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CQVINA CITIZEN,-GQyiNA,CAljyNIA. THURSDAY, BECBMB3ESB 19 Colts Favored to Win First Play- Off Tilt From the Strong South Pasadena Tigers in Tough Battle By ARLEY STUDEBAKER Covina's galloping Colts enter the Southern California Championship playoffs for the sixth straight year this Friday afternoon, when they travel to South Pasadena to take on Coach Jim Swart's powerful Foothill League champs in a battle that will eliminate the loser from further further competition in the 4 " in scramble for the Southland prep crown. The game, which marks the first quarter quarter ' final battle for both squads, is scheduled to get under way at 2:30 sharp. MOOR FIELD NOT AVAILABLE It was thought for a time that the contest would be held on Moor field, Alhambra high school gridiron, but the South Pasadena authorities notified local officials that they were unable to secure the Alhambra plant and stated that the clash will be held on the South Pasadena Pasadena gridiron. This probably means that the small So. Pas. field will be filled to overflowing, overflowing, and Covina folk are warned that they should get to the field early if they expect to acquire a seat. Both teams are primed for the fray, the Colts having gone through extensive workouts,all week, while reports from the Inland City have it that the Tigers are rearing to go and hope to be the first team to upset upset the locals. COLTS FAVORED TO WIN By virtue of their 6 to 6 tie with Whittier Thanksgiving day, the South Pasadena squad annexed the Foorthill title on a percentage basis with a record of two wins and three ties and thereby gained the right to meet Coach GorrelPs charges in the first playoff tilt. With nine straight victories over some of the strongest teams in Southern California to their credit, the Colts rule slight favorites to take the Tigers into camp. The locals have won then- last few games by landslide landslide scores, and seem to be getting: getting: stronger with each tussle, while last week's layoff can do them nothing but good. The Tigers went through as tough a season as any team could negotiate and their winning in the face of overwhelming competition speaks of a fighting heart of the first magnitude. NO MEAN ANTAGONISTS Your writer witnessed the Tigers in action last week against Whittier, and he gained the impression that although the South Pasadena squad has only one good offensive threat, they are regular Tartars on defence, and bid fair to throw a monkey wrench into the smooth-working machinery of the Colt offensive drive. One big 200-pound fellow answering to the name of Sims, although although proving to be a poor blocking blocking back, was a standout on defensive defensive play and it is quite probable that he and his hard-charging team mates will effectively bottle up dinky Billy Greene, Colt sophomore sophomore wizard, but they look hardly equal to the task of stopping big Art Dittberner, Gorrell's ace in the hole. A couple of speedy halfbacks, who alternate on end runs sums up the Tigers' offensive game. Captain Bob Mathe\vs and Steve Rex, two lanky fellows who are well over the six- foot mark and hit the beams close to 190 pounds, do most of the ball totin' for the Tigers and to date their speed and the effective block- ^^^SBLS?. ing of Tomerlin, husky left end, has made their offensive attempts successful. successful. ONE SUCCESSFUL PLAY But your scribe noticed that the only play in their bag of tricks that worked successfully was an end sweep that is just like any other end sweep that he ever saw, and when those South Pasadena boys run up agajinst Griffin or Glassco it is quite probable that they will be stopped flat. The South Pasadena line is a hard charging group of boys who are prone to smear their opponents' running plays, but when it comes to aiding their own backs to advance the ball they are simply nix, which accounts for the exclusive end run play where speed and good blocking pay dividends. As usual, the Colts will rely on their highly perfected powerhouse attack to bring home a victory, with the Greene to Griffin passing combination to use in the pinches. Big Art Dittberner, Happy Rauschenbach Rauschenbach and Bob Simpson will carry the brunt of the Colt line smashing tactics, which have yet to be stopped. stopped. Greene, Griffin & Co. have played a large part in all Colt victories victories to date and there is no reason whatever that they should not click today. . DRILLING COLTS HARD Head man Gorrell has been drilling drilling his charges hard these last few days in an effort to develop an effective effective pass defence that is to be needed if the locals hope to turn back the passing threats of the Tigers Tigers and such teams as San Luis Obispo and Santa Ana. The Colts have looked weak in this department department of the game all year, and Gorrell Gorrell is seeking to perfect his backfield backfield "so that it will cover its men properly. Johnny Shields, the Colts' ace blocking back, has almost completely completely recovered from injuries sustained in the San Bernardino game and is ready to go the full route, while Are Dittberner and Marlin Chauncey, stellar Colt line men, have recovered recovered from minor hurts and are in fine fettle for the tilt. Jack Howard, who has been nursing nursing an ailing elbow for the last three weeks, has improved noticeably noticeably and will probably see some action. action. PROBABLE Covina Glassco Hurst C. Pavelko Nichols Chauncey' Dittberner (C) Griffin Simpson Shields C. Martin Rauschenbach STARTING LINE-UP So. Pasadena REL RTL RGL C LGR LTR LER Q RHL LHR F Harrin Norton McBride Rees Biles Jenson .Tommerlin Clark Sims Atkinson Mathews Mt, Meadows Club Ladies' Golf Notes In the first team match of the year, played on Monday at the Mountain Meadows Country Club with Palos Verdes as a visiting team] the home team won, taking 13 points oifC of a possible 15. Covina the team were E1UOtt ' Cr °° k Tomorrow's Game No Dead Cinch, Says Coach A STATEMENT BY GORRELL "This Friday's game with South Pasadena is one of the hardest yet scheduled for us, and victory for the locals should not be taken for granted, for, despite an unimpressive record, the South Pasadena Pasadena team is very strong. The Foothill League is one of the biggest loops in Southern California, and, of course, competition among its members Is very strong. Therefore I believe that South Pasadena Pasadena will make a worthy opponent, and my boys W - • ., ' • .. - tory. The injuries that were incurred by Johnny Shields and Art Dittberner in the San Bernardino gainfe hjwe responded to treatment and both will l*e ,ready f or the fr^r, . Jacjs •ftmd's injured elbowTs coming along nicely and it is possible that he wfti "see some actio£ My boys are keyed up for the contest and should put forth a battle. We are ready." * SHORT SPORT SNORTS BY STUDE A few football thoughts pocked up during the past few days: That Covina has the best chance of grabbing the Southland crown since 1927 . . . that the Colts will squelch South Pasadena . . . that the locals will lick Santa Ana (See Oak Pendleton for a wager) . . . that we will soon lose Gorrell to some university . . . that Covina is better than Notre Dame (see W. R. Cook) .. . . that Shaver will make the All American Board of Football All American team . . . that the A. M. B. F. team will be the best selection in the country . . . that Covina High School should-have a lightweight football team in place of the present sophomore squad . . . that the South Pasadena boys are pretty light . . . that Tomerlin, South' Pasadena end is going to show Cliff Griffin a thing or two . . . that some coaches will not name all C. B. L. teams because of the possibility that their charges will become sweel-heads ... that the practice of picking these all-this and ail-that teams is silly and should be abolished ... V V <j> Herewith we present our ideal All- Citrus Belt League team: Cry (of Distress) Back End Howl (of Agony) .... Block'n' Tackle Scream (of Paine) ;. Mud Guard Sidewalks (of New York) Center Whatno (Spinach) Life Guard Rumba Tumba ' (Cuba) Fishin' Tackle Horse (Feathers) Front End Yell (of Rage) Draw Back Shriek (of Despair) Hump Back Yes Wehaveno (Bananas) Fall Back intake (Vanilla) Horse Back <fr ^ •* If we were to pick an All-Citrus Belt League team for power alone, we would put Greene, Dittberner, Olivera and Aragon, flashy San Berdoo quarter, in the backfield. Boy, we bet that would make a nifty nifty combination. * * * The local Sophomore football aggregation aggregation has just completed another another disastrous football season, ending up at the bottom of the heap in the final tabulations of league standings. It may be hard for some Covina folk to understand from what source we draw our varsity football material, material, considering the fact that the smaller teams of the school are always always on the losing side of the ledger. ledger. The answer is simple. The sophomore sophomore team is what its name implies. implies. It is a collection of the boys of the sophomore class and no one other than a sophomore may play on the squad. A sophomore is supposed to be a very immature boy, a mere stripling. stripling. But that is a wrong point of view. There are big boys, middle sized boys and little boys in -the Sophomore Sophomore class and they all go out for DIFFERENT teams. The big fellows go out for the varsity, varsity, the middle sized ones go out for the sophomore suad and the small boys report to the pee-wee squad, a team of 118-pound boys. This splits the class three ways and often there are hardly enough boys out for the sophomore squad to make a team. Thus it is seen that the coach must use any boy that comps out for the sophomore squad, no matter how poor a football player player he proves to be. One might think that the other schools of the C. B. L. would be affected affected in the same. manner, but such is riot the case. .The other schools have far larger student enrollment enrollment and subsequently a large turnout for the soph squad. As stated before, only sophomores are eligible for this squad. Therefore, Therefore, a middle sized boy of the upper upper grades has no alternative but to go out for the varsity team that he cannot make unless he has unusual ability. So it is seen that a small or middle-sized middle-sized boy of the junior or senior class cannot play football. The only remedy is to create a LIGHTWEIGHT team that will give every small boy a chance to make a name for himself in football. The lightweight class includes every small boy in school. We have a small boys' team at the local school, but only a quarter quarter of the small boys in school :ep,n play on it. A sorry fix. Something ought to be done about it. * * * Did you knSw;. -,. . ,..„ That to dace Gaius efeaver bate made three all-American teamsand six all-Pacific Coast teams?,., : r sSw Carl Gadonski was picked as the best tackle of the Eastern division ol the Junior College Conference? Mythical AlkCitrus Belt League Team Is Strong Aggregation of Seasoned Players; Six Covinatts By ARLEY STUDEBAKER CITIZEN'S ALL CITRUS BELT LEAGUE TEAM FOR 1931 Picked with the help of prominent prominent C. B. L. coaches and sport o i*i tics Cliff Griffin, Covina .... LE Art Dittberner, Cojrtna LT Marlin Chauncey, Covina LG Bertie Nichols, Covina' LG Leslie Wasilchen, Pomona RG Jim Zikrach, Riverside RT Alex Duran, Pomona RE Billy Greene, Covina ....Q Tony Olivera, Pomona LH Johnny Shields, Covina RH Spud Hofer,< Chaffey F .Here it is, folks! Take a Squint at it and then shoot it full of holes! The picking of an All Citrus Belt League team has been very hard this year. Our t . Covina Colts so dominated league play that it is practically impossible to pick a squad with less than five Covina boys on the first string and keeping keeping in mind the fact that the pickers pickers of the team will be accused of sectionalism if any one school has a majority of the members of the squad, we had one headache after another trying to give the other schools at least one fellow on the team, but after boiling it down and stewing it up we found that we had to give the boys their positions on MERIT alone- and so we emerge with SIX Covina players on the first string. It is so bad that we would not . go far wrong if we picked the whole Colt aggregation! We believe believe that the above squad pre- ! sents the highest perfection of POWER, and we think that if such a team were assembled and given a few days of practice, practice, they would steamroller over any other squad of a similar nature nature in all Southland prep ranks. / MANY SEASONED PLAYERS The C. B. L. ranks were blessed with seasoned players that excelled in all departments of the game this year, and we believe that this is one of the strongest groups of players ever formed in .the Citrus loop. Looking them over: Ends: The picking of the men ;or the end positions proved to be lie easiest job of the whole messy business. There were only three outstanding wingmen in the circuit this year: Griffin and Glassco of ovina and Duran of Pomona. Most >f the teams had mediocre men in the end positions and their poor playing only went to show how good these men were, simplifying our task immensely. Griffin and Duran 'got the hand over Glassco because of their experience experience (both "are four-year men) and a slightly better brand of ball. Both are tall and rangy, carrying plenty of weight, and at the same iime possessing speed and unusual ability to catch forward passes and cover kicks. Duran also proved to be a shark on defensive work, with the Griff not far behind in this department. department. Glassco is almost as good as th'is pair and should go great guns next year as he Is only a junior. DITTBERNER FOR TACKLE Tackles: Big Art Dittberner of Covina fits one of the tackle positions positions like a glove and w,e xlo not hesitate to term him the most valuable valuable man in the league ranks. He is a big, beefy fellow who hits the beam at 190 pounds, and stands six feet in his stocking feet. Possessing Possessing unusual speed for a big man, he is the most versatile player player on the loop, running with the ball, backing up the line, playing in the line, and punting and passing to perfection. Leslie Wasilchen of Pomona fits nicely into the other tackle berth. He is a fairly fast man and although although he does not possess the s^eed and all around versatility of Dittberner, lie would make a capable capable running mate. Templin of Redlands Redlands and Jones of San Bernardino are also good men and should get second-string positions at the least. CHAUNCEY, ZICHRACH, GUARDS Guards: Our first selection, husky husky Marlin Chauncey of Covina, proved to be the outstanding guard of the circuit and is yet to be outplayed outplayed this year. He is one of those big, strong fellows with a de- terminatipn to fight, and glories in rougfj TijTOlng., , . , The other guard position goes, ]tb .big Jim Zikrach, captain of jaife Riverside team. Zichrach is bigger than Chauncey and is a hard, 'Vicious 'Vicious player who can be depentati upon any time &f jtbe year. JEJe & >a shark on defensive and possesses enough speed to make a good inter- ferance runner. Charley Pavelko and Edelman of San Bernardino are not far behind Chauncey and Zikrach and.would make very capable substitutes. CENTER AND QUARTERBACK Center: Bertie Nichols of Covina a new-comer grabbed all the glory in the last few C. B. L. games and proved that he should have the center position without a doubt. He is a husky-set fellow who charges hard and is. unusually ac-curate ac-curate when it comes to whiffing the ball back to the backs. He outplayed outplayed his only serious rival Herwig Herwig of Pomona, three weeks ago and thereby cinched honors. Quarterback: The quarterback position position goes to Billy Greene of Covina. Covina. for his unusually fine performance performance this year. The young Colt backfield ace has been an outstanding outstanding performer in all contests played this season. He can pack the ball with the best of them and is fast developing into one of those shifty- hipped phantoms, and will certainly be heard of in the future as he is only a sophomore. Our own Bob Simpson is another good back that was not overlooked for this position, but he cannot rate a first string berth. MARVELOUS PASSER He is a marvelous passer and has been one of the main cogs in the Colts' march,. fpp. r .ttoe. title. Not far behind comes Aragon of San Bernardino, Bernardino, a fine all-around man, but he can hardly niatch Bill's class. Halfbacks: We give one halfback position to Tony Olivera, a hard- running and vicious back from Pomona Pomona who is dynamite when he gets into the open. Olivera is called a quarterback at Pomona, but Is really a halfback and we place him in this position so as to give him and Greene -equal honors. : 'Johnny 'Johnny Shields of Covina, the best blocker in the league, is given the other position for his fine work so far this year, but not far behind behind come Shiffer of Chaffey arid Martin of -Covina, both fine all- around men. MOFER FOR FULLBACK Fullback: After much indecision, we handed the fullback position to Hofer of Chaffey for his all-around ability. Wallace of Pomona and Rauschenbach of Covina are slightly slightly better line-plungers than Hofer, but his passing and punting ability give him the palm. He is a shark on defensive and backs up the line very effectively. With Dittberner to pull into the backfield for those devastating line smashes, the backfield is considered very strong and the gquad would no doubt be a strong offensive team, with more than a touch of defensive ability. In conclusion, the pickers of this team want to state again that all selections were made on ABILITY of the players alone, and if any team seems to be favored favored it is because of the .abundance of individual stars on that squad. So ends our ALL Star selections selections for this year. If anyone anyone has: any suggestions to "make, send them to the Sports Department of the Citizen. San Bernardino Sun's All-Citrus B.elt League Football squad: First team— Glassco, Covina RE Zikratch, Rivsrside RT Wasilchen, Pomona RG Meek, Chaffey c Hochover, Chaffey to Dittberner, Covina LT Keys, Riverside LE Olivera, Pomona: 'Q Propst, San Bernardino LIT Llamas, Riverside RH Rauschenbach, Covina F Simpson, Pavelko and Nichols "of Covina were placed on they second team. We are inclined to, think that the pickers of this squad tried to distribute honors evenly so there would be no yells. Here's another one! An All- C B. L. squad picked by the Hiverside Enterprise: Griffin, Covina LE Dittbemer, Covina LT Chauncey, Covine, LG Kilday .Riverside o Pavelko, Covins ., RG "«—*-- Reside '-Olivera, '-Olivera, Pomona .,..,™'"."Z."'• Q 9- ^^^t^P-n Ber^ar.dirio _LH ;weitt&ch, c"dviHa"""":ZZ!. r .P 611 the i team.

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