ressler, Cpl. Ber-trand Ber-trand Ber-trand R. Foss. Pvt. Irving Gutin, Cpl. Joseph Perrera, Cpl. Joseph ner after the Judge had told him sion, Judge Voltz mounted 'the! f de"0' T"5A ,Ken"eth Blume, to stop. Judge Voltz and Novo stand to continue the testimony j were about four feet apart when j which had been interrupted when i the second shot was fired. I con- con- j court recessed at 5:15 in the af- af- an exceptionally ternoon. Mr. Hunter asked the defendant defendant if it was after the threat made by Lee Novo and commun- commun- sidered Novo strong man. J. Martin Shevnin, attorney, who was with Judge Voltz and Attorney Gravel, took the stand and said, "I have known Lee Novo since he was a small boy. Attorney Attorney Gravel, Chief Gray Miss Can- Can- i Pturned to my work. When I ! right. Judge Voltz and I were go- go- ii back to Fourth and Murray j ing after coffee at Rush's. We met !Jk the shooting had taken! Judge Voltz at Fifth and Murray P?,' street. Gravel, Judge Voltz and I SMurray "d that in previous i were in the lead. I think Chief In ersations Novo had told him j Gray and Miss Canright were de-at de-at de-at Judge Voltz was responsible ' layed by a traffic light in crossing havin" him (Novo) debarred ! Fifth street, as they were proba-M proba-M proba-M the practice of law. bly 50 or 60 feet behind us. Tc. E. Downs Alexandria, testi- testi- , "Where Is That Money?" Li that about four months ago j Novo was coming on Murray tmet Lee Novo near Third and j street from toward Fourth street, ! self under arrest, fehnston streets and that Navo j as he reached us he said, 'Judge, j and said, 'You can't Pfc. Danny Abraham, Pvt. H. B. Lewis, Sgt. Clifton Barnes, Sgt. Manuel Ercolin, Pfc, George C. Schaefer, Pvt. C. A. Jacobson, Pvt. F. C. Arthur Brezenoff, Pvt. Joe F. Boyers, Pfc. John A. Liam- Liam- icated to him by Mr. Downs that ; mari Sgt' Adrion Fuchs- Fuchs- Pvt Du" i i ta. he armed himself. Judge Voltz replied replied in the affirmative. Judge Voltz was asked by Mr. Hunter if he had ever been in a position to observe the attitude of Mr. Novo in the presence of officers officers of the law. After an objection objection by Mr. Hundley had been overruled, Judge Voltz testified. "The part I saw occurred in a little hallway in the old courthouse courthouse between two doors. Right after rnnrt two dennties from Sheriff Downs' office approached rec't01' Lee and told him to consider him- him- Lee snickered take me.' One The program council has discussed discussed several parts of the program program at Bolton USO and has offered offered numerous constructive and valuable suggestions. In having a real part in planning the activities for themselves, the soldiers will undoubtedly feel that the USO is really theirs and that they have a share in it, authorities say. The council is under the direction of Miss Carrol Dean, program di- di- by of 4'.H him. "Have you seen Junge i where is that money vou owe me? . officer then ernhhed him hv each foitz lately. I've got it in for him i Novo had a very angry expression arm and he brushed them aside rf I'm soma to get mm. uowns rd that when he met Judge Voltz on his face. "Judge Voltz said, "Go on Lee. I .1 I i J i. i . , , ... .. rt-eo rt-eo rt-eo nr tour nays idier, ne unu ami i wani any trouble wun vou. Vcltz of the statement made by ' Novo had turned around and came j Novo. More Sugar for Industry Seen WASHINGTON, July 15 (P)-Members (P)-Members (P)-Members of the Republican con gressional foods study committee. Attorney on Stand 'a, C. White, local attorney and I'fe-lone I'fe-lone I'fe-lone resident of Alexandria, KM of being in conservation with as one would a small child. Blackjack I'sed "A third officer then appeared back toward Judge Vol tz" Jud, ! Lh T! S?0 1 War Produc Voltz walked backward until he I 1 " f ""nZ i U.on. B.oar? on a recjue5t for "?ore uiu.i i cvr,, ...I.,, uuiuis ; stfeJ f0r jooct containers, precnct- precnct- the struggle which followed oneed todav thev would have better of the officers managed to slip u, ' ih-' ih-' ih-' n,DD f,. inl,rri was against a display window. Judge Voltz pulled his gun and said, "Don't come on me." When l 1 re- re- T 1 ai .1 ! J n armv officer and ! Novo got within six feet of Judge i "dTui' .u' .Vr;. " " , i sugar allotments to industry .'."". "'. .Yu.. vi, !,., v, t:A m " ; so nus me len iu uie jiuui anu i Thpv OTnrBW-H OTnrBW-H OTnrBW-H holiof tho Offirp 1 15 aide in front of the Guaranty Jank building when Novo walked i to them, grabbed Judge voltz the lappel of his coat, shook " and said, "I want that money." :,;te and Judge Voltz walked to- to- voltz, Judge Voltz fired. Novo walked into the street between two cars and started around one of them. Chief Gray got there about the time Novo was half way around the auto. Chief Gray was "'. . .. j 1 m 11,. in ft TrH, ffd the corner oi inira ana : fu"""." i'w- i'w- i fcniurray streets, Novo still de- de- , a"d said, "Give me that gun, Gus." lading money. Novo was very Noy then stepped on the side- side- ta-gerant ta-gerant ta-gerant and Judge Voltz told , ""umg io nis siomacn jr. he did not want any trouble, then reahcing out as a wrestler 11 .J T .,J , LUK UHUt?l MJdLlt' CU. 1 UU 'lt.'U Hi T1..:- T1..:- A J i i: . take his file to his office, which I m " :e "um ' ll " "' "" ' I did " jauMce irom war r uou mimv Mr.' Hunter then stated that h-! h-! h-! "V1" J"" wished to show the court that Novo entertained delusions about ! "ee,b f Sn n ? in. Pr lodi I Justice-money, and that he imagined that j imitation of 80 per cent of 1941 Mobil.-not only Judge Voltz, but several 1 suar consumption for industry. other members of the Alexandria . . : Sjudge Voltz then took the stand ! about tn Srab his opponent, ad-d ad-d ad-d testified he had lived in Alex- Alex- on Judge Voltz. . n . ,i ,. i . npn Tnin u'nc fnnr t civ ::u since i: trsathe ser-Itajg ser-Itajg ser-Itajg whate Instigation a Police News i jiirii since 1915; that he has two rs:athe service and that he had hatever to do with the and disbarment pro- pro- fleedings against Lee Novo. Form er 1 was quite friendly with Jcvo. .N'ovo and 1 were candidates fcr the city judgeship at the same ire. Novo was eliminated. . ....1 m, 1 lltLIVll uuv,g, , i" . fc'.i Novo he would help pay his Sipaign expenses, but Novo re-Jl:ed re-Jl:ed re-Jl:ed that he was in better shape I pay them than Judge Voltz. Sraetime later Novo asked Judge I'tztogo into a partnership with I"1.. This Judge Volt;, declined to t Continuing his testimony Judge said, "I later met Novo in tfnt of the Guaranty Bank and When Novo was four to six feet from Judge Voltz the Judge said, "Don't come on me." Novo continued to advance with his arms outstretched as if to grab Judge Voltz. Then Judge Voltz fired the second shot. "Novo must have been 6 feet four inches tall, and probably weighed 235 or 240 pounds. He was an ex-football ex-football ex-football player and a powerful man. Judge Voltz was probably 2 years older than Novo, about 5 feet, 6 inches or 5 feet, 7 inches in height and weight about 155 pounds. "If Judge Voltz was to defend himself it was necessary to resort bar, owed him money. "Some ill-informed ill-informed ill-informed neonle actually believe to thi onnH ri.iv that .Tnrirf Vni7 A few hours after several arti- arti- shot Lee Novo because he asked cles were reported stolen irom a him for some money' which was local hotel room, they were dis-1 dis-1 dis-1 bro-owed him I want to show that covered in a nearby room by a . Lee had delusions about .noney, I ci,-v ci,-v ci,-v Policeman, local officers said j ..j .,i ru-.r ru-.r ru-.r r,..,,, .,, i today. The night cashier of the ; in a position to interfere in the hotel, who has a room in the i building, said that some time open-Thursday night her room was en- en- tered by a thief, who tore off the : lock and stole the following arti-1 arti-1 arti-1 cles: A smalt suitcase, alarm , clock, razor blades, a flashlight ; and a sheet. The officer talked to a soldier registered at the hotel as Private C. J. Johnson, who had nn insitmia on his uniform. After i again. It happened so fast that nojthe soldjer icft the building his one could have got the gun. room Was searched and the stolen ; Hunter Jarrcau. business man- man- items found un lei the bed. shooting, as so many people sug gest." After Judge Dear said that he knew that Chief Gray was not in a position to interfere, Judge Voltz added. "Just prior to the second shot Chief Gray was to my left with his back to the street, I shoved shoved him when Novo came on me sa;d to me, 'You stole that pe? from me and I'll get it wni you.' ;. 'There were several judgements 1;Mst Novo in the city court " e l presided. All these judge- judge- to fire arms. After the second shot ager of the Alexandria Daily Town Demands Morphine ... .i ri- ri- .1 ! 11-' 11-' 11-' mli. . ili-:J ili-:J ili-:J H..1 1. U.J n -n -n ,t . . nini All. I i inovo siaggerea on me siuewatu iaiK, lesnntu nidi nt- nt- nui iu- iu- ur. ivi. n. rosier, ziu fliwin anu Met i leu aiuunu me tdi dtjaui. t'ist'(i nun Lrf .muu mm .-ncuu .-ncuu .-ncuu si reel, i epui icu uidi d', nwui u.ou 1 ran around the auto to see if I could be of any aid to Novo." Chief of Police George Gray was the next witness and said he was 25 or 30 feet behind Gravel, Shevnin Shevnin and Judge Voltz, "I heard .Tnr-lrf .Tnr-lrf .Tnr-lrf Vnlt7 mv 'Co on I want no -ia -ia ; e:e eventually paid, and trouble with you. Novo was ad-osrcismg ad-osrcismg ad-osrcismg a privilege that exists ; vancing toward Judge Voltz. Judge K'.veen members of the bar, 1 j Voltz pulled his gun and told Novo 9-ed 9-ed 9-ed at the office of the district 1 to stop. Novo continued to advance 'fnev and h.-il h.-il h.-il nil .r,,,,.t ,.ctc : nri Inloo .Tnlt7 fh-nri fh-nri fh-nri VVtlPlI 'o o . 11X11 .111 tUUl L lllio CI 11,1 UUVl, ....... .... came on the sidewalk the second time he was approaching Judge Voltz in a position to grab him. Judge Voltz had backed up against a building wall or window. I went to Judge Voltz and said, 'Give me that gun.' Judge Voltz made a motion motion as if. to do so, then changed. I looked and saw Novo coming occasions "Nearly every morning o'clock yesterday afternoon a man I so to the Guaranty Bank for a came into his office at Sixth and few minutes and I often saw Lee DeSoto streets and said that he there," the newspaperman testi-: testi-: testi-: had to have a shot of morphine tied. "One morning he said. 'What; immediately. The doctor, who do vou think these fellows did to was busy at the time, said nnth- nnth- .:. mn loft J Trt Art- Art- """I asked him what fellow- fellow- he' -c. -c. "bed the man as being about I i asKea nun wnai ieuo. IIL ,,,: Hot, . -con -con meant, and he said Judge Voltz, fO yeai s c .Id. weighing between. i,.ri to Vai-hnvm Vai-hnvm Vai-hnvm nnri Crnve Staf-: Staf-: 50 and lfiO pounds, of medium Judge isainman and uroc -Mai- -Mai- -Mai- i(i, Thev eot me n the "mm- "mm- "Wllls "l ,v"t"w 'v" ' ' j sed against Novo cancelled, pever had any money transac-n transac-n transac-n with Novo. Judge Voltz also 'I of the lime when Novo de-anaed de-anaed de-anaed money in the presence of 01y White and arm; officers. I Novo in Front of Bank At a later date," said Judge z. 1 was passing the Guar-V Guar-V Guar-V Ba"k and Trust Company , Ut 5 O'clock in tlm ford. Lee said, basement of the courthouse and robbed me of $1,700.' "Sometime later I attended a wrestling match with Judge Voltz and told him about it in the presence presence of Judge Porterie and Nick Hundley," Mr. Jarrcau concluded. Character Witnesses Witnesses were then called to and cap Smoke Doped Cigarettes A negio went to the local draft board yesterday to apply for a draft card, a draft board employe told the police. He said that the negro stated that he had been discharged discharged from the army in March on a section eicht. for smoking too many doped cigarettes. A negro OtTMm v Sthllad JCWelry 'any, Novo caught up with ;nVwd' 'i xvant my moncy. hi,'l:..ol,z "'id that he pulled ' FM01 and trilrl K minute or two latter Novo back on the sidewalk. Judge Voltz the stand to testify to Judge voltz s w)l0 accompanied him also acted : said, 'Don't come any further.' character. Dr. John R. Richardson, doped, according to the draft ; Novo continued going toward pastor of the Presbyterian church, board employe. j said that he has Known junge; G rl Miss nr I hot. Judge Voltz called three or voltz for nine years and that he Twenty - two - vear - old Viola f-ovas f-ovas f-ovas stanrhmr in tv, ,!,..., i Novo continued going lovvaici ban C 'Judge Voltz and he fired the second four times to Novo to not come closer, but Novo continued to advance. advance. Called Other Officers "After the second shot I went dm niM-ntt niM-ntt niM-ntt ctationprv store JMze Vr . J y l10llreman ald . and called for other officers. led h D"wns and others had bvv f th,'Pats made against "B K,T'0,,D'nvns 'Ported that isetme ld him he vva gin ,0 Dr John R- R- R ifhard- ifhard- r Pastor of the Presbyterian dp v ssked him t0 try 10 both 0 ,0 Wlci down and iki mp- mp- 'onfVl,z ,hen ,ol(i of rr.eeting tl:ce ll Ja;pl and Shevnin and rof hp:LGeorge Gray at the 'eL h 1nd Murray streets ; ; SomMin,nf: of 'hp shootmg. i'l 7"!th,ne About Money" SWVlth Attorneys Gravel nr A J,nd did "ot see Novo i... ? As he ... ... :j aoout Passed us he said money. I look- look- nnrl Novo turned and Vt 'JWai'd me. I saiH. 'T.Pe. t-iole t-iole t-iole' 1 d"n't want any I': . woMa rn m' Run and told i:t n L ?,P any ('lopcr- ('lopcr- Novo S,r. i nnvai'd and I fired !r'!uth m' Xnvo drooped tUu iands his stomach. ! ao. ,i . P, Slr,e-alk Slr,e-alk Slr,e-alk behind bark walked in the coffee shop when the first shot was fired. "I came out right afterward," he said, "and saw Novo come up on the sidewalk toward Judge Voltz. Heard Judge Voltz say, 'Don't come on me.' Novo had his hands down when he got on the sidewalk. Novo kept going toward toward Judge Voltz and never stopped stopped until the second shot was fired. fired. I did not hear Novo make anv noise or groans." The testimony of Eleanor Jean Canvvright, Town Talk reporter, who was with Police Chief George Grav, was as follows: "Chief Gray and I were about 25 or 35 feet behind behind Judge Voltz. When 1 first saw Judge Voltz he was backed up against the building wall and I heard Judge Voltz say 'Don't come on.' Judge Voltz was backed against the wall when the first shot was fired. I went past Judge Voltz and into the coffee shop. Pro mthe coffee shop I saw Novo come up on the sidewalk and toward Judge Voltz. The expression expression on the face of Novo frightened frightened me." Aaron Wolf, who has a store cli- cli- has never heard a thing said Viola Goss completed her work at j against him. 1 the American Grill last night at "The judge told me he heard 1:30 and hadn' reutrned home that I was trying to help Lee," j at 2:30 o'clock this morning, when the minister testified. "He told me ! Lav erne Tucker, 704 Fisk street, that he was afraid for his life . reported her as being missing. Viand Viand asked me to develop in Novo ola, she said, always came direct-a direct-a direct-a more friendly attitude toward l.v home from work. The girl had in Alexandria, and ; not been located at noon today, they had nothing against ! city police said. Viola was described described as being 5 feet. 6 inches tall, weighing 120 pounds and having having long blond hair. She was wearing a white skirt and pink checked blouse when last seen. around the car, rectlv across Murray street from the 1 me sidewalk in Rush's coffee shop, said he was ' a dll,0 nnri i-.-,.-- i-.-,.-- i-.-,.-- i-.-,.-- i-.-,.-- i-.-,.-- i-.-,.-- 4 . .. .1.- .1.- j .,A hnirrl " irniiL: 'a t- t- ri 1 n 1 crinrtinn in nr 01 01 o ili ni-t"" ni-t"" ni-t"" 2 sent ru. ' manner Vi. "-'net "-'net "-'net At that the first shot but did not think the attorney tell him him." Dr. Richardson stated that ho mentioned it to Lee and that it only seemed to make Novo exasperated. exasperated. "I wouldn't say I got anywhere with him." the minister said. Judge Gaston Porterie. a judge of the United States district court, was called to the witness stand to testify to the character of Judge Voltz". "I've knpwn Judge Voltz for 30 years," the federal jurist stated, "'and his reputation is very good. 1 have never heard it questioned." Edwin Hardy, mayor of Le-comp'.e, Le-comp'.e, Le-comp'.e, said that he has known Judge Voltz for 20 or 25 years and that his reputation is excellent. "I have never heard it questioned." questioned." he stated. Limiting the number of character character witnesses. Judce Dear said that the defense miaht pre-ent pre-ent pre-ent a li.-t li.-t li.-t of character v;tnees who were in a position to testify to Judse Voltz's good character and would be willing to do so if called to the stand. The name? of the following men were read by Mr. Himtpr "who said that all would Haas. Lou Hanev, John Harrell, Alfred Berlin, C. B. Rockwell, Mike Mule, R. S. Thornton, Mor- Mor- gan Walker, W. H. Smith. Jr., W. j D. Wadley, V. V. Lamkin. Dr. J. T. Cappel and J. W. Beasley. ' a Friend.s flocked around Judge Voltz following the hearing, which was attended by hundreds of the , jurist's friends from Alexandria j and throughout Central Louisiana. Accompanied by his wife and son, belie left the courthouse after the bond had been signed by five of per-his friends. The preliminary trial was held before Judge Cleveland Dear; the was conducted by John R. Hunter. Sr., the prosecution by flf Dl:- Dl:- r. . r - t.....r to ' . y"se me noise came nun, ' ' . - .,,. , -,tifv -,tifv ,'n,t .T-.idze .T-.idze .T-.idze E. Kolb and Miss Cassie Beau- Beau- ttin- ttin- a' . 'a otve : a minute or so r ,r annA. c,m ho District Attorney Ben F. Thomp- Thomp- Deputy Sheriff Rav Stuart kept order in the court room and the an-testimonv was copied bv Mrs. W. on. Assistant District Attorney Walter M. Hunter and A. V. Hundley. - -nu -nu sdia vine a minute or so idiei or .. .... , s boeuf A Novo continued across the street and saw Novo, Voltz s character is good. Sam boeul. j

Clipped from The Town Talk15 Jul 1944, SatPage 3

The Town Talk (Alexandria, Louisiana)15 Jul 1944, SatPage 3
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  • Details from Judge Voltz's trial in the murder of Lee Novo

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