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Chess; Starbuck - I a a a blue-grass Communications for this...
I a a a blue-grass Communications for this department should ba addressed to Chess Editor. FnES Fbess, Detroit, Michigan, U. S. A.l Problem No. 1304. Composed for the New Year number of The Fbee 1JKESS. By J. K. ZW, Uleker, Colorado. Jforro "Sla(ugh Ijter ed." White to play and suimate in two moves. SOLVERS' LIST. Correct solutions hwi bean received from the under mentioned solvers, up tJ anS inclusive of problem No. l'J9 : Dr. J.. Hau-ersville. Out 153 C.S. 13.. Chicaso. Ill .' 155 J. N. B.. Worcester. Mass 13S F. 13. P.. Sandwich. Ill 1S3 N. 51. S.. Ann Arbor. 3ncn 118 J. IC. 'A . Knit Lake Cite. Utah 108 J. u K., Windsor, Unt 1 Problem No. 12IJ5. By H J. and K. BETTMAX. Cincinnati, O Br.ACK-8 PIECES. WHITE-8 PIECES. White to play aud mate in two moves. Problem No. 13RG. By J. B, JIUN'OZ, Brooklyn, N. X. BLACK 3 PIECES. mm m WM w M wm m m m m V,. V-9. ''A : o YSWSs VfWO 8 wm WM WM wvm mm mm. ww, vssmn Wsw. m mm... wwa wm wm mm 1 mm mm WHITE 7 FIECES. White to play and mate in three moves. Problem No. 1267. From tne Milwaukee Telegraph. By T. P. BULL. Detroit. Mich. BLACK 5 PIECES. m fmwm.. M m. mm WIIITE-9 PIECES. White to play and mate in threa moves. Came. Tho following occurre.i in a same between D. F. M. Starbuck and an airmieur. the former giving the odds of Q Kt. 111! ill! Sflli fHf kwA ill IBf ?1 fi ?f l ill m m m '111 ilfill ml B rfSf, 'A' 81 II IP Si H JJS i if wm WB mm jm ill wk wA m m m m m wi m m tiff?. WM VxM WM mm mm mm ym. Wm mm wm wm mm W- WP wm wli wm tM i MM i WW mm m wm. wm wA wm m. mmM wm wm. (Allgaier.) WHITE. black. D. F. M. Starbuck. Amateur. 1. PK4 1. VK4 2. P Kb4 -. 'x t- 3. Kt KB 3 S. I'KKC i 4. I'K!t ! 4. l'Kt5 5. Kt Kt5 5. V Kit 4 6. BOB 1 ti. Kt KH3 7. P tj 1 7. V Kb 3 8. QIS x P 8. I' x Kt 9. QUI' sP 9. Kt KU 2 10. P Kt 10. Kt Q 3 11. OUxKt 11. BiB 12. V Kt 7 IS. BKtS t 13. K K S 13. H KB 1 14. PxlKOn 14. KkQ 15. Q KB 1 t IS. K 3Ct 2 10. Q B 7 i 10. Kesiftns SOLUTIONS Tl PKOULE3I8. PROBLElt NO. 127. Motto" Nb plus ultra, White. 1. KKti 3. Mate accordingly Blnck. I" Any move probleii so. 123. Motto "Plus ultra." White. Black. O KKl 1. i- x ivt 2. Any move 2. Ki xVi.IT) a. QorKtt Also i-v 1. PBSt 1. JxP(fT) 1. Kt K 3 pr.ooi.BM no. 125. "Guess.wno composed me." HlncK. 1. KlS4(abcdefflii) S. Kx Q 3. Any move (a) 1.KB5 2. K Kt 5 3. Auy move 1. K Q 4 2. KxP 0. Any move 1. BKt2 j.KB6 3. AnymoTO, I (9) W) 1. B B 3 2. K Q 4 3. Auy move (a) i nor, i.Bil't S. KtQ4 4. Mates 2. K ft 6 . S. Any more J. PKt4 2. PxBP 3. Anymova 2. QxP 3. Kt B 5 1 4. Mates 2. " (JsBt 3. Kt x Kt t 4. Mates &PiKt 3. Kt B 5 1 4. Mates 2. QxBt 3. KtKSt 4. Mates a 1. Kt K 6 3. K B 4 3. Anymova 1. KtxBP 2. P Kt 4 8. Any move (i) 1. Kt K 8 or Kt x TIP 2. KB 4 3. Auy move THE PUZZLES. All communications to this department should be addressed to "The Puzzler," Fkbk Pbess olUce, Detroit, Mich. Answers. Labrum. "A penny wise, a pound foolish.' Tiber, Tribe. Carmen. An excellent paper. 782. 2783. 27S4. a; 85. 278(5. 2787. It S E T SEDAN EDUCED T AC I T NET D 8783. M 0 P Obi UsE T i C H o E 2789, 27!)0. 2T91. F-ox, C-at, C-rog, D ate, F-lag. Hat, Cat, Vat, Bat, Sat, Bat. Mobbed. Enigmas, Churades, Puzzles, Etc 2811 NUMEUICAL ENIGMA. I am composed ot 1 1 letters. My 1. 2, 3, 4 is a factory. My 5, (j, 7 is a Greek name. My 8, 9, 10, 11 is a river in Yorkshire. My whole is a persona of great wealth. liedford, England. WHITE HEATHER. 2S12 PRTZK HIDDEN FRUIT. 1. The paintings give the pipe a cheerful appearance. 2. Take your cap, please, and hang it on tho rack. 3. Does the milkman go every day to the farm? 4. Return ihe bottle Monday morning. 5. Do you think the FHllsof Niagara pretty? li. TaUo the type around to the other box. A prize for the first corroct solution. Kiles, .Mich, B. K1AR. 2813 JIETAOnAM. Whole, I am a fish, chuniro my head and I become successively a bricklayer' tool, a recognition, a covering:, a whip, aud a tuft of grass. Spriugport, Intl. AGNES. 2514 CHARADE. My first, when young, oft upon mo stole ; My second is essential to my whole; My whole rears young in nests which will be found Not built in trees or shrubs, but in the ground. Londonderry, Ireland. W. M. ADAMS, 2515 ENIGMA. When whole I very quickly travel. If beheaded I more quickly fall, Curtail, transpose, you'll then uuraved That I travel quicker than my whole. Darlington, England. W. GAUBUTT. 281G oross-word enigma In rajts, nut in tatters. In lads, not in boys. In hats, not in bonnets. In glad, not in sorry. In sorry, not in ghid. In stone, not in mineral, in opera, not in music. In never, not in sometimes. In ever, not in always. Whole an eminent statesman. Hampton, Engltuiu. JOHNNY. 2817 diamond puzzle. 1. A letter: 2. Asimkienee; 3. The Supreme be-in; 4. A small bird; 5. A male name; 0. A measure ; 7. A letier. Sau Angela, Tex. DAN 'PES. 2318 word uai.f-square. 1. A State; 2. Those who charge lirearms; 8. Tho lasso; 4. A fool; 5. Tasty; 0. A refusal; 7. A possessive pronoun beheaded; 8. Aletter. Matoon, 111, J. J. JOSCO. 2S19 decapitations. Behead a sharp weapon, And. without doubt, A well known fruit you wilt find out: Beheaa this frait and you will tlnd out A part of your face is left behind. Suffolk, England. M. I. BEST. SS30 charadf Draw close the curtains, for the first has come, We'll keep ourseives cosv ihlnk out of its gloom, Or of the last terrillc. as It shrleltsand wails. Bringing death aud destruction iu its treacherous trails ; But, join with aprep, my first to my last, Then t omes a bright change, alter the past, For my whole is a bird, of richness of song, Who is king of all warblers, and has been so long. Morpeth, England. It. RUTHERFORD. Answers in throe weeks. Prizes. For the best list of auswers to this week's pjz-sles wo will send a book entitled ".Norodom, King of Cambodia." Price SI 25. For the secoud best list ot answers we will send a package of address cards with name. For the third host hat of answers wo will send asneetof iuxtrutiieiital music. Price 40 cents. For the fourth host list or answers we will send asheetot Instrumental music. IVieo 35 cents. For the fifth best list of answers wo will send a Lakeside Library. See offer made by our contributor for the first solution to No. 2712. Prize Winners, The prize for the best list of answers Is awarded to George L. P. Chambers. Astoria, L. I. Tho prizo for the second best list is awarded to . U. tieurge. London, England. The prize for the third host list is awarded to Badger Bov, Milwaukee, Wis. Tho prize for tne fourth best list is awarded to G. A.. Edinburgh, Scotland. The prize for the lltth best list Is awarded to It. E. Mnrks, Central City, Col. Solvere. "The Puzzler" in Tue Wkeklv Free Press, Vol. 57, No 61. was correctly solved by The Chief, Edinburgh. Scotland: W. H. George and Hayinar-kot, London, England; Guv, Dublin, Ireland ; G. P. Lane, burlton, England; Tlionms L. Thomas, Chester, England ; Adams and Caiietou J., Man cheater, England: James F. lluclmnau, Zip and A. Uarrowmuu, Glasgow, Scotland; Albert C. Fair, Loicester, England; Con Amoro, South Wales, Entrland. Bonnie Bess, Terre Haute. 1ml.; O. 51. W. and Megon, Waco, Tex. ; Mary Gold. Dubuque, la. ; Ida K., KookuK, In.; BBCky Sharp. Newark, N. J. ; W. W. W., Uayton. O. ; Princess Ann, Wheeling, Va. ; Cyclone. B. M. 15. and Fontanelle, Chicago. III. ; Keveal, Buffalo, N. Y. ; Felix, Manor Station, Pa. ; Mack, Paola. Kan. ; C. G. Leay, Lynchburg, Va. ; Adele. Ilamer and Twilight, New York i;ity; G. A. Krorner. Jr., Peaceville, L I.; H. li. N.. Detroit, ill leh. : Leslie and Laurence. Sherman. Mich. ; E. T. Cetera, Anderson, S. C. ; Janet, Helolt, Wis; J. B. Wylie, St. Joseph, Mo. ; Typo, New Martins- vine, V a. I ueorg" Ij. 1. wiamuaib, aMuiiti. u, , T'liiiliuM Black. Mobile. Ala. : Badger Bo.v. Milwau kee, Wis.; N. O. Body, Fordljam, N. Y. ; Charles M., Flushing, N. Y.: S. O. Crates, Muscatine, la. : S. II. Lufferty, Philadelphia, Pa, ; Argonaut. Cincinnati. O. ; Patty B., Michigan Oily, Ind. ; Jennie B Mobile, Ala ; K. Header, Reading, Pa.; Ellie Vator, EnElewood, 111. ; Coz. Jackson, Miss. : Miss Finch. Battleboro. Vt. ; B. Achelor, St. Paul, Minn. ; Mark Tapley. London, unt. ; uiyue. rtautux. n. s.; Blue Botile Fly, Yankton, Dak.; K. E. Marks, Con tral City, Col. Accopted Contributions. Enierna. hidden cities, etc.. by A. S. Jackson ; enigma, diamond, decapitations and metagrani, by Felix; word hnlf-niiuare, by Megon: enigma, diamond aud charade, by Argonaut; word-square and rhomboid, bv Bonnie Bess; puzzles, by Reveal; rhomboid and curtailments, by Coz; diamonds and chnradns. by Wiseacre; progressive woad-squnro, by M. E. w. Atomarks rvilinh Your list of solutions failed to reach us or- we should certainly have given you credit for the same. Many thanks for Information regarding enigma. ., Felix Glad to welcome an old contributor, i?. T. Cetera. Caliph. Don Carlos and Andox have our thanks for New Year's remembrance. We are pleased to note tho marriage of two of our well known contributors, George S. Bogert, Myself," of Bayonne. N. J., and Miss Irene Barlow, "Mad Cap." of Philadelphia, Pa, The happy event took place Christmas night. Those who deaden sensation aud stupefy the patient to relieve suffering make a great mistake. They proceed upon the false idea that it is legitimate to procure relief from pain by destroying physical sensibility. This method, carried to th e last extremity, would kill the patient to end suffering. It Is not presumed that Lydla E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound will raise the dead, but it ofien does restore those who are given up ns fcopo- lSaOAfiU&

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