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 - NEW ORLEANS. FRIDAY MOMTM ' " ''l ' - TO llENT....
NEW ORLEANS. FRIDAY MOMTM ' " ''l ' - TO llENT. 1F,M oT. . , i ..- " -- . .. I , ' I IICMAININn ik V . yL- . . I lHWKUU Jk . UIUMII J rttliup A IV. I 1 Uiiiiu. r nuTlLI" I w I IT K. " 1 vrace n new urkiM I r..k.. i - . . ! r " : i i HUUsE la Orui I nKkK.vii u . . . .. mJ ' " I Oi Mwiuta, will be reniL-d II. , w " dY tUJSA bu n,.r.i I trpre Apply u Ma a New I ' . u3 I Rent. VERANDAH HOTEL, ex. October. Iiu-t it Tl' term of vea . ta a .... good security for tbe rent, it will be let oa very particulars apply u ZACHARlE It CO.. No. U Coatomhonaa . " - imp in in a " street. 1 "'' et 10 Camp Bl tf Ilasrrfin.. rei nainiti it, a,,, several well rent Hated Bank, where thevean Board on mode im t . Bawrtliaa-. 133 Baron ne atreat, few n.ore single gentlemen their ladle. .t. .c- haw rata do, in tk m. umjmgrum Smumrt. leased one of the bonsea LaAtyeue Square, and for a aummer residence, Into arrangements wiib tn the city during ibe new and newly furnLhed K-rk . . (ocaiiiy oners many coatempiale apending the mvll 1 v No. 76 Poydraj street. day.... $1 oo to 91 84 week a anooih 25 00 to 30 Ml do ia ao io oo ' a23 Im Has T "L". to mlbrm hla fHends and ESTAB I.ft l! M ?tt1Lh,TnoTe1 CLOTHING , 3 lABLlshMENT from 62 to A'ss. 4.1 ah a birr-,?1 PfaUy -olISu Urooag. Uberalry beamwed on him. P4"" NH n . . ?MOMA8 CONNOLLY. Ja. N. Srleaa1' r9aH'' No- Coaa t. New , my5 tnovl JLAWDON XVRIuHT HATCH a. EDdON, , fa"kt Nate Eacrm Tera. Corner of Royal and Canal -e,New Orloana. Excmanr; Career. SemU eWAJeeW - r.Dgrsvea to order. a29 le lly A m t; w. rl ELD a. CO., : IXPORTIXG AND COMMISSION illlCILANTS AWO DtlLtkl M FapcrajidPaper.Maaafactarera'itlaterUIa. No. 9 Burling Slip. . r tJThe highest market price paid in oaa, for Jla : Ba.e Rope Cuumra, Hemp Waste, Bkgging, Canvas Oraas or M antlla Rope, Ounny BaefJnfcvfJotlon Wastei - vwui, auu au ouer ainaa oi raper mana- aao ly would re epectfaUy fav u puoiic generally, tnai tho-e larTthreZsiorj street, between Sl C baric lag. The house is new rooms are large and airy, to make those who BfMI at noa. m ly H",-i'r-Jikho Ileaae, - t has Ukea this Urge and a- d is ready lo accommodate transient boarder on very with families, and pleasant and airy rooms to call before (ocatint be snared b the nrrmri patronize her comfortable can be aeco mods ted. W. E. BROWN. If, No. !A R nr servants if desired) wiU rate untu the lal November 2th June. No. 10 Chartrea sL Hotel for Kale. beautiful and fashionable tale. Persons desirous of further information by cor. Main It Levee at a. Kaatern District of . bekf oa the 29th April, will hereafter Uke place of each month. RAND. SecreUry. MIllew T. ihia day to sell hla of Dry Goods at lees than of rich Fancy Goods the Cbeap Store. GOUOH, 2 Chartre St. facturera stock. Pli.n.. k..i.i TEA VT Log Cabin Paouloons i do Denim da, AA Round JackeU, Couonade; Hickory Shirt. Linen and Cotton Check Shin. White Cotton Shlru; Red Flannel da Wool Haia; Cam pear hv do. Musquuo Bars. FOLOER A BLAKE, mvg Im cor. Customhouse m. Old Levee sis. UMFTx of ihe above c lebrated BATHS, for chan . A ber use, Just received from tbe manufactory and for sale by . HENDERSON A GAINES, , . . Agenla, 45 Canal at et. Also Refrigerating Jar for Ice water, being a useful and economical article for summer. a24 Im E MAI NINO May 13. 1842. t ion that they are adv ieaera aDvaasan a i hall be charred, when deli e "..' LJTf' Imr pmmtmtt, the coal bf advertising, which will be ach setter two rent. .!. -5' .7 iT I . Jl -a"" mj t-mti Willi ' 12. AmA a it A.wt .-i - ' . ' aT1. U .dreT!taenTn.u md! DDd" the order of the f J"i . " newspaper or newspaper r letter nncalled for in any Post Office, shsil oe in-ilrui 1 lhZ PPer or papers, of the town or place u,eruaing may oe siniatea, bavisc , . y'v.vmii. icw j-mgt jmte tjmm Mmrtm s, 1W. L,dlea Iilat. a Ad,J?n,n Mm- 2 Anderan Mar t mrs AylrVElixe L - Adams Elixa W mrs Appieate Susan E mrs Armstrong Clara mrs APPegate Louisa M mr Anelada Dolores mrs B Bill Elizabeth 8 mis Bnnker Lydia miss Bowers Augusta mr Bowman Isabella L mis ' Bow en mr Brown E mr Bowdllch Geo mrs Browne Jno G mrs ( Bower Louisa mr . Bnrst A mis Butler Mary Jane mr Butler Eliza M mrs Burns Eliza mr Bush Caroline , Bryan Mary mis Carrian Ann miss Cleland Aimed a mr Chin Eliza mis Cowen mr Cos grove Margaret mr Clogenaon Fanny miss ' Curtain Elizabeth vara Cnmminrs Margaret mis emr Cnrrh Helen mr MM Dickerson Jno H mr Dunn Bridget Duke Olive T mis Dutton Elizabeth mr Duboia Maria mis Dubois Maria mra Drymaa Alice mrs Chappell D K Caibc art Joseph smmv Ml D Cay en Wl Cauier Edwin' ' t;aasedy w 8 Callagban E Callaway F W . Cham mr Charles John Cammeyer Chaa Cahipion Tboa Carter James Carter W L Campbell RB Campbell W Clancy John Cook C T Clements KEt 2 Cook A S Crevey Richard Cooper H jr cast ClemenULW 2 Cooper JS j Colloager, J M Collin J A capt Colera ML t ma . .r. coaaxeii t McCollock McArthnrAnhur Clemen ta col CI ne Levi Chilton RB Criawell E 2 Clireu Thomas Coyle James Clohecy p J Cloy J W Cox Joaenh Cowardon Saml Cole N R Coleman capt ColerPP Coll Dominlck Collin K T ConihT mr. Concha T CranleT C Crawtnrd Geo Crandell E R Crane cant C rand ill T B mtsl Baldwin Barnee Ad Baxter Wm Barney A E Blanc Janet Barnes Elizal Brand en bare Bern ondet cf Breed love Mary Bet) net Jan I. B eeuree Mar rare oennett rtsncy Bewell Sophia Berry Roaettan Bickel Amelia A C asanas J mr Csrlaa Martha T Carpei-ler Ann mi Carrel Margaret ni ciark C J mr Clancy Mary Ana Clark Henrietu mr Cameron sf mra Campbell Stunmerr! Davl M R mr Davis Sarah mr uaraa Mary mrs Dewey Jane M mrs Deforest 8 A misa Deforest France mis Dutton Elizabeth Tyeler Margaret Elliot Mary Coatee Henry Sr7 jonn CwigmUxS Nja'geCoxetter L capt Crawford J D tune j u i " was aau r mm Jonee Chatham Conk 11 n J K X02on lr?'"P ?Conve-e ED. Co2l-2 ?acapl CondUHoraca rT,.iJ 8 caP Curly J D . ' urumptonW I Curry Wm capt Crumbacker R w,M,u, Mrtxmoeco McCol onih Met -a abaa McC.nhy Pat McClanaban J McCally Danl McCarthy Chaa DsrreuE Davidson R L Dsntel Daton Davidson E C Daily Ja H Daniels 8 D - Drew Wm Dean W Dean A Diekkson Wm Dillon Jas Dirl iti..Ih Dawson John H nukin.n uaiion w r O Dlehall Wm Dieball Wm O ilittrlcx Jaa Dickson Wm DwivbtWm Diahman L Dial Jaa Dawson Tbeo D DavUJosA Davis Wm Davis Joe Davis J p Drew Tboa ' Dentins- Jno cant nnnnniiwToi Dep S M Donnellan JP OevenpdVt J M A P J Delano H D capt Douglass B Dewly Wm or Doyal Hy r,.AT,J W, JDo-eyj Dodd J C - 2 Doyle A or L j Dou class R I Dow den OP Douglass Geo I Dougherty Wm 1 Donald A H : Dobbs Newman H DoHn Wm Dunn Ed w Duncan J Duncan W C 2 Duncan W A Duncan Stephen irunning JOB Dutro Lewi J Dunbar A Ford DunoverJa Dushman J Dwyer J i NaylorNM Nash N H ' NallyM NashJS ' Nelson AD NeaceH -Nevie mr NeweU E T Nelson T A Pratt J A Pratt Geo W PageTM Paee F PackUagton J Padley Chas Parsons rant T ar?OBiSPtJ risu jr. Patton J B Pratt A 8 P aimer J I, Palmer G B PauisoaJB Patterson It PsttersonTE Vn tehee Hepaired. 9. B. GERREY would nneetmllvinrn bis friends and tbe public that he hmm bii the Watch department of Mr. E. A. Tyler, 39 Camp street, and trusts, by close atlenlfnn ia Um kvepairina of all kinds of Watches. Tim .nW. etc. to merit a share of their patronage. Walchea of every aeacnnuon. Time-piece. Clock and Music Boxes carefully and promptly repaired. alS Sra Jewelry and Faarv fisads-rkx . V . M. . n . n i.ii LLn, aa camp sue et. wishing to close out aa much of his present stock aa rw"ii; toe ist oi juiy, oners nu good .at very near the cnac Naur o h -nA - liful assortmeni of fine rold huntine- and nnen f.l walchea, guard-fob and vest chaina. eeala and keva. pens and pencils, thimbles, brooches, necklace. Uabber Cloihina:. capeei ao cloaks; Loggias; do by the t Life Preserv- Capa. St BLAKE. A Old Levee sts. i with n in business late of Louisville, Ky. aa here to fore aoder CO., New Orleans. New York, laM. d!5 bracelets, finger-rings, ear-ring, lockets, Ac Silver ware, spectacles, cutlery, and a large assortment of j fancy good and perfumery myl 2m Redaction la Price Da-nerrUn Gallery, Vmrmer mf Hemml mmd St. Imtm ttnete. 'I'lit proprietor of tbia establuhmeni, so well . anown lor uie la I uiree vea for tbe perfection and beanty of his portraiu, respectfully Informs the puoiic jnat oe nas red u ceo im price or tticm to Ihe mall sum of 3. Notwithstanding this reduction in price be pled res himself lo give portraiu equal lo thoes of any Daguerr eotypial in the city charging ax Perfect Batisfactlon riven or no rharo-e mad Tk public Ik in riled to call and examine specimens. a2 Im - Eleetro Maaaetfe Pert rat Ira TUn ii l S I Y Ue application of the above mysterious agent - w daguerreotype a uiscovery Ol ire su risen ber I be la enabled to produce perfect PORTRAITS in one second. Tbe difficulty of taking Family Group and Groups of Childrea has been entirely overcome, and all are assured of perfect resulu who call on W. H. HUTCHINGS. cor. Canal and Chart sat a!7 tf entrance No. 3 Chart. . " cbirta tihlrta. E have Just received a further supply of Linen and oiher Shirts. viz- Very fine Linen Shlru, small pialL Medium a .. .. wida .. Colored Linen Corton fine .. Cotton, with Linen Bosoms and Collars, Check and Fancy Stripe Shlru. Hickory .. Farria N L mr Fay Sarah Ann miss Kr n ner Mary mrs French Sarah Fitch Lydia mr Ford Mary(New Baaln Gamage Harriet A mis Graves M E mia Graham Catharine mis Gan Sarah mits Greenwood Rebecca mra Green Elmira mr Glenn Nancy mis wienn xiien Harrison Eliza mis Harleyjaa L mrs M arm an Mary mr Harris Aurnst A mr Hamilton mrs Harold mrs Haile H S mra Heiryman Susan E mrs Ingham Catharine miss Jackson Miry Ann mr Jackson Sarah imendorf A mr FooteVaroline R mr Fooie CV-nlin R mr Porno W 3y mrs Forrest Sarah A mra roryAugusf Gillis Ellzabet Gildea Mary AI Gimroel ElizabJ Goodrich Sarah Goodwin M L Gott Mary mr GolielyMmis IT Heard E Penelol Hild eth Marv i Hickey Lncy Ai Hopkins Marv n Hnnt Ann R mral Haling ElizabeU nynea judiin mr ra i mi i mr E miss Ealer Jno B 3 Eastman Geo Early Jno F.vanaWmH ' Evans Jno 2 vans Jno H 2 Edday C C Enyart A Silas Enrart Ebea Edward H dr Franklin Jno Fagan Wm Franklin Wm ray Jacob Franklbrd Tbs Frankford Jno Fallon Jos Farrelly Ja Francis D'l - . Faran Jno Fair Hy Farthern K FrsserSM Freeman capt S E Erslew Cbrio Everitt Ell 3 EtheraluP Eme on A 2 Bonis Jno EnU JH Rnrluh W N V.llinlt C. V. F.mmerlinrLoais Elsworth Wm Espey Win F.dmons a Dewing Ebeling Wm Eura Ja eapt Emerson W cant Eurster J P Eager W KT Eddy C C dr Pembroke Chas reirce J h , , Preston Jo Rand on Peter Rath bone S B RayCb Ratbmao Jas Raymond B Parker J A Embry B T Foster DW FoyF , , Fox J ! Forsyth Ja eapt Foster Tbs dr Foley Jas Freeman Jas FieminrTbs Ferris Jno A 2 Ferguson Peter Ferry Ja French J M ' Fitzgerald A capt Foster C S ' a r ran a rora Wm Frierson D B Frost W S Fin ley Tbs Forbes D B Fitzgerald Peter Ford W A J Fisher B B Ford G W Flint Wilson Foster AS Flieck Martin Fnrlourb P'k Ju"? 5p RaynondWm Ramsay AC Hemovj det E D ReeeDarig ReddickAlex . neynoioawm .Reynolds It ; Keeves A J Redman Redmond Tbs Ferguson J orR Flizsimmonsa CoFluke Hy Frets Jno Critv irn . Ferguson A P FryeAD lis Jackson Isabella ni Jones Mary mis G arson J Gardner Wm D Gale Allen 2 Garr B L Gates Jacob Gahan R'd Garrison mr 3 Gautier D W Gallon Z E Gahagan M O Graham D 8 Glasscock AE Gessner J V Gerreu C G Ge and raw Jno GenoJno Gere gbtyB George J R Glenn A - Glenn D T K K owing Julia miss Low I Loaifa mr Lewi Ann mra Lowter Jane P miss Luckett John Rich mr Lyon EUzabeu mrs 2 Mitchell A A mis Montague Jane' mis Marshy Ellen mrs -Murray Ann R ml.. later Sarah Ann mrs Myers Bridget miss macs McCormlck Eliza mra McShane mr Kerr Ellen mis Lamotte Mary L Lake Anna L M mlaa Lavancourt Z mrs Lawless C mrs Law son Lsusary mra Manning L mr Mays B mr Martin Rhoda mra Meyer Mary miss at Garltncbouse T BGre gory J E Gates G capt Gregory Geo unmei u Graves Ths 2 Grady Morris Gray W D Gray w c Graneer A C Grace Chs Grant R'd Graham Robt Green B G Green L F . Green Jos Green Cornelius Gilbert O . Griffith eapt Gillock B OibbsJL GilgaaCbi Gilleth R L GillithAE Gifford A B Griffin Th Oomet H F Gordon Z Gordyen Jno ' Grove J W Goodwin D 2 Gowan David Gogsan Pat ' Gorbsm F Gowan W A ' Grouby J H Gordan JH , ' Guion Alfred Glynn P Gunn Joa . Gubbinsmr McDnflTCibhy mrs McDea lod Jane MeCready A P mr Neviit Arthur mra Naah Catherine Nason Joseph mr Place Rebecca mr Parker Hannah Pescsy Emma mis Parker E M miss N-O Orden E E mrs fDea Celia 2 Outlaw M T mr O'Connor Catherine mia P 2 Preer Charles mrs Pew Mary miss Pritchard Geo W mr Power Richard mr van A O Harrison Jas cant Hirst 7 T.f ney WmA Harre UJohnM Hlgrln Michael res Jaa Harm iPMiii. ni.iT .bn. Hald A J 2 Him, w . Ir,.i . wf a Hsiprood Hiram Harris W R Holme Chas namfrjA Harris John L HortonHenry. SMtT?f,WH HrtSB : HonlerJT tianaa m m narns V capt Hook J D HayelJKcapt Harrell8F 2 HoitJ Q A - -. HaywodWH HarrellAco HoratPat HaygoWSWcaptHammond J W 2 Hopkin Saml -J HayroAdGWcaptHamiltonBcaDt Hotrhkis A - i SV.VSV HarrissonNH HollidayDO , S1?? HarreneonJ HoranHueh HallHnfisler Heath John Hopkin SO HailEphlaimW Heath Wm 2 Hopkins Joa ; Hall A col HempeTboeB Hood Robt gew George Hogan Michael Rea P P . Reep M Reeves, Wood .co Revesa Napoleon Reynolds Ch cpt Reace W N Reeves ON Rejd Francis . : nriajss . keedFD Sandder Michl Spragne8tepbL Slraas Jacob ScanlonaRrney Shannon MiohIL Sampson 15 Stakes AO 2 Stafford Saml , o'aras u a 4tanton F H stalker Wm Starrer Louis or Leon Bnrean . Sher Peter" Swanbury G W Sawyers Aodrew StaJTBsBB --- SwanberyWm , Sampenrienry Smart N P - Spauldinr Sharvett BK - Sawiell Luther , Sanders Henry S bavins Path - e,?drm ? r Saterfield Sa dr SatmderaPcapt - . Smith BenJ eapt -Smith Wm P SirithWmH Smith Alex Imith Saml T Smi'h Henry D .Smith David ' :t .- Tylor R F - 3 f aylor.Wm N Taylor Cha.Trik dr-Taylor EdrooodHTiner T"y.hrP.0 veo TaylortJbaa D 44rr ni- Ja

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