John Johnson pardoned

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John Johnson pardoned - to CITY with - who; prison: Lcm - ; - 12:40M...
to CITY with - who; prison: Lcm - ; - 12:40M freed! pris me sigjh - nros - dark neat ever. to Mr, wai oth at; He raved He Siatement of Governor Blaine On Pardon of John Johnson By GOV - JOHN J. BLAINE JOHN A. JOHNSON, on a plea of guilty to a charge of murder in the first degree, was ser.tenced by h Municipal Court of Dane County b State Prison for life on Sept. 13, 13U. On Sept. 14, 1921., I appointed Hon. Rufus B. Smith as Commissioner to take the testimony on Johnson's 'application for a pardon. A public hearing was conducted by Commissioner Commissioner Smith. On Dec. 13, 121, Commissioner Smith submitted his report. Court proceedings were had in relation to the commission of the offense JTor which Johnson was sentenced, against another party. Such party was .discharged upon entering a plea "that the statute of limitations barred prosecution by reason of the provisions of section 4623. While Johnson entered a plea of guilty, he now takes the position that he was not guiity, and that his plea of guilt was made bec - auae he was afraid of mob violence. Commissioner Smith reports as follows: "There was no sufficient reason why he should have feared moh violence, violence, but I am satisfied that he got that idea into his head and did fear if Further reporting, Commissioner Smith says: "It is apparent from the testimony taken before me tint his plea of gnilty was preceded by a full and free confession of his guilt, made to the then district attorney of Dane' County, Wisconsin, and to the. chief of police police of the city of Madison." Commissioner Smith further reports: "An attentive. consideration of all the testimony taken before me and of all the facts and circumstances attending the disappearance of Annie Lemberger has produced the profound conviction in my mind that Mr. Johnson was not'guilty of the crime" (crime of murder). . ' I am also convinced that Johnson is not guilty of the crime' of njttrder towhich j pleaded guilty. : Johnson had a previous bad record and reputation. He had served in State Prison one term on a sentence of two years for obstructing a 'railroad track, and another term of one year on a charge of abandonment, He was also confined at the Mendoia Insane Asylum on two commitments; niiM in ions. nnH nnrp in 15M1P. When .Yimmitted to the asvlum in 1906. ha was charged with a statutory offense. Prior to this alleged offense, he,1 had hallucinations and a "fear of murder." He was a degenerate ami, moral pervert a man of weak mentality, weak almost to th decree of irresponsibility, and addicted to excessive use of liquor. A. man OI ordinary strengin oi cuur. uu firuueuen uvwm not ok - himsef falselv of crime, but Johnson's type might accrue himself 'falsely of crime thrpugh - fear, hallucinations, guilty knowledge of a - crime, either as an accessory or as one who stood by, innocent of. the cammiasion of the crime though mentally too weak and too depraved to. follow, any course except tne course pursued oy jonnson m reunion o ui me cucum - stances following the night of the offense. - '' - ,' - In order to overcome a plea of guilt, the most; convincing testimony must be produced, explaining every reasonable presumption and eircom - ce against toe one wno so pieaas. T am - fionvinceri that the who truth has not been told ftt Connection with this matter. There is only one fact that stands out clearly, and that is, that Johnson did not murder Annie Lem burger. Other reasonable presumptions presumptions and eircurostances aganst lifnt have not been fully explained. While it clearly appears that Johnson did not commit the Crime of murder, there was an offense committed - an offense not greater than manslaughter and Johnson having served a term - equal to or greater than a sentence u - term Should oe commutea accordingly. ' Sentence is, therefore, commuted to expire at 8 o'clock, A. M, February February 17, 1923. eon - John'l

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  1. The Capital Times,
  2. 17 Feb 1922, Fri,
  3. Page 1

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