William Hurry - Finding of Grave

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William Hurry - Finding of Grave - S try MORNING, The. flan Who Raeg Liberty Bell...
S try MORNING, The. flan Who Raeg Liberty Bell Grave of William Hurry lias Just Bssn Discovered in a Philadelphia Burying Ground Covered With Flowers. Till; iti-.n" of the man who first toll.-.! the Liberty Bell has Just bn found, by- a singular coincl-(Inr, lmnt Ou th eve of July 4. For many years all trace imd been lost of the b H ringer who obeyed the Injunction lettered on the State Houno bell. Philadelphia, by ringing It vigorously and "Proclaiming liberty throughout the lund and to the Inhabitants thereof." It wis known to a few hiatorians. In m. vtgun way. that his name wa William Hurry, and that he waa a man well advanced In yearn on that Immortal way when, serving In the humbl rapacity of bell ringer, he made his place In history. The familiar poem, no well known to all American. "The Liberty Bellman." with its thrilling- line, "Ring-, grand-father. ring." had surrounded Hurry with a. legendary atmosphere that mad many persona regard him ma a, sort of myth. Antiquarians and historians had made frequent searches for the body to prove hla reality. If not more, but theae were all In vain until recently the graveyard of the old Pine Ktreet rreabyterlnn Church, Fourth and Fine etreeta, Philadelphia, waa discovered to be the last resting place of the famoua revolutionary character. Credit for this Important dlaclofure goea to Jacob Iaiw, aexton of the church. Rome time sgn he began compiling s ennu of the long dead denlsena of the ancient burying place. In the process numeroui fact of great historical Interest came to light, all connected with graves of revolutionary patrlota or of famoua men of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. It waa not an easy task. Time's obliterating hand had effaced many of the Inscrlp-tiona, and som of th stonea, tumbling from their pedestals, had burled them-lvea In th sod, eo that It required Arduous work to mount them again. Many famous Hevulutlonary heroee were found In the old graveyard. Including the first naval officer of the United States, Nathan Boy. He waa appointed before this country had a navy, and lie fought on land for liberty before h took up naval duty. Hoys waa a trustee of Old Pine Street Church, Among other noted patriots whose, bone rest there nr Cojoncl Thomas Craig. Captalu Iaaao - t : i , i -1 f , . mJM&m i x&i HI f GRAVE OF WILLIAM HURRY. The stone furnishes the first definite Information about the man who tolled the Liberty Bell. i v., , t I s I i Where OLD PINE 8TREET BURYING GROUND, PHILADELPHIA, the flrave of the Liberty Bell ringer has Just been found, and where scores of notable men of Revolutionary days are buried. Reputed Portrait of William Hurry, Craig. hero of Yorktown: Captain Alexander Brown. Colonel Robert Knot, LJeutemant William Henry. CaptaJn James Rosa. Captain John Marshall, Lieutenant Thomas McCuliough, Cap tain William McMullin, Lieutenant John Woodside. Lieutenant Colonel Paul Cox. General John Steele. Captain Wll Ham Llnnard and Dr. William Shippen. Jr. All of these men were mero-bers of the church. The tombstone cf Mrs. Mary Nelson, who saved, during the revolution, & quan tity of gunpowder from being deatroyeo. at one of the Uelaware forta. waa found to be atlll in good condition. Side by aide with the friends of freedom were found Its foe, including General Tart r ton. of execrated memory, the British tyrant, whoso cruelties ia the South caused endleas misery. But the feature of the investigation that brought roost delight to the devoted searcher was the finding of Hurry's gTave. This ia located near the Pine street entrance. The .modeet stone that commemorate the departed Is about four feet high and include also refer ences to two other occupants of the crave. When Low came upon it. the grave and headstone were sunk almost out of night. Only two letter. "R" nd "Y" -of the name "Hurry were visible. Low's cu riosity wa immediately aroused, a he rememibered the najme. and. raising the stone with careful precaution a gainst breaking it. he cleared it of the moss and mould and waji overjoyed to find that it marked the grave of the Liberty be lima u. An examination of the tone glvea tow lnformattin as to Hurry. It show that at the time h rang th bell he was a man of &t years. He was born October Z2. 17T1. Hurry activity in th cause of freedom did not top w 1th Lhe ringing ol the old bell. now. next to the original drafts of the rrlaratIon of Independence and the constitution of the United Htts. the most prlaed relic connected with tne birth of the nation. He volunteered for service! in Lhe Continental army. ano served with distinction In a, number of battles. Hie signature on call for volunteers ts still In xJ"!lon of the Id church. It 1 . tunrwhat jmrtie-tlc elceumatanee fbat Hurrr did not liv to the complete triumph of th" colonists over Great Britain. H died In 1TS1. two years before the surrender of Cornwall, at Tork-town. ended the war and established American freedom for all time, but his lies extend-d far enough frr htm to see that the ultlmat triumph of American arms was assured. fclnce Its dis"Overy. the grave has be-crrne msec for t he ptrtotU- visiting Philadelphia from all over th t'nltea States It ha been kept covered wltu flower Wy the children of th relghbor-horvl, and en future National holMaya will he the scene of m ottri "i 1 exercises bv the Colonial I ft men Sons of the Revolution. Daughters of the Revolution atwt other patrtotP- societies. A Fellow Feeling. Trty years g. some kindly Oh-Ib-tian ga i e a New Testament to a wound -eri soldier in a hospital at Vlckshurg, Miss, That aoldler has Just written to the American Bible aorlty that he found the New Testament precious j when he was In the hospltaj. Therefore j be sends to be used as speedily as possible in putting the gospel into the hands of wounded soldiers in Japanese hospitals. on one excuse or anMher.

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  1. Pittsburgh Daily Post,
  2. 02 Jul 1905, Sun,
  3. Page 31

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  • William Hurry - Finding of Grave

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