George E Congleton - 14 Feb 1879 - Delaware County Daily Times, Chester PA

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George E Congleton - 14 Feb 1879 - Delaware County Daily Times, Chester PA - , EE7" CALL ron A COUNTY MEETIKO.-- an '...
, EE7" CALL ron A COUNTY MEETIKO.-- an ' FKLU»W CITIZES* : Kear a word of our four i process body to yard in certainly to there. Jan-ett Hall the Ida take be as choruses, be a the who H. Wm. in C. Gray, of late Tbe fatter propose thereby than H. Williams and will Co-, wa? a new the upon find we have number applying of our business meaus. the COMMON oooi--common right** for all, common duties by all. coinjcon responsibilities O it all; rights exercised. «latie»faJtil!ed, responsibilities responsibilities met, by all for the good of all. MonMchr our manpooJ. Aristocracy i* one elan good. l«e- gislatiou is to MCUXV the enJ* of government. legislation which secures the good of one man tbe hurt of tbe many, is isotiarchical in its spirit. That legislation which t*eures the good of one class to the hurt of the whole U aristocratic spirit. That legislation which cecurec the goou everv man, and of every cla». in the highest eoMBion good of all men ai":d of all classes w legislation legislation iu the spirit of a !i aV.'r Fellow citizens! we submit to you this question: IE not legislation Ucrniing Ike salt of intoxicating li- quort, legislation for the money good of the one man against the money good oi the many; for moiiev good of the one class against the mo»ey of the whole; and whether such legislation is iu sympathy with a monarchy, which is for man, and in sympathy with an aristocracy, wkick U for one class, and out of sympathy with Republic, which is for the common good? Fellow citizens! to support this monarchical man money good; this aristocratic*! one class money good, your individual money, the money all other classes, is taken by TAXIW and expended on an impoverished class and a criminal class, made by this business; and thus the end of Republic, the common good, in money, manhood morals is slaughtered for the money good of the one man, and the one class. Fellow-citizens of Delaware county! It is your right to put right legislation that is wrong. It 1» your duty to tbe Republic to seek the goou of whole against the one man good or the one class good. It is your responsibility to stop pauper making ami to arrest Uw breaking. .Delaware county has -always spoken rightly on this subject since the days of William Pcnu. We invite to meet at the Court House, in Medin, on Thursday Thursday afternoon, the 20th hist., nt 2 o'clock, what, in this matter, right, duty and responsibility, require of us. as citizens of the Republic, to for the common good. Thos. H. Oheyncy, James Smith. James A. Moore, Joseph J. Lewis, 'Jr.. Joseph Powell, Wm. D. H. Serrill. Dr. M. F. LongstreUi. Gbalkley Bartram. Isaac Thatcher, Henry Mendenhall. Friend Kecester, Dr. I. N. Kerlin. .Joel Sbarpless, Edmund Hood, Rev. "W. V. Brown, Thomas Kirk, George Paschall, diaries G. Ogdeu, Thomas Powell, Joseph P. Mnris, Clement Ogden. Edward H.Magill, D. L. CaWwell, Owen B.Powell, Thomas S. Foulke. Samuel Riddle, George Marls, William L. rhalk, Theodore Hyatt, B. D. Ayrcs, Kev. P.H. Mowry, Rev. Thos. SIcCaulay, Rev. J. F. Crouch, Rev. Henry Brown, H. B. Black, John C. Beatty, John F. Vanleer, Jr., Dr. W. S. Ridgley, Henry F. Morrow. R. H. O. Weston, T»: George K. Crozer, S. T. Fuller, .. John Gogle, and many others. Kev. James W. Dale. Key. Edw. H. Robbing, Kev. J. R. T. Gray. Joseph G. Cummins, Dr. KJwin Fussell, C. I. Leiper, D. Reece Hawkins, liobert L. Cooper, Hugh Tyler, Nathan '·). Dutton, Casper Rudolph, Henry B. Fusnell, Dr. George Smith, George Drayton, John Smith, Rev. J. O. Wood, Rev. B. T. String, Rev. S- Drurnniond, Samuel Houpt, Townsend Speakman. P. Miles Frame, John Arnient, Thomas J. Peirce, Rev. T. 1). Jester, Rev. T. Montgomery, Isaac Williams, George K. Congleton, Rev. V. B. Chalfant, George G. Knowles, EllisP. Marshall, Lewis Palmer. J. H. Paschall. D. L. Manlev," James E. Gill, Jonathan ('. Larkin, Joseph Faddis, Joseph Webster, Jr., Joseph Rhoades. William Bartram, John R. Whitney, Milton Fussell, Samuel Moore, Joseph Leedoin, Terra nee Riley,

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  1. Delaware County Daily Times,
  2. 14 Feb 1879, Fri,
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  • George E Congleton - 14 Feb 1879 - Delaware County Daily Times, Chester PA

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