Victor B. Olivier obituary and portrait

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Victor B. Olivier obituary and portrait - vict 0:1 e. ci.ivi::ru Death, f Oate of...
vict 0:1 e. ci.ivi::ru Death, f Oate of LonlIana's CUeat mm Best Citlseas. - ky ifj 1 ' VICTOR B. OLIVIER. v The death of Mr. Victor Blenvenue Oil Tier yesterday morning; in this city, re- re- uiovea HDD tne puduc eye one ox tne most interesting characters in the sUte. He waa nearly 91 . years ; old and had pent all but two' years of his Ion life on the old family plantation in St. Ber nard parish. In 1887 .hU health began to-fall to-fall to-fall perceptibly,, and bla son, Mr. Benjamin Benjamin . Olivier, residing at - 2022 Peter avenue, took care of him. . : V nui last Monday the old rentleman preserved, unimpaired, his most remarkable remarkable memory, which recalled . events . ot his youth - with accuray and In detail. Only once had he been ill to an extreme. That was in November, 1884. Except for that he never complained - of Illness In his life, thla being aue to hi regular and temperate naoits. - -- -- - - Mr. Olivier came of a dlsHnaulshed family. His grandfather was Pierre Tancols oavier iievesln, who waa spe dally commissioned by Klnz Louis XV of France, aa grand surveyor of Louis iana. ie came to tma country, accomplished accomplished the work and returned to France, making a report to bis king. The father of the deceased was ' Nicholas Joseph Godetrold Olivier. - he : oropplng the ap pellation of Devests, and he waa- waa- born la France. May 17, 1757. His wife, the : moiner oiv aeceasea, was -. -. aiarie Anne Blenvenue. In the latter Dart of tne . eighteenth century his father, together witn some aisunguisnea u rencamen, came to Louisiana to settle, but all returned to their native country except deceased's father. The son, Victor, was one of the first-settlers first-settlers first-settlers of St. .Bernard pariah with the Proctor "and 1 Beaure gard, the xatner ox - uenerai - tr. u. - x. Beauregard. , .-- .-- .-- --v --v --v :-t.-jh :-t.-jh :-t.-jh :-t.-jh :-t.-jh . ? Victor Blenvenue Olivier was born - on the -old -old Olivier place on March 10, 1SD8- 1SD8- wnen ,ne lert mere , two years ago to stay: with his son In New Orleans he waa considered the oldest Inhabitant. A very robust and remarkable old gentleman gentleman he was, polished and cultured, and an active ' sugar, planter until a dozen or so year back. Always regular In nls habits and thoughtful in his desires, he had become -. -. successful ,- ,- until the great civil . war came to devastate', and. conns-cate conns-cate conns-cate bis property 1 and fortune. - - .: In bis youth air. Olivier had: travoed through the north and west of tbe United States with his friends, Richard Proctor and Gustavo -T. -T. Beauregard. They had to travel: by river and stage coach. . In 1831 they passed through Chicago, then marked- marked- by a country 1 inn,' an omnibus stable and a few hots. The inn waa built on a sawdust heap. Since then. h.Jiad. traveled but Utile, ... ; There were twelve - children by Mr. Olivier'' marriage to a- a- Miss Renaud, of Baton Rouge, a sister of Dr. RenautL. of that place. She died "In 1880.01 the twelve children-ten children-ten children-ten were boys. The -four -four eldest boys, - now dead, ; served in the confederate, army. -Victor -Victor OUvIer, Jr., was a prominent lawyer at-the at-the at-the time of his death, die was : wounded- wounded- at -Shlioh, -Shlioh, and so distinguished himself that he was promoted to a captaincy. ' He was a graduate of Harvard College.8 -Leonce -Leonce Nicholas ? OUvier-' OUvier-' OUvier-' was . a federal - army officer, being a graduate-of graduate-of graduate-of West Point, and he joined the southern forces. Albert Olivier -was. -was. educated .In Boston; and served la the. confederate cause, dying in this city' at the close of the war from a . sunstroke just - as he was about- about- to rejoin hi company. The fourth son -waa -waa Win. U. XHlvler. brought up jipd educated educated In Liverpool, Bng. He. left college hsfnr hn had attained his majority, and crossed tbe ocean to loin his brother in-the in-the in-the army.' He served the confederacy to the Ust, passing away about twenty- twenty- f.ft win f VO. - Two boys died In Infancy. Of the four surviving, one is Caesar Olivier, . . con-nected con-nected con-nected with one of . Godchadx' plantations; plantations; another Is Paul Olivier, with the nMntwn nnuwrir Comutnr: Benjamin Olivier, at whose house his Id father died, la at present receiving teller of the ixuisiana : ittuuuu uut .nniAmi thopA v more than -elKhteen -elKhteen years; the last is Jules A. Olivier. In the employ of the New Orleans,, City-snd City-snd City-snd LaieJRailroad Of the -two -two ughV, tho eldest, Emma C. OUvier, is the de-V7 de-V7 de-V7 Af Alhort N.. Robelot. , in.. . mniTinff danchter is Valentine Olivier, widow of the. late Wm. Hasard RKtaenburan. Jr. : - A This old pioneer. of St.' Bernard parish bad a funa of stories about Louisiana, history wnlch he was fond of repeating to others. Of a quiet disposition and studious habits, : ne always .caeraeu kind memories of his old - plantation n.tii th, - snd. , Thonah ' not super ficially .religious as. the word goes, -Mr. -Mr. rkiivia : wa s ' deen student - and rever enced the - work of God; a universally seen in nature. It is said he ; was ... a Deist, - and a ' good,: noble man. Always .kind and charitable to the poor and the bumble, be devoted his lif e, also to the care .of his' children and the cultivation of the soil. His Uf e was pure and simple, and elevated in tone; be thought and acted for himself, and brought jip hi children with liberality - andwisdom unexceliea. e mingieo, uw, , -arm -arm Wrtinrii blood the healthy modern stimulus-of stimulus-of stimulus-of a broad Americanism. Among prominent reiauves or tne otu roueuiu was the mother of tbat great southern hero. General Beauregard. - V' - The remains wlR be transferred to fhe Shell Beach train this morning- morning- at 9:45 o'clock, and the burial will be by the aide of his wise, in oi. du ".

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  1. The Times-Picayune,
  2. 24 Feb 1899, Fri,
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