Helen Ufford travels with Gene Tunney's fiance

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Helen Ufford travels with Gene Tunney's fiance - GENE'S FAIRY PRINCESS SAILS Polly Lander Starts...
GENE'S FAIRY PRINCESS SAILS Polly Lander Starts on Romantic Journey Which Be Climaxed by Marriage to James Joseph Tunney, Recent Fight Champion. Jack a good sec-- drawing saw time, trick By WALTER T R U M B U L L . !oi)Hcht. 19S8, by the N. A. '. A. NEW YORK, Sept. 22.-- Miss Mary Josephine Lauder sailed last night bound fov Naples. She is going going to Italy to marry Gene Tunney and she is very happy about' it. Miss Laud?r believes that Gene Tunney Is the bravest, handsomest and finest j;oung man in the world and she-i« perfectly willing to say so. With Mr. Tunney's fiancee m-ill sail her mother, Mrs. George 'Lauder, 'Lauder, jr., her sister, Mrs. Edwin Dewing of Hartford, Conn., her brother, George Lauder, her uncle and aunt,, Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Rowland, Miss Diana Rowland and over a dozen friends, including Miss Faith Rockefeller, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Percy Rockefeller, Miss Virginia Starni, -Miss Helen Ufford and Dr. and Mrs. Crane Weeks. Miss Rockefeller, and Miss Starm were schoolmates 'of Miss Lauder in France. The party will disembark disembark at Naples and probably go on to Sorrento, staying either at the Hotel Vittoria or the Tramontane. Both of these hotels overlook the beautiful Bay of Naples. I say that they probably will go to Sorrento because I believe that their plans admit ,of modification, depending u p o n circumstances. Miss Lauder told me yesterday that she hoped that Gene would meet them at Sorrento, but that such an arrangement was subject to change if it looked as if they would be annoyed by too much publicity there. Wed in Few Weeks. The Greenwich princess and the man who won her in as romantic a fashion as* any hero of Hans Anderson's Anderson's stories will be married within a few weeks. The ceremony will take place somewhere in Italy, true land of romance, and will be performed according to the rites'of 'the Catholic church. This made matters a trifle complicated complicated as Miss Lauder is- not a Catholic. The church laws in Italy require her to show not only a- birth certificate, but also a certificate certificate of character signed well known persons. by four Gene must show a baptismal certificate, and this had, with many misgivings, been entrusted by his mother to Billy Gibson, who delivered delivered it at the Lauder estate in Greenwich yesterday afternoon. It certified that James Joseph had been born on May 25, 1897, that he had been baptised. It signed by the parish priest and bore the church seal. It may have been just as well Tunney's nerves and peace of that he was on the continent yesterday. His absence saved him from knowing that Miss Lauder was ins n. busy Uny. At S oMuck in the morning the flrst tabloid reporter was leaning against hell, refusing to tak»_the Norwegian butler's butler's word that no member o£ the could bo FTOJI. Later other reporters and photoRraph-, crs v.'ere (-sconced in trees, hiding behind «-u!N and resting at the gate In automobiles, automobiles, waltlns: to take up tho pursuit. Eventually a couple mounted policemen took a hand in the game and drew dead line at the public highway. Spend Dsjr racking. The Laudtr family spent the day in packing and making the usual prepar- tlona for a trip abroad. When I saw Miss Lauder, a little before 6 o'clock, the packing: had been "done and some eight large Innovation trunks were In truck at the door, being covered over In preparation for their journey to the Pier. , Miss Polly Lauder is a splendidly tall, dark eyed girl .as charming, tior- dlal and unaffected as anyone possibly could be. Anyone would call Ixer pretty; most persons vould speak of her as lively. 1 think she is beautiful, a word which to me means spiritual 03 well physical Qualities. Kobodv could talk to Miss Lauder even arghort time without realizing she had a. bravo heart and a fine SWe Is frankly a young girl who Is much In love and proud of the man hr choice. When I told her that realized realized how Gene must miss« her ,sh6 faid .quickly that she missed him just aa much, and when 1 admitted that ·had a real a^ffe^tion for her future husband husband she said: "Everybody loves Gens who him and understands him." knows ment broke. "When %ve first read about mv a $60.000,000 heiress," slfe Then 1 she spoke or the first newspapers newspapers that they had seen together in. Mainc, after the story of their engage- beinc "we both laughed, and then Gene looked at me and demanded, 'Have you been holding out on me?' Learn About »WBpaprrs. "We didn't know as much about newspapers then/' continual Miss t,auder. "in the first place, they ,ivere two old when they reached us. Bpt wa learned a lot of thins? about them. then I have saen picture* ot myself I didn't know- were taken · and read things I said of which slightest recollection."' I haven't the

Clipped from
  1. Lincoln Journal Star,
  2. 22 Sep 1928, Sat,
  3. Page 8

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  • Helen Ufford travels with Gene Tunney's fiance

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