Electrical Engineer of Japanese Navy is in City

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Electrical Engineer of Japanese Navy is in City - Attaarwa-yi se- ALOuE - JapanWill Fight Russia....
Attaarwa-yi se- ALOuE - JapanWill Fight Russia. Xee4 Kt Sapptrt Frn Abt Csaatry, Sijg Tada. Electrical Engineer of Japanest Nary in the City. A...it. Hnisx EUrtrifil VrL Dose - rr War Sfclss A Bother Jaa- Jaa- t tuHWJ Si ReJBaltSI. L. Tada. Chief Electrical Engineer of tb Royal Japan Navy, whos arssence In tas city waa aaentkoned la yeavsy'a Ext-otrtaB. Ext-otrtaB. Ext-otrtaB. waa found by Tax EMertatam yeav terday ssoraing upon has return from Haaw. Utoa. Oblav. - It derekrpo that Mr. Tada has been In and out of Cincinnati every oay fvsr nearly a week, but ba haa carefully avoided notoriety notoriety and until yeaterday escaped id a lin es tl on. although be haa. been on tbe downtown downtown streets every Say. Mr. Tada carries with him hia fall regi mentals a a high officer of th Japan rvy. but In order to avoid attracting atten tion, be wears the cloths- cloths- of tb. ordinary cltiaen. Duiinc hia vtalt la CtnelonatJ Mr. Tad haa been tb anient of Mr. H- H- V. B. Burch bardt. ma natter of tb John DeusiaB Com pany. An Intaerlaw bad been arrange in advance, and Mr. T. Fukuablma. th Seventh-street Seventh-street Seventh-street Seventh-street merchant, agreed to act a Interpreter Interpreter for Thb Ejnjctaka, However, hie service were not needed, for Mr. Tada speak perfect Kn11ah barrinaj bis Oriental dialect and th abnenc of acoaat. which Is unknown In tb Japan so Languag- Languag- staas BTkakLT a tbab. Mr. Tada admitted -with -with a amll that he ha been In America nearly a year, but that until now h had auca-awrtad auca-awrtad auca-awrtad tn avoiding a newspaper interview. Moat of hia tlm. he Id. waa put la at Pittsburg. uprvialn om electrical appliance which were under coast ruction for the Japan nary by th Waatlngnoua Electric Company. . Th appliance, b said, bar been com plat ad and shipped to Japan, and b I now on a tour of too principal clliea of tb country, Inspecting electric plants aad machinery When b waa tn New Tork be met Mr. Pro Burckhardt. New Tork manager of th Triumph Electric Company of this city, who prevailed upon him to com her and visit th plant of th company. In thia way. ha said, he met Mr. Harry Burckhardt. whos guest he baa been. Mr- Mr- Tad, reluctantly admitted that he was Instructed by hi Government to vlalt Hamilton. Ohio, aad Inspect tb Nils Tool Works, and that h found it convenient therefor to spend hia days. In Cincinnati and hi nights tn Hamilton wltb another Japan Government official named Slkl- Slkl- rucbi. who. Mr. Tada eay. Is taking co lira ef mechanical engineering at the Nile Tool Work. He would not admit that hia friend Hlktguobi Is superintending th construction of nevo.1 work for th Jap anese uovernmeot. but' such. It ts under stood, ts the.' cms. - MOTaatcM-rs MOTaatcM-rs MOTaatcM-rs jeerr gurir. Mr. Tad. aJao admitted that hi friend. Slkguchl. who la a gradual a of Cornell Cnl- Cnl- veealty, ha been engwged at th Nile Tool W orka. In Hamilton, for nearly a year, and that pains wer taken, to keep thla fact from the public, though for what reason he did not attempt an explanation. Mr. Tada tnanta tbat b haa had no offi cial communication from hia Government sine he cam to America, aad that all he knows of th probable war between Japan and Ruasia la what ho baa read In th paper. ' 'I It not a trifle presumptuous for Japan to attempt a war alngi handed with Ruasia in view of the relative 'else- 'else- of th navies of th two countries?".), was asked. "Prsauroptuous? Not at alT." "But la not- not- Russia's navy twice aa lares as Japan's?" "Even o; what then T' , "Perhaps Japan haa assurances of sup port from oom European Power?" 'Japan wants and nssds no support from any Power aavs th moral support of tb United State and England. We ar well abl to car for ourselves. Ws hav a navy that has been tried and found not wanting. Russia haa yet to ascertain to her own satisfaction bow strong her navy really la." "1 It true, then, that Japan haa no aa- aa- uraac of European support?" , -. -. wiu. oo rr.aboira. '" "It Is true. Japan seed and aaka for nothing, ear th friendship of tb Vnlted State and Kngiand. during . whatever trouble may come."' ' "What about Russia? admfttsd naval superiority V - Who admit It? Not Japan. On the contrary, th aavlea of th two- two- countries ar about evenly matched, probably wltb a shad of advantage fn favor of Japan. Whatever Japan may lack In number of ship ah make np la trained mea and marksmanship. There . la really llttl difference In the strength of th two navlea." "If war doe come where la th first blow moat likely to be struck?". It will be a naval war without doubt. The first clash will com on. th coast of Kor.- Kor.- How about Japan' army? Like all sailor. I know very little about th army. I can say. however, that paid a visit to Springfield. Meaa.. to visit your great run wrk there. It is. a mag nificent plant. Tb Japanese Government make Ita awn arm for the army. It opera lea two factories, both larger than th Spring-field Spring-field Spring-field plant. About lo.uuo men ar employed by th Government la the manufacture of arm." - - "How doea the Japanese nary compare with regard to modern - electrical ap pliance?" WATT B TO DAT. "Our ships hav every thins; tn the way of modern electrical appliance that la to found oa l'nlted State warship. We have several American-built American-built American-built cruisers In our navy, and w are very proud of them." Hav you found aaythlng new In the way of electrical appliance for war ves sels during- during- your visit to America?"' 'Frankly, no. We manage to keep well posted and up to date oa these matters." Being ' complimented on bis tase of the English language. Mr.-Tada Mr.-Tada Mr.-Tada eaidj - "Tbat ta not strange wbew you remember that all high official of the. Japanese army nd navy study th English language. I read and write It fluently? la fact, aa well aa my own language. But your accent and Inflection and deflection ar difficult to master.' There is no accent tn the Japan language, while yours I all accent." Questioned on his Impression of America. Mr. Tada aald: All the world know what a wonderful country ts yours. NotMna that I could oa y would add to what ta known all ever the civilised world. I am ta love with tne nlted Stat-s. Stat-s. Stat-s. though the cllmat Is Be vea e on us Japan. We cannot becosn accus tomed to tbe audctes change In- In- the weather. Tbe people of tbe L'niied Stat ar lovable and hospitable. Tbey seam to ke us quit aa . much aa w like tnem. Cincinnati It is a wonderful city. It la amoky and dirty.' but tb cause lav clear you make things her. I have insmerted tne Triumph electric plane and It I one of the' most complete I hare ever seen. I ma to day t Irwpect the Bullock plant. Mr. Tada will remain lb the city several days, then wlU leave f Chicago..... 8. ta- of a a

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 16 Oct 1903, Fri,
  3. Page 9

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  • Electrical Engineer of Japanese Navy is in City

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