August 8 1892 Nephew of Cardinal changes his faith

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August 8 1892
Nephew of Cardinal changes his faith - lnune-cUUly la of le Stfe 70c 90e at rait-road...
lnune-cUUly la of le Stfe 70c 90e at rait-road It not The too. of had and It a CHANGED HIS FAITH. Nephew of Cardinal Manning Re nounces Catholicism For the Eaptist Church. Bis Hdrrss Te Dr. WeaTf r'a Csn- grrgatiea GiriBg His Re imu Ferulae Step. Solemn Celebration of tie Portiua- eola Indulgence At St Boniface Church. Services of Interest Hold Xa a Hum- "ber of the City's Churchee -Yesterday. C0SQEIQAT10SAL 50TIS. The religious sensation of the city yes terday wu at ChesluutHitreet liapiifct ureh- waive the pastor, -Kev. Dr. Jtacph M. Weaver, baptized Mr. Scwaua Manning, formerly a Catholic, aud-i nephew of Cardinal Man.iing, who bait been destined by hi family fur the prwethood. Dr. Weaver sermon waa from the text. Wherefore God aiao hath highly exalted Uun. aiai given lilm a name which ia above every name." rhiUppwiM, 2: a. At the cioee of the a Me sermon came the event of the eeexion, wUu in reepuoae to the nual invitaitoo fur any to eutne. forward who dudred to coare Christ and Join the church, a huly cama and was received' by le:er, then (lender young man with blue eye brown nair and pah, intellectual laee ata- vanevd to the Irons soit, aad at tiie re- qoeet of Dr. Weaver " related hla experience in the old-fashioned Uap:ist stile. He raid: It ia with eonsUerabie reluctance that I speak this morning I do not know what to say or what not to any. If I gne my entire history yon could hardly believe it. If I related II my experience you would scarcely receive ia 1 want to prewttt myself tor membership, but if you dun't ee lit to vote fur D-e. as I see that is the way yon receive members, it will be aU weU. I want So join the Hutiut Chnrch be-eauae I think it agrees with the Uible. I have read the Script urea much, and have often written sermons. My great uncle, Cardinal Manning, and my motaier deaired ttiat 1 "should become a prVua. Mother wanted Uf ine to be priests and her daughters to be oi-Ur of charity. My toother is now ptiest ia charge of a UatbenVal in London. I wa born in Amcricn, but our family soon after re- taral to LAaktnd. rather died wnen L was young, and I wav sent to my uncle, where I lived tiU twenty year of age. He had directed my education with a view to the priesthood. My sister bad been sent to the convent, and I waa to enter n monasuvry. I was not a good Catholic, and rebelled against this, I ran ay. " ; Sow while I dislike noma of the teaching of tne - Catholic church, I honor their good works of rharitr and reouect tnew Kr Biucn that ia noble, but I tninn tney must m1mv ut nva. and I have no patienoe with such a tystetn. nen l leii nouie I went to Australia. an4 instead of the nriestuoud went nvon the btage, aa 1 luumi i ooum mane a aouu uuia aiuu wav. I came to America in le, and have acted in most of the leading eitaes. But in all mv wanderings 1 haa never forgotten a sermon 1 heard from Spur-geun in lssl. in which he declared that nu man has the riirht to be a sinner. Yon know your Supreme Court decided that no man bad the inherent riht to sell intoxicating drink' because it waa harmful to humanity, so no man has a right u, bM a ainuer because he barms others. and his aoul belongs to .CnxL Ihus it is my duty aa well aa privilege to be a Christian, and not siuipiy a cuurch member, but a worker. '1 bus 1 Tiad rather he a uuor DreBchcv than the beat actor. or the rwheat person. My - people are wealthy, and if 1 had remained a Cath-olia 1 luukl have had all tliat eoulLbe draired. iiut there is not much in riuhee --1 have seen rich men die die In terror and eo down to helL let 1 do not on. ject to lueu uiakiug money. Cod calls some men to make money, but tltey are to use their Kama for Coda glory. Ljua Aiiril. aa' I limwU Uirouzh LooieviUe, 1 went hrot to Via9 Methodiat church, and uiou to tiiu Uwunt cnurou. and 1 w,i inipreatKd with tiie CaNiaistio idea of the BaiMuk 1 felt that 1 ought to give tap aouug. lWore reaohiifg 31. Louia I wade up my miiid to outuge. ihit 1-went on the rounds to bavauaaii. and at Atlanta 1 found peace in befcev- ing, My education tor seven years was to prepare ue lor tne priexiuoou. ana a teel called to preaek the gospel. X believe ia a positive gospel, kke pnrgeon, like luodv. The lioKuua have a posi tive guepel. I si tall have no wurJe to apeak against the Catholic Church. An otter of $iX) for a lecture agw.iit Cathol-cii in Mew York Citv. I have de clined, for I shall make no crusade against Catholic. I would lose my right arm rather than enter upon a emaaJa azainat anv chutch. The way to win the- JSjjrkl is to live Christ. I have spoken more than I expected, bnt 1 shall be glad to anfwer any juewtions.'' Mr. Iheodore Harris aked: "How did yon overcome your tron faith in the Catholic ihurch. instilled by your birth and train-ng 7 - Ir Manninc answered : I am glad yon asked that. - It was not difficult to overcome. I always had a repusnanee tn manv thinza taucht bv the Church. I was never a good Catholic, though oa one oerasion. my uncle. Cardinal Manning, who was onee, as Vou know, an Eoiaropal Archbishop, and a most ravti- eal nrelate. sent for rue. Mother brought bm and he aaked. 'How can yon break your mntber's heart, hurt - all yonr family and displease all yonr friends bv faiHnff to so on in wiettWV stndies? I replied, 'I do not approve in my heart of that eoniae.' it nneie tnen sua. Do von not want to preach the wordr' I replied, 'Yea. if I could preach like rtpnrgeon.' take nun out, oommanuea ruv uncle, l - went, ana . nave never seen him sine. When an uncle came to America after me he said I would be disowned if I joined an Evangelical Chnrch. But I shall Hake the step a any ooxO Dr. Weaver told of prwi" conversa tions with lit. liroa luit. Dr. Malta and others, and then by a unanimous vote Mr. Newman Manning was received for membership, after which he was led down into the bapttamnl waters and baptized. M.ny congratulated the youn man for bis Christian eouraze. He wil probably enter the Theological Seminary here and study cerore begin ting as a p readier. - . in m a . !.

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 08 Aug 1892, Mon,
  3. Page 7

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  • August 8 1892 Nephew of Cardinal changes his faith

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