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Arrington - VOLUME - -W B E BI AB 2R,Q W N , AT 0!ta DOUUS...
VOLUME - -W B E BI AB 2R,Q W N , AT 0!ta DOUUS *J!R Y*AK--INVAWABLT IK . . ·:. ;. ,i -.. ··; ADVANCB. .....;. :/ ;/;. .,, Written lor the Great West. PAUL DENTON, THE TEX^N MlSSfcN- ; . '.- .VARY. ;, . - . -.:, · - »Y OHARLKS SUHMERT1ELD During the last week of Septemberi 1636, the first successful Camp Meeting was held in Eastern Texas. I employ the epithet ··successful," because several previous failures had apparently rendered ell effort* of a like .kind perfectly hope. less. Indeed, the meridian, at that period, period, was most uncongenial to religious enterprise. . Tl»«j couniry, bordering- on the S»b tie, had been occupied, rather than settled, by a c ass of ad venture re almost almost as wild as the savages whom; they had scarcely expelled, and the beasts of prey which still disputed their domain of primeval'forests. Professional gamblers, refugees from the jtiil, absconded'debtors, outlaws from every land, forgeis of false coin, thieves, robbers, murderers, interspersed interspersed among a race of uneducated bun ten and herdsmen, mads up the grange social miscellany ; without cou/is'oir prisons prisons or churches or schools,' or even the shadow of civil authority or subordination--a subordination--a sort of municipal pandemonium, \vhero fierce, pmsion eut enthroned, waving waving its bloody sceptre, the naked bowje k n i f e ! Let no one accuse rne'of exaggeration, exaggeration, for Ihe sake of dramatic .effect; I am speaking now of Shelby c.oiii'ijiy:--r that home of t h e Lyncliers---live lerrible tactile, where tt-ri years later, forty .persons weru' 1 poisoned to death by u riin'rriag? s u p p e r ! It w»): be obvious that in s u c h a comm comm u n i t y , very few w o u l d ' b o disposed ip pairoivizu c a m p meetings; and accord ing ; ly it dozen d i f f e r e n t iriats, at various limes, had never collected d hunilred hearers,' hearers,' on any single occasion. Lh'i't every these wer; ,nol u lowed to worship, in- pence : uniformly the first day.;and" night; a band of armed desperadoes, headed by the notorious Watt Fo'eman, chief judge and executioner of ihe S--he by LyhchersV broke into t h e n l t n r and scattered the mounter* or ascended ihe. p u l p i t and treat- nl t h e pirar.her* wilh a glorious robe of t a r and toothers! Ilencu, all prudent ·*· flisls soon learned, tp sliuti ihe led of the Sabine, as if .it. had beerr in- /i-sit.'tt by. a cohort of demons.; and two svtuile years .elapsed without any new at- t e m p t 10 erect the cross in so perilous a field. ... ' : . . : . . At l e n g t h , however, r.n appeared promising a n o t h e r effort .in,bo- luilf of the go pe.l. Thi 1 . notice \vns--uni- que, a perfect buckwood curiosity.,boih as to Us tenor and mode of publication...--: Let me give it verba'.im et literatim: ··'U.VIUJKCUIO CAM.P MKKTJNG. "There w i l . be a Camp M e e t i n g , , t o commence t h e lasi Vouday..of ibis .month, ni t h e Double Spring Grove, near ,Peter Brinson's, ID the c j u n t y of Shelby.. ··The exercises w i l l open w i t h a splendid splendid barbecue. Preparations are being made 10 suit all tastes; t h e r e wi I be a goud barbecue, better liquor, and the best of Gospel ! , · . PAUL DENTON, Missionary, iM E. C. "Sept I . 1830" . . . - · . Tins singular document was nailed lo thy door of every public house and gro eery ; it. was.attached to the largest t.ree nt the iniersec'.ions of all cross roads.and principal trails ; aud even thu wandering hunters themselves, found it m remote delta of the mountain, miles away from ihe smoke ot h u m a n habitation At first many regarded ihe matter as a hoax played off by some wicked wag, in ridicule of popular credulity. But this hypothesis was negatived by the statement statement of Peter Brinson, proprietor of the Double Spring Grove, who informed al enquirers that he had been employed am paid by a stranger calling himself a iVl.eth odist missionary, to provide an ample bar becut at the period and place advertised "Bui ihe liquor--the belter liquor--art you to furnish the liquor too?" was ih invariable question of each visitor. ··The missionary said he vvould atlcn to that himself," replied Brinspn '·He must bu n precious originaJ,'* was the general rejoinder. A proposition which most of them afterwards had ,an opportunity to verily experimentally, .". I need hardly add that an intense excite m«Bi rWulwd. The fttmor look flew on the wind ; turned to *lorm of ex* "ggertttpn---every echo increase^ its sound, tilt nothing else could IM heard bu came the focus of thought* ih* staple'o dreams. And thus the unknown er had socured one thing in egatfon embracing the entire of that county, which! .^w%-.l»kf V .· . --i"-^^ Of tnd ray flamed by .l.he r comenon curiPSiiy, I ome troUole and iitended: : ' tit although my tieyvaM.urit n*ssed (r th«Kextraordf hat y y ,paint J^^^Sj^iiOL^o^^vOIiJ^'pfil}-; cii of Hbgart'h;.w«.^e^a1pya"ai.yequatpJ;p,'i;)|e sabftmhjranifi Dtfrfwqtfe 0 piPthe icfiiiip'lida 4 ed ed task, ^'t^yionly sltetcii 1 the ongrular ad task,;' I n^yionly s4tetcfcHHe outlines.'-n;-6 ·:;;:! v.'iii v i f - ; i ' , A space .ha.cJ!,be,en c}§ar ; ed liately around the,,magnificeriV; whichI boiled [upwith" icitfrit to tu r'h 1 . a ; mi ff; ff; wneel/'in' t h e very centre of ihe evergreen : gr*ve. ! vHere' a^ ) been raised, and before it was he inseparable ultar fpr mqumers^,, ,,|le-, rond these, at the dislanae of jSlty ^'aces^' successibri of plank lables ; extended in a. great'circle, ot : th'e peViirieter'bf'tf pi completely endosiing! the; area about' he., .spring.,, Art · odorlfefpua, stream; : of most delicious .savor, diffusefi itself .thrp' he a i r ; this"'.was from ihe pits in i he ad- aceni''prairit i , : where the fifty' slaves ;; bf J eter Bri, son were engaged''in cooking* lie promised:barbecue-, . » ' · ; · · ; · · . · ; - · . : . , - . · ,.,,'·. The grpye ,itse.Jj[ was',; Jjiiferally;.*!/,^; eeming, swarming, r u n n i n g oyer,,with I t range figure's in "ilie 'li-ii"^'^^^^^^''^'^'^''; women a'n'd children^!;!];-i8very:^ariety r:s df ! ut andish costume. ''All Shelby county l: there, ,; !T ; h e-bu.Kte fa ;· had. i some, i (Was, .t/ol-;; ^i^ ^h year*,later,; ; a was " ' ' ' * :','q9pfc"ai,iil}« . i«i.ple word* were ou ue rod , it hui made»aiHi iMlflntlfi*e bundled iirie ( nd«ir-. lite asatmbly -;: was er's wonderful powe r. GQ\, Wall iin;;)* sine«j i;i ; ng\^iifii .rf^It.' JPkfli 1 ' r,tvtrijt»- his ;. bu,t: ;belt«r liiqiipri" ) , ·Wheite; is .tfis liquor : rj-f ;«* r j'hfsre :!";,aii!sweied f h.e rD'issiai l iiaryv -in n hand, and · i.' · * . · . · ; .' i -. i i ^. a ^.l n .eir, heels,j, ie' roguesVrefugetjs.'and "garnb'iers, vvith' isto'ls'ifrtheirbe'lta^'a^ ng from 1 their,. ! sh!rl' bosom's'; ; while here' od there.might .be.-· seeni.'ai s p r i n k l i n g of. veil dressedijplanters, wi^h.,;their wives, nd. daughters. ' .,' The turnult (, deafeni;ng;, ,a .tornado tongues, .talking, t shouting... ' " ' ' ' " ' " ' ; ; ' nise'meH't."- : Sudd ! eirry 'a' cry^aros'e: 3 \ ait Ffle'mani!'*;.!f'Htirra;r/pr,.Ool;j.\Vattv 'oeman!" And the crowd parted-to t h e ght and ,left torletifhe Kipnitiynch'ef p^ss. .1 t u r n e 4 , t o , t h e ,advar|9in,g Ipad'Star of, II eyes, 1 .and.snnddere,(i ;inyo!u-ntarily al 16 dt v i l i s h cp'uptenaiice' wh'ich met '.my' ·lance ; ; an'd -yet 't-h'e'.'.feS't'ii'i 1 «s ! \W'ere' J 'n'6t. 1 ' nly y o u t h f u l but e m i n e n t l y liandsome b o . h'i'derjuisriess,' Tay ;i'n'.'th'e'"'1pi¥lj',''full 1 of | gefiref^ferocious, murderous.. It was. . re d d is b -y el |otv.,ey e , Us. \y ii h ; UMirow y t spemed .t.p r 4a.f:h : ;/j.e.ts '-of; ^'}id,.. ame';. in ihTn,'sneering tips ! w i t h ·''·'' " _' ; '.ii '.it,' tones, p:f t^undisfeia ndipoiniing/Ji iV.JiholiJEo;«^b u p ; in: two iiirong. colujrnniss w i t h ,; Ji.kjj a jshdiii of joy: froGti/lhe bo.-i he;edr.ihi.^trTher«!?!: he ; re pealed w.itih ; a look; teirrjbjfl als ^ h M i i n , ;whil»; his enemyi actual lyiremblediotiihisiifeet:'; vth;e : re ifi.the/liqUor which? Qo'dj the, Eler' Eler' fojr.,all,;h!:s ,c'hil.d : rea.;L! ,, of , sickening ' . s ujrp,u;pded ; ivy it-h/. ithe ; ; odiors . . . he.ftv f eni prepare .the: prec!ibu'3: ; es- : r J.i!Bu,t, i;i w h « re td il . ; brefws;#ii{ in ; to; dpw;n,;lpYt . si.ri(g. ; and high-jap on tho- tops; where : t,heri;aked gald : iri the suiiv where-; the islwrn i.'cloiad btqofls.ian.d-lhe vhunder',ipnt!s crsft ; ; ,a.nd : , . 1^1 he , -wide,-, wi kl;sea :,w h'e»e ;' h,qwjs, music aHd;!b;igwayiis ; roar the chorus, · sweeping .ihs jnarch; io|: Qqd;'-- tbere^.tJe.-bfe.vvs:;!"!, ithat; :be«er{ige of ··, ,j if^ .V.'hjral th · gi yrng \v at e,r . ; .. An.d ; . «i V e ry the dew r dr0p ;;?i.n 1 in ; thet all vier:aslrrjg ; i'cy;smle. t'he'r'es't^he' in,g as rifinson s h i n i n g in the ice gem, t i l l the trees seejnecl; turned.: to iiviag- jewels-spreading, jewels-spreading, a golden ye.i..I;.ove.r.,.the..selling sola "ora'wfi'itij gay.z.e ''a^i( 'p.|ind..' | i l iFi'g.ijni'd night, nvpon ;' sporting; in. the CEvtara,9V;..s1,ee.pijig^ i;ri the'glacier";., dancing'1,11'.ih;e|..Hai.lrs;jpVv.- : : er';..Tol'ding its,.trigtij, sno^y.'ai^tains.sp'fijy;' a bq.u't t K e';'j\y i n't'fy r ;w or Id;'.. arid,"i¥ e.a,vi.n,g 4 fi ii,' tb^e sky^fyniose ^w^rp''^^^^^'^'^^^^^!!^ earth, '\vhose woof,' is' v t h e - ',su.ribftanri' 'CiT as a ^tail,iathletic; ; very powerful rha'n ~^ iis trai'n.; aildozeai urmed.;despe.ra'dbesK oliowe.d:hii«.,,..: ,.,,; ; , : ; ;,,:..:..,..."..-,..\ : .;.- ; ( Foernap spoke in a vpico sharp, p i e r i the point' o f ' a .d.agge :''"fifi'.! .''·vv'e'.re^i's"''^^ new rriissibri'ary'i' ve want'lo'give him R;plumed coat··'-. ····,'··' ^·tie-has ; hpi'vyet, arrived, : ,', replied the; )lanier... . . _ , . ,· : , ·-.....,· ,;· , . . , ' ...... ., ;·.-., ,, ·Welt, I suppose wo in.ust \yait for h i m ; Jin put ih'e burnecde' oh llie" baards ; I'a'tii ungry us a itarved wolf," r ' ' : : : ,:?l cannot till the missionary com'es; he baibecue is his,property." ;o ··-,:· 4 fearful l i g h t , , b l a z e d in Fpeman',s 'yes, -and he tb.i N 'three .slops ' t o w a r d s 3rinson. arid fairly shdu 1 ted:''"Fetclr th ! e neat insiairtly, or : I'll 'Gir your-ovvn sioin- ch w i t h u d i n n e r . of ;i lead '-andsteul !''·· ;, : This was the..u//fm.a/vm of one. vyhpse authoriiy was the or^Jy'.law,..and. the planer planer obeyed \vithb.U't a irta ; rm ; ur. The s'nio' 1 f i n g viarids^were arrangVd^pn r tbe tables by a:scord : ojfvsts/»;ee, arid th%''|h/rong nre- iured to coilimefce the sui.mpiupous niealv vhcn a voice pealed ifrpm the pulpit, loud. as t h e blast of n t r u m p e t in battle: 'Stay, gerill'iinert ''and ladies; till the jrivte-r'p'f asks God'* blessing-1" Every, heart started, every ,eye was. di : . . . be'a'v eh . ai 1 t; c he q ii e red . ' o''e-r -|WM.h ^lost i a , . flowers; . by the. jpy ?iic : ' jiiind ' '" owers; . y t e . jpy ? c : i n e r a c t o r Sii),r atjVay^^il' -i^'." beautffu | ,~ th?it .blessed, yfeivyater.T'.'^b.''pp;sph^ibu;bb{eai ',Ton' ,'it^ ' ' ' ' " - ' ' ' . . . , 'b'rin'li ; ·' IVs" -foa'rn Drih'gs riot rnaQ;rtess' ; murder,;,. no blopcl stairis'.jts liquid gjass ; pale yyi'4;o.vys v and star vih.g' orpharis vye.e.p not ! 'b'ui:rting;leaVs. |ti; ; its': cl^ar;' depths;, n'o'. d-rurikard^s s " 'des., 'des., would ypu moii''^.;^.^^^'..'.'-'^^- ".'A'sh'out.lake i.h'.ti rpdifpf''a.^tempest,'an- i ·» : /»" ·'!' ».'·» .' * +1 ',''*', :'-.: ·';. i · il · ; · . . ' ' 1 1 ; - J ' · ; ! Crtt;ics need''never 'tell .'rA'ic'-'.ag'ai.ii," thai backU'cpdsmen' sire,' d e a f , lp ..'.i'h'.e"y. divide ·'i'.I.or Isaw^'at t.hai.rncr me'nt '. ihe'; miss ion a-ry. 'he.ld.4he ;. iiearts ' of the rn ; uttilVid:t;, ; .as' it were.' inllh'e hoijow'pf ' 1 ite were struck, ' reciednp si euce ensued, for all by his remarkable appearance-' tie was almost a'·'giant in stature, thPugh scarcely twenty years of; age;, hJs 1 hairv d a r t a s the rayen's wing;, ;flqwed.-down .his im-, mense shoulders in masses, of .na'.toral ringlets, more beautifuj than any ever xvreathed around the jewHlled' brbXy; of'a queen by' vhe ; labored ichteremerits of human a r t : hi? .eyes, black as midnight, beamed liku »ta,r^ over a face pate as Pa- rian luarblj, calm, passionless, spiritual, and wearing a singular, indefinable expression, expression, such as might have been shed by the light orf.a dreant from Paradise, or the luminous shadow.of ; an angel's wing, The hete'rpgeneouis crowd, huraers, gam biers, homicides, gazed in mute astonish ment: · · : - ' - . · · ' . · ' ; '- : : ' - - - ' ' ' '··" · · · ' · · '·' The missionary) prayed 5 but it sound- fd like no other prayer ever addressed to the thione of the Atoighty It contained contained no encomiums on the splendor of the dlivrne aiiribuiee; no pe^litions in the tone of commands; no orwoniifor drwant pla- ocs, timesior pbjeci* J «r»d no?iropJi«i instructions instructions as to the administration of the -;·· : -....:· -K.^,. t -v,-,^. · : , -,-.....j- t '^Jjjj^ ·tfaV ifVa« the dry of a naked of the exclusivety present »oul, and w*j*ero£ , Hf ceased, jnd pot tilj co^^ ; ;'ooo^lb^s'lw ! ;Wfe^ atbartd through;jnti^ Iwf dved b«ea wev M^rkh'raiH * partake of aod's.gifui at e, . ...a, :flrayjo|,,a.'da ; rqajigaiid .*et ' fr.91frfu\ i.^og;:lft!%oa!y!;thot ^e ; «ild«rp^ss;;, .a^flrn,ieal ^'s:..ho"6k t o'r : |jfe,^!; ; )f?f.;ac« . igg :to idown,by ; tr.iditipp: fr poiiirie*, was.of middio stature.square h. lt|rge .hands and ..feet,'---: i.-vyviw iuricpni.mpnjy strong;'i strong;'i ; i n; s thi| latier , part of his! ^wr$ulian$y, :j , I;Tis fore. , ii.igh,,.broa,d '^t,']tVif.^'mp.ies'' ; '-.a)»d i ' ' ' d w ^ ^^ "· · , ·" 'T' ·";T' ri v, 1 ' :'-.· r ^je^s.f.'.arcb'/Jcl 'e;ye ;: .flltfK, a ,mout.h large ""'"' 'of elpquence,,ye- ll parte.d and hairfW.hicii. a j?«j(rj..'o.n':'ii i is,,sh'o| J d.«?'r^'a i n^ii^lo'hg:and.yV'. t', jn',,.general, \yas- calm' was .grave js'jsaid, '.to," . ; . s, . c p r n . . ? . ! ; . . was r !r.u.'d dy tSh|ij is^sjjal. witlij the/: Arabs, and':in;h ' l w 5,01 : ; rft4|a;ace , in ;ii's c;ou rite.-, ' ' ' ' .. .,.. . . , ; . f,. a.n ex.triaoTcii'nary. kind' : . He 'had apprehension, a re.iehtive rnerhpry : . ' j « ; i - ".,..;, .". ···· .- .. · · . ·'·.··..L' : -. 1 'i : -'..-: · *l - f * lT \^T 1 * i^ 't**T*6 'l 1 ,*'^** f'"'" 1 t "f '«**»M I *T *T. ', . . . , - g.e3nius. .Owing but lui. e,tp.cdu,ca,iibn, ha:d quickened..^^ in|fori7ild",his''tni i ri'd'by' c!os ( t? lobs.eryaijop,, and"'- Blpred .it with.' yariely. pf'ijnpw.'.^dge^, the syste.m. of retigTop 'pu.rre.rit or hati'cled 'irjp.wn by"trr '''""' " tyylU-lj'? 1 '" 1 " 1 ''"" "'"·'"·· , . . . sententious, /a'oou, tidin^ijvith those. i^ .and' apologues, so., piipular ^ times,;- he.; \yas : excited. and efo- ajiiS;; a'tid the 1 p o p u l a r . feelings, ran,in, a /currVrit so irresRtible, that , ev;en the- duellist, \Vatc Foeman, da reel riot v e n t u r e a'nPther interruplipn .during 'they meeting. "1 have just reviewed .rriy r e p o r t , of that singular speech in the foregoing ' s k e t c h ; j u t alas! I .discover t h a t . I have u t t e r l y "a i led 1 ! to cph y e y ' ihe ' fu:!,! , i rri p iressiph as riy'Veason 'and' 1m agiria'ti(h"rec'eiv/ed it.-The it.-The language, lo be sure, is l!iere : -- that 1 never ; cou!ld' : forget.r-butit lacks the spirit : the tones of unutterable pathos, the ca-r, de ric^s : iof : mouirnfu 1 music, alternuti ng withicras;hes oif, terrible : power ;, it ilacks lh«j; gesticulation, i now gracefah;as. the play .of , a golden .willow in -ihe- wind, and- anon, violent osUhe motion-iof a mountain pine,iri the hurricane ; it lacks that pale facey wrapped iin, its dream of the : spirii- land, and those unfathomable eyes, flashing flashing a light such as never beamed from sun or ··tars'; · ;nn.d ;more than all* it lacks ihe i magneiiarn of the- , mighty soul , thai seemed to diffuse itself among the hearers, hearers, asi a, viewless stream . , of ..electricity, penetrating the f; birain, Irke' : 80ine secret fire, meliing all hearts, and mastering every,,v every,,v ; p|itiph. ::; , r; ';; r . J ,; : : V :/ l ;.; -:'::···.· ..,;· .,;.-.-· The Qampvmeetin.g i ;Cpntinqed,v and a rev:i ; val amended it, suc|i : as : , neyer before, or since was witnessed in the forests of Texas; on the las day of the exercises, new* «rri*-ed on the ground that a oeigbborjng farmer bad been murdered, and bu wife |nd cr*ildren carried away prisoners by the Iti4i«n8. The yaui^ ii^ ·--·- ; -pulpit -pulpit and proposed the immediala iuation of a company to pursue the ge*.,, .Th^eauggestipnbeingadofHed, the nurer hinisjatf; wu elected te, bead the party After sayera^ p^s^^^^^p^ they pyortppklhe ba^barpos eiwmy on the grand prairie. The qpisaionary charged forfimc^t of his tioop. an4 having performed performed . prodigie* of bra vary,, fell--pot by the hand O f .^Indian--j^l by a shot from ' his. own horsemen! I p«ed scarwly; oame the SMassin i the " wUl ha*e an!icipat«d quen.t, and his ; ; eloquence .vyas aicjed by a voice jrnus.ical. and ; s.o.nprpusi .'...'.. .,., · .', tie was sober; and 'in his '.diet, ]; and' ri. rigb.rqus: ob'seryer, of lasts! ind'ulged'"in. no., (T\ag;hi6.ceji'cle. of rtpp.irel the ... psten.tatiori of,' a. peijy rn'irid ; was his simpjicitiy .in dress affected, th.e' .'resua.o.f. real. 'disregard tp -distinction frprn so ·.triV.ial a source.' 'jTh'^re. are ; two thTngs. in this .\yoVld," would he '" whicirdel.ight!'m,(?,vv6n]an au.d prcfurnes These , two ^thing's; rejoice rhy eyes, render .me. more ferye'rit . in devotion."-F devotion."-F r o m , his exireme ; cleanlines.s, and the; use^ of prefumes.and .s^ect-scented oil his hair, probably arose i'.tia''t."sxveeiriess fragr.auce of person \vhiph' his .disciples corisidered 'innate arid.'.rokarulp'us. ' 'His pass.ion'for h^cl an influence over all His affairs'. '.'It is s'nid that \yhen. in presence of. a i beautiful female, he was linuaily s moot h ing 'his brow ariH . hisjridir, as. if .a'nxipus to appear to tage," "" .......... " ' : i \ . ...-," i ','-,-"".': '..'· The number.p.f ,b f i.3 ' wives is unceflain Abulfeda', 'Ay ho 'wr'ttes .wilh"' more than other .of Arabian, historians, .lirnits lo 'fifteen, ihough .some 'make i it as as "tvyenty.-fiv'e.. At the time, of his he had nine, and each ' i n ' h e r dwelling, and a l l . in the' vicinity mosque at IVIedina. . The plea alledged for indulging in a greater number of than he'premitted his folloiweirs 1 , was a desire desire to beget a race ol prophets for plev' ; ' ' ' " · ' · ·' . . ' _ ' " : ; ' : , : . : ' ' ; ; ; "'' : '' In his private .dealings hef'w'as just.. treated his friends and strangers, i h and poorilhepowerfiil'arid the weak, equityiand wa? beloyect by the common peo : |il'e for the afirabUity; with ; which ceiyed them, and lis'.eiitd to their com- plainu. He '.was natural y irritnblo, but brought his temper'ander great control that in ; the sejf-indulgem intercourse of domestic life he was;kind 'and'Iprenuitt'-^ ·· : j served hirrt from' the ttme' I; was years old.'* said i his ieryant. Anas,' 1 ! arid he 'nevey»colded ; ine forttnytliirijjf, though ' '" ; "" wer* jppifea by ine.** htf question now pccura. was be *····-*'-'····'*''irnpostor that he has been Were all his visions and re»elatron8,dferib^rate falsehoods, and was his; whole l^iteih a ; tissue of deceit T In considering (1M* question, we must bear in mind that^we 'is not chargeable many eitravagahce* *Vhich exist in his oamiv Mitny of tlijr^lrj«i aod revela- tioiij' ha«id«d down lHIk«s% be«rn bf him,'·' *r« spuriduji^ , TV* tuirides

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