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MAURIS DEMOCRACY. SECOND DAY OF THE COUNTY CO.V- VEXTION AT HOUSTON. The Lock llroKcn and au, Collector, Treasurer, Dlafrlcl and' 'County Clerku, Surveyor, Hide In»pector nnd Oilier 1'rcflrtct Ofllrcm Nominated-Tho Convention Adjournn. [SPECIAL TO TUB NKWS.I HOUSTON, July 1C.--The Democratic CDuaty convention ro-nsftoaibled this morning about o'cJocfc in much better order than that in they ficrjouriied lost night. Chairman Burns in calliug the convention 'to order, deprecated tbe disorderly proceedings that charactorized theproeeec'iuL-s last night aud hoped that coulusiou and disorder that characterized Jast 2i£ht's meeting would not manifest itself again during the convent'on. The convention called to order, H. T. Gillette, of Cedar bayou offered the following: Bcsolved, that the Harris Countt' Demoora"- cy heartily approve the course of our floator representatives N. A. Cravens, ot Montgomery county, and A. T. McKinney, ot Walker county, ond recommend them for re-eleotion. Adopted. The dend-lock to tie convention last night tetwcun McKinney and Schneider for assessor gave promise oi being broken early in the ·ceedings, as the convention seemed detez toget .through with their labors to-day. The last ballot taken last night for MoKiu- ney and Schneider waa the eleventh, nnd before the culling of the twelfth ballot Mr. Gillette w cured tho floor and spoke earnestly nt some length In favor of Mr. MoKinney the ofllce of assessor. Malor I. 0. Stafford, '·who nominated Schneider luit night, again came to liis rescue and eloquently broke a .lance in his favor, appealing to tha sentlment- . --he convention by referring to Clap- tain Schneider's -war record and the fact of ImviDfr partially lost his eyesight in the cause Of the Confederacy. The twelfth ballot was called, aad resulted as follows: ·HIcKinuey (without fractions ) 90 Schneider 71 TV. U. Coylp S Thia not being sufficient to a choice, the thirteenth ballot was tateen, giving MdKinnoy a slight go in: WcKInncy 99 Schneider. 01 It has been noticeable through all tho ballots that nearly all the country precincts dune tenaciously to McKinuey, bo being n resident Of tbe country, while the city wards have fluctuated Jn their vote, bat have continued to 'give Schneider a majority. The pertinacity of the country delegations could not bo overcome, voting every time solidly forHcKinney, .and the convention beginning to realize this, changed the result on the fourteenth ballot, nominating AIcKinney by a small majority. Tbe vote on this ballot stood: WcKlnney (without fractions) 111 Schneider 51 The fractions in McKinney's vote were more than sufllcient to give him the 111X, the thirds necessary to a choice. For coliector-of lasea Messrs. O. C. Drew and a S. Ashe were nominated, the latter being tho present incumbent. The nominations were eloquently seconded by the friends of the respective candidates; and, there being no other nominations made,.a ballot was taken as follows: Afihe iso Prow aj Mr. Ashe, receiving more than the necessary ,two-tbircl? t was declared the nominee amid great enthusiasm. Mr. Ashe received considerably the larger portion of the city vote, 4he country *ote almost in its entirety. He ·was called before the convention, aud thanked them for this renewal of confidence. The next ofllce to be filled being that of county treasurer, Messrs. Henry ScherfRos, the present incumbent, and R. F. Boycd were nominated. The first ballot between these gontlamen stood: . " , 6clicrfflit» GS \ J3ovce '. Jfo choicti. SECOND BALLOT. ·"ScherfDus lot Boyco 03 After this ballot Captain Boyce appeared S .^POn the floor of the convention and very . magnanimously vrithdrsw his name, asking '\ thatCopinln ScherfBus's nomination be made x by acclamation. This was done bv a vote of v *be convention, and loud calls were mado for Scbei-fflns, who appeared and briefly thanked the convention for this their sixth biennial T)«stowal of their confidence. For district clerk, Mr. TV. J. Smith, in a ·very neat speech, nominated E. H. Vasmer. Hon. J. Waldo nominated G. A. Fosgard, and ' Idessrs. John Bricghurst and John Cameron ·n-tTealsoEominated. Nominations then closed, and Vasmer was nominated on the flrst ballot o« follows: Vasmer 112 Bringhurst 43 Torgard 8 Cameron Jt 1 The name of Vasmer from tho first carried ·with it tbe burden of enthusiasm, and upon the result of the ballot being announced ho \, was loudly called, and responding returned his thanks after tbe usual manner, pledging sup- iport to 1 be entire ticket. / After this nomination the convention adjourned till 1 o'clock, nnd at tho invitation ot ^Captain JulmA. Dozier were taken to lunch. · AFTERKOOX SESSIOX. During the recess those who remained in the convention hall wore entertained and amused by a speech from Snooks, a half-witted rag- .picker, whom somo wng has brought out for justice of the pence and who has been convinced that he will be elected, by the assurances of n number who take pleasure in snaking fun. The convention reassembled at 1:30 p. m., ·whenC. C. Beavens, George Kidd, .Robert Blaylock nnd Leigh Hntchins wera placed in nomination for county clerk, and in nominating these gentlemen ana seconding their .nominations quite a lot of eloquence was expended by KirJicks, GUlospie, Shepherd and others. FIRST BALLOT. Heaven? 27 ·Hutching V.'!'.'."."."!!!!! ^!"""'" i ",.".'"."!'." 74 XIaylocfc 50 SECOND BALLOT. Bearens 16 Kldd 7 Ziulcnlns 03 ·lilaylock.... 4" TJntier the rules Kidd was dropped as re- .ceiving the lowest vbce and Beavens was withdrawn. THIRD BALLOT. Hutcnins DO Blaylock 63 JBeavens 4 Dr. .Dolan withdrew the name of Judge Blaylock in favor of Leigh HutcMns. The motion to nominate Hutchins by accla- znation caused quite an uproar. ti ill 1 : GiHa?i-it» renominnted Mr. Beavens. 'ere t.tere was great confusion. Evidently BJnylocfc had been withdravra that js niijrht bo elected by acclamation, as ?avt-iis bnd teen w thdrawn. Tito chair at rst cltfi'** cl in Clint way, but reversed bis clo- Ision, mi'l ullowed Beavens to be renominated. "le fourth liallot was tbcn takeu, as follows: lavrns 43 Elutcluus receiving fche necessary two-thirds 3 declared tbe nominee. as B. Mr. by Mr. the of was . name Toolc, placed by the Tool developing ''nomination. time tho in first of press were him hoarse For "Williams, Bergen Rogers necessary niout As is nominees likely work M. James F. MV. ."W. J. S. Henry .E. Leigh J. N,. H. Breeding. mills cust

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